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Devops Engineer Resume

Watson, MI


  • Proficient level of experience in AWS platform and its dimensions of scalability including EC2, ELB, VPC, Route 53, Auto scaling, CloudFront,S3, RDS, Dynamo DB, CloudFormation, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, SNS,Security groups.
  • Leveraged administration of WebLogic Application server versions 6.x through 10.x and Websphere Application Server 6.0/7.x/8.5 with success in incongruous environments of various UNIX flavors which include Red Hat LINUX, SUN Solaris, and on Windows XP/NT/2000/98.
  • Acquired substantial exposure of Apache Tomcat, Sun One iPlanet, and JBoss application servers with working knowledge as standalone, and as configured WebLogic Proxy servers.
  • Launched EC2 instances by using the provisioning tools like Terraform and CloudFormation, an AWS cloud service.
  • Guaranteed data integrity and data security on AWS cloud by actualizing AWS best practices.
  • Worked with multiple Cloud platforms to implement the automation of the process using DevOps technologies
  • Experience in creating Dockerized applications by creating Docker images,exposing ports and creating the shared volumes between the containers through Docker - file.
  • Used Docker containers to streamline the development and testing.
  • Experience in Microservices architecture where a service can be individually scaled based on its resource requirements.
  • Experienced in container-based deployments using Docker, Docker Hub and Docker registries and Kubernetes.
  • Launched Kubernetes to provide a platform for automating deployment,scaling and operations of application containers across clusters of hosts.
  • Written Chef recipes and Ansible Playbooks to configure the machines taking the dependencies into consideration and deploying directly into Amazon EC2
  • Experienced in Branching, Merging, Tagging and maintaining the version across the environments using SCM tools like GIT and Subversion (SVN) on Linux platforms.
  • Good working knowledge in Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) methodologies using Jenkins.
  • Experience in implementing the workflow of a project by polling the source code from remote repository, creating a jar or war file depending on the application using Maven or ANT and pushing it to the Artifactory repository.
  • Created and managed nodes and labels using Jenkins. Configured the workflow to distribute the jobs to the corresponding node.
  • Experience of the full Software Development Life Cycle ( SDLC ) methodologies like Waterfall, Agile and Validations to ensure the Quality Assurance Control.
  • Proven ability in troubleshooting and resolving failed mission, and critical production systems under extreme pressure conditions and time constraints. Provided 24x7 on call support.



OPERATING SYSTEMS: UNIX, Red Hat LINUX, Ubuntu, CetnOS Windows 98/2000/NT/XP/VISTA

MIDDLEWARE: Apache-HTTP Server 1.3/2.0/2.2, Sun One Webserver 6.x/7.x/8.x, Apache Tomcat, and MS ISS server 5.1/6.0.

CLOUD TECHNOLOGIES: AWS (Amazon Web services),OCI,Docker and Kubernetes.

CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION BUILD TOOLS: Jenkins and JNLP Slave Nodes, Docker, Chef, Puppet, Nexus, Ivy, Artifactory, Ansible

SCRIPTING LANGUAGES: WLST, UNIX Shell Scripting (Bourne, Korn, C and Bash), Ruby,Perl and Ant Scripting,python

PERFORMANCE MONITORING TOOLS: Datadog, Nagios, Monit, cloud watch Jmeter, Mercury Load Runner, Win Runner, and JRockit management Console, Appdynamics

UTILITIES: Eclipse, SSH, OpenSSL, Putty, antid WLST

DATABASE: Pointbase, MS SQL Server, My SQL, MS Access and DB2

NETWORKING: TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SNMP, LDAP, DNS, DHCP, ARP,Router, F5-BIG IP load balancer,Firewalls,SOAP and SSLVERSION CONTROL: Git, TFS, VSTS, and Rational Team Concert

MESSAGING SERVICES: Confidential Websphere MQ, TIBCO, JMS and Kafka


Confidential, Watson, MI

Devops Engineer


  • Build and maintained highly-available, cost-effective, fault-tolerant, scalable systems using AWS and OCI
  • Successfully Migrated large On primes static website to AWS S3 and AWS cloud using EFS, AWS CLI and S3.
  • Installed and configured Webspher 8.5.5, Webphere BPM 8.6.0, Confidential Liberty, Confidential extreme sacle Grid and Confidential HTTP server in both Solaris and Linux OS(AWS) using Jython script.
  • Created Ansible play books Installing ELK,Microservices, Deployment and Recycle Jvm’s, In AWS
  • Created End to End Jenkins pipelines with Gitlab webhooks .
  • AWS Architectiral review on premise Data center assessment and review (including HW/SW life-cycle) and re-architechture of the platform if required .
  • Followed 6R’s strategy to migrate the On-premise applications to AWS cloud depending on the type of application.
  • As a part of migration moved project related data to Jump servers and then moved to S3 buckets .
  • Created Infrastructure on AWS environment using Cloud formation templates and loaded the data from on-prem servers.
  • Implemented AWS Auto Scaling for providing high availability of applications and EC2 instances by observing the load of applications using AWS Cloud Watch.
  • Developed the scripts to automate the services provided by AWS by using CloudFormation and Terraform.
  • Installed, Configured and support HA ELK Stack in Non-Prod and Production Env
  • Integration of Kafka Cluster with ELK stack for Logs consolidation and streaming data changes from database
  • Kafka Cluster setup and Administration in all Env’s.
  • Worked on CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Deployment) methodologies using Jenkins to build the code polled from the remote repository Non-Prod and Prod Environments
  • Written Ansible playbooks to configure and install packages on server machines by connecting through SSH to trusted servers.
  • Worked on creation of custom Docker container images, tagging and pushing the images to the Docker registry
  • Engaged in war rooms to sort out the connectivity and networking issues to access the application.
  • Created container based virtualized deployments using Docker working with Docker images, Docker-hub and Docker registries.
  • Implemented testing environment for Kubernetes and administrated the Kubernetes clusters.
  • Deployed services to Amazon Web Services in Docker containers, managed by Kubernetes.
  • Proficient level of experience in scripting languages like YAML, JSON, Python and Ruby.
  • Monitoring and AI Ops tools such as Nagios, Splunk, SumoLogic, Prometheus, New Relic, and pipelined Application Logs from App Servers to Elasticsearch ( ELK Stack ) through Logstash

Environment: & Tools: AWS, Tomcat,Micorservices, Redis,BitBucket,Gitlab,Ansible, Terraform, Docker, Jenkins, Maven, Python, Ruby, Kubernetes, ELK, AVI Load balancer,OneArtifactory,Kibana,kafka, splunk.


Senior AWS Engineer


  • Develops and documents the framework for integration and implementation for changes to technical standards.
  • Assists in the development of and manages an architecture governance process;
  • Designing web applications environments on AWS with Linux and automation tools such as Chef, Ansible.
  • Infrastructure provisioning on AWS Cloud using terraform.
  • Container orchestration using amazon ECS Kubernetes Service.
  • CI/CD automation using groovy programming language.
  • Build CI/CD pipeline configurations to orchestrate provisioning and deployment of both large and small-scale systems.
  • Automate tools to monitor system health and reliability to support business process requirements.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues in development, test, and production environments.
  • Create Best Practices that can be followed by the Product teams.
  • Help automate and streamline operations and processes.
  • Build and maintain tools for deployment, monitoring and operations.
  • Participate on a cross-functional team, collaborate with team members, and adopt the scrum agile methodology of software design.
  • Build different types of servers using AWS: Importing volumes, launching EC2, creating security groups, Auto-Scaling, Elastic Load Balancers in the defined Virtual Private Cloud
  • Designed terraform formations to automatically provision AWS resources such as VPC, Subnets, EC2, S3, IAM, EBS, Security Group, Auto Scaling, and RDS to ensure successful deployment of Web applications and database templates.
  • Design terraform formations to automatically provision AWS resources such as resource groups, virtual networks, subnets, VMs, databases etc.
  • Use of programming languages like python and shell to automate the deployment and testing process.

Environment: AWS cloud, EC2 instances, Kubernetes, Git, Jenkins, Docker, terraform Bash, Python, Elastic Load Balancers, VPC, S3, IAM, EBS and Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment.


DevOps AWS Engineer


  • Participate in planning, implementation, and growth of the infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Work closely with the architect and engineers to design networks, systems, and storage environment that effectively reflect business needs, security requirements, and service level requirements.
  • Manage a continuous integration/continuous deployment method for the server-based technologies.
  • Involved in development of test environment on Docker containers and configuring the Docker containers using Kubernetes.
  • Providing a better workflow for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.
  • Managed branching, merging, tagging and other source control tasks in Git and Azure Devops
  • Setup Datadog monitoring across different servers and AWS services.
  • Created datadog dashboards for various applications and monitored real-time and historical metrics.
  • Monitored performance and history of infrastructure with tools such as CloudWatch, Datadog etc.
  • Automated creation of immutable infrastructure (EC2, VPC, ELB, Auto-Scaling etc.) using terraform.
  • Worked with security team on resolving the different security issue like ssl and tls cert issues and http headers etc.
  • Maintain servers' configurations using salt stack tool.
  • Wrote scripts to onboarding and offboarding employees
  • Write the bash and Python scripts to automate the infrastructure.

Environment: AWS, Kubernetes Docker Salt, Git, Jenkins, Docker, slack, AWS, PagerDuty, terraform Bash, Python, Azure Devops.

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