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Ios Developer Resume


  • Over 8 years of Apple iOS Mobile App Development Experience.
  • Skilled in engineering IOS applications using iPhone - SDK, Swift 4 and Objective-C.
  • Experienced in solving issues with production environments
  • Complete knowledge in testing various design structures in IOS
  • Worked on latest versions of iOS 14
  • Excellent knowledge in developing applications in MVC, MVVM and VIPER Framework.
  • Proficient in memory management in both Manual
  • Retain-Release and Automatic Counting (ARC) environments.
  • Proficient in Objective-C, Swift 4, Swift 5, and good understanding of all structure oriented Programming.
  • Familiar with implementing Core Data into various IOS applications.
  • Goal oriented, organized, team player with good interpersonal skills; thrives well within group environments
  • Extensive experience Consuming REST Web Services and APIs.
  • Experienced in using various design patterns including MVC Singleton, Notification, Blocks, and Delegation
  • Experience in developing IOS applications using UITableView Custom cells and content view.
  • Experienced in working with data parsing forms such as XML and Confidential, to dynamically display data on iPhone.
  • Strong knowledge in implementing frameworks like CoreLocation, CoreGraphics, MapKit and UIKit Frameworks.
  • Familiar with Third Party frameworks including RestKit, Card I/O
  • Thorough understanding COCOA design patterns, MVC architecture and other concepts like Delegation, Protocols and Categories
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills; excellent communication and presentation
  • Experienced in agile methodologies including Scrum and Waterfall.
  • Experience in developing backend rest apis using java
  • Experience in developing automation suites using python, javascript and karate


Languages: Swift, Objective C, Python, java, Javascript, cucumber

iOS Technologies: Core Data, Core Location, GCD, NSOperations

Back-End Communication: Confidential, XML, SOAP, AFNetworking, URLSession, NSJSONSerialization, SBJSON

Web Technologies: HTML/CSS, Confidential, XML, REST

Dev Tools: XCode, Instruments, Jenkins Git, GitHub, Confluence Github, Jira, Linux

Methodologies: Agile Scrum

Frameworks and Libraries: CocoPods, Cocoa Touch MapKit, AVFoundation, RESTKit, NSXMLParser, UIKit, CoreLocation, MapKit CoreBluetooth, QuartzCore, CloudKit, CoreData, EventKit, Sociala

Data Persistence: Core Data, SQLite Keychain, NSUserDefaults


Confidential iOS Developer


  • Used Cocoa pods to manage all dependencies in .workspace project
  • Performed PR reviews on developers code.
  • Implemented functionality for users to be able to create different tasks.
  • Implemented MVVM structure for creating UITableViews to show different data and tasks.
  • Provided structured meetings to design numerous features for the IOS application .
  • Created stories using Jira to fully document feature requirements as well as task size and length.
  • Following company guidelines Jira was also used for bug tracking documenting and fixing.
  • Guided Junior developers on best swift practices to be effective in development and completion of stories.
  • During production issues followed documented bugs to provide quick and efficient fixes.
  • Fix NIB files to remove unsatisfiable constraint warnings without breaking existing layout.
  • Provided an improvement on existing code to fix flickering dat occurred on the first two UITableViews.

Tools: Jira, Confluence, Git, Xcode Swift, Objective-C, Jenkins, Bash, CocoaPods, Github

iOS Developer

San Francisco, California


  • Collaborated to ensure dat products deliver similar user experiences for iOS and Android platforms.
  • Collaborate with product owner to ensure dat business requirements are implemented timely and dat any technological or platform limitations are addressed.
  • Developed the iOS mobile app in Swift and Objective-C using Xcode.
  • Created new build scripts and updated existing build scripts using Python.
  • Implemented feature dat allows the user to import their contacts from their device.
  • Managed use of Jenkins Continuous Integration server; created builds for testing and production.
  • Used Git as the code repository and managed version control with Git
  • Use of design patterns in the iOS app architecture such as delegate, decorator pattern, and Promises/Futures
  • Made use of RESTful API to integrate with internal services and third-party services.
  • Implemented Firebase push notifications.
  • Used GCD and NSOperationQueue to improve app responsiveness and performance.
  • Made Use of UINavigationController and UITabController, and create a container with UIViewController, and used constraints to layout the UI.
  • Work iteratively with Product, Design, Back-End and QA teams
  • Implement tablet version of app Support testing team during test cycle to address issues found before release
  • Conduct analysis of organizational needs/goals for the development and implementation of redesign
  • Redesign app to create user interface targeting multiple device sizes Integration of third-party content library
  • UIKit, RESTful Web Services, Agile Scrum Development, HTML/CSS, Jira Charles Proxy, Jenkins

Tools: Swift, Objective-C, Python, Xcode, Jenkins, AVFoundation,Cocoa Touch UIKit, Git, CoreLocation, MapKit, WebKit, Create UI based on comps and wireframes

iOS Developer

Confidential, San Francisco, California


  • Implemented the network layer to generate data to show in a UITableView
  • Implemented automation tests for regression
  • Fixed bugs when found by QA in JIRA
  • Implemented Settings button and different states regarding those settings
  • Worked with TestFlight framework to conduct beta testing
  • Worked with XCTest to create and conduct test cases
  • Implemented UI based off wireframes given by Graphic Design team

Tools: Objective-C, Xcode, REST, RESTKit, CorePlot, UI/UX, XCTest, UIAutomation, NSURLConnection, JIRA, Localytics

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