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Salesforce Lead Developer Resume

San Francisco, CA


  • Over 8 years of experience in IT industry in Salesforce.com CRM both as Administrator and Developer in Salesforce.com Sales, Customer Service and Support Administration that includes Analysis, Design and Development, Testing, Implementation, production support and maintenance of various Applications.
  • Experienced in Salesforce.com Apex Classes, Apex Triggers, Visualforce Pages, Lightning Web Components. Hands on experience in Salesforce.com CRM integration, developing and deploying custom integration solutions.
  • Extensive experience in designing of, custom objects, custom fields, Picklist, page layouts, Record Types, Workflow Alerts & Actions, Process Builder, Flows, Validation Rules, Approval Processes, Custom Tabs, Custom reports, Dashboards.
  • Expertise in developing Salesforce Lightning apps using Lightning app builder, Components and Lightning Design system styles.
  • Having hands on experience in Lightning Interface, Aura Framework.
  • Worked on Apex batchable classes, Schedulable classes, Queueable Classes and future methods.
  • Good working knowledge in querying Salesforce.com database using SOQL & SOSL queries.
  • Experienced in Salesforce App Exchange products like Skuid, DocuSign for Salesforce. Created Skuid front end pages which is Installed on Salesforce platform.
  • Worked on Sales and Service Cloud. Experience in integrating Salesforce application with C#/Ruby/Java applications.
  • Experience with data migration Using Data Loader in Salesforce.com.
  • Have good understanding of different Salesforce Sandboxes and have good knowledge in migrating code from one Salesforce Instance to another, also worked on promoting Code to Production Environment.
  • Have good knowledge on Salesforce Governor Limits, Apex Best practices and Apex Test classes.
  • Worked with different deployment tools like Salesforce ANT Migration Tool, Change Sets, Eclipse IDE, Visual Studio Code, AutoRabit, SFDX CLI.
  • Worked on Code Scan using CheckMarx tool and resolved any security Issues in Salesforce Apex code.
  • Experienced with Visual Studio Code, Force.com IDE, ANT migration tool to Migrate Code between different Salesforce environments.
  • Have good knowledge on Java/J2EE, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, Web Services (SOAP and REST), JavaScript, jQuery, WSDL, HTML, CSS, JSON.
  • Have good knowledge on version control tools like GIT (GitHub, Gitlab), SVN.


Salesforce Technologies: Salesforce CRM, Apex Classes, Apex Triggers, SOQL, SOSL, Visualforce Pages, Lightning Experience, Lightning Components, Lightning App Builder, Apex Web Services, Workflows, Process Builder, Reports, Dashboards, SOAP API, Metadata API, Bulk API, REST API.

Salesforce Tools: Force.com Eclipse IDE Plug - in, Force.com Explorer, Salesforce Data Loader, Force.com Platform, Lightning App Builder, ANT migration Tool, Developer Console, Workbench, AppExchange apps, Visual Studio Code, Microsoft Visual Studio.

Languages & Tools: Apex, Java, C#, Ruby, JSP, Java Script, jQuery, Shell, HTML, CSS, XML, SQL, Gitlab, GitHub, SVN, Jenkins, ANT, Maven, Toad, MySQL developer.

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, Linux.

Databases: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server.


Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Salesforce Lead Developer


  • As a Lead Developer involved in assisting the IT team with implementing enhancements, fixing bugs and making operational changes to new and existing Confidential Apex Triggers, Apex Classes, Visualforce Pages, Lightning Components, Test classes etc.
  • Created Custom objects, Custom Settings, Custom Metadata, custom fields, validation rules, workflow rules, Process Builder Processes, Profiles, Roles, Sharing Settings in Salesforce Application.
  • Work with Business users and Managers of multiple business units to gather a detail understanding of the business requirements.
  • Develop Salesforce Apex Classes, Apex Triggers, Visual Force pages using Eclipse IDE, Visual Studio Code and Developer Console.
  • Implemented field level security, object level security, OWD Settings and Sharing rules.
  • Design and develop front end and back end web applications as a Salesforce Developer. Developed User Interface Using Lightning Web Components, Visual Force Pages and SKUID App Exchange product for Salesforce.
  • Developed Lightning Components using two programming models such as Lightning Web Components model and the original Aura Components model.
  • Created different types of Lightning Record Pages to display record level details by using Lightning App Builder. Experienced in creating App Page, Home Page and Record Page level.
  • Created a user interface in Lightning using Aura components, Web Components, CSS, Bootstrap.
  • Experienced in calling Lightning Components from different places such as Drag-and-drop components in the Lightning App Builder, Adding Lightning Components to Lightning Pages and Lightning Experience Record Pages, Launching Lightning Components as a Quick Action, Override Standard Actions with Lightning Components and Create Stand-Alone Apps.
  • Experienced in creating custom events and Publish Subscribe model to communicate between components using Lightning Web Components.
  • Developed Client-side logic using JavaScript, jQuery.
  • Experienced in creating components that use lightning data service. Used Lightning Data service to load, create, edit or delete a record in your component without requiring apex code.
  • Experienced in using lightning design system while working on lightning apps, components and Salesforce mobile application.
  • Worked on Data migration using Salesforce Data Loader. Worked on Supporting Salesforce Code migration/Deployments Using ANT migration tool, Change Sets, Autorabit continues deployment. Provide support for Production Issues, bugs/defects.
  • Worked on Approval process, Process builder processes and workflows to automate the business process.
  • Used SOSL and SOQL to query salesforce database.
  • Created Profiles, Roles and Permission sets to give access to Salesforce objects, fields and permissions. Assigned these profiles and permission sets to users depending on the level of access needed to the users.
  • Worked on Salesforce Batch Classes, Schedulable classes and Apex test cases using Test classes.
  • Worked on Salesforce SOAP and REST APIs to integrate with external systems.
  • Worked on DocuSign For Salesforce AppExchange product to send envelopes for electronic signatures and created multiple envelope templates based on the business needs.
  • Worked on version control tools like GIT, SVN to version control Salesforce metadata.
  • Worked on Prod issues/defects. Worked with PROD support team to migrate code to production and data migration using Data Loader.

Environment: Salesforce.com, Force.com, Developer Console, Data Loader Tool, Apex Language, Visualforce Pages, Lightning Experience, Aura Components, Lightning Web Components, Workflows, Process Builder Processes, Skuid, DocuSign for Salesforce, Visual Studio Code, Web Services, Microsoft SQL Server, JavaScript, jQuery, Change sets, ANT Migration Tool, Autorabit, GIT.

Confidential, Columbus, OH

Salesforce Developer


  • Worked on Salesforce APIs like SOAP API, REST API, Metadata API, Bulk API, Apex API to access salesforce org’s data and metadata.
  • Developed various Lightning Components, Visualforce Pages, Apex Classes, Apex Triggers, and Apex Controllers.
  • Worked on Lightning Components using Aura attributes, Aura tags, Lightning Controller and Aura enabled Apex classes.
  • Developed Lightning Apps using Lightning components, Controllers and events.
  • Created Batch jobs and schedule jobs to run at scheduled times and also created bulk jobs to handle large records.
  • Worked on Communities, created Customer portals and Partner portals to better assist customers and partner by the Agents.
  • Developed tools to replace ANT migration tool using SOAP API, Metadata API in Ruby language to automate build and deploy process.
  • Worked on installing and upgrading AppExchange apps like Cipher cloud, Grid buddy.
  • Worked on Replicate data from salesforce to oracle to generate reports, find missing records from Siebel to Salesforce.
  • Created list views, Reports, Dashboards, Pagelayouts, Custom objects, custom fields, validation rules.
  • Created picklists, dependent picklists, lookup, master-detail relationship, and formula fields on custom objects.
  • Have good experience with DataLoader, Eclipse, Git, SVN, and ANT migration tool.
  • Worked on version control of metadata using GIT (Github, Gitlab), SVN.
  • Taken care of seasonal releases preparation steps on sandboxes and version controlled new metadata, which came with new releases.
  • Working on converting existing visual force pages into Lightning framework and created components and apps using lightning framework.
  • Involved in Analysis, Design, Development and testing In Agile methodology.
  • Worked on data import and export using dataloader, import wizard and also using Salesforce API’s.
  • Handled deployments between orgs and made all sandboxes sync with Prod org.
  • Created various workflows to send emails, field updates, outbound messages.
  • Worked on sharing settings and created different sharing rules to provide access to users.
  • Created roles and setup role hierarchy to give access to data.
  • Created Profiles and Permission sets and handled deploying these changes to different orgs efficiently.
  • Worked on Oracle to integrate data from Siebel to salesforce, created automated replication process, created views on tables.
  • Handled code migration from one org to another org effectively and taken care of all deployments to Production.

Environment: Eclipse IDE, Salesforce.com, Force.com, Apex, Lightning experience, Lightning components, Force.com migration tool, Dataloader, AppExchange apps, Developer console, SOAP API, Metadata API, Rest API, Bulk API, XML, JavaScript, Github, Gitlab, Ruby, shell, Ant, Linux, Oracle, Informatica PowerCenter, SVN, Jenkins.

Confidential, Columbus, OH

Salesforce Developer


  • Developed various Visualforce Pages, Apex Triggers to include extra functionality and wrote Apex Classes and Controller to provide functionality to the visual pages.
  • Implemented the requirements on Salesforce.com platform and Force.com IDE Plug-in using Eclipse.
  • Worked on various AppExchange products according to the needs of the organization.
  • Worked on various Salesforce.com standard objects like Case Management, Accounts, Contacts, Content, Reports and Workspaces.
  • Created many Email Templates and Mail Merge Templates and was involved in doing the mail merge for different standard and custom objects.
  • Worked on Profiles, Roles and Permission set s to grant Object level access, Field level access, Permissions and Record level access.
  • Developed Client-side pagination process with all the details.
  • Created Labels to set the predefined values for the client-side pagination process.
  • Developed Custom Validations to override the Salesforce default validation rules.
  • Created Batch Apex classes and Schedulable Apex classes to process large number of records and to schedule the Apex classes.
  • Worked on bulk imports of data using Apex DataLoader.
  • Deployed the code developed in the Dev Sandbox to the Test Sandbox and the Production sandbox.
  • Involved in Unit Testing, for the customizations and developments done during the project.
  • Interacted with testing and the development teams for the development and testing of the code.
  • Resolve the Cases and support the team on urgent bases, implementation and working with real-time troubleshooting.
  • Communicating regularly with the SFDC designated super users to support them in their role and provide information and training on new features and functionality.

Environment: Eclipse IDE, Salesforce.com, Force.com Sandbox, Import Wizard, Apex, XML, JavaScript, Controllers, Sharing Rules, Visualforce Pages, Workflows, Email Updates, .NET Framework, Web Services API, Oracle, SOA, Siebel.

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