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Angular/web Api Developer Resume


  • Around 7 years of experience as a developer using technologies HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, Angular 5.0 and above, Express, Node and MongoDB
  • Extensive hands on experience in designing and building end to end web applications for Healthcare, Retail and Insurance domains.
  • Expertise in Angular services, components, factory and service resources, routings and events.
  • Implemented Lazy Loading and Routing for the profile and settings module.
  • Good experience in developing applications using Angular Material in Angular.
  • Possess good experience of Typescript and written sample prototypes in Typescript that compiled to plain JavaScript.
  • Implemented Angular Router to enable navigation from one view to the next as user performs application tasks.
  • Experience is using MongoDB for Nodejs based micro services using mongo client for CRUD operations.
  • Building SPA’s, creating Reusable components and Forms (Template driven and Reactive forms).
  • Experience in creating RESTFUL Services and consuming Web API, Rest API which communicate data using JSON over HTTP protocol.
  • Strong knowledge of OOP (Object Oriented Programming), good analytical skills, strong design and coding skills.
  • Experience in using Configuration Management tools Git, GitHub.
  • Experience in using POSTMAN.
  • Familiarity with devops process, CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins and deployment on AWS Cloud platform.
  • Good troubleshooting skills using Chrome Development Tools.
  • Experience in unit testing tools such as Jasmine and Karma for Angularand Postman for Web API.
  • Experience in executing projects using Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Agile development methodology.
  • Good experience with kanban, Agile methodologies
  • Great understanding of working of adobe tools such as photoshop, Flash, Illustrator etc.
  • Ability to quickly master new technologies and working in - group as well as independently.


Technologies: Angular 5.0 and above with HTML, CSS, BootstrapMongoDB, Express, Node.JS, REST API, Micro services

Programming Languages: TypeScript, JavaScript

Database: MongoDB

Debugger/Testing: Jasmin, Karma, Jenkins

IDE: Visual Studio Code, Notepad++, Dreamweaver

Methodologies: Agile and Waterfall

CMS: WordPress, Joomla, Wix

Devops/ Cloud: Git, Git hub, CI/CD, Jenkins, AWS, CA Rally



Angular/Web API developer


  • Developed web application with front-end Angular and consumed Web API
  • Developed front-end components with Angular, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.
  • Implemented third-party libraries such as angular font awesome to improve template.
  • Used built-in validator and custom validator for required user input field and checked input type for login and registration.
  • Implemented RouteGuard interfaces for Authentication using canActivate method to secure data accesses by different users.
  • Enabled pagination using Angular Material to improve user experience.
  • Used pipes to transform raw data into a desired output.
  • Implemented add practice and updated practice functionality to practice the table using Bootstrap modal Dialog.
  • Created application with Angular modules, components, directives and services to implement main functionalities including viewing details and deleting practices.
  • Used RxJS library features such as Observable and Subscription to enable connection to Web API.
  • Implemented custom Authorization and Authentication filters in Web API to improve security.
  • Used back-end CRUD functions with different HTTP Methods such as GET, POST, PUT and DELET to implement different API calls.
  • Implemented Convention-based and Attribute-based Routing to map URLs to controllers in Web API.
  • Used database-first approach to generate data model by Entity Framework .
  • Used Jasmine and Karma for testing Angular components.
  • Tested Web API http calls using Postman.

Environment: Visual Studio Code, MongoDB, Angular, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Jasmine, Karma, and Git.


Full Stack Developer (Angular / Web API)


  • Worked on both front-end with Angular, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap.
  • Applied Angular Material with Bootstrap font awesome.
  • Improved pagination, filter, and sorting functions on the table that displays data lists.
  • Implemented reactive form by Bootstrap Modal.
  • Created key functionalities such as updating, deleting, and viewing tasks with Angular modules, components, directives, and services.
  • Improved Angular components by adding Route Guards to prevent the invalid access and wrong redirection to other URLs by accidental clicking.
  • Used Observable and Subscription to build the connection to Web API.
  • Created redirection links by Routing in Angular route module.
  • Created RESTful Web API services for different function calls.
  • Modified CRUD functions with different HTTP methods to satisfy the functions calls.
  • Worked with Entity Framework 6 for improving Onion Architecture, generic repository, and unit of work.
  • Worked with Repository pattern for accessing Domain Entity layer.
  • Used Database first approach with Entity Framework to generate the database in Domain Entity layer.
  • Used Auto Mappers to map the data models to entity objects.
  • Improved performance by applying Async and await to functions in repository and services layers.
  • Used Jasmine and Karma for testing Angular components.
  • Tested RESTful Web API in Postman.
  • Experienced in Agile software development life cycle.
  • Used team management and version control tools such as Azure DevOps and Git.

Environment: Visual Studio, MongoDB, Angular, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Jasmine, Karma, and Git.


Web Developer


  • Working as a Junior Web Developer and participating in coding, testing, debugging new applications and website with the team of designers, developers, and content creators to create digital tools.
  • Developing the UI layout and front-end programming for a web application that matched requirements.
  • Working in the agile/scrum development environment with frequently changing requirements and actively participating in scrum meetings and reviews.
  • Designing the front-end applications, user interactive (UI) web pages using web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap.
  • Creating a responsive single page web application with a different module like a dashboard, notification, application alert for user interface using Bootstrap.
  • Developing HTML views with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and Wordpress.
  • Developed website mock-ups for clients to ensure quality control and client satisfaction before the project.

Environment: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Coral Draw, Dreamweaver, Bootstrap, Wordpress

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