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Software Engineer Resume


  • I have spent over 25 years in software design with a strong focus on internet/web - based applications. Starting out primarily in Microsoft web development technologies (ASP, ASP.NET, C#, MSXML, MS SQLServer) my sphere of experience TEMPhas grown, particularly in the past year to include more browser-neutral, standards-compliant and open-source tools, platforms and techniques such as responsive web-design, RESTful web services and tools including TypeScript and Blazor.
  • have been a "full-stack" developer my entire career. Sometimes referred to as a "generalist” this means I have had my hand in ALL aspects of architecting, designing and developing applications, including their databases, middle-tier components, web-services, front-end interfaces, as well as graphic design and have even had some hand in marketing strategy.


Languages/Platforms: C#, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, T-SQL .NET, ASP.NET (Web Forms), Web API (RESTful web services), JSON, MS Entity Framework 6, Blazor Software/Tools/Libraries

Database: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools

OS/Platforms: Windows, Internet Information Services (IIS)

IDE: Microsoft Visual Studio

Libraries: AngularJS, JQuery

Project Management Software: FogBugz Issue Tracking, Kiln Code Source Control, Bitbucket


LESS, JAVA, TypeScript, Oracle/PL: SQL

AngularJS, MySQL, MongoDBSoftware/Tools/Libraries

Database: Oracle, MySQL Workbench

IDE: Eclipse, JetBrains WebStorm, MS Code, Inkscape, Beyond Compare, Balsamiq


Software Engineer



  • Designed and built messaging system that received dissimilar messages from multiple platforms and standardized them into a common JSON format which could be imported and consumed by company subsystems (ERP, business applications). Nearly ALL business derives from the data conveyed across this system.
  • Application which merged multiple data sources into a problem reporting, and tracking tool used by customer service to user complaints and inquiries and track their resolution progress. Additionally, technical support used the system to open, fulfill and track field orders for asset parts and materials.
  • Authentication/Authorization system which allowed a user to use single UID/PWD credentials for accessing all subscribing applications and their required services, seamlessly logging users on and off proprietary services and resources which may required different credentials. Additionally, provided the ability for an application to implement authorization and limit a user’s access to any level of functionality based upon the user’s role.
  • Most recently I have been performing in the role of project manager as well as programmer for the redesign of our pseudo-commerce website as well as general marketing efforts. Responsibilities include organizing

Web Developer III



  • Most recently performed role as Tech lead on project to manage the capture of consumer communication options information from multiple sources. Designed SQL database in MS SQL Server and developed data access layer written in Java and Eclipse. Leveraged Atlassian’s Jira & Confluence for project management and stash to interface with the GIT repository
  • Worked in the front end implementing responsive layout and updated branding for the corporate web site. HTML5, CSS3, LESS, JavaScript, jQuery, AMD, RequireJS
  • Maintained and extended an existing ASP.NET/MS SQL Server application for tracking product parts and quality information using Entity Framework.
  • Designed and created prototypes for an admin application that managed a system that users would interact with while performing product testing. The application was designed to be used on both desktop and tablet incorporating responsive elements and mobile layout considerations. Duties included not only design but performing UX interviews and capturing assets and information used in the design of the user interface.
  • Designed and built system used for HQ customer service reps which allowed the research customer of issues by combining various data sources into a single interface. This allowed reps to look up ANY customer information from nearly ANY other piece customer information. This application later became the basis for an enterprise system used by the entire corporate customer service group.
  • Began here working on our eCommerce site, which was written in classic ASP on a Microsoft Commerce Server platform. Responsible for routine updates to content and site availability, and coordinating production releases. Additionally I worked with external vendors to include various tracking tags and campaign management as well as the implementation of product reviews.

Web Developer



  • Participated in the design, development, maintenance and feature enhancement of ASP.NET 2.0/Web/XML based CMS system, for publication of policy and procedure documentation. Provides a means for authoring policy and procedure documentation incorporating indexing and personalization features
  • Content authoring is performed in a web-based WYSIWYG authoring application. Using JavaScript, XML/XSLT, XmlHTTP, Ajax, .NET WebServices, and DHTML, the application provides a multi-frame environment in which user could author and publish documentation
  • Designed cross-browser, standards compliant JavaScript object library and CSS classes to support and display the Online application(s) in an external multi-browser client-base.
  • Using AJAX, DHTML, XML, & JavaScript; designed, developed, and implemented user favorite functionality into the online application, allowing users to bookmark, store, and manage commonly d documentation. Using AJAX, DHTML, XML, JavaScript

Principal Software Engineer



  • Content management & retrieval portal projects for financial analysts. Applications provide single-point of inquiry for searching multiple, disparate research repositories, both internal and external. Document assembler, which takes documents of different types and converts and combines them into a single PDF document, then delivers the document to a specified email address.

Principle Software Engineer



  • Used XML and XSLT to provide user-interactive features to web-based application. Eliminates the dependency on Grid-type ActiveX Controls, providing a better solution for those who had a need to work from home.
  • Created numerous Web-Based XML editors for editing XML 'config' files for personalization and application specific uses.
  • Designed & developed Analyst Research Portal application, OnePoint. OnePoint brings together multiple data sources into a single location and interface for ease of access and use, allowing the analyst to make more efficient use of his/her time. Functionality includes updating issuer information as well as navigating various internal and external informative read-only sources.
  • VBA/Web/XML based document generation system, for publication of analyst research. Provides a means for generating a research report based on a selected company. This document generation system could be launched from multiple applications

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