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Workday Integration Developer Resume



  • More TEMPthan 7 years of IT experience in software design, development and implementation of applications
  • Around 4 years of experience as Workday Integration Consultant and involved in two full implementation projects.
  • Good knowledge workday components like workday - In, workday-out Rest, Workday-out Soap, A-sync mediation, Splitter, aggregator, MVEL, Store, CSV-to-XML in Workday Studio.
  • Expert in Functional and Technical aspects of various modules in Finance like Business Assets, Cash Management, Customer Accounts, Expenses, Financial Accounting, Procurement.
  • Experience in all phases of teh Workday implementation lifecycle namely - Requirement gathering, Analysis, Design, Development and Testing.
  • Hands on experience in inbound/outbound integrations Using Core Connector, Workday Studio, managing business processes, working wif EIB, Report Writer, Creating Workday Calculated Fields and Custom Reports.
  • Reporting - Experienced in developing Advanced, Matrix, Composite & BIRT Reports across Human Capital Management and Financial Management.
  • Integrations - Extensively worked on inbound and out bound EIB, Core Connector and Workday Studio Integrations.
  • Good understanding of Integrations including Web Services, SaaS, Workday Architecture, Business Process Framework.
  • Good understanding of business process and experience in Implementation Projects for Core HCM processes including Staffing, Compensation, Talent Management, Time Tracking and Absence Management.
  • Expertise in Workday Technical concepts like Data Sources, Business Objects, Business Processes, XML, XSLT and Document Transformation.
  • Good Problem solving, Client Interaction, Training and Team building skills.
  • Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Phases such as Requirement analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Deployment wif working knowledge in methodologies like Agile and Waterfall across teh span of various Projects.
  • Having On-shore/Off-shore team management experience wif multi-tasking abilities.


Workday skills: Workday HCM, Workday Finance, Core Connector, EIB (Enterprise Integration Builder), Workday Studio, BIRT Reports, SOAP UI, Calculated fields, Web Services and Security Groups, Workday Prism Analytics.

Modules: Finance (Finance Accounting, Business Assets, Inventory, Supplier Accounts, Customer Accounts, Procurement, Budgets and Cash Management) HCM (Absence Management, Payroll (PICOF, PECI), Core HR, Benefits, Compensation, Recruiting)

Document Processing: XML, XSLT, XPATH, WEB Services (SOAP/REST).

Web Development: HTML, HTML5, CSS3 and Java Script.

Processes/Technologies:: Rational Unified Processes (RUP), SDLC, Waterfall technique, Use Cases Workflow, Storyboards, Jira, Scenarios, UML, Object Oriented analysis and Agile Methodologies.


Confidential, MI

Workday Integration Developer


  • Conducted working sessions wif clients to gather, understand and analyze business requirements
  • Developed a workday studio integration to create customer invoice from teh external Access Oakland system using teh web service Submit Customer Invoice and loaded customer invoices into workday and designed a layout to print teh Customer Invoice.
  • Developed a workday studio integration to create customer contacts from teh external system using two web services Submit Customer and Business Entity Contact and loaded Customer Contacts into workday.
  • Developed an Integration using outbound EIB wif custom report as data source and generated teh fixed length output text file and placed it in SFTP and let teh vendor pick up teh file to find teh daily cash fund cash balances.
  • Worked on financial data conversions using inbound EIBs such as loading Suppliers, Customers, Supplier Connections, Supplier Invoices and Supplier Adjustment Invoices.
  • Designed and developed a Budget vs Actual report for teh P/L (Profit & Loss) accounts for teh Current year YTD using composite report. Composite reports consist of two Matrix sub reports using Journal lines and Plan lines for financial accounting data sources

Confidential, Austin, TX

Sr Workday Consultant


  • Conducted working sessions wif clients to gather, understand and analyze business requirements.
  • Designed and developed multiple financial statements, Client had multiple requirements related to financial statements like related to project, related to company, related to cost center.
  • Identified business requirements, functional design, process design (including scenario design, flow mapping), prototyping, testing, training, defining support procedures.
  • Developed simple, Advanced, Matrix and Composite reports from functional specifications to match teh Benefits, Compensation, Accounting, Finance and Planning Administration requirements.
  • Developed advanced reports using report specific calculated fields to extract data from related business objects
  • Developed a workday studio integration to create journals from teh external Chrome River system using teh web service Import Accounting Journal. Used integration map service to map teh Spend Categories.
  • Developed a workday studio integration to import cost centers from external flat file into teh workday tenant. Added Document retrieval service to get cost center flat file and report service to get teh list of cost centers in workday tenant. Used doc-iterator strategy in route component to read all teh files from SFTP. Splitter component wif xml-stream-splitter strategy is used to read every cost center row. Used hash maps to create lookups to validate whether cost center exists in teh tenant. Aggregator is used along wif cloud log to display error messages.
  • Designed POC to load third party Application using workday studio into Prism as dataset and published prism data source. Also, created accounting journals using boomerang integrations from Prism data source.
  • Developed inbound EIB integration to fetch payroll history of employees from teh legacy systems using get payroll history payments webservice.
  • Resolved issues wif HR and benefits reports and interfaces, by correcting teh logic and making necessary modifications as required to teh SQR programs.
  • Created Compensation Grades, Compensation Packages and Compensation Eligibility rules to create a standard compensation range for a given job level or a job profile.
  • Managed job description and workflow of employee data for compensation module including job families, pay ranges, bonus scales, grading and supervisor setup
  • Worked on teh Workday Studio Assembly to convert teh output from Payroll Integration to multiple output files based on teh requirements.
  • Created Custom Integration from Workday using delivered data source to send teh Post Payroll result to external system.
  • Created Inbound External Pay Slips and Inbound Payroll Results Integrations.

Environment: Finance Modules (Expenses, Procurement, Settlement, Business Assets, Banking, Financial Accounting), Core HR and Payroll.

Confidential, NY

Workday Consultant


  • worked as workday integration and Reporting consultant in their workday financial and supply chain implementation project. dis project is about converting their PeopleSoft Financial/Supply Chain data into Workday Financial system. Also, developing teh existing integrations using workday integration tools like EIB, Core Connector and Workday Studio.
  • Designed a workday studio integration for daily exports of all customer contracts and invoices to teh client data warehouse system. Used RaaS reports to get teh data from teh advanced custom reports developed in tenant.
  • Designed 4 outbound EIB integrations along wif document transformations which runs nightly to send teh employee data, login update, authorized approver and delete authorized approver files to concur system (Expenses Functional area).
  • Involved in gathering teh customer requirements to design, analyze and develop key operational and organization reports and also handled user security updates to domains for reporting, dashboard, and integration access, Compensation, Pre-hire, Hire, Job Requisition, and Terminations.
  • Involved in Development, Enhancement, Upgrade and Maintenance of Workday HR, Base Benefits, Benefits Administration, Absence Management, Payroll and Time & Recruiting.
  • Decide teh Data Source and utilize proper Business Objects to deliver teh necessary report for teh end client.
  • Actively participated in Confidential of Peoplesoft SCM, SQR/Finance and other existing reports(nVision, Crystal reports) (Ex: Requisition Accounting Details, PO Wifout Activity Encumbrance, Purchase Items Spend Analysis, Supplier spend report by Items/Item Categories etc) reports to Advanced Reports by using Calculated Fields, Sorting, Filtering Report Fields, providing Advanced Filtering Option, Creating Sub-Filters and by using related Business Objects
  • Developed outbound integration to transfer disbursement for domestic and international wire transfers through bank of America using core connector: ACH payment connector.
  • Developed several Inbound and Outbound Integration using EIB, WD Studio and Cloud Connectors etc.
  • Created Custom reports using Workday Report Writer and BIRT for Merit Statement, Pay Check Statement.
  • Created some dashboards to showcase teh performance of teh employee and Created a dashboard which groups all supplier related reports using report tags.
  • Configuration of recruitment tasks and creating recruitment dashboards.
  • Designed and developed a Budget vs Actual report for teh P/L (Profit & Loss) accounts for teh Current year YTD using composite report. Composite reports consist of two Matrix sub reports using Journal lines and Plan lines for financial accounting data sources
  • Developed simple, Advanced, Matrix and Composite reports from functional specifications to match teh Business Assets, Cash Management, Customer Accounts, Expenses, Financial Accounting requirements.
  • EIB's - outbound and inbound wif custom transformation using XML, XSLT and XPath.
  • Knowledge on Configuring system, Security, Roles, Business Processes, Payroll Testing, Reporting, Data Integrity, & Upgrades.
  • Developed comprehensive testing collateral, built test logs, gatheird, audited, formatted and loaded test scenarios, facilitated preparation, kick-off, status testing meetings & UAT sessions, managed Change/Defect documentation and processes from testing output.
  • Experience in creating Security groups for teh integration like Benefits and payroll and maintained them wif other groups like Employee as self and Intersection type security groups.
  • Created XSLT and Document Transformation Scripts to Transforms teh XML Data.
  • Created Integration System Security Groups and Role based security groups per requirements.
  • Proposed Compensation for New Hire, Involved in Editing Government Ids and workday Account.
  • Worked on Compensation Packages including salary, bonus, allowance, commission, and merit plans for multiple countries including merit and bonus plan processing.
  • Provided mentorship, End User Guidance for Reports and Integration.
  • Fixed Production issue varying from employee access, Creation of new Role, Single Sign On issues etc.
  • Created Workday Studio Inbound Integration to Populate teh Payroll data from Kronos into Workday.
  • Designed data mapping for teh Payroll (PICOF, PECI) interface to send Employee Demographic Info to External Applications.

Environment: Workday Finance (Business assets, Cash Management, Procurement, Inventory, Planning), Workday HCM (Absence Management, Payroll, Core HR, Benefits, Recruiting)


Workday Consultant


  • Worked on Data Confidential activities which involves extraction of data from legacy systems and populating EIB and iLoad templates.
  • Worked wif end users to design, develop and document as-is and to-be models of reports and integrations requirements.
  • Developed simple, Advanced, Matrix and Composite reports from functional specifications to match teh Benefits, Compensation, Accounting, Finance and Planning Administration requirements.
  • Developed advanced reports using report specific calculated fields to extract data from related business objects.
  • Developed and modified EIB, Core Connector and Studio integrations to get data in and out of teh system.
  • Developed outbound EIB integrations which use webservices and reports by enabling RaaS.
  • Developed custom XSLT transformation to convert Workday XML to .csv format.
  • Developed outbound integration to transfer disbursement of domestic payroll checks data to bank using core connector: Payroll Check printing Connector.
  • Developed and fixed several issues in Field Glass Studio Integration which brings Contingent workers into Workday.
  • Developed outbound integration to transfer disbursement for domestic and international wire transfers through bank of America using core connector: ACH payment connector
  • Developed inbound integration using core connector template: Accounting Journal Connector to import accounting journals from third party systems.
  • Created a Studio Inbound Integration from Maximo to upload business asset physical inventory results and to validate teh records and generate an error file for user review (ad-hoc integration) using Submit Count Inventory webservice. Used document retrieval service to read teh file from teh SFTP and used Route component and splitter component to read teh inventory count rows from teh input file.
  • Developed a studio inbound integration which reads multiple integration files from multiple third-party systems (containing asset location information like department, building etc.) to update teh asset locations in workday.
  • Developed inbound integration using core connector: Global Worker to fetch teh data from client’s legacy systems from other countries.
  • Participated in defect triages related to compensation and payroll, helped in identifying teh root cause and workaround for teh time sensitive issues.
  • Developed a studio inbound integration to load workers photo into their respective workday profile.
  • Involved in teh meetings wif business process owners, SME (subject matter experts), and Security Audit team for requirements gathering and verification stage.


PeopleSoft Consultant/Workday Consultant


  • Gather business requirements for meeting data Confidential and other business needs as they currently exist in teh legacy system. Analyze data wif various system/business users of teh legacy system.
  • Conduct Fit-Gap analysis of teh data Confidential efforts.
  • Performed Production Support, enhancements and customizations of PeopleSoft HCM applications v9.1.
  • Involved in functional design and development of architectural enhancements, Product Implementation.
  • Involved in creation and customization of Fields, Records, Tables, Pages, Components, Menus, Business Process Design and Project Definitions using Application Designer as per client requirements.
  • Developed and Implemented Various Confidential /Interface programs starting from extracting data from Oracle Applications.
  • Designed teh Flat File Layout by conducting Field Mapping, Fit/Gap Analysis by understanding both teh systems.
  • Provided mappings for PeopleSoft translate values to Workday values.
  • Created a customized candidate page to track job search activities where candidate can search, view, apply for jobs.
  • Worked on Pre-employment check page (SS PREEMPL H and SS PREEMPL D).
  • Configured and maintained all teh tables involved in Payroll processing, such as Pay calendar, Job Code, Deductions and Processes such as Pay sheet creation, PayCalc, Payconfirm, Tax Tables etc.


Peoplesoft to Workday


  • Worked as a Workday Developer, Analyzed, planned, implemented various accepts of teh client application
  • Responsible for data migration from legacy system to workday system using EIB’s.
  • Designed and tested reports in teh Dashboard for teh oracle HR Analytics modules like compensation, Absence.
  • Created HR reports like Position History reports, Head count, Department Budget, position budget report, Inactive/Active Position reports, Position Hierarchy reports, etc.
  • Configuration Take element and calculation rules for Vacation, sick, Paid Time off, extended Leaves, Bereavement, Jury Duty, office closed etc.
  • Involved in upgrade of all HR, Benefits, Taxes, Time and Labor and Payroll interface as key team player of Interface team.
  • Developed Workday Studio Integration to synchronize employees from Active Directory to Workday and used XSLT to convert XML input data.
  • Designed payroll and Benefits system’s paycheck generation, setting up of teh employee payroll data, calculating pay, and customizing payroll and tax reports.
  • Tested Workday BP’s for HCM including Hire, change job, Termination, propose compensation, termination, reorganization, international Assignment, leave of absence, change of teh address etc. Based on teh requirement documentation.
  • Created outbound interface for Health benefits, FSA Benefits.
  • Involved in Production support activities for application in time and attendance, Absence management and Accrual modules.
  • Setup of various Extended leave templates, attachment definition, processing rules for clients FMLA leave types to administer Family medical leave Act leaves.
  • Involved and worked as QA Tester in payroll process to verify pay sheet, pascal and pay confirm activities on by weekly basis.

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