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Senior Rpa Developer Resume


  • I am a certified RPA Developer with 7 years of IT experience including 3 and half years of experience in Robotics Process Automation (RPA). I have performed Process implementation using Automation Anywhere/UiPath in various domains like Energy/Utilities, Healthcare, Hospitality, Supply Chain and Marketing.
  • I do have strong hold on Automation Anywhere with adequate working knowledge and understanding of features, and functionalities of AA Enterprise and Control Room. Coming to UiPath, I do have adequate knowledge of Ui Path Studio and Orchestrator.
  • As RPA Analyst, I have ability to analyze client’s requirements and provide best possible solutions for automation as well as ROI analysis.
  • Experience working on Business process diagrams and process flow charts
  • Good understanding of documentations like Process Design documents (PDD), Technical Design documents (TDD), Solution Design Document (SDD), Process Map, Validation Matrix etc.
  • Knowledge of Azure DevOps (ADO) and worked with Business to create User stories and created/ assigned tasks to the developers
  • As a developer, I do have hands on experience in development, configuration, testing & Debugging of process automation to meet the defined requirements.
  • Extensively used Object Cloning command while dealing with Web based applications to capture various objects and choose appropriate properties with or without Legacy technology to perform certain operations.
  • Knowledge of using REST and SOAP API, Database & XML Commands
  • Manage Control room to import/export the package from one environment to another (DEV/UAT/PROD)
  • Create roles and users as well as assign it as per the need in AA Control room
  • Log the variables for analysis and work with Bot insights to analyze the performance of the bots in PROD
  • Experience in identifying errors with the help of logs and debugging the issues
  • Managing day - to-day system maintenance and production support for RPA deployment.
  • Extensive knowledge of waterfall, agile/ Scrum methodologies, and work with Azure DevOps
  • Good Experience with database MS SQL, Rapid SQL, Excel Macros, VB, and Java Script
  • Having ability and desire to learn modern technologies and changes
  • Have knowledge of AA2019 to deal with future changes
  • Self-motivated in project management, time-management to drive to achieve goals.


  • Automation Anywhere v 11.3, 10.7, Automation Anywhere Web Control Room
  • .Net, MS SQL Server, RAPID SQL, Advanced SQL, JIRA, SAP, SharePoint
  • MS office suite, JavaScript, Python, Command Prompt, REST/SOAP API, Azure DevOps



Senior RPA Developer


  • Created Process flow and developed Solution design document
  • Created the database to update the scrapped data for audit purpose
  • Used Terminal Emulator command working with Mainframe application
  • Created Macro with scrapped Word data with required logic
  • Created Metabot to distribute the word templates in multiple folders which can be accessed by assigned bot runners
  • Worked with SOAP API to update the data into web service
  • Setup multiple bot runners to execute the same bots to process bulk data simultaneously
  • Performing UAT, monitoring issues and debugging it
  • Execute the bot in PROD and provide support for any further requirement changes


RPA Developer


  • Worked with BA and SMEs to understand the Business requirements and identify the scope for Bots
  • Extensively worked with offshore team, assigned tasks/user stories, and fulfilled the business needs as per the planned duration of sprints
  • Automated 2 processes: Customer Service Meter Health which includes Master bot with 10 sub tasks and Cool rewards process with 1 Master bot and 7 Sub tasks
  • Extensively used Object cloning to capture the objects with & without Legacy technology to perform various operations within the application
  • Worked with major commands such as variable operations, String, Loop, If/Else, REST API, Database, XML and Excel
  • Created Bot to read the config file then Logger Bot to create log files for each bot execution
  • Created bot to check the availability for process dependencies like IE, Excel & application availability s
  • Created VB Script, Java Script, and MACRO to perform certain activities for the process
  • Integrated dependency bots and validate with business users for Demos during Sprints
  • Deployed bots in DEV control room, created package and moved it into UAT environment and same process from UAT to PROD environment
  • Executed the Bots in UAT, monitoring it and debugging the errors
  • Created Validation matrix to validate all the scenarios performed by Bots
  • Scheduled Bots for execution in weekdays in Control Room
  • Ensure the automated processes are triggered and performed same as intended without human intervention
  • Reported the bugs to Solution architect and debugged it
  • Identified the business changes, implement the changes in existing flow, monitor it again and deliver it to the business
  • Reviewed analytics, monitored bot performance, and provided process improvement information

Environment: / Applications: Automation Anywhere (, Oracle Customer Care and Billing (CC&B), IBM Cognos, Rapid SQL, VB Script, Excel Macro & Azure DevOps

Confidential - New York

RPA Developer/Analyst


  • Worked with product owners and finance team to understand the business cases, fare rules, policies to understand the processes
  • Worked with SAP integration command and application to process/update customer’s data
  • Created Taskbots by using Automation Anywhere Enterprise client to automate several major processes like Invoicing & revenue Management which included email processing and PNR management
  • Wrote logs and assigned to variables and developed config file in Xml format and used it to call the variables by using xml command
  • Created reusable metabot for PNR Processing and itinerary management
  • Used File/ Folders to open daily PNR files from multiple folders
  • Used PDF Integration to convert the data into csv and updates into the internal CRM system
  • Loop command was used to access multiple files from multiple folders Extensively utilized system variables like file data column to capture the data from database, Email to variable to send an automatic email on daily basis
  • Utilized error handling to capture the error as well as logged into csv to identify the issue for debugging purpose
  • Worked with Queue in control room and triggered the bot as per the requirement
  • Tested bots in control room before it goes for deployment as well as recorded test results
  • Documented and Managed Change Requests.

Environment: Automation Anywhere 10.7 & 11.3, SABRE, AMADEOUS, MS SQL Server 2014, Excel, Macros, JIRA, Agile/Scrum

Confidential - Irving, Texas

RPA Analyst/Developer


  • Have knowledge of HIPAA compliance as well as Claim processing of Auto Judication of Medicaid and Medicare
  • Set up Automation Anywhere enterprise in VDI Machines
  • Developed Metabots and Task bot to automate Inventory, Invoice and Accounts management
  • Worked with Credential Manager in Control room to store the credential of the applications and assigned to the respective users
  • Created roles and users in control room and assigned Bot Creator and Bot Runner license as per the need
  • Implemented Object Cloning to capture the object, abstract the data and stored it in database
  • Worked with Database command to abstract the data and load into CRM system
  • Maintained Log Files and Config Files to make task bots more dynamic and to improve scalability.
  • Worked with Email automation to get all the messages related to purchase & Invoice
  • Used Error handling extensively to identify error description & error location, which will be helpful in fixing Production problems.
  • Used Manage window controls, web recording & object cloning to maximum extent to capture objects to automate tasks effectively.
  • Commands like Loops, if/else, counter, variable operation, string operation, system variables are used in each step for building logics as an integral part of automating tasks.

Environment: Automation Anywhere 10.7, MS SQL Server 2014, SAP, VB Script, MS Excel


Business/RPA Analyst


  • Worked closely with product suppliers and Accounts team to manage contracts and invoices
  • Worked closely with solution architect to prepare Process Definition Document (PDD) and Solution Design Document (SDD)
  • Developed multiple bots for automating various processes like Hotel reservations, Contract renewals and invoicing etc.
  • Developed Task Bots and Meta Bots and deployed the same in Control room
  • Designed workflow which will helps in developing Automation Test Cases.
  • Identified task for Automation so to reduce time on Manual execution
  • Extracted data from PDF to EXCEL using OCR Capabilities.
  • Used various commands for effective automation.
  • Worked with Automation Anywhere Object Recorder to manage and execute windows controls.
  • Involved in automate the business requirement using Automation Anywhere by creating tasks using task recorder and task editors.
  • Performed Automation Anywhere control room installation.
  • Followed Agile/SCRUM methodologies for project development.

Environment: Automation Anywhere, MS SQL Server 2014, VB Script, Excel, Macros, Agile/Scrum.

Confidential - Kearny, New Jersey

Business Analyst


  • Participated in searching Automation opportunities and to create Product Maturity Model
  • Involved in development of PDD and SDD
  • Engaged with various methodologies like Waterfall and Scrum
  • Followed Agile methodology to create the sprint to work on tasks given by product owners
  • Experienced working with ecommerce platforms for order processing
  • Developed and maintained SQL Server Databases
  • Worked with Email automation to save the emails consist of orders
  • Used pdf integration to extract the field from the pdf
  • FTP/SFTP was used to access the files/ folders and put the files from one to another
  • Worked with Web recorder to open the various ecommerce website and to extract the data from it
  • Loop command was highly used to access multiple pdf files from different folders

Environment: MS SQL 14, Automation Anywhere, MS Office, Microsoft Outlook

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