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Front - End Lead, React Developer Resume

Dearborn, MI


Native: level fluency in Spanish, Concept Translation (Advanced)

Research and Documentation ability (Advanced)

JavaScript (Advanced)

React (Advanced)

React Native (Intermediate)

State Management Tools: Redux/Context API/Hooks (Intermediate to Advanced)

Node.js (Intermediate)

HTML/CSS (Intermediate to Advanced)

Webpack/Rollup (Intermediate)

.Net Framework/C# (Intermediate)

Python (Intermediate)

DevOps Mindset: Docker, Go, AWS/Heroku, Linux, Virtualization (Beginner to Intermediate)

SQL (Intermediate), NoSQL (Beginner), PostgreSQL (Beginner)

Swift, IOS Native Development (Beginner to Intermediate)


Confidential, Dearborn, MI

Front - End Lead, React Developer


  • Worked exclusively on an e-commerce website built with a React front-end
  • Served as the main point of contact regarding our application’s front-end and supporting technologies
  • Led application refactor from a traditional web application (create-react-app and webpack) to an exportable React component (via create-react-library and rollup) that could be consumed by other, internal Ford teams like a typical public NPM import.
  • The primary use-case changed upon my arrival, as leadership wanted it to be embedded in multiple locations instead of a standalone site, so we had to make some changes. I was the driving force behind making those changes.
  • Introduced the Context API to the team as an alternative to Redux, which is what the initial application was using, and ultimately reduced project complexity, as the use-case permitted
  • Drove technical research forward in order to weigh various available options for a given problem and to serve the application’s best interests. For example, complying with accessibility standards and making sure the app is responsive on different device types, but also making sure our footprint in the other application was as minimalistic as possible. Other things considered were libraries like Formik and Yup to help with form creation, error handling and validation, as well as a variety of styling techniques like css-modules and styled-components. Initial application was built using Material-UI, which we also had to convert for the rewrite.
  • Set up the application’s new distribution pipeline from our codebase (github) to an internal package distribution platform (Nexus)
  • Collaborated and communicated with team members to rewrite/refactor some of the existing aspects of the project. We primarily focused on simplifying and restructuring the application (like moving from bloated class components to more functional components using hooks so that it was lighter, easier to maintain and extend, and so that it performed as expected inside of an external team’s application without breaking said application’s functionality.
  • Contributed to the interviewing process as part of an effort to grow our team
  • Documented potential solutions for presentation to the team either in written, diagram (Draw.io), or in code form
  • Standard task tracking and estimation using Rally (Kanban), a variety of other Agile rituals like sprint planning and retros, and Microsoft outlook in tandem with WebEx chat platform.

Confidential, Pontiac, MI

Software Developer


  • Responsible for a variety of projects as part of the Risk, People, and App-Support Teams.
  • App-Support involved making more minor changes across the entire tech stack, which could involve anything related to C#, ASP.NET, MVC, SQL, and JavaScript/jQuery/AJAX.
  • Modifying some legacy back end code in Scheme/Lisp (Functional Programming)
  • Altering stored procedures in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).
  • Front-end changes made by modifying some jQuery, a model, or AJAX calls.
  • The Risk Team is a traditional Agile development team, with biweekly sprint rituals.
  • Responsible for our area of the code base, which primarily involves using a proprietary framework that renders screens via XML files that are stored in the database.
  • As a side project, created Python script to automate XML generation.
  • This is when I began learning React and Vue, state/state management tools like Redux, and about how single page applications were changing the way developers viewed/approached web applications
  • Created prototype single-page-applications using Vue/React/Angular/Blazor
  • Active participant in research, planning, documentation, and interaction with our Product Owner, who provided regular feedback about our progress and priorities.
  • Tasked to lead team’s documentation
  • Mentored new developers and tool charge of getting them up to speed on our processes and demonstrating the quirks of our proprietary software, our tools and strategies.

Confidential, Dearborn, MI

Adjunct Spanish Professor


  • Facilitated every aspect of language instruction for both introductory and intermediate Spanish language courses including test preparation and evaluation, lesson planning, supervising student progress, and managing the class via online learning platform.
  • Ensured each student was prepared for success by meeting one-on-one with students to address their individual needs, create individual learning plans to assist students as needed.
  • Provided an intriguing learning environment for all levels of students
  • Held after hour meetings to ensure that all students were confident in the content they were learning and their grade status.

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