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Full Stack Developer Resume

Dallas, TX


  • Working as a Java Consultant, with 7years of experience in capturing Business Process Requirements, Design, Development, Testing and Implementation for various client server - based applications using Java and J2EE technologies.
  • Used Java SE8 features like stream, lambda expressions, functional interface and type annotations andworked with core java concepts like Multithreading, Transaction Management, and Exception Handling.
  • Expertise in UI Design and Development using HTML5, CSS3 (SASS, LESS), Bootstrap and AJAX that follows W3C Web standards and successfully managing all facts of application development.
  • Extensively used JavaScript/Typescript, Ajax, and JSON to build highly interactive web pages.
  • Designed and created highly scalable, highly available, fault tolerant, highly secured, distributed infrastructure (IAAS) using EC2 instances, S3, EBS, API Gateway, Elastic Bean Stalk, ECS.
  • Experience in Client-Side Scripting like JavaScript, ES6 to build highly interactive web pages.
  • Experience in ReactJS which is JavaScript library used for building reusable UI components.
  • Implemented React JS and working with Redux and Flux architecture.
  • Experience in using the Angular 2 Lazy Loading, to increase the performance of the application.
  • Implemented Spring Boot to create a CRUD operations backend for our Angular-fronted application.
  • Built a Spring Boot architectureon Spring Cloud by creating Configuration service using twelve factor app methodology to handle the configurations for all the services through a simple point call.
  • Used Spring Boot for developing stand-alone applications using Spring Tool Suite and generated Maven project using Jetty as embedded server, added a RESTful Spring MVC Controller that responds to a request using post, used Swagger for describing and documenting the RESTful API’s.
  • Experience on automated javabased integration testing and behavioral testing of the applications using Selenium and Cucumber.
  • Expertise skills on developing REST microservices using Spring Boot, Spring Core Modules like IOC, AOP, Data JPA, Security and Batch. Developed SOAP microservices using Jersey framework, JAXB annotations and JAX-RS.
  • Created web applications using latest build tools like Babel and WebPack configurations and managed dependencies using Grunt and NPM packager. Used SASS, LESS and static content post-loaders for optimizing UI builds.
  • Good testing skills using JUnit, Mockito, PowerMock for unit testing the REST, SOAP services applications and also hands-on with creating Jasmine, Karma test cases for the typescript components and services.
  • Good knowledge on shell scripting and working with traditional web app servers like JBOSS and WebSphere. Deployed monolith applications on web servers.
  • Hands-on experience working with DockerHub and docker cli to create docker images, build, tag and push the images to Docker registry.
  • Experience in maintaining and orchestrating docker images using Kubernetes and providing Kubernetes cluster environment for the docker images.
  • Hands-on experience working with RDBMS and working in complex query and data models on databases like MYSQL, Oracle. Well knowledge on using document style databases and worked on NOSQL databases like MongoDB, CouchDB.
  • Experience working with log monitoring tools and troubleshooting production applications using Splunk, Dynatrace.

TECHNICAL SKILLS programming: C, C++, Python, Java, R, PL/SQL, .net

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, Angular2. 0/4.0/6.0, react JS with flux, Node JS

J2EE Technologies & frameworks: Servlets, EJB, JSP, JSF, JDBC, SOAP, WSDL, RET, XML, JAXP, JAXB, JPA, JMS, Spring3.x/4.x/5.x, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Batch, Spring cloud, Dump Analysis.

Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle SQL,MYSQL, MongoDB, Raven DB

Cloud Technologies & DevOps Tools: AWS, PCF, EC2, EBS, S3, Docker, ECS, EBS, EKS, SQS, RDS, S3, Glacier, Lambda, Kubernetes

Testing Tools: Junit,Mockito,Jasmine,Karma,Mocha,chai

Operating Systems: Windows 8/2000/XP, Windows 10 and MAC OS, Linux(Ubuntu)

Software Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, TDD, Waterfall

IDE’s: Eclipse,Visual Studio,IntelliJ,Spring Tool Suite,Sublime Text,WinSCP,Putty


Confidential, Dallas, TX

Full Stack Developer


  • Involved in Design, Development, Test and Validation, Integration of the software.
  • Worked on system maintenance and enhancement requests that includes web and database development.
  • Used rxjs 6 of Angular 6 with the new methods and the new importing style according to the package structure change in Angular 6.
  • Implement the web application using Full Stack technologies (Oracle DB, Express, Angular 6, Node.js) along with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap and other web technologies.
  • Integrated third party grids into the Angular app like ag-grid, handsontable etc .
  • Migrated the code from Angular 5 to Angular 6 by making the utilization of the new commands provided by angular CLI 6 like ng update, ng add and also implemented the multiple project support with angular.json provided in Angular 6.
  • Developed several reusable custom elements using the Angular elements available in Angular 6.
  • Utilized the Lazy loading feature provided by Angular to load the components only when needed. Also compiled the Angular 6 app using Ahead of time compilation to reduce the size of files that loads into the browser for better performance.
  • Developed a custom logging microservice using the technologies Angular 6, Node js and Oracle DB which can be Integrated into the existing application modules to log all the actions performed on the files like Approve, Cancel, Export etc.
  • Implemented Angular Authentication using the HTTP interceptors and HTTP Client .
  • Managed the Angular state using rxjs powered state management solution NGRX.
  • Extensively utilized the Observables to handle the asynchronous events in the application.
  • Unit testing is done using the jasmine for the code written using the Angular framework.
  • Created the server in node js using the Express middleware.
  • Implemented ES6 promises and ES7 async await for various database and third party API calls.
  • Utilised node-jsonwebtoken module to digitally sign and verify the tokens for API authentication mechanism.
  • Designed and developed the ETL(Extraction Transformation and Loading) solution using the request module and the Oauth 2.0 protocol in node JS.
  • Extensively utilised the methods available in async library like async.parallel(), async.waterfall(), async.whilst(), async.eachof() etc to make the Oracle database transactions.
  • Utilized job scheduler Appworx to schedule the calls to third party API and oracle database function, stored procedure calls.
  • Implemented the automatic documentation for the API using the Swagger an OpenAPI specification.
  • Utilized the oracledb module in node js to connect, make database CRUD operations, execute oracle database package functions and stored procedures.
  • Followed TDD with the help of cucumber testing framework to test the APIs developed in nodejs using the Gherkin language, Mocha, Expect library.
  • Designed database schemas and Created various triggers, cursors, Oracle sequences, Oracle PL/SQL packages in the Oracle database.
  • Worked with Apigee gateway to Handle the Authentication and Authorization for the microservices before the requests reaches APIs.
  • Utilized the static content delivery and caching features of Apigee gateway.
  • Service discovery is implemented using the Apigee gateway.
  • Segregated the application into multiple independently deployable and maintainable modules.
  • Used Continuous delivery / Continuous Integration (CD/CI) tool Jenkins to build the project upon passing the test cases written using cucumber.
  • Deployed the application from jenkins to the Nginx running on EC2 instance using the SSH protocol and rsync utility.
  • Worked on various technology based on Liferay portal.
  • Developed Content management portlets using Jackrabbit in combination with Liferay.
  • Have good experience in various parts of Liferay development like MVC portlets, Collaboration, Social networking, content management portlets etc.
  • Used GITLAB for Version Control to maintain merge request policy with different branch for different environments
  • Created instances for AWS EC2 and created AWS s3 buckets to monitor the access to the hosted files.
  • Utilized the Nginx server feature reverse proxying to direct certain requests to the module running on a different EC2 instance.
  • Developed the functionalities under Agile Methodology, JIRA processes and used JIRA for task assignment, bug tracking and fixture.
  • Used Splunk for automated logging of error messages.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, Angular 6, NodeJS, ExpressJS, JWT, OAuth 2.0, JIRA, GITLAB, Jenkins, Jasmine, Mocha, Cucumber, AWS EC2, AWS S3, Splunk, Swagger API, Agile Methodology, Oracle, PL/SQL, ETL, ZUUL Gateway.

Confidential, Washington DC

Full Stack Developer


  • The application development includes analysis, design, coding and testing in Object-Oriented environment and implemented features of Java 8 programming.
  • Our project involved in Agile Scrum methodology for developing the application with regular standup calls to monitor the status.
  • Used Spring implementation for business model and Hibernate framework for data processing.
  • Worked on developing the services with JSON, XML and RESTful web services.
  • Developed the application using Spring framework to provide abstraction between presentation layer and persistence layer.
  • Implemented AngularJS and its components, pipes and directives and implemented two-way binding for customer feedback functionality.
  • Developed various Typescripts (ES6) objects including Components, ng modules, Providers, Services and classes using arrow functions and optional types.
  • Used Maven for project dependencies and actively involved in code review and performance.
  • Worked extensively on multithreading and asynchronous code for better efficiency and included Jenkins for integration.
  • Designed and developed RESTful web services using Spring boot and Jersey framework for data transfer over HTTP.
  • Migrated existing application into REST based Microservices to provide all the CRUD capabilities using Spring boot.
  • Created a pipeline from Mongo DB cluster by configuring Mongoose Connector, to sync with multiple sources like Elastic Search or another Mongo DB.
  • Built real-time dashboard applications for visualization on Apache web servers using Elastic Search, Splunk.
  • Implemented Hystrix for circuit breaker pattern to avoid loss of messages during message handling.
  • Worked in setting up Docker daemon, Docker client, Docker hub, Docker registries.
  • Deployed docker containers on server nodes with master node using Kubernetes by creating pods and managing on the cluster environment on Kubernetes.
  • Extensively used Git for version controlling and regularly Pushed the code to GitHub.
  • Used Git for version control, and Jenkins for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD).

Environment: Java 8, Angular JS, HTML5, CSS3, Typescript, Junit, Spring Boot, Elastic Search, MongoDB, Docker, Kubernetes, EC2, Jenkins, Maven, Spring cloud, Hystrix.


Java Full Stack Developer


  • Involved in the creation of UI specification documents by interacting with business users and design documentation and data modelling for the entire project.
  • Expertise in using React JS/Redux to build User Interface, strong knowledge of state store, middleware, action creator, reducer and container.
  • Developed user interface by using the React JS, Redux for SPA development and implemented client-side Interface using React JS.
  • Implemented Virtual Dom for Client-Side view rendering services using React JS.
  • Written several Axios service calls like GET and POST to make REST service calls.
  • Building cloud Microservices and implemented back-end using Spring Boot.
  • Written calls using FETCH API for fetching JSON data.
  • Proficient in writing react code with help of ECMAScript (ES6).
  • Implemented platform modules through spring Java micro and Node.js services by employing Hapi.js, as well as front-end React JS.
  • Used complete annotation driven approach to develop the application using Spring Boot and was involved in setting up the Spring bean profiling.
  • Worked with Spring Boot for automatic configuration and starter for Maven configuration and performed metrics and externalized configuration
  • Developed RESTFUL web services using Spring Boot and Apace CXF framework.
  • Worked with Microservice architecture using Spring Boot to modularized code and implemented Rest API’s using Spring Rest and integrated Swagger API for documentation.
  • Worked with JAVA8 features like Functional Interfaces, Stream API for Bulk Data Operations, Time API, Transaction Management, Concurrency API, Collection API, Calendar API.
  • Deployed our Application on Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) which is used to reduce the development overhead by providing a ready to use platform
  • Deployed and Monitored Micro Services Using Spring Cloud Foundry Managed Domains and Routes with the Spring Cloud Service Registry.
  • Implemented Spring Netflix Zuul API gateway and Eureka service registry for reverse proxy and Dynamic service discovery of API's.
  • Implemented Netflix OSS (Open Source Software) for Feasible changes after the deployment.
  • Used Apache Kafka in cluster as messaging system between the APIs and microservices and worked on Splunk search processing language (SPL) queries, reports, dashboard and logging using Log4J.
  • Implemented SpringCircuit breaker pattern, integrated Hystrix dashboard to monitor Springmicroservices.
  • Implemented NoSQL database like Cassandra to (store key values), for data analytics which is used as a Database for this project.
  • Maintaining and troubleshooting Cassandra Clusters this includes monitoring and performing troubleshooting as per requirements
  • Worked on Docker hub, creating Docker images and handling multiple images primarily for middleware installations and domain configurations.
  • Used Kubernetes to create new cluster and container management tool.
  • Project code build is done using MAVEN tool.
  • Used Continuous delivery / Continuous Integration (CD/CI) tools Docker and Jenkins to deploy this application.
  • Implemented a metrics collection mechanism for the server by utilizing Apache Kafka to stream server-side events.
  • Worked with Web pack for bundling application source code in convenient chunks and for loading that code from a server into a browser
  • Adopted JMS API to setup mail notification upon the success or failure when the backend processes are completed and to send mail notifications regarding any system related problems.
  • Used Splunk to create charts for the log data and analyze log data to know customer expectations.
  • Authenticating Users and to provide the security to RESTful web services using OAUTH2.0
  • Tested REACT code on client side with CHAI testing framework and MOCHA as test runner.

Environment: React JS, Redux, Hapi JS, Node JS, Web pack, ECMA6, Mocha and Chai, Spring Boot Spring cloud like Ribbon, Hystrix, Netflix ZUUL, Micro services architecture, Docker, Jenkins, Cassandra DB, OAUTH, Apache Kafka, Splunk, PCF, Swagger, Webpack, JMS, Maven


Java/J2EE Developer


  • Utilized Futures and Spring Framework to make Asynchronous calls to the application.
  • Developed dynamic web pages using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery and AJAX for building up a Monolithic application.
  • Created responsive UI modules using Backbone JS with hard coded dependencyof Underscore JS in combination with Handlebar JS for templating.
  • Used jQuery in developing the Rich Internet Applications (RIA) with AJAX mechanism and JSON as a data exchange tool.
  • Created Mock-up designs and developed various functionalities with JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Developed Rest Web services using Spring MVC and migrated few services from servlets to Spring MVC.
  • Responsible for using Spring MVC to develop REST web services within the application.
  • Developed application on Spring framework by utilizing its features like Spring Dependency injection, Spring Beans, Spring Security, Spring AOP, Spring IOC, Spring Web flow using MVC.
  • Used Spring Gem Fire Cache Transactions with Spring Declarative Transaction Management and their annotations.
  • Implemented the Spring IOC for the core business application logic and used Hibernate as persistence framework.
  • Developed POJO objects and used Hibernate as the Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) tool to access the persistent data from SQL Server.
  • Configured multiple data source using HibernateSessionManager functionality to provide independent database connectivity.
  • Implemented Hibernate EhCache technique for faster performance of the application.
  • Used Hibernate ORM framework used to interact with database through Hibernate query language(HQL).
  • Used Hibernate for connecting the database and mapping the entities by using hibernateannotations.
  • Implemented persistence layer with iBATIS ORM.
  • Developed components using core Java concepts like Collections, Serialization and Java Threads
  • Used Spring MVC Interceptors, Spring core modules and native Spring AOP facets of Logging and transactional management.
  • Implemented Spring Batch for processing large volumes of records, including logging/tracing, transaction management, job processing statistics, job restart, skip, and resource management in the application using Quartzscheduler.
  • Used Spring Batch framework to create custom readers and writers to work with the application.
  • Worked with Spring Batch to convert xml files to data base records..
  • Spring Security designed for authorization and authentication and manages the CORS and CRSF security issues.
  • Designed the user interface screen and its functionality as per user requirements.
  • Used Log4J to capture the log that includes runtime exceptions.
  • Extensively used Hibernate Relational mappings (One-To-Many, Many-To-Many) worked on Hibernate Cache, Query, Criteria and Transactions.
  • Designed new queries in app to enhance MySQL database performance.
  • Developed stored procedures, triggers in MySQL for lowering traffic between servers & clients.

Environment: HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Less, CSS, Ajax, jQuery, JSON, Spring MVC, Spring Gem Fire, Spring Batch Framework, Spring Security, Drools Engine, MYSQL.

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