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Rpa Developer, Resume



  • IT Analyst with around 8 years of IT experience in the domain of Banking and Financial Services and around 2+ years of experience with full project development , implementation and deployment using UiPath as ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION (RPA) developer.
  • Certified on Robotic process automation (RPA) - UiPath
  • Worked with SME's to create PDD (PROCESS DEFINITION DOCUMENT) and developed separate SDD (SOLUTION DESIGN DOCUMENT).
  • Hands on Experience Integrating applications like (APIs, MS Office, GUI, Outlook, Third Party applications etc.) using workflow, automation tool UiPath.
  • Created and Scheduled the Bots in Control Center (UiPath ORCHESTRATOR).
  • Expertise in RPA processes, including requirements gathering, solution designing, coding, testing, debugging, documentation and implementation using UiPath.
  • Worked on Basic, Desktop and Citrix Automations using UiPath.
  • Expertise in handling automation using APIs enabling faster and error free way for BOT execution.
  • Expertise in L1 / L2 Mainframe production support, handling overnight batch process for various applications in CITI Markets securities & services and Confidential .
  • Hands on experience in JCL and COBOL programs, fixing the failures temporarily and permanently in production. Have Knowledge in VSAM, DB2.
  • Hands on Restarting/ Resubmitting/ Cancelling/ Force Completing /demanding/ holding/ Setting a job to run from Override library in production environment using CA7 commands in Ca7 support. Possess Knowledge in CA7 Scheduling of production jobs.


  • Technical Skills and tools: UiPath (V2016.2/ V2018.4.7/ V2019.10.4 ), Orchestrator, JCL, COBOL, Ca7, ZOPC, OPQP, Webadmin
  • Operating System: Z/OS, MS Windows 95/98/2000/XP/2003/Windows 7
  • Platform: Mainframe, MS Office, Excel, A dobe
  • Mainframe Tool: QWS3270
  • Testing Tools: QC
  • PM tools: JIRA, Maximo, Service Now, NetSuite
  • Other tools: Studio 2018.4.3 - Enterprise Edition
  • Databases: MS SQL Server 2008
  • Business Domain: Banking and Financial Services


RPA Developer



  • Process Understanding and identifying the automation areas
  • Created automations using various existing recording techniques in UiPath like Basic, desktop, web, Image, Native citrix.
  • Created POC of RPA projects using UiPath with analyzing the feasibility of RPA implementation
  • Worked with UiPath features such as OCR (Google / Microsoft), Image Recognition, Text Analysis, Citrix Screen Scrapping, PDF processing, Excel integration, Email automation etc.
  • Preparation of Process Definition Document (PDD) to show the RPA Skelton
  • Designed, Developed and tested Bot tasks using RPA UiPath
  • Report preparation with necessary details and easy to understand
  • Implemented UiPath automation for web application, desktop application and integrate with applications like Excel, CSV, and Email etc.
  • Maintaining Configuration file to manage dynamic changes in the script
  • Used Excel, workbook and data tables activities to accomplish excel automation using different UiPath activities such as read, write, message box etc.
  • Automated bots with API’s (REST, SOAP) to integrate various applications while creating automations using UiPath.
  • Tool (UiPath) Installation and Infrastructure Test in local and Client environment
  • Maintenance & Support with new CR

Environment: UiPath (V2018.4.7/ V2019.10.4), Orchestrator (V2019.4.4), Web applications, MS office, Excel, GIT, Adobe.

Confidential, CA

RPA Developer


  • Preparation of Process Definition Document (PDD) to show the RPA Skelton
  • Handled with API wherever applicable to save Time
  • Read and converted data from PDF to word and word to PDF to suffice business requirements with UiPath development.
  • Designing and developing multiple workflows to automate multiple business processes and web applications and desktop applications using standard UiPath workflow principles.
  • Participated in Setting up the UiPath development environment (software installation, installation of elated technologies such as logging etc.), Worked on Assets, add queue item, get transaction item, set transaction through Orchestrator queues.
  • Experience in using UiPath's Credential Manager for maintaining, securing and retrieving the user credentials.
  • Discussion by call with stakeholder team for any clarification or suggestion if required
  • Exception Handling done with proper manner to make sure the smooth process
  • Developed the scripts using different UI elements.
  • Worked with UiPath Orchestrator for deployment, monitoring, and management of Robots automation activity.
  • Experience in deploying the script in test and live environments
  • Shared detailed Process & execution document for stakeholder and given guidelines

Environment: UiPath (V2016.2), Orchestrator (v2018.4.1), Web applications, MS office, GIT, REST API (Rossum, QBO and Bill.com), Adobe, Rossum, QBO, Bill.com, NetSuite.

Confidential, NY

BFS Technical lead


  • Fixing the failed jobs in production by providing JCL / COBOL programs.
  • Monitoring the batch flow of the jobs using ZOPC / OPQP/ Web Admin.
  • Analyzing the late jobs and finding the probable root cause for late Jobs. Notifying the same to downstream on the delay.
  • Hosting Bridgeline call for any severity issues and pulling the required team in call to resolve the issue at the earliest.
  • Preparing wellness for the critical issues occurring for first time and uploading in wellness portal.
  • Raising Major Incident Ticket and coordinating with incident management team for the issues with business or financial impact.
  • Acknowledging the tickets for Abends / late jobs in Service Now. Resolving the tickets within SLA.
  • Overriding the jobs in production, Performing special processes like Holding / cancelling the jobs from schedule when required or to avoid failures in production
  • Identifying the recurring issues in production and fixing the same permanently.
  • Maintaining Overnight report daily and Attending HOTO call.
  • Automating the processes for reducing costs / time through JCL.
  • Maintaining Service Now Dashboard for more than fifty applications in Capital Markets.
  • Recording the failures and issues in Knowledge base for future .
  • Sending Monthly job failure report to clients with solution

Environment: Web admin, Service Now, ZOPC, OPQP, JIRA

Confidential, USA

Mainframe Developer


  • Monitoring the batch jobs using CA7, analyzing the reason for the late jobs and escalating to the respective teams.
  • Understanding the scheduling of jobs in CA7.
  • Finding the probable reasons for Jobs stuck up in Ready Queue and take necessary action to run the job.
  • Analyzing the jobs running long time and cancel the jobs if necessary with approval from the respective application owners.
  • Analyzing Lookback issues and posting the requirement for the job waiting in queue.
  • Analysis of NDM jobs if the jobs has successful run in production.
  • Acknowledging the pages for Abends in NEWS and escalating it to the respective teams.
  • Attending Bridge line calls if any for the production issues.
  • Restarting/ Resubmitting/ Cancelling/ Force completing the abended jobs to resolve the issue and restoring the IM tickets.
  • Execution of Prodex like demanding the job, Holding a job for its current run or next run, Setting a job to run from Override library, Cancelling a job for its current run or next run, Post the requirement/Adding a requirement, Force Completing the job, Making the jobs to run as dummy jobs, Run with No triggers etc. and approving the same in Maximo.
  • Maintaining TurnOver report and Attending TurnOver call for each shift Approving or rejecting NBE Ids.

Environment: Ca7

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