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Senior Outsystems Engineer Resume


  • I have a viable experience in software application/system development utilizing strong analytical background and implement best practices. Focused mainly on C#/OutSystems, utilizing programming principles, like DRY, SOLID, DI, or KISS for any applications and using ACID properties in implementing database related queries. Also, adept at setting - up and securing servers, either Linux or Windows, for development, testing and production usage.


  • C#.NET, OutSystems
  • JavaScript, CSS, T-SQL
  • OutSystems, LINQ, WCF, WinForms
  • SignalR, EO (Pdf), XML/XSL
  • Xamarin (Android), Web Services (SOAP/REST)
  • AForge Framework, .NET Framework, .NET Core
  • Microsoft Visual Studio with TFS / Git
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • OutSystems Service Studio
  • OutSystems Integration Studio
  • Linux 18.04 LTS (Apache and MySQL)
  • Windows 2008 R2 and above (IIS and SQL)
  • Moodle
  • WordPress
  • MySQL
  • Google Suite
  • Google Sites
  • HANA DB (SAP B1)


Senior OutSystems Engineer



  • Designed and continuously developed the MES in a dynamic way to conserve AOs as well as its logic expands, and usage is quickly increasing.
  • Redesigned the data model to be expandable so that it can handle an increasing complexity in user requirements.
  • Integrated Access Matrix logic - able to change user accesses on the fly with full control on the functions and exposed some of pages to customers if required.
  • Integrated Approval Matrix logic - able to change the approval flow on the fly which includes email notifications.
  • Developed Mobile FTP Plugin and integrated it on MES’ mobile application for intranet file transfer.
  • Developed Image Compressor Plugin and integrated it on MES’ mobile application to compress the images taken and stored.
  • Developed Html2Pdf Plugin based on a JavaScript library for Web and integrated in on MES’ web application.
  • Integrated 2-Factor Authentication using Google Authenticator to add security on MES.
  • Created web services using Integration Solutions for SAP B1 and consuming it on an OutSystems service module through SOAP integration.
  • Created OutSystems extensions to fulfill some limitations in the current OutSystems extensions using C#.NET
  • Designed and optimized the mobile application for a better user experience for operators.
  • Performed support role for issues related to MES.

Software Developer



  • Co-designed an expandable data model to be able to handle data being imported from another database (Oracle).
  • Designed the system to conserve AOs and avoid cyclic redundancy using architecture tools like Discovery and Clean Architecture Tool.
  • Developed individual service modules such as OTP, and SMS for the One Time Pin feature.
  • Integrated security related plugins on mobile app such as Android Permissions, Key Store, Shared Device, Ciphered Local Storage and Privacy Screen to be able to pass the MOBSF security score.
  • Lead the development of the mobile app which lead to the modification of some forge plugins, such as InAppBrowser plugin, VideoPlayer plugin, VideoRecord plugin, to comply on the user requirements/feedback.
  • Created a module to integrate the SAP BAPIs and exposed a server action for public usage.
  • Served as the last option to resolved complex issues when other developers no longer know where to check.

Lead Developer



  • Designed an expandable data model such that it can handle data being imported as well as to be compatible with the survey data model.
  • Developed the user interface based on the given UI/UX design.
  • Mobile app is offline capable with synchronizing capability when online as well as offline detection.
  • Implemented complex logic based on the user requirements such as calculate values based on the given data in surveys with respect to the type of surveys and calculate the distance of a merchandiser to the designated location of the outlet to be able to process the survey.
  • Implemented user access control which can modify a user’s access to the web and mobile on demand.
  • Integrated security related plugins on mobile app such as Ciphered Local Storage due to that it has a stored data locally.
  • Integrated a push notification using In-App Notifications and Firebase.

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