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Ui Developer Resume

Chesapeake, VA


  • 5+ years of IT experience in analysis, design, development, testing and deployment of web - based and Enterprise based Client-Server business application using Front-End Web technologies.
  • Experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including Analysis, Design, Development, Documentation, Testing, Deployment, Version Control and production support.
  • Proficient in creating and refreshing a site page utilizing Angular 2/4/5/6/7/8/9, React JS, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery crosswise over different programs and consequently accomplishing cross program similarity.
  • Expert in Java/JavaScript programming. Experience with Node.js, Ember.js and React.js and REST API development in JavaScript.
  • Proficient with Angular related frameworks/libraries such as NgRX, RxJs, ui-bootstrap, ui- router, ng-bootstrap, ngx-bootstrap and Angular Material.
  • Experience in working with testing tools like Firebug, Firebug Lite, Chrome or Safari Web Inspectors and IE Developer Toolbar.
  • Extensive experience in developing single-page applications using JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS and Bootstrap.
  • Experience in creating and optimizing HTML markup and CSS for email in cross-browser desktop and mobile. Proficient in Model View Control (MVC) design pattern.
  • Experience in working with the Document Object Model (DOM) and DOM Functions.
  • Experience in the use of various relational databases like SQL Server and NoSQL databases like MongoDB.
  • Experience with various IDE’s such as Visual Studio Code, Web Strom, Sublime and Notepad++.
  • Familiar with configuration and version control management using GIT.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills along with demonstrated leadership and self-direction.


Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, SQL

Web Technologies: HTML4/ HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Node.js, Express.js, React.js, Ajax, JSON, Angular2/4/5/6/7/8, TypeScript

Package Manager: NPM, Bower, Grunt, Gulp, Webpack

Developing Tools: Web Storm, Brackets, Sublime Text, IntelliJ, Notepad++

Application Server: Node, Perforce, Webpack, TFS, NGINX

Databases: Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgre

Version Control: SVN, Clear Case, Git, Bitbucket.

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux


Confidential, Chesapeake, VA

UI Developer


  • Developed Application using Agile Methodology, that included iterative application development, weekly Sprints, stand up meetings, Followed Rally for tracking processes and streamlining Agile planning
  • Extensively Used Angular CLI for creating components, Services, pipes, Directives and adopted new features from Angular 8 and 9 in our application.
  • Used Node.js to offer an easy and safe way to build high performance and scalable network application.
  • Utilized Angular Cli to develop front-end functionalities and researched the command that Angular Cli provided.
  • Supported lazy loading and parameterization of passed data using the Router module packages including ActivatedRoute.
  • Handled and build multiple asynchronous service calls using RxJS such as Observables, behavior subjects and some of its operators.
  • Debug the application using Firebug to traverse the documents and manipulated the Nodes using DOM and DOM Functions.
  • Implemented Angular Material Design components and Theme, such as table, table pagination, sort header, form filed.
  • Created AWS Lambda, EC2 instances provisioning on AWS environment and implemented security groups, administered Amazon VPC’s.
  • Used Visual studio Code IDE for designing coding and development of this application.
  • Used Webpack as task runner to minify application and better performance.
  • Resolved Cross Browser Compatible Issues for different version of IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
  • Extensively used Git for version controlling and regularly pushed the code to GitHub.
  • Used JIRA to keep track of bugs to reduce downtime, increase productivity, and Communication

Environment: Angular 8/9, Angluar CLI, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, Angular Material, Jquery, NPM, RxJS, JSON, Restful API, Node JS, GIT, Jira, Webpack, DOM, Visual Studio IDE, Firebug, AWS, Agile, Windows.


UI Developer


  • Involved in the complete Software Development method which is AGILE including Requirement Analysis, Design, Implementation and testing.
  • Refactored the code from Angular 6 to latest version of Angular i.e., Angular 7.
  • Built Angular 6components, UI services to consume rest services using Component based architecture provided by Angular 6.
  • Created Typescript reusable components and services to consume REST API's using component-based architecture provided by Angular.
  • Used NPM for installing required node modules and other published Angular NPM modules.
  • Extensively used Ng Module to import different modules, to declare different components, to describe the providers and services that are used to develop the Angular applications.
  • Worked with REST APIs with AJAX calls to fetch the data from the backend as JSON response and parse it on the UI for DOM/CSS Manipulation.
  • Written Application-Level Code to interact with backend and consume the JSON by using RxJS observables.
  • Used NgRx to maintain session state, user authentication and administrative access and functionality.
  • Used Node.js for server-side web applications for java script codes to build real-time web API's
  • Developed and designed various Bootstrap components such as drop-down menu, slider, input and search text box, navigation buttons, etc.
  • Upgraded some controllers to components to increase the performance and downgraded components for communication for controllers.
  • Worked with modules like MongoDB and mongoose for database persistence using Node.js to interact with MongoDB.
  • Used JIRA as the bug tracking system to track and maintain the history of bugs/issues on everyday basis.
  • Performed user acceptance testing on applications using manual testing methods, resolve problems, identify trends, determine system improvements, implement change.
  • Participating the Sprint Planning and User Story Grooming sessions and suggesting can-do and cannot-do in each Sprint

Environment: Angular 6/7, TypeScript, Angular CLI, Bootstrap, Node JS, NPM, Rest API, NgRx, RxJS, JSON, Mongo DB, HTML5, CSS3, Jira, Agile, Windows.

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