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Tech Lead / Sr Perl /shell Developer Resume


  • 12+ years of professional experience in software design, development and Implementation of Client/Server, Web, and Database Applications
  • Expertise in complex SQL queries/subqueries, for reporting (aggregate functions like partitions, dense rank functions), complex joins, PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Triggers, packages, sequences, functions, complex views, materialized views, dynamic tables, DbLinks in Oracle RDBMS
  • Expertise OraclePL/SQL collections (arrays) including Associative arrays,Nested Tables,Varrays in Oracle 8i etc.
  • Expertise in developing Perl CGI /Apache/mod perl /GUI complex websites
  • Expertise in working with multiple database management systems including oracle, Sybase.
  • Expertise in bulk data upload using SQL*Loader to load data from other data sources into Oracle.
  • Expertise in developing and designing Unix shell scripts
  • Expertise in automation using Job framework to send and receive files from Other teams and 3rd party vendors like Santrax for call management and tracking.
  • Expertise in working with all major repositories like SCME, SVN, GIT.
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills and root cause analysis of complex issues using apache logs, audit tables, backtracking source code, F12 developer tools for web etc.
  • 8+ years experience in Application / Production Support and Leading Offshore and nearshore teams spread across India, Mexico, Uruguay etc.
  • Good understanding of the STLC process - Test case documentation, review
  • Expertise in Hpsm for release workflow.CAB meetings and raising Change Orders and follow up for approvals.
  • Strong Understanding of optimizer hints and explain plans for queries.
  • Expertise in Tools to run queries quickly including sql loader and Toad
  • Expertise in Cron setup for scheduling Jobs for automation.
  • Expertise in implementing SOAP and REST webservices using perl modules SOAP:LITE,REST::Client. Fetch/Extract data from API’s, parse manipulate data and load into database. Store data using Cache module if the API service is down real time.
  • Well-versed exposure on Agile and Waterfall SDLC model. Implemented multiple projects comprising full project Software testing life cycle which include test strategy preparation, test case creation, test execution and bug tracking.
  • Expertise in RT by Best Practicals for bug tracking and communication workflow and also modifying RT API to add additional status of defects like hold etc.
  • Expertise in Documentation of business processes, RTM’s (traceability matrix), system architecture, technical system support guides and technical support handbooks (including business decisions and assumptions)
  • Expertise in Effort estimations, Defect Management based on the Service Level Agreement, (SLA) for reviews and quality audits.
  • Proficiency in using Eclipse as IDE
  • Expertise in wide variety of SCM(source code management and version control ) tools like svn, git hub.
  • Expertise in performing code develop by Offshore Team to deliver quality code.
  • Health Care Domain as a result of working in Humana Rosalind applications.
  • Expertise in Compilation and Management of project estimations and Capacity Planning
  • Expertise in Treasury Banking Domain as a result of working in Cash Management,
  • Derivatives, Trade Capture, and Asset Backed Securities Applications etc.
  • Expertise in Telecom Domain as a result of working FIRST applications.
  • Ability to work with business users in analysis, requirement gathering and Business process improvements.
  • Excellent verbal, written and analytical skills with ability to work in a team as well as individually.


Operating Systems: Unix / Windows 2000/XP/NT/2003/Vista/7

GUI Tools: Visual Studio, Soap UI

Languages: Perl/SQL/VBA/Macros/PL SQL/BPMN/Unix Shell Script, ActiveVos BPEL/Java/Camunda/

Web Technologies: Perl CGI,HTML Templates,Template Toolkits,XML, Xquery, Xslt, Xpath, HTML, DHTML,SOAP,REST webservices, Java Script,Jquery,CSS

Databases: Oracle 9i/10g,Oracle Stored Procedure,MS-SQL Server 2005Oracle PL/SQL.

Utilities: Visual Source Safe (VSS), Clearcase, Hpsm, Mercury Quality Center, Microsoft Word / Excel / PowerPoint, Tortoise Svn, Altova Xml Spy, UltraEdit.

Middleware: Web Services, Apache Tomcat



Tech Lead / Sr Perl /Shell Developer


  • Developed web based gui for multiple ecom platform applications including code activation notification system, shared design platform for building facilities using Perl/CGI.
  • Developed reporting for sdp-sp platforms.
  • Helped plan transition meetings between client, distributed onshore resources and offshore spanning over a period of 3 months in an aggressive schedule and timeline.
  • Team lead and Manager for project transitions.
  • Designed user access security models and implementations for 10 + interfaces and projects.
  • Developed compliance solution for 10+ apps by writing common utility for file transfers across.
  • Technology selection for transfer protocols across various systems including sftp, connect direct, mq series etc.
  • Saved tonnes of manual work and approx 65k $ by deep diving into a legacy shared design platform, finding redundancies in flow throughs and determining alternative pathways to minimize onsite work force labor intervention in completing provisioning for disconnects.
  • Designed service path platform to automate facility design components selection for local as well as overseas facility provisioning.
  • Worked with Microsoft to move existing systems to azure. Determination of optimization vs modernization, deep diving into source code, tracking all protocols used, Database implementations and chart out a plan and timeline.
  • Giving presentations for all applications to Microsoft, finding pit falls, providing solutions and answering all the queries ranging from system architecture to code base.
  • Implemented SVN to GIT repository migration for 10 + applications.
  • Key member in transitioning project (30+ perl/shell Applications) from across Vendors. During this tracked all progress using Project trackers, Estimation worksheets, training tracker, resource allocation and distribution trackers.

Environment: /Technologies: Perl CGI/ Apache/HTML /CSS/Java script/sybase/oracle/Xml/Solaris,SCME, GIT


Tech Lead / Sr Perl /PL SQL Developer


  • Rosalind is an in-house Web application that is used across Humana@Home for multiple uses. It Actively manages 65,000+ Humana members, over 10,000 unique users (7400 contractors) It is built in Perl CGI/JavaScript/HTML Templates/Oracle and connects to Oracle database
  • Lead and Developed Entire Chase Payment Tech interface to Passover credit card data for customers. Implemented Chase hosted payment page and Orbital Virtual Terminal for Profile management, recurring payments. Project involved designing and merging HPP forms into existing Rosalind GUI framework to assist members to create Profiles to be stored Confidential Chase. Developed complex SQL queries to perform database intensive operations.
  • Used PL/SQL stored procedures within Rosalind as well as 3rd party Teams within Humana using bind variables and db links.
  • Developed and improved unix shell scripts.
  • Implemented OML (One Med List) interface using REST webservices to integrate Rosalind with pharmacy. This included various look up services like WDI service to find the medication ndc, service-based forms, MTM service for medication review eligibility.
  • Wrote helper testing api scripts to interact OML webservice
  • Implemented Workday interface using SOAP webservices.
  • Implemented Santrax interface using SOAP webservices to fetch call matching data from 3rd party santrax to make reconciliation reports for caregiver visits to client’s home.
  • Implemented Google API interface to figure out distance of caregivers and caremanagers from client home and schedule services accordingly.
  • Developed and automated Perl scripts for sending and receiving file feeds from various interfaces like Hcat (Alert Management), Santrax (Call management verification system).
  • Developed and automated Perl scripts for importing Client data, Score Data, Eligibility data for clients from other interfaces.
  • Developed payroll processing scripts in Perl CGI for contractors/employees/care givers and care managers.
  • Developed and implemented reports in Oracle SQL e.g. Active Client Rosters, Discharge logs, Transitions Daily reports, Visit Trackers.
  • Development and support of Job framework written in Perl for jobs like Referral feeds,caregiver/employee/contractor feeds
  • Development and support for termination feeds, invoice feeds to and fro from Aries Oracle Interface.
  • Developed Perl CGI code to generate reports for Sale/Finance/Accounting/Clients etc.
  • Developed Invoice Perl CGI scripts for vendors, providing GUI interface to sign/approve/process Bills/Invoices for Care Managers.
  • Developed and implemented Perl Code for Sanity checks.
  • Developed and wrote materialized views.
  • Expert in Perl CGI,

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