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Ui Lead/architect Resume


I am a senior/lead full - stack software engineer with 14 years of experience in tech. My primary areas of expertise include Javascript, ReactJS, NodeJS, RESTful APIs, microservices and AWS Cloud / Serverless. I love problem solving, researching and mastering new technologies and coming up with new and creative ways to make things work better. Last but not least, I am a strong communicator, easy going and easy


Full stack dev: Javascript: ES6 / 7 / ESNext TypeScript NodeJS Express React / Redux AngularJS GraphQL / Apollo MongoDB Python Redis PostgresSQL HTML CSS JSON Bootstrap Bulma HTTP REST GIT Docker Agile

AWS: - Lambda, API Gateway, S3, DynamoDB, CloudFront, CloudWatch, IAM, etc.

Confidential: Azure / Confidential Bot Framework / AI

Testing: Jasmine / Mocha / Chai / Frisby, etc.


UI Lead/Architect



  • NodeJS / ReactJS/ Javascript / TypeScript engineer
  • Architected, built and tested isomorphic Javascript ‘Feature Flagging’ library (NodeJS) and corresponding Admin UI front end (React 16.8 / Redux) using class-based OOP architecture along with Axios, HOX, Redux Thunk, Redux Saga and web components.
  • Code run millions of times per day by Confidential brands such as CNN, TBS, etc.
  • 100% remote position, working with team members in Atlanta and other locations
  • Agile / scrum software development methodology

Lead Software Engineer

Confidential, Bellevue, WA


  • NodeJS / ReactJS / Javascript / TypeScript / Python engineer on the Confidential Azure BotFramework SDK team.
  • Feature development & bug fixing on the Bot Framework NodeJS SDK
  • Developed UI using Javascript, React, Redux, Apollo GraphQL.
  • Create build and release pipelines in Azure DevOps
  • Build NodeJS CLI tools & data migration tools
  • Create and debug bots locally and running in production on Azure

Lead Software Engineer

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA


  • I helped this small startup launch their first product an app for finding plant-based food products.
  • Worked on all aspects of app development from front end (React / Apollo) to backend (NodeJS / GraphQL / PostgresQL)

Senior Software Engineer

Confidential, Seattle, WA


  • I am a full stack developer on Disney’s Cloud Services Team.
  • The primary technologies I work with are Javascript, NodeJS, ReactJS, Redux, Axios, AWS (Lambda, S3, IAM, API Gateway, CloudWatch, etc.), and PostgresSQL.
  • NodeJS development on Public Cloud Manager - an ecosystem of microservices designed for provisioning and managing accounts on various cloud computing platforms including Confidential Web Services, Confidential Azure and Google Cloud.
  • ReactJS development on ‘ Confidential ’ - the UI component of Public Cloud Manager

Senior Applications Developer

Confidential, Bothell, WA


  • Key front-end developer in several large-scale projects including:
  • Exposure Layer - created a NodeJS / Express application that serves as a security filter and reverse proxy to a data persistence REST API (COSC).
  • Common online session cache - building a high performance, in-memory distributed caching system, using Hazelcast, for use across all Confidential & Confidential web platforms
  • Development and launch of Confidential & Confidential ’s first mobile ecommerce site
  • Lead developer on complete redesign and refactor of Confidential & Confidential Wireless and Wireline buy flows using AngularJS / Bootstrap. interview candidates for dev positions, create and maintain interview coding exercises, conduct code reviews, training of new employees, mentor for new developers, and go-to person for all questions related to front-end development.

Web Developer

Confidential, Seattle, WA


  • Feature development and maintenance on Confidential using Java, Javascript, HTML & CSS
  • Helped create a new UI framework for Seller Central control panel using Javascript, HTML & CSS / SASS
  • Refactored Confidential footer from Perl / Mason to Java / Javascript, resulting in lowering the number of HTTP requests by 100,000 / day
  • All dev work performed on Linux Red Hat, using Confidential internal build systems such as Santana

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