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Performance Engineer Resume


  • 9 years of experience in IT industry specializing in Performance Testing of Micro Services, Web Services, web - based applications, Mobile applications, User Acceptance Testing, and Manual Quality Assurance
  • Experience in Load runner, Jmeter, Netstorm, Net Cloud for performance testing
  • Hands-on experience in monitoring server, application stats, debugging, troubleshooting of performance issues & bottlenecks and reporting skills
  • Performed database testing by writing SQL Queries
  • Expertise in creating Test Plan, Test Scenarios, Test cases and Test reports
  • Expertise in creating Load Runner scripts, scenarios and analysis .
  • Experience in writing Unix Shell scripts.
  • Took ThreadDumps and Heapdump for finding and analyzing the Bottleneck areas
  • Hands on experience in analyzing heap dumps, thread dumps, stack traces
  • Performed JVM Tuning on the Garbage collection, which is a key aspect of Java server performance.
  • Used various monitoring solutions such as Datadog, Dynatrace and Net Diagnostics.
  • Profiling and Analysis on load test results.
  • Expertise in Setting up a Performance Environment.
  • Experience in testing of complex auto-scaling, high availability Micro Services running in GCoud(GCP and GKE), AWS(EC2 and EKS).
  • Experience in Web services (SOAP, WSDL) and REST API testing.
  • Excellent logical, analytical & debugging skills
  • Possesses good Interpersonal Skills, team-working attitude, takes initiatives and very proactive in solving problems and providing best solutions.


Operating Systems: Windows, LINUX.

Languages: C, Java, JavaScript, SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, Shell script, nginx

Databases: Oracle, DB2, MySQL,MongoDB

Performance Testing Tools: Load Runner, JMeter,Netstorm Selenium, NetOcean (Simulation Service).

Application Performance Monitoring Tools: Datadog , Dynatrace, NetDiagonistics,Riverbed

Web Simulation: NetOcean (Simulation Service).

Network Analyzers: HTTP Analyzer, FireBug, Fiddler.

Servers: WebSphere, weblogic,Coherence, Endeca, AWS, Redis, Solr(search engine),spring boot

Cloud Platform: Gcloud(docker based VM), GKE(Google Kubernetes Engine),AWS,EC2, EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service)

Utilities Tool: SQL Dev, Splunk (log analysis), JIRA(Bug tracking), Mingle, Stack driver,APIGEE(API analysis), Postman,CLI, Confluence,Luna portal(Akamai),Git Bash, CircleCI, Jenkins,Kibana.


Performance Engineer



  • Responsible for planning, coordination, execution and reporting of performance test strategy.
  • Collecting NFR's and Production log analysis using Kibana to design work load models.
  • Develop performance automation scrips for Micro Services using Loadrunner (Vugen)
  • Execution and Monitoring of Load test, stress test, scalability and endurance tests.
  • Execution of complex auto-scaling, high availability Micro Services running in AWS (EC2 and EKS) .
  • Monitored application/server API gateway, Database performance using Data dog .
  • Troubleshooting MongoDB high CPU and identified slow running queries.
  • Analyze the test results prepare test report and review results with Development and DevOps Teams.
  • Finding bottlenecks, root cause analysis and suggestion to improve the system performance.
  • Develop automation framework for continuous performance testing(CICD)
  • API testing with ReadyAPI, SOAPUI and Postman.

Performance Test Engineer



  • Administering test planning, NFR gathering, test results analysis, observing the performance issues and reporting
  • Prepare and review Test Plans and Test Cases for Release and Project level testing.
  • Recorded test scripts and enhanced performance test scripts using checkpoints and defining transactions.
  • Perform Load Tests - External tests by generating load against Akamai cache and internal test by generating load against App/Web Server directly.
  • Perform capacity planning test, Break point test
  • Prepare report with Profiling and Performance bottlenecks observed during Load Test.
  • Profiling for probable bottlenecks observed during Load tests.
  • In-depth analysis for test failure, observe system resources, and do profiling.
  • Performance testing of micro services.
  • Performance testing of Mobile Channels (Tablet and Mobile), Bigdata and ecom-platform.
  • Monitored GCP Docker and GKE cluster Performance (Pre-Scaled and Auto Scaled) for microservices.
  • Working with cross functional teams to resolve issues and Offshore team coordination
  • Performed data driven testing through parameterization.
  • Performed Correlation for Dynamic Values in Server response.
  • Used NetStorm to track JVM performance.
  • Monitored application/server performance using Datadog

Performance Test Engineer



  • Worked on services level performance testing for migration of WAS 6.1 to WAS 7 servers.
  • Analyzed Core Metrics, HTTP Access logs data to design Load Test Scenario workflows.
  • Recorded test scripts and enhanced NetStorm scripts using checkpoints and defining transactions.
  • Prepared test cases and test scripts for all code releases and enhancements like Checkout redesign, Mercado Search Upgrade.
  • Used NetStorm for testing Web Services (SOAP).
  • Worked with developers in resolving issues.
  • Performed Correlation for Dynamic Values in Server response.
  • Monitored system resources such as CPU, Load average, Paging etc. during test run.
  • Monitored WebSphere performance using NetStorm & Dynatrace.
  • Performed SQL queries to get the server data to be used as data source for VUser scripts.

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