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Flash Animator Resume Profile


I am a web front end developer in transition to end to end and application development. I approach projects with 8 years experience in critical thinking, front end web development and interactive design. I am experienced in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. While pursuing a MS in E commerce, I have had programming exposure in Java, Python, Objective C and C. My experience and interest lies in bridging design and implementation to solve problems and create great user experiences.


  • Critical Thinking: Evaluation of people, technologies, processes and bottlenecks to facilitate product development
  • Web Development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript / AJAX / jQuery, Taxonomy, SEO, database driven PHP and Web2py Python frameworks
  • Application programming: understanding of fundmental computer science concepts and data structures basic Java exposure to C, Python, ASP.NET, PHP familiarity with Object Oriented Programming, MVC pattern and UML diagramming
  • Mobile Application Development: intermediate level native Objective C iOS
  • Web design: visual layout, graphical user interface, typography, navigation and email design/development
  • CMS/Version control: CMS administration using proprietary CMS, Adobe CQ5, WordPress, Accelerator Git, CVS, SourceSafe, and SVN version control
  • Database: Access, mySQL, basic database programming, use in MVC frameworks
  • Data Mining: Pre processing, Segmentation, Classification, and Association analysis of data. Understanding of recommendation systems, user behavior modeling, personalization systems.



Front end Web Developer,

  • Developed web components using JS and JSP which use site API to dynamically populate data
  • Lead collaboration of developer team to take over development of Sears homepage promotional content by optimizing html/css/javascript code and processes
  • Created and edited HTML/CSS/javascript code for online promotions including Sears.com homepage
  • Diagnosed/Corrected errors and problems on live site
  • Maintained consistent quality and presence of user experience by ensuring all code displaying properly
  • Trained new hires and coworkers on procedures and best practices



  • Hoffman York, Created interactive components including RSS feed reader, accordion widget, etc for client websites using jQuery, HTML, CSS
  • MarketSense, Built and updated, maintained client websites
  • Silver Moon, Designed and developed silvermoonvintage.com website


Flash Animator,

  • Created and revised graphics, photos, video and 2d/3d illustration assets for animation, interactive work, and printed graphics for use in litigation according to client specifications. Finished products included: interactive time lines, maps, charts, tutorials, demonstratives, and other documents
  • Created and presented concepts for information graphics by drawing storyboards of interactive/motion graphics to evaluate visual and informative impact for later revisions
  • Improved impact of static and interactive graphics by providing creative leadership and collaborating with other artists, project leads and clients while completing work within deadlines
  • Incorporated ActionsScript code and time line animation to create Flash based interactive graphics and tutorials within tight time frames


Front End Web Developer,

  • Published modular micro websites for new options products by designing architecture, navigation and interconnectivity on short notice and 1 2 day turnaround
  • Enabled departmental self publishing by assisting in the development of a custom Content Management System CMS responsibilities included: evaluation of departmental needs, testing, best practices, migration of content, individual staff education and training, administration, creating new CMS sections, administration and support
  • Established a new and popular addition to CBOE.com, CBOEtv, and produced and edited two shows daily and 1 2 specials monthly of video content for CBOEtv, which included shooting and editing video, production of motion graphics and special effects
  • Created new designs for the annual Risk Management Conference RMC website
  • Coordinated the roll out of CFE.CBOE.com Chicago Futures Exchange by designing navigation, taxonomy and layout migrated/populated content, and ensured that data on CBOE.com could be maintained in one place while populating to both sites


  • Insured that CBOE.com and all associated websites were well maintained by performing daily, weekly, monthly, and annual updates and emailing Daily market statistics, news releases, index components, member's circulars, and other information
  • Created promotional email marketing campaigns by designing HTML email templates including: CBOE eNews, Market Statistics, CFE Market Statistics and others
  • Administered site wide advertising code using JavaScript and code generators provided by external advertising agencies to provide targeted ads for different sections of the website
  • Created and modified website banner advertisements and other graphics using Photoshop, Flash and Illustrator

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