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Sr. Full Stack Developer Resume


  • Over 8+ years of experience as a developer, Tech Lead in Enterprise - level implementation of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), including Functional and Technical design, Development, Implementation and Support.
  • Experience in Microservices Architecture applications using Spring 5, Spring Boot 2, Spring Cloud, Cloud Foundry, Spring Security,Spring JPA,Spring Integration, Spring Batch, Angular 7 Docker, Pivotal Cloud Fundry, Kafka, Restful Web Services, OpenAPI (Swagger).
  • Experience in Java 8 and Java 11 (Lambdas, Streams, Multithreading).
  • Experience in using Redux to manage the application state and applying middleware such as redux-promise, redux-thunk and redux-saga.
  • Extensive experience with Angular JS, directives, and services to interface with both restful and legacy network services also DOM applications. Extensive experience on modern front-end template frameworks for JavaScript including Bootstrap, JQuery, Angular JS etc.
  • Strong experience in unit testing tools of JavaScript Frameworks like Karma, Jasmine and Protractor for Angular, Mocha and Chai for React JS.
  • Developed Robust User Interface using Bootstrap, Node JS, JSP, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and HTML.
  • Experience cloud technology experience, preferably AWS (EC2, S3).
  • Good experience in React.js for creating interactive UI’S using One-way data flow, Virtual DOM, JSX, and React Native concepts.
  • Design, develop and maintain new features on a SAP Hybris Ecommerce platform based on business requirements including integrations with internal and external systems
  • Experience in working MVC Architecture and Reactive programming.
  • Complete Understanding and hands on experience in Agile development methodologies
  • Experience in application/web servers like JBoss AS, WebLogic, WebSphere,and Tomcat.
  • Hands on experience in building projects using popular IDE's like Eclipseand Intellij IDEA .
  • Good knowledge of the testing framework Junit 4.5, Testng, mockito, Powermack.
  • Knowledge of Relational databases like Oracle 11g, MySQL, MarioDB, NoSQL.
  • Extensive experience in Jasper Report, Control-M.
  • Experience with XML and related standards and technologies like AJAX, REST Web Services API, SOAP, WSDL, and DOM.
  • Experience in development, testing and deployment of enterprise applications on Windows &UNIX.
  • Experienced in XML for data parsing using JAXB, JAXP (DOM and SAX).
  • Expertise in coding optimized SQL queries on databases like Oracle and MySQL.
  • Expert in using logging tools like Log4J.
  • Expert in Build Management using ANT, Maven GIT and Version Control.
  • Strong experience in PL/SQL and SQL for writing SQL queries, Triggers, functions and Stored Procedures on databases like Oracle 8i/9i/10g, MYSQL, and Sybase etc and Used tools like TOAD, SQL Developer to access the database and build the SQL queries.
  • Hands on Test Driven Development (TDD) and CI/CD tools Jenkins, Maven, Jira, BitBucket.
  • Experienced in utilizing Splunk to monitor and troubleshooting application systems.
  • Having knowledge on NoSQL databases like Cassandra, HBase and MongoDB.
  • Expertise in analyzing and solving technical problems as well as finding and diagnosing bugs.
  • Expert in handling non-functional Requirements for web and enterprise applications like performance, scalability, reliability, load balance, fault tolerance, Clusters etc.
  • Expert in Requirement, Change management for Business, functional, non-functional requirements
  • Effective team working skills. Able to work both as an individual and as a team member within multi-dis ciplinary team.


Operating Systems: Windows, Linux and UNIX

Languages: Java 8/11, XML, Shell Scripts, SQL, NoSQL, PL/SQL

Application Server: WebSphere

Web Server: Apache Tomcat

Web Technologies: JSP, Servlets, Web Services (REST, SOAP), angular JS, JMS, JDBC, JSP, JNDI

Frame Works: Struts, Spring 4.5, Spring Boot, Spring (core, security, cloud, MVC) Hibernate, Ibatis

Web Browser Technologies: HTML/HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, JSON, Angular 7, Node JS and CSS.

Build Tool: Bamboo, Crucible, Ant, Maven

Testing/tracking: Jira, Selenium, Mockito, PowerMock, SOAP UI,ARC.

Database: Oracle 10g, MySQL, Mario DB.

IDE: Net Beans, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA.

Tool: Jasper Report, PL/SQL Developer, Control -M.

Version Control System: VSS, Rational Clear Case, Bit Bucket, SVN, GIT

Designing: UML

S/WDev paradigm: Waterfall, Agile (Scrum).



Sr. Full Stack Developer


  • Involved in Analysis, Design, Development, Integration and Testing of application modules and followed AGILE/ SCRUM methodology.
  • Expertise in using the java 8 features such as Functional Interfaces, Stream API.
  • Applied redux middleware using redux-promise, redux-thunk and redux-saga.
  • Knowledge with JS mobile frameworks like Native app using Native Script and Angular, React Native, Apache Cordova and Ionic.
  • Responsible and used React.js for creating interactive UI’s using one-way data flow, virtual DOM, JSX, and React Native Concepts.
  • Utilized React native components like Images, height, width, text input, flex box for development of new features.
  • Designs develop and test HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery and React. JS that meets accessibility and web browser standards for website.
  • Developed user interface by using the React JS, Flux for SPA development.
  • Implemented client-side Interface using React JS.
  • A robust understanding of front-end technologies, Object-Oriented JavaScript , AJAX, XHTML , HTML , XML/DOM, Node.js, Angular 7, React JS, JS-Based framework.
  • Implementing the new message retry mechanism using Kafka in the event of any failure in the downstream systems.
  • Rest services templates are generated using swagger specifications.
  • Developed and configured Java 8 Complete Future pipelines as to emulate the high throughput of services backed by messaging systems.
  • Angular Routes were used to navigate through views in our application.
  • Rest API calls and data binding is done by using Angular.
  • Spring MVC framework is used to develop enterprise application and it helps to maintain loosely coupling. Spring IOC is used to inject dependencies and manage the life cycle of a bean.
  • Developed robust client and form management system with React Native, Redux, and Firebase.
  • Leveraged react- native-text-input-mask to handle filtering user input in near-Realtime.
  • Created sequence diagrams, collaboration diagrams, class diagrams, use cases and activity diagrams using Rational Rose for the Configuration, Cache & logging Services.
  • Took initiative in learning react native and went on successfully developing various features under minimal supervision.
  • Created a RESTful Web API service using ASP.NET Web API to generate data for the EMS which was then consumed in the front-end by Angular 7.
  • Worked exclusively on front end updating pages using UI libraries like React JS (Including Hooks) and Redux-Saga
  • Database queries are framed to support both MYSQL and SAP HANA databases, as Hybris supports any DB configurations.
  • Hands-on experience working on SAP Hybris Commerce as a Developer
  • Experience creating RESTful APIs to expose SAP Hybris Commerce functionalities programmatically.
  • Implemented filtering, sorting and pagination using third party tools and Angular 7 framework.
  • Written different Routing (SPA), modules and reusable components using Angular 7.
  • Developed Single Page applications using Angular 7 using components, directives using Typescript.
  • Developed API using NodeJS to allocate access to data in SQL, Mongo DB.
  • Implemented Single Page Application (SPA) Pattern and used Angular JS MVC to build a cross-browser application.
  • Experience in working on SAP Hybris version 5.4, 5.7, 6.0 and 6.3.
  • Implemented core features of Angular JS framework such as Dependency Injection, Databinding, Filters, Directives, Templates Services and Deep Linking.
  • Developed Graphical User Interfaces using UI frameworks Angular JS and Web pages using HTML and JSP’s for user interaction.
  • Implemented Spring Annotations, Spring Boot and Spring Cloud to develop Business layer components. Utilized Node.js to create a fast and efficient chat server.
  • Experienced with distributed transaction management with isolation levels with Spring JTA.
  • Exposed Stateless session beans as RESTful web services using spring.
  • Built a stored-procedure-as-a-service micro service that is generic: will take sproc name and parameters and spit out output or error from the database.
  • Swagger is used to create interactive documentation of Rest API and to automate the test scripts.
  • Developed Micro Service to provide RESTful API utilizing Spring Boot with Spring MVC.
  • Spring security is used for authentication and authorization and to provide protection against attacks like session fixation, click jacking and cross site request forgery.
  • Developed of new listeners for producers and consumer for Kafka.
  • Spring batch programming is executed by using quartz scheduler.
  • Test cases are developed and implemented using Junit testing.
  • Did the testing and monitoring and visualized how our mobile app built is being used.
  • Used the AWS mobile hub for quick storing and retrieval of app data in AWS DynamoDB.
  • Used the AWS mobile SDK which helps to build high quality mobile apps quickly.
  • Used Amazon Elastic search service for application monitoring and full text search.
  • Used GWT and Amazon AWS (EC2/S3/EBS) for prototyping and subsequent evaluation.
  • Responsible for maintaining and expanding our AWS infrastructure using AWS (EC2/EBS).
  • Spring JPA is used to achieve persistence and make connections with Mario Database.
  • Backend interfaces are developed using stored procedures and PL/SQL packages.
  • Log4j and JIRA is used for logging and debugging. IntelliJ IDE was used for development of source code. Implementing Change Requests and Enhancement Requests.
  • Creating unit and integration test cases using Junit and Mockito Framework to achieve the Test-Driven Development (TDD).

Environment: Java 1.8, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Security, JPA, Restful Web services, Jenkins, Unix, Micro Services, Kafka, JMeter, Bootstrap, Typescript, HTML5, CSS3, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Mario DB, Oracle11, JUnit, Log4j, apache Tomcat 7.0.65, Eclipse, Git, Maven, Hibernate, Control -M, BIRT report.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Sr.Java Full Stack Developer


  • Involved in daily stand up and weekly development review meetings as part of Agile Methodology.
  • Involved in development of a UI pages using Angular JS, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, CSS, Scala and performed data transfer using Controllers.
  • Developed Single Page Application (SPA) using Angular and injected generic services.
  • Actively participated in the Analysis, Design, Development and Testing phases of various modules.
  • Understanding the business requirements of application.
  • Implemented the application using Spring Boot Framework and handled the security using Spring Security and Did wiring of the components with redux and redux-saga
  • Installed, secured, and configured AWS cloud servers with Linux, WebLogic etc.
  • Responsible for deploying, designing and developing Cloud-based solution using core AWS Services.
  • Took part in setting up the application with Jenkins and AWS and is involved in builds and deployments to Tomcat server.
  • Extensive experience in developing User Interface (UI) with MVC frameworks such as AngularJS, Node JS, and Ember JS.
  • Developed UI components using Angular6, TypeScript, Angular Material and NgRx-bootstrap and Node. We setup the development environment using Node.js, Npm, Gulp, Grunt, Bower, git.
  • Essentially worked on Message Routing and Kafka Broker implementation in node.js.
  • Designed and Developed native Android and IOS apps using react native components and libraries.
  • Designed and developed various modules of the application with Spring MVC architecture and Spring Bean Factory using IOC, AOP concepts.
  • Used Node.js for creating event driven frameworks in scalable networks.
  • Used React-Router to turn application into Single Page Application
  • Developed the Rich User Interfaces using Front end technologies such as Bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax and JSON.
  • Created Automation test framework using Selenium, and JIRA for tracking bugs.
  • Used jQuery to implement widgets for user interface alongside CSS/HTML and web page layouts and templates and Implemented sagas as a middleware.
  • Migrating the legacy monolithic struts application to Micro services platform.
  • Built RESTful API server to achieve CRUD operations for posts using Jersey, JAX-RS, JSON, spring REST using MEAN stack ( Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS, Node JS ) Technologies.
  • Design and developed Micro sites, Aggregators and Micro services
  • Designed and developed the End Points (Controllers), Business Layer, DAO Layer using Hibernate/JDBC template, using Spring IOC (Dependency Injection).
  • Used Spring Framework AOP Module to implement logging in the application to know the application status.
  • Used PCF for Deploying, managing and operating scalable, highly available, and fault tolerant systems.
  • Developed the UNIX shell scripts to automate jobs.
  • Hands-on experience in development of micro services and deploying in Docker.
  • Used Spring DAO Module along with Struts Framework to deal with Database.
  • Support the code builds by integrating with continuous integration tool (Jenkins) Written Maven scripts, Installed Jenkins, written shell script for end-to-end build and deployment automation.
  • Used the basic principles of MVC to in corporate the AngularJS to build client-side application.
  • Used the Bootstrap, Bootstrap-responsive to create the interfaces and help manage the website responsive in all devices.
  • Implemented Hibernate framework to connect to database and mapping of java objects to database tables.
  • Writing JUnit test cases for Unit test cases and execute each deployment.
  • Used Log4j for logging to find and store exception messages.
  • Written ANT Script to build the project.
  • Actively participated in the Analysis, Design, Development and Testing phases of various modules.
  • Developed automation scripts and apps for quickly publish content.
  • Used Eclipse Mars as IDE to develop the application and followed the standard features for debugging and running.
  • Used Rally tool for defect tracking and monitoring of work assignment in the system.
  • Developed the Restful web services application in Spring Boot framework.
  • Used Oracle 11g and Oracle RDB as backend data bases.

Environment: Java 1.8, J2EE, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Jax-WS, Restful Web services, AJAX, XML, Jenkins, Unix, Micro Services, Bootstrap, SAP Hybris 6.3, AWS, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Angular 6, JSON, JMS, Oracle11, JUnit, Log4j, apache Tomcat 7.0.65, Eclipse, Git, ANT, Maven, Hibernate.


Java Full Stack Developer


  • Developed the business logic layer components in middle tier of the application using Spring Designed Framework and Spring Boot.
  • Worked on Angular JS controllers and created functions to interact with the RESTful Web services using AJAX.
  • Used Spring AOP terminologies to handle transaction management and logging.
  • Involved in developing new Front-end pages using Angular1.6.
  • Used spring framework for Dependency Injection and integrated with Hibernate.
  • Developed project by Agile Methodology, test driven development (TDD) and scrum status meetings and worked closely with client to handle Distributed Scrum teams.
  • Developed RESTful services in Java Spring Boot to integrate with LDAP for user registration, login and reset/change password functionalities, also for payment processing etc.
  • Designed and developed XML processing components for the dynamic display of the menu on the application.
  • Fundamental mastery of AWS clouds computing platform and its dimensions of scalability.
  • Used AWS deployment services to quickly set up a dynamic website and configured virtual servers.
  • Responsible for maintaining and expanding our AWS infrastructure using AWS EC2 , manage documents in S3, providing IAM access to S3 buckets.
  • Used Core Java concepts OOPs, Multi-threading, Collections, Exception handling, Java 8 and Interfaces for the implementation of Core Concepts.
  • Used Java8 features to develop the application like lambda expressions, Streams, Functional Interfaces and used default and static methods in interfaces.
  • Involved in developing Web Services using RESTful and SOAP frameworks and created SOAP using WSDL, XML and SOAP for transferring of data.
  • Extensively used Hibernate, ORM mapping solution technique, to map data representation from MVC model and Oracle Relational Data Model with a SQL based schema.
  • Developed SQL Queries for retrieving the data from the database.
  • Configured and built Spring MVC application on Tomcat web server.
  • Used JUnit framework for Unit testing of application and developed Test classes.
  • Used Oracle 11g database for tables creation and involved in the creation of the Data Access Objects (DAO) to query, store and retrieve the data from the Database using SQL, calling Oracle Stored Procedures.
  • JavaScript is used for client-side validation and scripting functions.
  • Tested Rest web services using Postman.
  • Implemented Ajax for creating interactive web application and for avoiding reloading of page for each request.

Environment: Hibernate, AWS, JSP 2.4, HTML5, CSS3, Angular, jQuery, Node JS, XML, XSLT, SQL Server, ReactJS, Java, Maven, JDBC, Apache Tomcat, Eclipse, Git, Windows XP, postman, Oracle.


Java Developer


  • Developed use case diagrams, object diagrams, class diagrams and sequence diagrams using UML.
  • Used Maven build tool achieve more functionality for build purpose.
  • Used Log4j to capture the log that includes runtime exception and for logging info and are helpful in debugging the issues.
  • Defined and constructed layers, server-side objects and client-side interfaces based on J2EE design patterns.
  • Developed architecture and design of large-scale Enterprise Java Applications primarily focused in domains like Banking, Finance, Credit Card Services, Home Mortgage, ERP and E-commerce domains.
  • Used WSDL and SOAP for the development of the XML based applications.
  • Developed Web Services using WSDL, SOAP, HTTP, and UDDI.
  • Experience in developing XML documents with XSD validations, SAX and DOM parsers to parse the data held in XML documents. worked on the Android CONFIDENTIAL API, Twilio API, and Parse API.
  • Designed and deployed API specification with testing case(Swagger).
  • Involved in batch processing using Spring Batch framework to extract data from database and load into corresponding Loan App tables.
  • Created and consumed soap and REST services using CXF and used MULE ESB to route various calls to do validation of service input and to handle exceptions.
  • Configuring the Mule process for fetching the data from topic and makes web service calls to the middle tier Mule ESB for processing.
  • Worked on the Mule API Gateway for the application of policies to API as well for managing the security. Also worked with the Proxy settings using the API Gateway for the API’s.
  • Worked Docker container management along with volumes, container-based DB and services, Docker Anti factory configuration and setup.
  • Worked with Elasticsearch and utilized NOSQL for non-relation data storage and retrieval.
  • Used Java script and AJAX to query the Elasticsearch indices, format and display the JSON results in a web page using HTML and CSS.
  • Developed REST API's using Spring MVC and Spring boot, hosted all micro services on PCF.
  • Helped create and implement distributing data architectures using NOSQL technologies such as data distribution networks to deliver data into the data storage layer and API components for Client.
  • Designed Micro-Service architecture to divide application into business components using Spring Cloud.
  • Hands-on experience with Akka Play Framework MVC model, Object relational mapping tools like Slick
  • Used AngularJS as a framework to create a Single Page Application(SPA) and to monitor the states of the form and input fields and notify the user about the current state.
  • Involved in designing and implementation of MVC design pattern using Struts framework for Web-tier.
  • Used Struts, NodeJS for web page development and front-end validations.
  • Deployed, Scaled, Configured, wrote manifest file for various Microservices in PCF.
  • Experience in development of Agile Environment using TDD.
  • Creating SQL queries, PL/SQL stored procedures, functions for database layer by analyzing the required business objects and validating them with stored procedures.
  • Experience in working of AJAX technologies to support Web user interactions.
  • Experience in working of implementing the applications and web servers on Red Hat Linux Enterprise platform.
  • Used Hibernate Framework for object relational mapping and persistence.
  • Created UNIX shell scripts to automate the build process, to perform jobs like transferring of files between different hosts.
  • Identified the defects in the application, captured it using QC and rectified the defects.
  • Involved in creating the WAR files and deployed in the Server and Followed Agile scrum methodology, involved in sprint planning, retrospective and code reviews

Environment: Java, J2EE, Spring, Spring Boot, Mongo DB, Jasper Reports, Hibernate, Angular JS, Ajax, JavaScript, UML, Restful, Microservices, Tomcat, Linux, Servlet, MVC, Eclipse, Log4j, Webservices, Web Sphere, JUNIT, Maven, Jenkins, GIT, Agile

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