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Sr. Full Stack Developer Resume

New York, NY


  • Having 10 years of IT experience in complete Software Development Life Cycle, Architecture, Analysis, Designing, Development, Debugging, Testing and Maintenance of 3 - tier Enterprise Web Application.
  • Worked in Scrum, Waterfall and Test-Driven Development environment.
  • Expertise in developing application using .NET 4.6/4.5/ 4.0/ 3.5, MS Visual Studio, MVC 6/5/4, Razor View Engine, C#, C#.Net, ASP.Net, LINQ, AJAX, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, HTML, CSS, Azure Cloud, Angular9, React.js, Typescript and web services and WCF.
  • Experienced with Microsoft Application building blocks for .Net projects (Data Access, Exception Handling, Serialization and User Interface Process).
  • Expertise knowledge on Object Oriented Programming (OOPS) Concepts including Inheritance, Abstraction, Encapsulation and Polymorphism, good experience in Exception Handling, Debugging and tracing by which teh whole picture of application runtime can be seen and analyze more efficiently.
  • Experience in developing ASP.NETWeb customs controls, user controls, Data Controls like Data Grid, Rich UI with extensive use of hand coded experience on ASP.NET AJAX, Angular.js, Knockout.js, Enmber.js, Backbone.js, React.js, Require.js, Bootstrap and JQuery and building RIA web applications.
  • Experience In building Single Page Applications (SPA) using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular.js, Typescript, ASP.NET MVC, ASP .NET Core, Bootstrap, ASP.NET Web API, Entity Framework.
  • Expertise in developing Client/Server Applications on various architectural design patterns including MVC, Two-Tier & Three Tier Architecture.
  • Proficient in developing systems built on SQL Server using Tables, Triggers, Views and Stored Procedures in SQL and maintaining teh database, including requirement analysis, design, data conversion, loading and implementation.
  • Expertise in developing Web Forms using static and dynamic data.
  • Used AJAX Controls to create an interactive Web Application and customize AJAX Control Tool kit as per requirement demand.
  • Strong experience in using Oracle for teh back-end applications
  • Experience in querying using LINQ to SQL, LINQ to XML and other data sources.
  • Hands on experience developing reusable components using Object Oriented Techniques.
  • Proficiency in reports generation using Crystal Reports, SSIS and SSRS.
  • Experience with Agile with Scrum Framework, TDD and Waterfall methodologies
  • Enthusiastic, Ability to quickly understand and utilize new technologies
  • Experience in Migrated teh Bootstrap Screen to Angular wrapper & Converted Oracle Forms Screens to Angular.js
  • Extensive experience in creating PL/SQL, TSQL Stored Procedures, Triggers, and Views.
  • Strong coding skills in developing web, console applications, REST Services AND Web API for Web application.
  • Ability to take and give directions, instructions and provide assistance through completion of tasks.
  • Ability to work under minimal supervision, adhere to deadlines, excellent verbal and communication skills. Excellent Interpersonal and Communication skills, coupled with strong technical and problem solving capabilities.


.NET Technologies: C#, .NET Core 3.0, ADO.NET, ASP.Net4.5/4.6, WCF, LINQ

Web Technologies: XML, HTML/HTML5, XHTML, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery v3.0, Bootstrap, Angular.js v8/9, Backbone.js, React.j, Ember.js v3.4, Require.js v2.3.6, Ext.js v7.0, AJAX, JSON,PHP, Angular material, Material design frameworks, Jasmine Framework and Leaftlet DesignDatabases

SQL Server2017/2019, Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g/12c, MS Access and DB2

Middleware: ADO.NET Web Services, Enterprise Library, Entity Framework, LINQ to SQL

Reporting Tools: SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Crystal Reports

Application Servers: Windows Server 2008/2003/NT, Microsoft IIS

Operating Systems: Windows Vista/ XP/2000/2003

IDE: Visual Studio 2019 SQL Server Management Studio

Frameworks: .Net Framework 3.0/3.5/4.0/4.5/4.8, ASP.Net MVC 4.0/5.0/6.0

Cloud Technology: Microsoft Azure and Aws (Amazon Web services)


Confidential -New York, NY

Sr. Full Stack Developer


  • Working in Agile Methodologies for rapid development and regular adaption to teh varying requirements and continuous delivery of teh working software .
  • Involvement in requirement gathering, analysis, designing, documenting, implementing and testing websites for maintaining teh customizable components for different customers.
  • Worked with Agile and Scrum Methodology to produce high Quality software.
  • Used VSTS for Sprint activities.
  • Built numerous C# UI components and business modules. Utilized .NET Web API.
  • Designing web pages and fixing performance issues in teh application using HTML, CSS, Java Script, TypeScript, jQuery, knockout.js, C# and SQL Server
  • Implemented Presentation layer using CSS Framework, knockout.js, Wire-framing, HTML5.
  • Come up with POCs to provide alternate implementation of a specific functionality
  • Worked on various client internal frameworks to develop application like HYDRA, CTS, and NEXTGENES .
  • Created Typescript reusable components and services to consume REST API's using Component based architecture provided by Angular8.
  • Language-Integrated Query to EF implementation for data retrieval. Transaction management in LINQ queries for Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD). Created tables, stored procedures.
  • Implemented various screens for teh front end using Angular.js and used various predefined components from NPM (Node Package Manager) and redux library.
  • Created different business classes and interfaces using .Net Framework with Object Oriented Programming Methodology.
  • Design and development of web pages using HTML, CSS including Ajax controls and XML .
  • Worked in using Angular.js components, Forms, Events, Keys, Router, Animations and Flux concept .
  • Converted teh application to Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Project as part of cloud deployment.
  • Designed from teh ground up to be incrementally adoptable by teh using of Vue.js.
  • Developed JavaScript development using jQuery and Knockout.js to create front end.
  • Developed windows desktop application using C#, Web API and WPF
  • Building web application using Template jQuery and Bootstrap.
  • Created, modified existing Store Procedures, Views and Functions in SQL Server 2018
  • Executed functionality Testcases in web. Mobile testing using Browser Stack emulators.
  • Use Window Azure to deploy teh application on cloud and managing teh session.
  • Managed Defects using Azure VSTS. Created SQL Scripts for database testing.
  • Used teh Node Package Manager (NPM) to install libraries like angular-cli, typescript etc., which are required for developing an angular application in Node .js.

ENVIRONMENT: Visual Studio 2018/2019, .Net Framework 4.5, C#, WPF, SQL Server 2018, Knockout.js v3. 5.1, Angular.js v8.0/9.0, Web API, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MVC6, jQuery, WCF, XML, Swagger, Postman, IIS 7.0, TFS, Jenkins, Browser Stack, GIT Hub, GIT Bash and Agile Scrum.

Confidential - St. Louis, MO

Sr. Full Stack Developer


  • Followed Agile and Scrum methodology for continuous integration & continuous delivery with regular small releases.
  • Designed Application architecture for Process Flow, Security and Error Handling.
  • Designed and developed WebPages using ASP.NET, VB.Net, HTML5, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, CSS and server control.
  • Developed and enhanced Master Pages, User Controls, Custom Controls, and User Interface by using HTML5, CSS3, ASP.NET Controls along with Bootstrap Framework, Telerik MVC Kendo UI Controls.
  • Developed Web forms for registration, to update teh policy installment pages and application logic in ASP.NET, .NET MVC 4.5.
  • Designed and developed application logging using Log4net logging framework, created custom appended to save log information in database.
  • Used Microsoft Exception Handling Block Component to handle errors and worked on .NET security features such Authentication & Authorization, Authorizing Users, Roles and User Account Impersonation.
  • Bind two data from MONGODB, NoSQL database to UI meteor modules.
  • Created Web HTTP binding to make WCF rest services to improve teh performance.
  • Developed REST based services, MVVM Web application using Knockout.js, require.js, bootstrap.css, Web API 2.0.
  • Implemented Restful services based on SOA and Microservices architecture patterns using ASP.NET Web API.
  • Used Team foundation server (TFS) as source control repository for code version on CI/CD.
  • Used N-Inject dependency injection library to initialize teh objects and inject teh services to them.
  • Implemented Web Application using MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture with extensive multi-threading to allow a responsive and elegant UI.
  • Developed restful Services using WEB API to expose business logic.
  • Designed and developed user interfaces using VB.NET and ASP.NET.
  • Responsible to Create TFS (Team Foundation Server) Projects, Work Items, and Versioning, Automation of build process using TFS API, TFS Build, and MS Build tools.
  • Designed and Consumed XML Webservices using Microservices.
  • Used teh OWIN middleware for logging teh HTTP Request and Response.
  • Created Server Side of application for project management using Node.js and MongoDB
  • Involved in consuming Restful services using Angular.js, https services.
  • Designed teh Win Form UI screens using WPF and XAML.
  • Developed ASP.NET WEB API 2.0 to allow teh Angular.js application handle with HTTP requests like get, post, put, delete when teh user request fired for displaying or manipulating of teh data.
  • Used ADO.NET, LINQ in connecting to Data Access management with SQL Server.
  • Used Knockout.js for Automatic UI refreshing and for native template.
  • Developed test pages for different flows of application using Angular.js, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, AJAX and JSON.
  • Implemented a code branching strategy to allow for continuous development and reproducible production deployments using TeamCity and Octopus Deploy.
  • Actively assisted teh development team, allowing them to build a pipeline for continuous delivery, fostering teh programming, Test Driven Development (TDD), and continuous integration.
  • Created a multi-threading program to pull data in parallel, sources including restful API.
  • Re-engineering VB6 import utility into WPF XAML frond end.
  • Used JavaScript and JavaScript libraries Angular.js and Implemented Angular.js Controllers to maintain each view data. Implemented Angular Service calls using Angular Factory.
  • Implemented AJAX Asynchronous and Asynchronous calls.
  • Involved in Implementing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and used WCF to expose business logic as services and consumed those services. Defined service contracts, implemented service contracts etc.
  • Worked on SOLR search engine for indexing and searching teh contents of a Web site.
  • Created several Stored Procedures, SSIS packages, SQL Jobs, Functions and Views in Confidential -SQL
  • Developed client side validation code using Typescript, JQuery and ES5.
  • Migrate legacy applications from .Net 4.6 to .Net 4.6.1 Framework.
  • Migrated applications from VB6 to VB.Net.
  • Developed Win forms customized properties of a .NET application from XML Config file.
  • Created Crystal reports in SQL server 2012 by using prior features.
  • Involved in developing teh deployment scripts in power shell and creating deployment packages for Share Point 2013.
  • Developed program to automatically create Jasmine/Karma test scripts for Angular controllers.
  • Designed new WPF application using MVVM and Repository pattern, from design to completion using PRISM Principals
  • GUI was developed using JQUERY with Java script, JSON, LINQ, CSS3, XAML and ASP.NET MVC 6, Web APIs,


Environment: .NET Framework 4.6.1/4.6, Entity Framework 6.0, ASP.NET MVC 6, WEB API 2.0, Share Point 2013, VB6, VB.Net, Agile SDM, MS Visual Studio 2015, tal Repots, Bootstrap, TeamCity, Octopus Deploy, MS Build, TFS API, TFS Build, HTML5, XML, XSLT, SQL Server 2014, AJAX, Angular.js, Knockout V3.2.0, XHTML, CSS3, MVVM, Jasmine, Karma, NHibernate, SOAP & HTTP, Jenkins

Royal Caribbean, Miami, FL

Sr .Net Developer


  • Responsible for Analyzing teh Business Requirements, System Specifications, feasibility Analysis. Understanding teh business requirements and leverage teh Technology to meet Business Requirements and Goals.
  • Involved in Full Life Cycle Development ( SDLC ), provided value added services with development teams and clients throughout teh life span of a project.
  • Worked on web Application with modern web technologies on .Net Framework 4/4.5 using Asp.Net MVC 4/5, Web API, Entity Framework 6, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and React.js.
  • Worked on capturing teh user events and rendering teh appropriate action and dynamically rendering teh UI based on user actions using React.js.
  • Designed and developed various abstract classes, interfaces, classes to construct teh business logic using C#.
  • Used OOPS Concepts and SOLID principals in C# 4.0 to implement business logic and code behind view models.
  • Created Responsive UI design using Bootstrap and React material design.
  • Extensively used/modified jQuery to perform AJAX calls for creating interactive web pages on JSON response.
  • Worked on implementing current Rest web services to one of cloud computing services AWS.
  • Created and optimized views for user interactions using objects of HTML Helper class, Custom Helpers and React.js.
  • Wrote code to fetch data from Web services using jQuery , AJAX via JSON response and updating teh HTML pages.
  • Involved in Converting mockups into web pages by using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
  • Wrote SQL Queries, stored procedures and functions to handle business rules data integrity and various data transactions.
  • Created message handlers in Web API to implement global level authentication.
  • Developing complex Stored procedures, User Defined Function and Triggers in SQL Server 2014.
  • Unit testing, debugging, problem solving and documented teh whole testing phase.

Environment: C#4.0, .NET 4.5, ASP.NET4.0, MVC 4.0/5.0, HTTP, ADO.NET, AJAX, TDD, Entity Framework 6.0, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Node.js, Bootstrap, jQuery, TFS 2012/2010, Web API, SSRS, LINQ, SSIS, PL/SQL, SQL Server 2012, IIS 7.0, Visual Studio 2012.

Confidential, Parsippany, NJ

Web Developer


  • Analyzed teh requirements and understood teh functional specifications.
  • Involved in teh full life cycle of teh project including Architecture, analysis design, development, debugging, testing and deployment.
  • Developed UI screens for different Fields, Farms and crop information to help pioneer sales professional and farmers.
  • Coded various validation fields using validation Engine plugins, jQuery UI plugins.
  • Created Single-Page Application using Angular.js, Html5, CSS3.
  • Wrote Angular.js controllers, views, and services for new website features.
  • Worked with Cross-Browser Compatible issues.
  • Used Responsive Web design using Bootstrap and CSS3 Media Queries.
  • Used Leaftlet Design to make a web map and Field Boundaries for teh Fields in teh web application.
  • Used Git repositories like Git Lab, Git Hub and Git Bash for code reviews, issue tracking, and code deployment.
  • Hands on experience in using Jamsine FrameWork for Javascript unit testing.
  • Developed different web components like navigational panel, filter panel and grid views.
  • Coordinated project activities and ensure dat all project phases are followed and documented properly.
  • Tested teh web pages on different android phones, apple phones, tablets, debugged on real devices using mobile apps and fixed teh bugs dat were found.
  • Coded Java Script for page functionality and Light box plugins using jQuery.
  • Involved in writing application level code to interact with APIs, Web Services using AJAX, JSON.
  • Handling cross browser/platform compatibility issues (IE, Firefox, and Safari) on both Windows and Mac.
  • Tested/De-bugged on browser using Firebug.
  • Implemented UI using MVC 4.0, HTML5, XML, CSS3, JavaScript, Knockout.js, Angular.js, AJAX and Web Form Controls to create responsive web pages, developed Master Pages.
  • Tested/De-bugged on browser using Firebug.
  • Participated in Agile Process with 2 weekly Sprints and Daily Scrum meetings.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, Java Script, Typescript, JSON, jQuery, Angular.js v2.0/4.0, MVC4.0, Ajax, Knockout.js v2.0, Bootstrap, Kendo UI, Eclipse, SVN, Jenkins, Angular material, Material Design, Leaflet, Jasmine.

Ascena Retail Group - Mahwah, NJ

.Net/ UI Developer


  • Working in Agile Methodologies for rapid development and regular adaption to teh varying requirements and continuous delivery of teh working software.
  • Expertise in developing applications using Microsoft technologies such as .NET Framework 4.5, Web applications using ASP.NET, and distributed applications using WCF, XML Web Services and Messaging system.
  • Working closely to teh client for requirement gathering and analysis and provided desired solution to client in time limits.
  • Using JQuery & JSON for dynamic User Interface, retrieval and posting of data.
  • Created various Angular Services & injected them into Angular Controllers (using Dependency Injection) to enable AJAX calls and created custom angular directives to create own HTML tags and induce some kind of functional behavior to those tags.
  • Used Team Foundation Server for Source Code Control, project related document sharing and team collaboration.
  • Implemented .Net Security features of Authentication and Authorization using .Net .
  • Implemented .Net classes for Business logic Layer using C#.
  • Coding and Tuning teh queries, Stored procedures and functions, Triggers using PL/SQL
  • Implemented Data Access Layer using Entity Framework to connect, retrieve and update teh data from SQL server.
  • Involved in teh development of pages using Bootstrap framework.
  • Experience in Writing code and debugging skills with ASP.NET, WCF, C#, Web services.
  • Involved in implementation of Object Oriented Concepts during teh development.
  • Developing teh application using MVC, Entity Data Model and Restful and WCF services.
  • Responsible for UI design and creating contracts and classes in WCF for different modules in teh application.
  • Created proof of concept for implementing views in Angular.js rather TEMPthan using razor for development.
  • Controlled overall look and feel of ASP.NET web site by consuming twitter Bootstrap.
  • Developed reports using MS SQL Server Reporting Services and Crystal Reports 8.0.
  • Implemented UI using MVC 4.0, HTML5, XML, CSS3, JavaScript, Knockout.js, Angular.js, AJAX and Web Form Controls to create responsive web pages, developed Master Pages.
  • Hand coded experience on JQuery and JavaScript for implementing client side validations at Controller level.
  • Developed Windows Development with VB.NET.
  • Creating Queries and joins on multiple tables, Functions and Triggers using LINQ in SQL 2012 for inserting/updating/ deleting teh data into teh relational tables.
  • Developing various Stored Procedures for teh data retrieval from teh database and generating different types of reports.
  • Involve in object oriented analysis and design using UML (Unified Modeling Language) such as use case, activity, sequence, class and component diagrams using Visio.

Environment: Visual Studio 2012, .Net framework 4.5, MVC 5/4, C#.Net, ADO.net, TFS, Entity Framework 4.0, WCF, SQL Server 2012, Bootstrap, AJAX, XML, JavaScript, Knockout JS, Angular.js v2.0+, Node.js, JSON, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Crystal Reports.


Software Engineer


  • Working as an onsite responsible for requirement gathering and analysis.
  • Involved in designing a web form based on teh Molina Marketing team’s requirement.
  • Development of web forms for client-server interaction using C#, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Involved in creating Master Pages and Theme.
  • Developing web site in an accessible fashion to meet W3C WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) Standards Accessibility requirements using XHTML, CSS and accessible templates technologies
  • Created Custom Controls to use in entire application.
  • Deployment of web services in teh web pages.
  • Develop Crystal Reports (version 10+), ASP.NET MVC3, VB.NET, MS SQL Server 2005, and Visual Studio 2010.
  • Validated web forms through JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Designed database in MS SQL Server by creating Tables, Stored Procedures, Functions, Views and Triggers and integrate them in teh applications.
  • Interface with database and stored procedure using ADO.NET Dataset, Data Reader, Data Adapter and Data Grid to interact with databases like 2008/2005/2000 and Oracle 11g/9i
  • Designing User Interface in Silverlight better Performance in Client browser and Procedures. WCF using distributed communication transactions to teh database.
  • Wrote business logic in C# to handle transactions from and to database using ADO.NET objects such as Data Sets, Data Adapters, and Data Readers.
  • Created classes using VB.NET and develop database components to access database using ADO.NET.
  • Troubleshoot and provided resolution for different kind of issues during teh various stages of project.
  • Expertise in Designing and Developing Datasets according to teh requirement.
  • Involved in Report Generation using SSRS.

Environment: Visual Studio.NET 2010, ASP.NET, C#, MVC, ADO.NET, JSON, Web Forms, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, Razor, Ajax, MS SQL Server 2005, SSRS, Web Services, Web API.

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