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Devops Engineer/software Automation Developer Resume


  • Professional experience in all phases of and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) that include Requirement Gathering, Analysis/Design, Documentation, Development and Testing.
  • Expertise in working with Waterfall and Agile methodologies - SCRUM.
  • Experienced in Infrastructure & Configuration Management tools like Ansible, Chef.
  • Maintaining infrastructure automation for both Linux/Windows servers using Ansible playbooks.
  • Experienced in creating the flow files in Apache Nifi and send the alerts to AIOPS Moogsoft/Xmatters.
  • Experience in 24/7 Production support (L1/L2 support).
  • Validated SQL quires and share the results with Application teams and help them in fixing the PROD fixes.
  • Worked extensively with different Bug tracking tools like Rally/JIRA.
  • Extensive experience with CI/CD Tools like TFS/Azure Devops and Jenkins.
  • Experience on Version Control System Microsoft Visual studio (MVST) and Git.
  • Experience in Tibco BW/BE Applications deployment for all levels of environments.
  • Experienced in Linux commands like verifying the Disk space for Linux machines and removing the unwanted log files.
  • Managing windows servers like patches and upgrades.
  • Performance Monitoring; Log files Monitoring, Jobs Scheduling, Disaster Recovery/fail-over exercises.
  • Strong in troubleshooting, monitoring, training and 24/7 production support in mission critical environments Worked with systems support team to define, architect and maintain highly available production systems.


Testing Tools: ReadyAPI, Selenium WebDrive, QTP, HP Quality Center.

Languages: Groovy Scripting, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, XML.

Test Framework: Ready API, Selenium webdriver

Project Methodologies: Agile-Scrum, Kanban

Defect Tracking Tools: Rally and JIRA

Build Tools: Ant, Maven

Continuous Integration Tools: TFS/Azure DevOps and Jenkins

Databases: MySQl, Oracle

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX/LINUX

Monitoring Tools: RTview, Tibco Hawk, Apache Nifi, AIOPS Moogsoft, Xmatters.

Admin: Tibco, Linux and Windows


DevOps Engineer/Software Automation Developer



  • Performed all deployments for Tibco BW/BE applications in Azure DevOps.
  • Lead the effort in monitoring architecture, future-proofing existing implementations, performance analysis, and infrastructure automation.
  • Worked on Ansible to automate the configuration management process.
  • Written different Ansible Playbooks to install Tibco RV, TRA, BW and EMS in both Linux/Windows machines.
  • Integrated Tibco Applications with RTView to check T ibco Instances, Hawk, EMS status, Pending messages and Inactive durables.
  • Worked with an offshore team for Monitoring purposes.
  • Worked as Release manager/Tibco Admin with all the application teams and validates the Deployment results.
  • POC to install Tibco Applications in Azure cloud using Ansible Playbooks.
  • Created various Build and Release jobs in TFS/Azure Devops to automate the application deployment.
  • Created Linux shell script to connect to Artifactory and executed it from Azure DevOps.
  • Created different branches and gave KT to Developers in the check-in and checkout process.
  • Created Release branches after every PROD deployment and checked in the code with correct versioning comments.
  • Ran scheduled jobs for PROD Smoke test and posted the results to Slack channel using Azure Devops.
  • Created SSH connections in TFS and executed Linux scripts from TFS.
  • Connected Nifi to Tibco EMS, Oracle DB to get the Exception details and send the results to AIOPS Moogsoft.
  • Connected Nifi to Tibco Hawk and get the Alerts from Application Log files.
  • Analyzed business requirements, Functional Specifications and Use Cases, prepared Test Strategy and Test plan.
  • Created all Test Plans, Test Cases in MTM and Automated Scripts to create greater coverage for all initiatives assigned.
  • Testing of Web Services using web services client generated using ReadyAPI to track request and responses.
  • Involved in validating the Web Services related to Customer, Account and Transaction Management using the ReadyAPI.
  • Performed User Acceptance testing in the final phase of software development process to check the functionality of the software.
  • Performed Assertions like Schema Compliance, XPath and SOAP responses.
  • Worked on developing the automation scripts using Selenium Web Driver with JUnit Framework.
  • Wrote and executed automated test cases using Selenium Web Driver to automate manual testing solutions.
  • Configured Selenium Web Driver, TestNG, Maven tool and created Selenium automation scripts in java.
  • Worked on distributed test automation execution on different environment as part of Continuous Integration Process using Selenium Grid and Jenkins.
  • Involved in QA team meetings and gave updates to the QA lead/Project Manager on a weekly basis.
  • Built a Page Object Model Framework for over 80% Test Cases using Selenium Web Driver and TestNG
  • Reviewed the selenium Scripts developed by the team members.
  • Moderated Daily Defect Review meetings with Development Team to review the defects raised by QA team
  • Responsible for conducting Integration, End-to-End testing to make sure business workflow is sufficiently replicated.
  • Moderated Daily Defect Review meetings with Development Team to review the defects raised by QA team

Environment: Tibco, Web Services, ReadyAPI, HTML, Nodejs, MTM, Agile, Kanban, Rally, TFS/Azure Devops, Microsoft Visual Studio, MYSQL, Apache Apache Nifi, RTview, Moogsoft, Xmatters, Cognos, Njams, CentOS/Redhat Linux

Build and Release Engineer/Linux Admin



  • Used Jenkins for continuous build with each GIT commit and svn checkin and enforcement of code merge using JIRA number in commit message. Trigger build and continuous deployment to Dev, QA, Test, Pre-Prod and Production automated deployment Jobs using Nexus Artifact management and Jenkins CI/CD Server.
  • Created release branches in GitHub by GIT Administration including branching, reporting and assisting with project and end user support.
  • Managed the GIT using Nexus tool to automate the build process and used the same to share the snapshots and releases of internal projects.
  • Responsible for analysis of current build and deployment process for application and configure it on uBuild and uDeploy tools.
  • Created applications and connected components to those applications in uDeploy.
  • Integrated Jenkins with uDeploy and Created uDeploy Components, uDeploy process, installed uDeploy agents on both windows and Linux machines according to application team requirements.
  • Created various Jira tickets for onboarding Jenkins and Artifactory.
  • Responsible for Installation, configuration and administration of AIX 5.3 and 6.1 systems.
  • Provided 24x7 on call support.
  • Hands on experience in providing day to day support like resolving sever hung up, file system full, troubleshooting critical issues.
  • Improve server utilization and sharing I/O resources to reduce total cost of ownership and make better use of IT assets using Power VM (Advanced Power Virtualization).
  • Extensive technical knowledge and experience in enterprise virtualization environments including creating and managing Datacenter, Virtual Machines.
  • Provide support to Oracle RAC and DB2 database while coordinating with database teams.
  • Establish and document procedures to ensure data integrity including system fail-over and backup/recovery.
  • Performed the daily system administration tasks like managing System resources, Disk space resources, operations and security.
  • Expertise in working with LVM, Disk mirroring, and Disaster Recovery.
  • Responsible for Profile backup of Managed Systems and Critical backup of HMC.
  • Administering and troubleshooting of AIX HACMP Clusters.

Environment: Java, Selenium Web Driver, Maven, Test-NG, Automation, Manual Testing, smoke Test, Regression Testing, Eclipse, XPATH, Firebug, Fire path, JIRA, agile, Groovy Script, HTML, Windows 7/8/10/XP.

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