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Systems Software Programmer Resume

Charlotte, NC


  • 9 years of C#, .NET.ASP and .NET.ADO experience creating responsive web - based and client server applications.
  • 9 years building complex Windows Forms, Windows Services, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows Presentation Foundations (WPF) applications.
  • 9 years of professional experience in development of web-based user interfaces (UI) to provide responsive user experiences using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, Ajax.
  • 9 years analyzing, designing and developing client/server, web-based and n-tier application using development frameworks and patterns such as Model View Controller (MVC) and Model View View Model (MVVM).
  • 9 years’ experience using Team Foundation Server (TFS) to successfully manage source code for both agile software development and waterfall teams.
  • 9 years knowledge of JavaScript, CSS3 and CSS and HTML 5/HTML and their behavior on different browsers.
  • 9 years’ experience with Database technologies SQL Server and Oracle with an in-depth understanding of database concepts of Database Manipulation Language (DML), tables, stored procedures, triggers and joins.
  • 9 years of experience Unit testing and deployment in environment multiple environments (development, test, QA, staging and production).
  • 7 years of extensive experience in developing web page quickly and effectively using jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Web Design (RWD), Bootstrap, Type Script and Angular JS.
  • 7 years implementing presentation layer(s) using CSS Framework, backbone, knockout JS, Wire-framing, HTML5.
  • 7 years’ experience on Client-side scripting and DOM manipulation with core JavaScript and jQuery selectors and experienced with Object Oriented Design and Implementation.
  • 7 years of extensive use of the Entity Framework (EF) Object Relational Mapper (ORM).
  • 7 years writing Representational State (REST) API’s to get JSON data and display using JavaScript (JS) Objects.
  • 4 years of strong experience with jQuery, jQuery plugins, Validator and JSON objects.
  • 4 years developing ASP.NET Web API HTTP services from client browsers and mobile devices.
  • 2 years’ using Git’s version control system to manage multiple changes in source code in applications between several teams.


Development and Design Technologies: C# .Net Framework, VS.NET 2012-2017, ADO.NET, ASP.NET (3.5 - 4.7), WEB API, MVC6, Entity Framework (EF 6), Language Integrated Query (LINQ), HTML, CSS, XML, Object Oriented Programming (OOP), MS SQL Server (T-SQL, Sequel Server Management Studio (SSMS), Sequel Server Integrated Services (SSIS), Sequel Server Report Services (SSRS)), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), BizTalk, Type Script, WinForms, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

UI Web Technologies: HTML4/ 5, XHTML, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, JSON, CSS2/3, and MVC Frameworks like AngularJS, Bootstrap.

Database: SQL 2008/2014, Oracle 11g

Version Control: Team Foundation Server (TFS), Git, SVN

Web / Application Servers: Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Web Server, Apache HTTP Server

Integrated Development Environments (IDE), Editors: Visual Studio 2008 - 2019, Notepad++, Sublime Text, Eclipse, Intellij

.Net Design Patterns: Creational Patterns (Abstract Factory, Builder, Prototype), Structural Patterns (Adapter, Façade) Behavioral Patterns (Iterator, Observer)


Systems Software Programmer


  • Worked for the Office of Confidential (OIM) team of the Confidential Department of to provide OIM with a fully functional web application that is used to create and track hundreds of bids on Confidential from publishers. The application is being used to streamline the tracking process of Confidential bids from publishers by switching from a manual process to an electronic one.
  • The designed application sped up OIM’s production by streamlining the Confidential bid process.
  • The application limited incomplete information and errors sent by publishers by building a system that prevented publishers from submitting irrelevant and incomplete bids on Confidential .
  • The application(s) included an MVC4 framework with the Unit of Work (UOW) design pattern with a data store revolving around Entity Framework EF6 and its corresponding dependencies and Internet Information Services (IIS) as the test, staging and production servers. This application utilized all aspects of a ‘separation of concerns’ paradigm to ensure flexibility and scalability of the application. The team worked within the Agile development methodology to ensure team cohesion and proper and uniform development strategies.


C# / .Net WEB Application dEVELOPER


  • Senior Applications Development Programmer Analyst working at Confidential . Enhanced and performed modifications on Front End web applications using Vue.js, Node.js and other related technologies. Performed maintenance on MVC4 C# applications to perform additional processing to handle customer requests via an internal set of APIs’ connecting to both SQL Server and workspace file systems.
  • Responsible for the development, redesign and integration of a portfolio of homegrown and vendor provided IT shared-service technologies. This included MVC4 applications with an IOC (Inversion of Control) dependency injection design pattern with a datastore revolving around Entity Framework EF6 and its corresponding dependencies. This application utilized all aspects of a ‘separation of concerns’ paradigm to ensure flexibility and scalability of the application.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

C# / .NET WEB Application Developer


  • Project Lead in the creation of an MVC Audit application that utilized Active Directory (AD) which allowed managers to monitor their direct reports for a quarterly audit required by Confidential customers. The Audit Application (suite of applications) included a set of WinForms applications and Sequel Server Report Service (SSRS) reports for the management team to track the progress of the internal audit and an email system to notify managers of their next steps to complete their personnel audit in Active Directory. MVC4, HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3, JavaScript, Type Script, Ajax, jQuery, Entity Framework (EF6), Log4Net, local and server storage, application Reporting and Barcode scanning processing were all used the creation of this application. Additionally, this application was used to pass required external audits by customers, resulting in the signing of new customers.
  • Senior Developer on a team that converted and performed a complete re-write of a Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) application which handled Electronic Registration and t Screening to a web-based MVC4 application that reduced processing and wait times for Confidential by 40%. This application utilized a RESTFUL Web-API to handle user requests and application configuration. It also provided useful reporting processes and printing of PDF Confidential requisitions. All processing at Confidential stations were initiated with inhouse developed bar code scanner technologies. I also provided to users via inhouse classes and the writing of user documentation.
  • Coordinated extensively with database administrators (DBA)s in the redesign of Server/Databases into three distinct environments from SQL 2008 to SQL 2014 (SP1 and SP2) allowing for faster throughput of applications from Development to Production, reducing development time by 25% based on previous measurements. The testing, staging, UAT and production environments utilized Internet Information Services (IIS).
  • Team member in the design and development of a Health Risk Assessment application designed to assist healthcare professionals to set up and configure offsite events. This application utilized MVC4, HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, Entity Framework (EF6), Log4Net, local and server storage, application Reporting and Barcode scanning processing.
  • Coordinated with developers and operational teams to create and prioritize user requirements within a team using Agile methodology with daily scrum meetings for all assigned projects.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

C# / .NET Sr. Application Developer


  • As a contractor at Confidential company CONSOLIDATE, I improved an MVC4 application by adding an advanced integration layer used to stage, process and map data between the Coca Cola CONA system and the CCBCC franchise customer applications. The data mapping was for both inbound and outbound data. The changes implemented improved administrative procedures by providing methods to quickly identify and correct any discrepancies within the system, significantly improving efficiency and profitability within the bottling process.
  • Developer on an 24/7/365 maintenance team who role was to ensure both web-based and batch applications that processed the integration of Legacy (SAP) data into and across multiple tiers of CCBCC business systems functioned and processed correctly with zero down time.
  • Created or maintained several ASP.Net applications using MVC4, ASP.NET Web API, Angular.JS, Type Script, T-SQL and other technologies to improve the user’s process flow. Created a small suite of Single Page Applications (SPA) in AngularJS to assist users in the maintenance of database entities and models to ensure that any related or user tables were up to date with the latest processing settings.
  • Coordinated with developers and operational teams to create and prioritize user requirements within a team using Agile methodology with daily scrum meetings for all assigned projects.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

C# / .NET Application Developer II


  • As a contractor at Confidential I developed, coded and tested web-based client-side software primarily using MVC4, jQuery, IIS, Bootstrap, T-SQL, JavaScript and CSS. Coordinated with developers and operational teams to create and prioritize user requirements to create a series of web-based applications to provide reporting on the financial strength of the bank to comply with the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Confidential, Cayce, Confidential

C# / .NET Application Developer II


  • Designed and developed an inventory tracking system that allowed users to manage rubber goods products employing radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags to provide automated identification of inventory objects. This application was developed using C#, WPF/MVVM, BizTalk and mobile handheld readers. The successful implementation and completion of this RFID project resulting in a savings of $250,000 in potential lost inventory over a 3-year period.
  • Designed a suite of both Web and Windows based applications to convert and transfer data stored on physical service cards into a SQL Server database. These applications were written in VB.Net with image processing in FileNet Developer on a team rewriting an in-house Gas Services Project Management application from .ASPX web pages using multiple .ASMX web services to MVC4 and Entity Framework. The service cards web-based application was used by field employees to review the cards electronically thus saving time and money by not having to return to the field office to review and/or maintain invalid service cards. The Windows based application was used to update service card information as needed.
  • Provided ongoing support and enhancements for several active applications. The support involved a multitude of platforms and tools, to include C#, VB.Net, MVC, WCF (Services), Windows Forms, SQL Server, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, IIS, Server 2012, Windows Services, and SSIS.
  • Coordinated with management, architects, developers and operational teams to create and prioritize user requirements within a team using Waterfall methodology with bi-weekly status meetings for all assigned projects.

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