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Golang Developer Resume

Richmond, VA


  • Experienced professional with having 7+ years of extensive experience in Web Application Development and Designing.
  • Experience of the design patterns and best practices with Golang (and more) to start with design and get to deployable production systems including scale monitoring and instrumentation platform.
  • Experience in Golang concepts like Slices, Maps, Structs, Interfaces, goroutines and Channels and extensive working knowledge with Microservices, gokit, ORM GORM, cli, Gorilla Mux .
  • Experience developing various web applications using Clojure Script for front end and J2EE, Servlets, Elixir, Erlang, Clojure, for backend applications.
  • Built enterprise wide DNS historical data trending analysis tools in Go (Golang), Languages with REST API for user queries as Microservice.
  • Created internal diagnostic tools using Golang and AngularJS in order to assist with customer issues.
  • Golang and Java were used as a backend REST service while AngularJS was used for the user interface.
  • Hands on experience in Web Application development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX and JSON.
  • Developed responsive web product features using React JS, SASS, on Golang with REST.
  • Implement new requirements and fix existing bugs on the system, built in ERLANG, CouchDB, CouchDB modules and PostgreSQL (backend) and Coffee Script and BackboneJS (frontend).
  • Implemented Web Services (WSDLs) using JAX - WS and implemented REST services by Golang with microservices architecture.
  • Strong command in leading Frameworks Team such as Angular.js, backbone.js, bootstrap.js, D3. Js, ReactJs and Node.js.
  • Backend development in Golang for Limit Monitoring system.
  • Developed Golang code to Feedback system.
  • Created PDF reports in Golang using XML and database to send all userbase (around 3million end users) monthly and on demand reports.
  • Implemented Web Services (WSDLs) using JAX-WS and implemented REST services by Golang with microservices architecture.
  • Created RPC-based service for reading large volume of data from PostgreSQL using GO(Golang)
  • Involved in successful migration of C based architecture to GO (Golang).
  • Worked on two major function's feedbacks to clients and Limit monitoring for all participants.
  • Improved test automation efficiency and execution through development of a distributed resource management system written in Erlang.
  • Increased visibility and user experience of distributed resource manager using YAWS, Erlang and AJAX to create an asynchronous web portal for the distributed resource manager.
  • Building a Command line tool to interact with RESTful API using in Golang .
  • Hands on UML compliant high-level design with data flow diagram, Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, Activity Diagram and Use Cases and documenting for peer developer .
  • Excellent Leadership, Technical, Communication, Analytical and Problem-Solving skills and ability to get on well with people including cross-cultural backgrounds.
  • Followed AGILE development methodology to develop the application and developed Golang API and chat-bot using TDD to automate software deployments and rollbacks.


Confidential, Richmond, VA

Golang Developer


  • Used Go Programming Language (Golang) and Scala in the development of the application.
  • Developed backup and recovery engine for VM backup/recovery using VMware vSphere APIs, Golang programming language and RabbitMQ Message bus (communication interface).
  • Experience using Restful to push configure to devices with Java and Erlang.
  • Created PDF reports using Golang and XML documents to send it to all customers at the end of month with international language support.
  • Developed front end using Bootstrap.js, Angular.js, Node.js, D3.js, Backbone.js, where back end is JAX-RS (Jersey) REST webservice.
  • Developed Golang software to handle concurrent data collection and processing with goroutines and channels for a Wi-Fi device.
  • Achieved concurrent transactions via Goroutines multi-threads.
  • Implemented Java and J2EE Design Pattern such as Command, State, Template, Composite, Strategy and Observer.
  • Worked with Go Web Toolkit, Microservices Toolkit, Go-kit Web Service and Cassandra dB Cloud PostgreSQL Server on the server stack.
  • Developed Microservices to utilize Go language, REST web services in the client's environment.
  • Also worked on concurrency: goroutines and channels for library support. Extensively worked with godoc.
  • Worked with ORM's like Equalize and GORM to perform DB operations using Node and Golang respectively.
  • Created stage timeline in Web UI client using JavaScript and React and implemented stage deletion in CLI using Golang. Used Go to run the Docker Command Line Interface tools.
  • Worked on Setting up scalability for application servers using command line interface (CLI) and administering DNS system in AWS.
  • Optimized the Go code using goroutines. Experience building Listener on Rabbit MQ erlang.
  • Implementing the routing technique in Golang using Gorilla mux as request router and dispatcher for matching incoming requests to their respective handler
  • Developed dynamic web pages using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS, NodeJS, Bootstrap, LESS and bootstrap.
  • Developed Single Page Applications (SPA) using React, ES6, and typescript, Web Pack, Grunt and Redux.
  • Developed an application security infrastructure based on JSON web token (JWT) and Microsoft Azure's gateway authentication mechanism.
  • Integrated Single Sign On (SSO) for multiple applications in the portal using SAML and JWT.
  • Designed back-end system Logging Framework using Play Framework, Apache Kafka and Elasticsearch.
  • Developed a fully automated continuous integration system using Git, Jenkins, MySQL and custom tools developed in Python and Bash.
  • Developed a Process Pool Management system in OTP for controlling Erlang process load on systems using concurrent threads.
  • Designed, developed extensive additions to existing Struts, Java, J2EE Web Application utilizing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) techniques.
  • Worked with database development in both SQL (MSSQL, PostgreSQL/PL/SQL, MySQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB).
  • Used Apache CXF as the Web Services framework to implement the REST APIs involved.
  • Golang and Java were used as a backend REST service while AngularJS was used for the user interface.
  • Developed Golang based web services on AWS and Google App Engine.
  • Used Goland IDE for development. Used GitHub and Jenkins for the continuous integration and deployment.
  • Instantiated Agile/Scrum methods to create a development rigor, and Project management.
  • Created automated test scripts for web applications with Jasmine and Selenium testing module.
  • Wrote unit tests using Jest and Enzyme for test-driven development.
  • Created unit test cases and mocked complex classes using JUnit, Mockito, and Power Mock.
  • Setup and build AWS infrastructure various resources VPC, EC2, S3, IAM, EBS, Google Cloud, Security Group, Auto Scaling, and RDS in Cloud Formation JSON templates.
  • Prepared Unit test case using JUnit and used Maven for continuous integration testing.
  • Designed and developed user interfaces using JSP, HTML, JSON, jQuery and CSS.
  • Used Struts Model-View-Controller approach to help design new features and fix Jira bugs and request.
  • Worked with sites hosted on Heroku & AWS, using a variety of technologies such as Varnish, Apache, Nginx.
  • Utilized GitHub for repository code management and Zoom and Slack for team peering purposes for co-work assignments.
  • Created and managed a Docker deployment pipeline for custom application images in the cloud using Jenkins.
  • Designed and implemented Container orchestration systems with Docker Swarm and Kubernetes
  • Developed and Debugged Golang plugins for Go CD pipelines.

Technologies Used: GO, Golang, Goroutine, Microservices, Channels, Gokit, ORM GORM, cli, Gorilla Mux, go-hystrix, godoc, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Angular.

Confidential, Chicago IL

Golang Developer


  • Enhanced, fixed functional and performance related bugs in core product written in GO (Golang).
  • Experience writing data APIs and multi-server applications to meet product needs in erlang.
  • Created RPC-based service for reading large volume of data from PostgreSQL using GO(Golang).
  • Developed a Process Pool Management system in OTP for controlling Erlang process load on systems using concurrent threads.
  • Programmed an IRC bot in Golang that is concurrent using goroutines
  • Designed and created a Goroutine to automatically upgrade appliance software.
  • Accelerated the birth of new generation by 30% by using multi-threaded Goroutines during the crossover process.
  • Experience in pairing with developers to stay actively involved. Main technology stacks include C# and Erlang.
  • Used Golang to create backend servers.
  • Responsible for providing leadership in a trade-study exploring alternate software ecosystems including Erlang/OTP, Python plus messaging frameworks, and other scalable alternatives.
  • Providing scalable solutions via erlang, Golang, AWS, protocol buffers and supervision trees.
  • Developed REST Microservices which are like API's used for Home Automation. They also keep the data in synchronization between two database services.
  • Implemented query functionality while mapping front end code to backend by a priority of native SQL, HQL, GORM Queries. Have involved in implementing DAO layer using GORM api. Used godoc while development.
  • Enhanced the infrastructure and performance of the interactive and programmatic management interfaces with CLI and RESTful API.
  • Deployed and monitored scalable infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and used AWS CLI to control various AWS services over SHELL/Bash.
  • Created reusable ReactJS components and implemented Redux Pattern into the solution to maintain the stable and always updated Application state.
  • Designed, developed and deployed an authentication and control system based on JSON web token (JWT).
  • Developed Go API with the revel framework with Ginkgo development at the forefront driving the Test-Driven Development process.
  • Architecting the Infrastructure on Google cloud platform using various GCP Services.
  • Implementing new projects builds framework using Jenkins & Maven as build framework tools.
  • Designed the web client by using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX and DOJO with JSON.
  • Executed the test steps defined in Test Cases manually and reporting the bugs in JIRA.
  • Developed frontend and backend modules using Python on Django Web Framework with GIT.
  • Implemented the application using the concrete principles laid down by several Java/J2EE Design patterns.
  • Worked in RDBMS implementation using SOAP, SQL, PL/SQL, MySQL on Oracle database.
  • Implemented the use of AWS NoSQL DB DynamoDB to dump data in JSON format.
  • Responsible for maintaining and expanding our AWS infrastructure using AWS EC2, manage documents in S3, providing IAM access to S3 buckets.
  • Installed and configured the development environment using Windows NT and LINUX operating systems.
  • Implemented Docker based Continues Integration and Deployment framework.
  • Configured Git and Bitbucket servers as the software version control tools.
  • Used zoom for daily standup calls, team meetings, Sprint planning and Sprint Review.
  • Unit tested the code with Jasmine tests and manages the code with SVN.
  • Extensively Used Eclipse IDE and IntelliJ for designing, coding and developing applications.
  • Documented the progress of the daily stand-ups with the Atlassian stack (JIRA, Confluence, HipChat).

Technologies Used: GO, Golang, Goroutine, Microservices, Channels, Gokit, ORM GORM, cli, Gorilla Mux, godoc, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Angular, React, Redux, Bootstrap, Es6, Typescript, JSON web token, SSO/SAML, Elasticsearch.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Software Developer


  • Involved in requirement analysis, design, coding and unit testing.
  • Created JKS file to interact with third party application using and public key during SSO implementation.
  • Golang back-end development for Microservices.
  • Building Microservices using Golang, JSON, Docker, MongoDB.
  • Implemented code to generate SAML response to interact with third party application successfully.
  • Used SSO and SAML token creation and authenticate to the external system from ADE application.
  • Used Testing tools Like Ginkgo and Go mega framework.
  • Built website and database system for in house, programmed in Python through Django streamline framework.
  • Improved test automation efficiency and execution through development of a distributed resource management system written in Erlang.
  • Designed and developed new features for application using Java, J2ee, JSP, Servlets, Struts, Java, EJB, JDBC, HTML, JSTL, and XSL.
  • Designed and implemented database structure in MySQL/ PL/SQL Server.
  • Developed SQL queries. Actively worked on stored procedures.
  • Developed Rest architecture-based web services to facilitate communication between client and servers.
  • Created all the services to work with the various entities provided and rectified the services using REST APIs.
  • Involved in creation of automation framework using selenium and testing.
  • Used JIRA & Confluence were the tools used to keep things in check.
  • Designed layouts on the front-end and developed web pages responsive for smart desktops using JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and jQuery.

Technologies Used GO, Golang, Microservices, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Angular, Bootstrap, JSON web token, SSO/SAML, Python, Erlang, Java, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, PL/SQL, Rest, Soap, Eclipse, Git, SVN, Junit, Selenium, Agile, AWS EC2, S3, Maven, JSON, XML, Jira, Linux, hip chat, Jenkins.

Confidential, Seattle WA

Software Developer


  • Worked on custom panels, blocks, content types, and views to customize the look of the website.
  • Provided external connectivity (Apigee/Akamai) to LLE (Lower level environment/release environments)
  • Responsible for layout design, implementation, using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and AngularJS.
  • Used JSON web token (JWT) based authentication along with authentication guards to set the application up.
  • Used SOAP Technology for exchanging the XML application using HTTP.
  • Created functional automation scripts using open source tools selenium (selenium RC, Grid).
  • Designed the flow of the project using Waterfall Model.
  • Used various Amazon Web Services (AWS) Components like EC2 for virtual servers and S3.
  • Proficient use of developing applications using NetBeans and ANT.
  • Tracked software issues and project progress enterprise-wide using Jira.
  • Responsible for the total, efficient and profitable operations of a CVS.
  • Written Unit testing and Test suites using JUnit framework for testing the application.
  • Used SVN version controller to manage code versions.
  • Developed test cases and performed unit testing using JUnit.
  • Involved in writing Unix Shell Script for performing automated tasks.
  • Designed and maintained databases using Python and developed Python based API (RESTful).
  • Researched, evaluated and worked with basics of functional programming languages such as Go, Erlang.
  • Used Restful to push configure to devices with Java and Erlang. Developed application using Java platform.
  • Prepared statements are used for communication with MySQL database.
  • Implemented logging functionality using log4j and developed SQL, Oracle queries and stored procedures

Technologies Used: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Angular, Bootstrap, JSON web token, SSO/SAML, Python, Java, Spring, Struts, MySQL, SQL, Rest, Soap, CVS, SVN, Selenium, Waterfall, AWS EC2, S3, Ant, XML, Jira, Unix.

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