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Sr. Ui Developer Resume

Boston, MA


  • Extensive 9+ years of professional experience in experience in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), including design, implementation, integration, maintenance, testing and documenting of various web - based, Enterprise, Client/Server and Distributed applications using JavaScript, React.js, Angular.JS, HTML5, CSS3 etc.
  • Extensive experience in full life cycle (SDLC) of software development and in Agile Methodology and Scrum meetings.
  • Expertise in web application using UI design HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Angular.JS Node.Js, D3.js, React.js, Backbone.Js, Web that follows W3C Web Standards and are browser compatible.
  • Strong Expertise in frontend technologies such HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.Js, Angular.Js, Bootstrap.Js, Backbone.Js.
  • Design and development of different Web application servers such as Apache Tomcat, WebSphere, JBoss and Weblogic.
  • Excellent working experience on MVC architecture systems with application development using Core Java, J2EE, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, JSP, EJB, Hibernate Criterias, JSP, JPA, JMS, ActiveMQ, Servlets and JDBC.
  • Extensive work experience on RDBMS like Hadoop, Big data, Cassandra, NoSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, SQL Server, PL/SQL using Stored Procedures, Triggers, Views.
  • Worked on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and web services which use REST, SOAP.
  • Excellent analytical, problem solving and interpersonal skills. Ability to learn new concepts fast. Consistent team player with excellent communication skills.
  • Excellent working experience in building Single Page Application (SPA) using Model View Controller (MVC) framework such as AngularJS, React.JS.
  • Migrated and managing multiple applications from on premise to cloud (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, ITaaS) using AWS services like S3, Glacier, EC2, RDS, SQS, SNS, SES, CloudFormation, VPC etc.
  • Experienced in implementation of SOAP and REST Web services using Contract first or Service first approach.
  • Followed Agile SCRUM methodology and used Test Driven Development (TDD) and Used BDD pattern for code quality and good readability standards.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, the ability to provide solutions from a functional and technical perspective, meet deadlines, quickly build client rapport and be a team player


  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • React.js
  • Redux
  • TypeScript
  • Node.Js
  • Angular 4+
  • Bootstrap.Js
  • D3.js Backbone.Js
  • SASS
  • LESS
  • XML
  • ES6 SCSS
  • Hapi
  • Webpack
  • Babel
  • Jquery
  • JDBC
  • Oracle
  • SQL
  • Java
  • J2EE
  • NoSQL
  • Hadoop
  • MongoDB
  • CRUD
  • PL/SQL
  • MySQL
  • Agile
  • TDD
  • Scrum
  • REST
  • SOAP
  • UML
  • WebSphere
  • Tomcat
  • Eclipse


Confidential - Boston, MA

Sr. UI Developer


  • Implemented various screens for the front end using React.js and used various predefined.
  • Developed dynamic and responsive web pages using React, Redux, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Node.JS and D3.js.
  • Created visual presentations to the end user, using HTML5, JavaScript, React, Redux, Angular 2 and Angular4.
  • Worked on Developing new application consists of front-end code written in JavaScript using Backbone, React that like to a REST API running on Node and let front end development using React.js.
  • Used Angular 5 and GitHub API to develop web application to track pull request statuses over multiple repositories.
  • Created rich web UIs that merge with back-end components using JavaScript and AngularJS 4, 6 in conjunction with HTML5 & CSS3 and Used Material-UI Design library for Rich UI/UX designs.
  • Built web application using Vue.js and Firebase.
  • Implemented ReactJS client-side form validation to validate the user inputs before passing to back-end.
  • Used JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, JSP, CSS3, JQuery, and HTML5 as data and presentation layer technology.
  • Developed robust form management system with complete CRUD capabilities in ReactNative, and Firebase.
  • Worked in Hybrid app development using ionic and Cordova. Implemented responsive web design using hybrid Ionic framework and Angular. Strong focus on React-Native, React, Electron, iOS, MobX, Webpack, and Node.js
  • Created Typescript reusable components and services to consume REST API's using modular based architecture provided by Angular 2. Set up server middleware to solve CORS issues between Angular 2 and node server.
  • Built Angular 5 components, UI services to consume rest services using Component based architecture provided by Angular 2, 4. Wrote custom SCSS and JS to allow the theme to accommodate the designs.
  • Built webpack bundler with babel loader for react and ES6 pre-sets. Different bundling for development, staging and production. Used Bower, NPM, Grunt and Gulp for managing the dependencies in the web application.
  • Implemented JAXB Framework to convert XML files into Java Objects and vice versa (marshalling and unmarshalling).
  • Designed web applications using front-end technologies like, Bower, XML, Jasmine, Ajax, utilized tools like JSLint, YUI compressor. Wrote extensive JavaScript code to build dynamic pages using Sublime Text.
  • Ability to create design the UI/UX components using wireframe tools like Balsmiq, Proto.io, Visio, and ability to convert a wireframe to a low/high working prototype using InVision, Axure and Balsmiq.
  • Used CSS preprocessors such as SASS, LESS and Stylus with BEM methodology.
  • Designed, Developed extensive additions to existing Java/J2EE Web Application utilizing (SOA) techniques.
  • Used MongoDB and MySQL databases in Web API development. Developed database migrations using SQL Alchemy Migration. Consumed SOAP and Rest Webservices. Utilized Node.JS, mongo DB and Express to create Restful API's.
  • Worked on creation of MongoDB databases, collections and deploying JavaScript's using mongo shell.
  • Developed Rest architecture based Webservices to facilitate communication between client and servers.
  • Worked with Docker Containers, Microservices, serverless architecture, container orchestration frameworks such as Kubernetes and Amazon ECS, DevOps models, developer.
  • Used Amazon Web Services (AWS) to maintain a centralized storage for server hosted on two boxes.
  • Made the integration of data in several applications in favor JSON documents with dynamic schemas using MongoDB. Developed tools based on Node.js for checking devices (Device Tracker) Android and iOS.
  • Utilized continuous integration technologies such as CircleCI which utilized tests developed for front and back ends in Mocha, Chai, Jasmine and Karma.
  • Built and coordinate an automated build & release CI/CD process using GitLab, Chef on hybrid IT infrastructure.
  • Developed unit test cases using Jasmine,Karma and performed end to end testing using Protractor and Selenium.
  • Created test plans and JUnit test cases and test suite for testing the application, also used EasyMock, TestNG, JMeter, Postman, SonarQube. Implemented strategies for unit and functional tests with Jasmine and Selenium.
  • Wrote unit tests using Jest and Enzyme for test-driven development. Utilized MinifyJS and UglifyJS for file minification and compression. Written test cases and done Unit testing execution with JASMINE and KARMA.
  • Utilized Visual Studio IDE while designing and implementing the user interface.
  • Created Unit tests using Mocha, Chai and Enzyme. Worked on CI/CD with Jenkins, TeamCity.
  • Utilized JIRA for Bug Tracking, JSLint to maintain consistent style amongst all the developers and GIT for version control.Maintained client communications including email, slack, and daily standups.
  • Handled cross browser platform compatibility issues (Firefox and Safari) on Linux, Windows and Mac.
  • Followed Agile/Scrum methodology of software development thereby satisfying the Customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, VueJS, ReactJS, Redux, Angular 5+, NodeJS, ExpressJS, NPM, Webpack, Babel, BOWER, ES6, Typescript, Bootstrap, Ajax, UglifyJS, Java, MYSQL, MongoDB, AWS, Rest, JSON, XML, React Native, JSLint, Jira, Sublime Text, Karma, nginx, Git, GitLab, Github, Visual Studio, Protractor, Selenium, SonarQube, Enzyme, Mocha, Chai, TeamCity, Linux, Unix, Mac, Agile, Scrum

Confidential - New York, NY

Sr. UI Developer


  • Worked with diverse technologies such as React.js, Flux, Webpack, AngularJS, React-router and ES6.
  • Developed Web Pages by using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and ues JavaScript frameworks such as Angular 2.
  • Designed the Front-end applications, as well for user interactive (UI) web pages using web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Es6 JavaScript, React JS and React-Native, Redux Saga.
  • Responsible for developing a front-end application using React JS and REDUX architecture for internal team's productivity use. Worked on Redux with React to handle large chunks of data for the better performance.
  • Implemented various screens for the front end using React.js and used various predefined components from NPM (Node Package Manager) and redux library. Developed ES6 web components for the multiple uses in the UI.
  • Created Polymer.js, ES6 application to make UI by Dragging and Dropping the web components, where each component contains different microservice and make UI after combine all microservice together.
  • Implemented UI by adapting Angular 2 framework with Typescript, HTML5, and CSS.
  • Implemented various screens for the front end using React.js and used various predefined components from NPM and Redux. Used Babel for transpiling code written in ES6 to ES5 supported by most browsers.
  • Created Typescript reusable components and services to consume REST API's using Component-based architecture provided by Angular 2. Designed Frontend within object-oriented JavaScript Framework like Node.js and Ext JS
  • Developed user interface using JSP, JSTL and Custom Tag Libraries and AJAX to speed the application.
  • Used Bootstrap and AngularJS UI Bootstrap for creating rich, Responsive UI Screens for varying screen sizes and devices, worked with Responsive Web design using Bootstrap.JS
  • Used Backbone.js, Ember.js and Require.js to create Views to hook up models to the DOM and synchronize data to/from server. Designed DOM based interactive to reprogram selected links and adopted WCAG standards.
  • Worked on highly advanced user interface design and development using JavaScript, Angular 4, Node JS, HTML5 and CSS LESS/SASS. Developed CSS3 style sheets and made use of CSS preprocessor SASS to give gradient effects.
  • Implemented Presentation layer using JSP, Servlets, Backbone, AngularJS CSS framework, SASS, LESS, Compass, HTML/CSS into java deployed applications, Wire-framing, HTML5.
  • Used CSS, Reactjs, Redux, saga, Thunk, react HOC, Material-UI, React Bootstrap, Axios, flux, mobx, nextjs, sass, less, Lodash for applying style in entire applications.
  • Design, developed of many PL/SQL batches using JAVA with connectivity to Oracle for data maintenance/handling.
  • Configured Hibernate, Spring and MyFaces (JSF) to map the business objects to MySQL Database using XML configuration file.
  • Implemented multiple J2EE web service projects using Java, REST, SOAP, Spring, WebLogic and Websphere in production. Implemented application using Visual Studio Code, CSS, Angular CLI and Restful Web API.
  • Designed dynamic and multi-browser compatible pages using AJAX, Grunt and JSON.
  • Worked on tools like Gulp, Grunt, Webpack and developed CLI applications using commander module.
  • Designed deployment system using Nginx for web requests to multiple node applications.
  • Developed single page applications and Microservices, using NodeJS and React libraries.
  • Created and managed a Docker, Kubernetes deployment pipeline for custom application images in the cloud using Jenkins. Designed a data analysis pipeline using AWS such as S3, EC2 and Elastic Map Reduce.
  • Developed web applications quickly and effectively Responsive Web Design, Frameworks, Ionic, Twitter Bootstrap and experience in making web page's cross browser compatible.
  • Used Ionic along with Cordova, Phonegap to build native apps and integrating hybrid components to the application.
  • Developed React JS pages, and Mobile Application Using React-Native Using Expo and Android Studio Web services calls, AJAX calls for the application.
  • Designed UI patterns and developed applications with the help of Eclipse, Sublime text and Adobe Dreamweaver.
  • Worked on GitHub for tracking process of coding. Test-driven development using Jasmine unit test and grunt.
  • Performed Unit testing using Jasmine, Karma, Chai to fix bugs and experience on TDD Iterative and Incremental development, and Automate test using tools like Selenium and protractor.
  • Developed test suites in Selenium WebDriver (Java) with TestNG framework in Eclipse IDE for regression and sanity testing. Built unit test cases and integration test cases using Mocha, Chai.
  • Conducted Usability Testing using Karma, Jasmine and end to end testing using Protractor and Gulp to resolve interface problems. Bugzilla was used to report and track bugs, JSLint for ensuring quality code.
  • Used Jenkins tool to setup Maven and perform unit testing for a web application and performed code analysis by using Jenkins. Performed application deployment using JBoss application server on Windows and Linux.
  • Extensively worked in groupware and project management software such as Slack, HipChat,
  • Documented the progress of the daily stand-ups with the Atlassian stack (JIRA, Confluence, HipChat).
  • Designed and developed the application using agile methodology and followed TDD, Scrum. Participated in daily Stand up meetings with Scrum Master.

Environment: HTML5, CSS, Javascript, React, Redux, Angular 2+, NodeJS, NPM, Bootstrap, AngularJS, ES6, Typescript, Ajax, SASS, LESS, Grunt, Gulp, Java, Oracle, MYSql, AWS, Docker, Rest, JSON, XML, Sublime Text, nginx, Github, Chai, Selenium, Jasmine, Jenkins, Jira, JSLint, Visual Studio, Linux, Unix, Mac, Agile, Scrum

Confidential - Oakland, CA

Sr. UI Developer


  • Developed Web application with HTML5, Java Script, jQuery, JSON and RESTful web service.
  • Designed the web user interfaces for all the above use cases using JSP, Struts, HTML5, jQuery, XML and Ajax.
  • Responsible for writing and implementation of JavaScript, AJAX and JQuery to interact with web Services and user controls.
  • Developed Hybrid applications using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Angular.JS that are cross platform compatible.
  • Worked on Responsive Web Design using Bootstrap and CSS3 Media Query to support different responsive layouts.
  • Wrote TypeScript codes to develop different functionalities and view parts for the UI (User Interface).
  • Developed maintainable CSS style sheet on LESS pre-processor incorporated its dynamic features such as variables, operations and mixings. Developed SCSS, CSS3 style sheets to give gradient effects.
  • Designed frame-less web applications using CSS preprocessors like SASS, LESS as per W3C Standards.
  • Developed the base framework using Java, JSP, Struts, HTML, JavaScript, Oracle and SQL Server.Used SOAP Technology for exchanging the XML application using HTTP.
  • Developed and implemented Swing, spring and J2EE based MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework for the application. Architected and implement REST api interfaces using javascript and Node.js.
  • Designed and developed persistence layer build on ORM framework and developed it using Hibernate.
  • Used SOAP Technology for exchanging the XML application using HTTP.
  • Implemented Hibernate for the ORM layer in transacting with Oracle database. Extensively used Oracle programming using SQL and PL/SQL
  • Developed Oracle PL/SQLStored Procedures and Queries for Payment release process and authorization process.
  • Wrote complex SQL statements to retrieve data from the DB2 database. Designed and developed DAO layer with Hibernate standards, to access data from IBM DB2.
  • Built a website using Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Developed the Web Services Client using SOAP, WSDL description to verify the credit history of the new customer to provide a connection.
  • In depth exposure to creating API for internal and external application using REST and SOAP based design. Open source framework like Jersey used for create REST API.
  • Used XML Web Services using SOAP to transfer the amount to transfer application that is remote and global to different financial institutions.
  • Configured JMS Server set up and DB Connection pool setup & deployed Returned items in Weblogic Server.
  • Developed the different components of application such as JSPs, Servlets, EJB’s using Web sphere Studio Application and used CVS for version control. Implemented Selenium IDE with java script for Web apps.
  • Used SVN version controller to manage code versions and to check in the data as XML files.
  • Used Maven, selenium RC, Java and Selenium Grid to create nightly automation scripts.
  • Used GIT for version control and handled unit testing using Jasmine and Karma.
  • Worked with JSON objects and JQuery intensively to create interactive web pages.
  • Developed applications using Hibernate ORM mappings using xml and annotation configurations.
  • Developed application using Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
  • Executed the test steps defined in Test Cases manually and reporting the bugs in JIRA.
  • Followed agile software development process, attended scrum meetings for incremental product development.
  • Developed shell scripts, on linux platform, to process data from upstream systems.
  • Use Pivotal Tracker and HipChat to communicate with development team in entirely remote environment.
  • Used HipChat and Lync for inter-personal communication amongst team members.

Environment: Javascript, HTML5, CSS, Typescript, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Ajax, SASS, LESS, Jquery, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, PL\SQL, Oracle, DB2, AWS, Webservices, Rest, Soap, JSON, XML, Weblogic, Jira, Selenium, Jasmine, CVS, SVN, Eclipse, Agile, Linux, Unix, Mac

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