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Full Stack Web Developer Intern Resume


Effective communicator with motivation and leadership skills, looking forward to work for an organization which can provide me the opportunity to improve my skills and knowledge to grow. As a software developer, I would like to explore new technology and implement it in the current system.


  • Optimized some of the stored procedures to speed up the execution by 35 %.
  • Handled around 10,000 requests at a time in API for creating a listing in ICE Portal application and increase revenue by 1 million CAD.
  • Used GoggleMyBusiness API to add approximately 1000 listing to google for ICE Portal application.
  • Created around 80 procedures and triggers for ICE Portal application.
  • I had developed a web application that can modify the excel and delete the rows and columns as required by clients.
  • Also, it can read excel files from SharePoint sites and upload it back to SharePoint sites.
  • I had developed Rest API for one of the partners, which help to create a listing and add the required information of the listing, which increase the revenue by 10 %.
  • I worked on extracting meaningful insights from the raw log files to answer a few business queries that we have established to get a better understanding of what is happening on the dedicated servers.
  • I worked on creating a search engine from Wikipedia data of around 60,000 pages. It provides an efficient way to search a keyword and show the relevant pages as a search result.
  • I had developed background service, which helps to check and manage queue requests in sequential order. Afterward, I integrated it with Sabre API to handle a bunch of requests.
  • I had worked on Arduino IDE and GSM and GPS module to create an IoT application which helps to track the vehicle, integrated with the android application.
  • I had created an MVC application for Vendors to help them to automate the process of adding a listing for different vendors and creating the final output report at the end of the day.


Languages: C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, jQuery, R, Angular JS C. C++.

Databases: SQL Server (2012, 2016), MySQL, MongoDB.

Technologies: .NET Core, Hadoop, Hive, Spark, AWS, WordPress,Bash, Git, Android, J2EE, Maven, NuGet, Redgate, TFS, Agile development, Iterative Waterfall.



Full Stack Web Developer Intern


  • .Net Core, Vb.Net, SQL, Javascript, and JQuery, for created various web applications to reduce manual efforts of clients and make the process automated and increase the efficiency by 15%.


Full Stack developer


  • .Net Core, SQL, and as support to help them to run and resolve queries in the application following agile development.


Android Developer intern


  • I have created pages for navigating adding the medicine in the cart and followed by reviewing your cart.

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