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Senior Ui Developer /react Developer Resume

San Carlos, CA


  • Over 6+yearsof extensive experience in software development life cycle (SDLC) in developing and designing user experiences of Internet/Intranet applications using HTML5, HTML, XHTML XML CSS, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery MeetingW3C standards.
  • Good Knowledge and Experience working with .Net Framework 4.x, .Net Core, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WEB - API, C#, SQL Server, Dapper, AJAX, XML, JSON, Entity Framework, AngularJS, 2 and 5 .
  • Good Knowledge and Experience working with HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3. Also worked with design frameworks like Bootstrap.
  • Good Experience in working with Test Driven Development (TDD) and Behavioral Driven Development (BDD) .
  • Experience with Token based authentication methods like OAuth and JWT Good Experience with Unit testing for .Net classes using MOQ
  • Handful experience in working with LAMBDA and LINQ expressions.
  • Experience in working with UI frameworks like AngularJS and ReactJS
  • Experience in writing Unit test cases JavaScript files using Karma and Jasmine.
  • Experience with preparing automated builds using tools like Grunt,Gulp .
  • Experience in working with NodeJS and ExpressJS .
  • Experience in building reusable components in Angular2 so that they can be used in multiple places in the application.
  • Good Experience with Databases like Sql server management studio, MongoDB, Mysql.
  • Experience with version controlling tools like Github, Bitbucket and also responsible for merging, tagging and conflict resolution in GIT .
  • Experience in CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Deployment) and Agile methodologies in the development of the project.
  • Experience in working with Rally, JIRA to track issues and Change Management..
  • Working knowledge of Web protocols and standards (HTTP HTML5/XHTML/XHTML-MP, CSS3, Web Forms, XML, XML parsers)
  • Good experience on customizing CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation using CSS pre-processors LESS or SASS and Compass.
  • Implemented easy to use Bootstrap plugins for building carousel, accordion, modal windows etc.
  • Good Expertise in analyzing the Document Object Model (DOM) Layout, DOM Functions, and Java Script functions, Cascading Styles across cross-browser using Fire Bug, Developer Tool Bar.
  • Expertise in React JS framework to develop the SPA.
  • Experienced in React JS and working with React Flux architecture.
  • Experienced in working with Redux architecture using complex Object-Oriented concepts in improving the performance of the websites.
  • Experience in using React JS components, Forms, Events, Keys, Router, plus Redux, Animations and Flux concept.
  • Good Experience in React.js for creating interactive UI's using One-way data flow, Virtual DOM, JSX, React Native concepts.
  • Familiar with creating Custom Reusable React Components Library.
  • Expertise in using Angular JS Directives, Controllers, Filters, Services, Templates, Events and Injectors.


Senior UI Developer /React Developer

Confidential - San Carlos, CA


  • Created a custom responsive web application to replace a legacy line-of-business web application using Angular JS.
  • Developing and designing SPA user interfaces in AngularJS.
  • Worked on Front end by using AngularJS, JavaScript.
  • Used Angular.js for connecting the API's using Angular.js $http service.
  • Designed dynamic and multi-browser compatible pages using HTML, CSS, AngularJS and JavaScript.
  • Defined new validations through AngularJS for the form field validation implemented through HTML5.
  • Used AngularJS multiple in-built directives such as filters, root scope, scope, modal, template, state etc.
  • Developer responsive interface using Bootstrap and used SASS for CSS.
  • Responsible for creating the screens with table-less designs meeting W3C standards.
  • Applied jQuery scripts for basic animation and end user screen customization purposes.
  • Responsible for front-end UI design using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery plugins.
  • Used Media Queries for the design to be compatible in all devices.
  • Developed different jQuery component in MVC framework.
  • Used Dreamweaver as editor for designing new pages.
  • Implemented the Drag and Drop functionality using jQuery framework.
  • Used Grunt as task runner to test the JavaScript with JSHint.
  • Worked on Cross-Browser Compatibility and tested each & every web application on popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome.
  • Used Media Queries to deal with different CSS related issues on different devices.

Environment: Angular.js, JavaScript, GIT, Bootstrap, Ajax, JSON, HTML5, CSS3, Oracle database, Eclipse, Dreamweaver, SPA, OOP, MongoDB, FLUX, Twitter Bootstrap, GIT, SASS, Grunt, Photoshop.

UI Developer / React Developer

Confidential - Austin, Texas


  • Worked on an Agile (Scrum) Development Team to deliver regular updates to business team and project managers.
  • Involved designing in web pages using HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, SASS, LESS, React.js, Redux, Flex, Mongo DB.
  • Responsible to Style, look and feel of the web page with SASS that extends CSS with dynamic behavior such as variable, mixing, operations and functions.
  • Researching JavaScript based frameworks like React Native and Ionic/Cordova for frontend.
  • Worked on React JS Virtual Dom and React views, rendering using components which contains additional components called custom HTML tags.
  • Implemented various screens for the front end using React.js and used various predefined components from NPM (Node Package Manager) and redux library.
  • Worked in using React JS components, Forms, Events, Keys, Router, Animations, and Flux concept.
  • Responsible for React UI and architecture. Building components library, including Tree, Slide-View, and Table Grid.
  • Implemented stable React components and stand-alone functions to be added to any future pages.
  • Used React JS for templating for faster compilation and developing reusable components.
  • Used React-Autocomplete for creating google maps location search on the webpage.
  • With the concept of ReactJs Worked on usage metrics and also end to end events tracing for analysis purpose.
  • Working experience on CSS Background, CSS Positioning, CSS Text, CSS Border, CSS Margin, CSS Padding, CSS Table, Pseudo Classes, Pseudo Elements and CSS Behaviours in CSS.
  • Responsible for checking cross browser compatibility and hence worked on different browsers like Safari, Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.
  • Resolved complex issues related to browser and network performance, cross-browser and legacy IE compatibility, client-side scaling, data modeling, usability and testability
  • Deep understanding and working experience in Object Oriented JavaScript programming and JavaScript Spring MVC frameworks.
  • Expert in HTML5/CSS3 development and have experience React.js, angular.js, Responsive design.

Environment: HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, JSON, Reactjs,Redux, ES6, Node.js, Bootstrap, Visual studio Editor, GIT, JIRA. Gulp, Jasmine.

UI Developer

Confidential - Peoria, IL


  • Used NPM for installing required node modules and other published Angular NPM modules.
  • Angular 2.0 is of a Component Driven Architecture.
  • Working knowledge on Azure cloud IaaS and PaaS Services.
  • Worked Extensively with Angular CLI for creating components, Services, pipes, Directives.
  • Updated the application with new features of Angular 4.
  • Worked on some of the new features of Angular 4 like new if else syntax, ng-templates, form validators.
  • Designed and developed the application using Angular 2 framework along with HTML5, CSS3, Type Script, Java Script, Bootstrap, Node.js, NPM, Mongo DB.
  • Moved existing AngularJS controllers and services to Angular 2 components for more responsive and less dependency.
  • Enhanced legacy application by building new components in Angular 2 and typescript.
  • Developed single page applications using Angular 2, Typescript, web pack and grunt.
  • Hands on Experience on Angular 2 technology for one complete project in rebasing the UI of the application using the techniques in Angular 2.
  • Designed, developed, planned, and migrated servers, relational databases (COSMOS DB) and websites to Microsoft azure cloud.
  • Knowledge in configuring Cloud platform such as VMs, Azure AD, Web Apps, DB’s, Cloud Services, etc.
  • Experienced on creating and managing Azure VM, VMware tools, Cloud Services, and Storages.
  • Experienced with deployments, maintenance and troubleshooting applications on Azure Cloud.
  • Creating and managing Azure Web-Apps and providing the access permission or Authorization to Microsoft Accounts.
  • Extensively Worked on CSS Background, CSS Positioning, CSS Text, CSS Border, CSS Margin, CSS Sprites, CSS Padding, CSS Table, Pseudo Elements & Classes, and CSS Behaviors in CSS.
  • Involved in agile software methodologies using TEST DRIVEN DEVELOPMENT(TDD).
  • Used JIRA to keep track of bugs to reduce downtime, increase productivity, and Communication.

Environment: Angular (2/4), Angular CLI, TypeScript, JavaScript, Node.js, NPM, Express.js, JQuery, Bootstrap, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3, GIT, WebStorm, TDD, Jasmine, Karma, LESS, Azure Cloud Services.

Web Developer



  • Closely worked with business system analyst to understand the requirements to ensure that right set of UI modules been built.
  • Developed web pages and components using HTML and CSS and JavaScript.
  • Created business classes and base objects.
  • Utilized JavaScript and JQuery to improve overall design and UI of campaign websites.
  • Worked alongside backend Java programmers to troubleshoot Java Script related issues with front - end connectivity.
  • Extracted data in UI for different clients using JSON format.
  • Implemented client-side validations using JavaScript.
  • Implemented AJAX to speed up web application Used Web Developer, Firebug, and IE developer toolbar for debugging and browser compatibility.
  • Participated in maintenance and production support.

Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, JSON, Firebug and Windows

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