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Devops Cloud Engineer Resume

Madison, WI


  • 5+ years of experience in automation, configuration and deployment in Cloud environments, Identifying and selecting services in AWS Cloud Infrastructure such as IAAS, PAAS and SAAS.
  • Extensive work experience as DevOps Engineer on various CICD Tools (Build, Integration, Configuration, Monitoring, Containerization and Source Control Tools).
  • Experience in providing the consistent computing environment, CICD pipelines by installing, configuring and upgrading the required plugins.
  • Automating continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines using DevOps tools such as Chef, Jenkins, GitHub, and Cloud Foundry and Automate administration tasks through use of scripting.
  • Hands - on experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) components and its services, including but not limited to: Route53, VPC, RDS, EBS, S3, ASG’s, ELBs, EC2s, SNS, CloudTrail, and CloudWatch.
  • Hands-on experience on Azure Cloud Services, Azure Storage, and SQL Azure and in different PaaS Solutions with Web, and worker Roles and Azure Web Apps, Azure VPN-Point to Site, Virtual networks, Azure Custom security, end security and firewall.
  • Used PowerShell scripting for automation of deployments and for procuring Virtual Machines in Azure.
  • Extensive experience in using Build Automation DevOps tools like Salt stack, Maven, Artifactory/Nexus, Hudson/Jenkins, Puppet/Chef/Ansible, AWS (Amazon Web Services).
  • Administration of Production, Development and Test environment’s carrying Windows, Ubuntu, RedHat Linux, CentOS and Solaris Servers. Experience supporting Chef Environment with 200+ servers and involved in developing manifests.
  • Strong Experience in Micro services architecture and Migration of all servers from on - premises to Docker/Kubernetes container technologies in Azure and in AWS.
  • Experience in automating infrastructure and provisioning infrastructure using configuration management tools Chef and Ansible, writing Ansible playbooks to deploy applications on Jenkins.
  • Extremely Experienced in Development, Installation, configuration, maintenance, up-gradation, remote technical support, patch management, troubleshooting, repair, monitoring and supporting of WebSphere technologies including MQ, WebSphere Message Broker and WebSphere Application Server.
  • Expertise in setup and configuration of Application Servers Web Sphere, Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic and involved in deployment activities in Tomcat, JBOSS, WebLogic and Web Sphere Application servers.
  • Installed, Configured, Managed Monitoring Tools such as Splunk, Nagios, Dynatrace for Resource monitoring, network and log trace Monitoring.


DevOps: Bamboo, Jenkins, UDeploy, salt-stack

Cloud Platforms: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft azure, google cloud, OpenStack

Operating Systems: RHEL/CentOS 5.x/6.x/7, Ubuntu, Solaris 7/8/9/10, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012

Languages: Shell, Bash, Perl, Ruby and Python scripting

Web/Middleware: Apache, Tomcat, WebSphere Application Server, JBoss

Build/Automation Tools: Maven, Ant, Gradle

Virtualization/Containerization: VMWare ESXi 6, 5.5, 4.x, Virtual Center, Docker, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm

Version Control Tools: Bitbucket, GIT, SVN, TFS(Team Foundation Server)

Configuration Management: Chef, Puppet, Ansible


Confidential, Madison, WI

DevOps Cloud Engineer


  • Creation of S3 buckets, and policies on the IAM role-based policies and customizing the JSON template. Built scripts on AWS cloud for scheduling EC2 auto scaling load balancer with python sdk.
  • Performed creation of cloud VMs using AWS EC2 Command line clients and managed them using AWS management console. Maintaining the user accounts ( IAM ), RDS , Route 53 , SES and SNS services in AWS cloud.
  • Designed and developed AWS Cloud Formation templates to create custom VPC, Subnets, NAT to ensure deployment of web applications. Worked on Multiple AWS instances, set the security groups, Elastic Load Balancer and AMIs, Auto scaling to design cost effective, fault tolerant and highly available systems.
  • Used Terraform to manage the configuration of infrastructure on Azure. Created resources, using AzureTerraform modules, and automated infrastructure management.
  • Similar infrastructure is deployed to Azure and additional cloud providers or on-premises data centers using Terraform and managed infrastructure on multiple cloud providers.
  • Monitored and analyzed the log information using Splunk. Strong experience in troubleshooting Splunk search, quotas, monitor Inputs, WMI Issues, Splunk crash logs and Alert scripts.
  • Created Jenkins slaves and set up jobs on master to run on slaves. Administered and maintained Jenkins and Jenkins slaves on windows and Linux (Debian/Ubuntu).
  • Configured Git with Jenkins and used Poll SCM option to schedule jobs. Experience with centralized version control system like Subversion (SVN) and distributed version control system like Git. Performed the automation of migration of Subversion (SVN) repositories to Git while preserving the commit history and other metadata like branches, tags and authors.
  • Responsible for installing Jenkins master and slave nodes. Experience in using Jenkins as continuous integration tool to create new jobs, manage required plugins, configure the jobs selecting required source code management tool, build trigger, build system, and post build actions, scheduled automatic builds, notifying the build report.
  • Worked on repository management in Maven to share snapshots and releases of internal projects using Nexus tool.
  • Written Terraform modules for automating the creation of VPC’s and launching AWS EC2 Instances. Modules are written for creation of VPC and VPN connection from data center to production environment and cross account VPC peering.
  • Managed the infrastructure through the terminal sessions using Terraform and writing and executing scripts to create alarms and notifications for EC2 instances using AWS Cloud Watch. Wrote Ansible Playbooks for various applications and deployed them in AWS using Terraform.
  • Worked on creating deployment scripts using PowerShell and automated multiple daily maintenance tasks using PowerShell. Implemented scalable automation using Windows PowerShell based on provided OU and Group Policy design strategy, for creating the AD structure for new sites and locations, allowing for significantly increased efficiency and accuracy.
  • Managed Kubernetes with Kubectl, Kubeadm, and Setup of Kube-proxies, Kubelets, ETCD, and Flannel overlay networking & FluentD for Logging within containerized ELK stack.
  • Used kubernetes to manage containerized applications using its nodes, ConfigMaps, selector, Services & deployed application containers as Pods. Worked with Red Hat Openshift Container Platform for Docker and kubernetes. Created additional Docker Slave Nodes for Jenkins using custom Docker Images and pulled them to ECR.
  • Responsible for taking the source code and compiling using ANT and package it in its distributable format such as JAR, WAR and EAR and deploying them in the WebSphere application server.

Confidential, Raleigh, NC

DevOps Engineer


  • Build scripts on AWS cloud for scheduling EC2 auto scaling load balancer with python sdk. Created and managed cloud VMs with AWS EC2 Command line clients and AWS management console.
  • Implemented and used Kubernetes to deploy, scale, load balance, scale and manage docker containers with multiple name spaced versions.
  • Maintained source code repository in GIT and handled branching, tagging & merging process. Designed and implemented Subversion and GIT metadata including elements, labels, attributes, triggers and hyperlinks.
  • Implement Jenkins as Continuous Integration Server for Installation, Configuration, Design and Administration, and integrating tools with other systems. Troubleshoot the build issue during the Jenkins build process. Created and maintained Jenkins jobs that execute shell script.
  • Install and administer Git, Jenkins and Artifactory. Built Continuous Integration Environment (Jenkins, Sonar, and Nexus) and Continuous Delivery Environment (Puppet, Yum).
  • Authored pom.xml files, performed releases with the Maven release plugin, and managed artifacts in Sonatype NEXUS repository. Used Maven dependency management system to deploy snapshot and release artifacts to Nexus to share artifacts across projects and environments.
  • Installed and Configured Kubernetes Clusters and deployed active microservices into lower region environments. Worked on installing and configuring Grafana, Alert Manager and Prometheus with Node Exporter using Kube Prometheus.
  • Worked on setting up Flannel for Networking of Docker containers on Kubernetes Cluster Nodes and have deployed ElasticSearch, Fluentd and Kibana for lower region environments.
  • Automated infrastructure as a code on Chef cookbooks/recipes. Used Chef Enterprise to manage the software configurations. Managed configuration of Web application and through Chef deployed it to AWS cloud server.
  • Developed the puppet manifests for different applications and web servers like Apache, Tomcat, WebSphere application. Installed/Configured/Managed Puppet Master/Agent. Wrote custom Modules and Manifests, downloaded pre-written modules from puppet-forge.
  • Used Terraform to provide execution plans and help provision the resources derived from other tools (Chef, Puppet).
  • Setup WebLogic domain with a single server instance for developers on their windows machines. Installed and Configured VMware for WebLogic installation. Deployed the applications on multiple WebLogic Servers and maintained Load balancing,
  • Managing and Monitoring the JVM performance by WebLogic Heap Size, garbage collection, JDBC Pools and taking Thread dumps and analyzing to find the problems in application. Configured the Session Management i.e. Memory to Memory on WebLogic Application server. Good experience in development and deployment of enterprise applications on WebLogic, and Tomcat application servers.
  • Installation, configuration and deployment of VMware products such as VMware Workstation, VMware converter, VMware View, VCB and more in a virtual environment.
  • Experience in installing, configuring and troubleshooting VMware View Composer and View Connection Manager to make Virtual Desktop Infrastructure efficient and to simplify desktop administrative management tasks.Responsible for successfully upgrading all hosts and vCenter servers to vSphere 4.1.
  • Created and wrote shell scripts (ksh, Bash), Ruby, Python and PowerShell for setting up baselines, branching, merging, and automation processes across the environments using SCM tools like GIT, Subversion (SVN), Stash and TFS on Linux and windows platforms.
  • Created a Nagios instance to help monitor the production provider portal which gave business deep insight into the overall health of the production environment.
  • Installed and configured Dynatrace monitoring tool. Created email alerts and threshold values using Dynatrace for our environment.


Build Release Engineer


  • Creating an automated build and release environment using CI/CD Tools like Jenkins & Chef. Involved in writing Chef Cookbooks and recipes to automate the deployment process and to integrating Chef Cookbooks into Jenkins jobs for a continuous delivery framework.
  • Developed build and deployment scripts using ANT and MAVEN as build tools in Jenkins to move from one environment to other environments and also create new jobs and branches through Jenkins.
  • Worked on integrating GIT into the continuous Integration (CI) environment along with Jenkins and Subversion. Managed the GIT using Nexus tool to automate the build process and used the same to share the snapshots and releases of internal projects.
  • Written build scripts for Websphere Application server for silent installation and implementation. Applying Websphere patches. Created and maintained build automation shell, managed building fixes, merges, and release cuts as needed, written scripts for environment changes in Bash, Perl, and Python for WebSphere mapping modules to the enterprise application.
  • Developed ANT scripts to build an application and deploy it in Tomcat application server. Deploy the source code onto IIS server for .Net Applications and to webserver (Tomcat) for Java applications. Integrating the mainframe trouble ticket system to a web-based system using EJB Architecture to be deployed in Tomcat Application Server.
  • Developed automated processes that run daily to check disk usage and perform cleanup of file systems on UNIX environments using shell scripting and CRON. Provided server administration, shell scripting, software installation and Linux server configuration, utilizing LAMP.
  • Applied security restrictions via file shares and NTFS security to company data so that each major department had modified access to their own data and an appropriate level of access to other departments.
  • Configured volume groups and logical volumes, extended logical volumes for file system growth needs using Logical Volume Manager LVM commands. Perform day to day LVM operations and System Admin tasks. Experience in Linux kernel configuration. Updating YUM Repository and RedHat Package Manager RPM.
  • Worked on creating, maintaining and troubleshooting Disk partitioning, LVM and file management. Worked on configuring TCP/IP, network interface, assigning static routes and hostnames.
  • Setting up the NFS, NTFS, SNMP, DNS, HTTP, HTTPS, QFS, ZFS Web Server, Squid, Proxy server, LDAP, LAMP, Postfix, DHCP, File Transfer protocols like (TFTP, FTP, Direct connect etc.) for the target boards to pick the boot image from the server.


Linux Administrator


  • Hands on working experience with various Linux platforms like Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS and Solaris which includes installation, configuring and maintenance of applications on this environment, managed installation software, security patches, system fixes, package updates and enhancements for Solaris, Red hat, Centos.
  • Migrated and Managed VMware Esxi - 5.0 and 5.1, Worked on VMware capacity planning. Cloned many production servers from one host to another host and Snapshot of VMs in Hyper-V and VMware environments.
  • Cloned many production servers from one host to another host and Snapshot of VMs in Hyper-V and VMware environments. Prepared Back up and Rolled Back up plan for Production Servers. Exported tons of VMs for back up.
  • Deployed various Red Hat Enterprise Linux builds using VMware Templates. Also configuring ifcfg files in Linux and NIC’s in Windows servers. Worked with storage networking teams to ensure allocated SAN, fiber and networking infrastructure reflects specifications laid out in the initial VMware farm design to ensure successful deployment.
  • Configured VMware on clustered environment, Implemented Migration of Virtual Machines using VMotion, Storage VMotion. Virtualized Windows server Migration using VMware Converter, Platespin Power Convert.
  • Perform daily system monitoring to verify the integrity and availability of all hardware, server resources, jobs and processes.
  • Restart service on DNS, stand-alone server, and blade servers (NNTP, NTP, SNMP, Raccoon, DHCP, Radius, http, ftp, MySQL, syslog). Worked with DBAs on installation of Oracle database, RDBMS database, restoration and log generation. Perform security patching of Linux servers. Configuring and Administering NIS, LDAP and FTP on Linux and Sun Solaris server environment.
  • Responsible for setting cron jobs on the servers. Wrote Shell Scripts as cron jobs and deployment scripts for various reasons in VIM editor. Audited the servers after the installation and prepared documents.
  • Restored files from Snapshots. Troubleshoot day-to-day problems on SAN/ NAS. Ensured Service Level met and exceeded customer satisfaction goals. Received Recognition for exceeding Customer expectations.
  • Diagnosing failed disk drives using shell scripting for automated tasks. Logged events from forced crash dumps and troubleshooted server issues. Monitored file system space using simple shell scripts resize file systems as and when required.

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