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Associate Director Resume


Programming Languages: Python, Java, PL/SQL, SQL PL, Oracle SOA, PHP, JavaScript, .NET

Databases: Redshift, Oracle 8i - 11g, SQL Server, DB2, Microsoft Access

Big Data: Hadoop, Spark, Flink, Beam

AWS Cloud: AWS EMR, AWS Glue, S3, Kinesis, Lambda, Redshift, EC2, ElasticSearch, QuickSight, AMI, Athena, Cloudwatch, CloudFormation

Application Servers / Portals: Tomcat, Weblogic

Tools: / Frameworks: Eclipse, Toad, VMWare, Visual Studio, soapUI, IBM MQ Broker, IBM Datastage, IBM Infosphere Suite, IBM Data Studio, IBM Rational Software Architect, IBM Integration Bus,Vignette Portal, Logstash, Nifi



Associate Director


  • Responsible for leading and growing Confidential, Data team, including annual reviews, compensation adjustments and team budget.
  • Worked with Business Leaders to develop a roadmap of adoption for the Data Platform.
  • Worked with special projects committee to devise new ways to monetize data within the company.
  • Prioritized and replenished team’s work based on business needs and strategic priorities.

Data Solutions Architect / Lead



  • Responsible for Data Platform strategical direction and roadmap.
  • Negotiated contract agreements and renewals with vendors regarding our Hadoop as a Service platform.
  • Cultivated best practices and use cases for Data Platform through training and educational materials.
  • Curated enterprise data dictionary and SDKs for application events and logs for analytical and reporting purposes.
  • Led migration of Data Lake from Altiscale (SAP) to AWS EMR backed by S3 to reduce overall operating costs.
  • Led development of Data Bus to handle application events and logging utilizing AWS Kinesis, AWS Lambda and Logstash for near real - time processing to gamification of application events.
  • Led enterprise Data Warehouse initiative using AWS Redshift and Tableau for business intelligence and analytic needs.
  • Implemented ElasticSearch with Kibana for near real-time dashboard based on application event streams.
  • Implemented AWS Glue stack (managed spark service) to ETL data from the Data Lake, Redshift, Salesforce and Application Databases for analytics and operational usage.
  • Implemented Data Lake using HDFS, Hive, Map Reduce, Oozie on Altiscale (SAP) managed Hadoop infrastructure.


Sr. Data Solution Architect


  • Active member of BMI Tech Council.
  • Provide leadership and guidance for SOA team.
  • Provide leadership and guidance for interns.
  • Developed working POC using Hortonworks over Hadoop for data acquisition and ingestion.
  • Responsible for enterprise data migration architecture and implementation
  • Led the development and integration of an MDM solution to consolidate assets, parties, agreements and performance data.
  • Shared responsibility for the overall strategic direction of data throughout the enterprise.
  • Responsible for system agnostic data integration layer design and development.
  • Designed and developed initial version of Enterprise Business Objects.
  • Designed and developed CRUD SOA services utilizing Enterprise Business Objects.
  • Implemented and managed enterprise SOLR environment.
  • Gathered product requirements and functional specifications.
  • Published design and implementation documents.
  • Assumed responsibility for task management and delivery cycles of staff augmentation.
  • Assisted in the duties of filling staff augmentation and full time employee.
  • Facilitated the role of cross-team mentor and liaison.


Software Engineer Lead


  • Led Master Data Management integration initiative to consolidate Items, Suppliers and Customers in the Oracle MDM Hubs.
  • Designed and implemented integration strategy within the Oracle SOA Suite using the Oracle Application Integration Architecture.
  • Assumed team lead in the implementation of the retail software solution for the Confidential Brand Shop.
  • Implemented multiple ETL processes to migrate data from various systems to data warehouse and the operational data store.
  • Assisted in the implementation of Sharepoint and Project Server.
  • Assisted in the consolidation of multiple legacy systems during the acquisition of two competitor companies.
  • Developed multiple web applications in support of business initiatives.
  • Developed and maintained legacy Master Data solution.
  • Developed and provided technical support for the manufacturing software used at the plants and distribution centers.

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