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Sr. Software Developer (ios) Resume

Rochester, NY


  • Around 6 years of experience in iPhone/TVOS application development using Objective - C, Swift, iOS SDK’s, tv OS SDK’s, Cocoa Touch, Cocoa pods, Cocoa framework.


  • Worked in Swift 3, 4.0, 5.0 and Objective C to created Native Mobile Applications in iOS and TVOS application, and Involved in analysis, design and development of the applications using X Code.
  • Complete understanding of object-oriented features (Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction and Encapsulation) and Data Structures.
  • Framework expertise includes UIKit, Map Kit, UIAlert, Photos, Push Kit, AV Foundation, Web Kit, Core Location, Core Data, Core Graphics and Core Animation.
  • Hands on experience in using various Cocoa pods (AFNetworking, MBProgressHUD, Crashlytics, Mix panel, TPKeyboardAvoiding, Google Analytics, Adobe, Web trends etc.)
  • Expertise in Development Tools Instruments, iOS Simulators and debugging tools LLVM Compiler.
  • Thorough understanding and expertise in MVC, Singleton, Delegation, Notification, VIPER design patterns.
  • Hands on experience in using Categories, Blocks, Storyboards, Xib, Auto layout and Size Classes.
  • Expertise in creating and customizing Views, Table Views, Collection Views, Tab Bars and Navigation Bar which are some basic functionalities in a Multi view Application.
  • Good understanding with memory management - Manual Reference Counting (MRC) and Automatic Reference Counting (ARC).
  • Good working experience with the RESTful APIs to consume web services in JSON as formats by using parsers such as NSJSONSerialization class.
  • Expertise in building responsive UI using NSOperations Queue, Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) for downloading data concurrently.
  • Proficient in using SQLite, Core Data, Plist files to store data persistently.
  • Proficient in using Interface Builder for creating, configuring and connecting predefined framework object as well as instances of custom classes.
  • Hands on experience using Base Internalization for localizing the application in multiple languages.
  • Experience with Unit Testing and UI Testing using XCTest frameworks and TDD.
  • Experience with source control tools like GitHub and Source Tree.
  • Familiarity with the iOS Provisioning Portal and the process involved in obtaining development certificates, provisioning profiles, adding devices and creating App ID's.
  • Clear knowledge in testing and distribution of the App on the App Store.
  • Hands on experience on database technologies like SQL, MySQL and SQLite.
  • Thorough understanding of App store requirements iTunes Connect and IOS Provisioning Portal (Certificates, App IDs, Provisioning and Distribution).
  • Integrated with STB Automation Testing framework to test the Spectrum TV app functionalities like video frame, buttons, selections/highlights and similar outlines that have Dynamic Content, non-rectangular shapes using Python Scripting.
  • Working Experience of integration of Epic Services to manage the user health records and schedule appointments and E-check.
  • Experience with Fabric SDK for app distribution for testing the application.
  • Working experience of project management methodologies of SDLC such as Waterfall, Scrum and Agile.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.


Version Control System: GIT

IOS Applications: Objective C, Swift 3, 4, 5; C, C++, CoreData, Cocoa Touch.

Software/Packages: IOS 4, IOS 5, IOS6, IOS7, IOS 8, IOS 9, IOS 10 with Xcode 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0.1, 7.2, 8, 8.1 and Swift 1.4, 2.0, 2.3, 3

OS: X 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10 and 10.11 MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint & Outlook) Adobe Acrobat, Apple Keynote, Apple Pages.

Programming Languages: Java, JEE, PHP, HTML5, CSS3,Python, AJAX, JSON, XML,, RESTful web services, jQuery, Javascript, SQL and PL/SQL

Databases: Oracle, SQL server, MYSQL, MS Access, SQLite, Firebase.

Operating Systems: MAC OS, Windows, UNIX, Linux

IDE: Xcode, Dreamweaver, Notepad ++, Eclipse.


Confidential, Rochester, NY



  • Involved in doing AGILE practices, attending daily agile (SCRUM) meetings and SPRINT retrospective meetings. Worked with an Agile, Scrum methodology to ensure delivery of high-quality work with every iteration.
  • Maintaining the iPhone and iPad applications and doing migrations to support latest OS and code base.
  • Worked extensively on table view controller and made customized table view cells according to the client.
  • Used Mapkit and Core Location framework to enhance user find their destination of the nearest local store.
  • Implemented NS Operation Queue and NSURL Connection to integrate with backend web services.
  • Implemented CoreData framework to store user Data.
  • Used XML, JSON parsing to retrieve data for display from server using REST and SOAP web services.
  • Collaborating with external teams to troubleshoot functionalities and resolving issues.
  • Developed navigation between views was mixture of using Navigation controller, UIPopoverController, UIGestureRecognizer, Tab-controllers.
  • Maintaining the singularity between the app and the back-end server using the NSURL Request and NSURL Connection for rating submission.
  • Integrated a web-based content made with HTML5 on a native app using UI WebView
  • Used CoreLocation Framework to get the user current location accurately using CLLocation Manager.
  • Used MF Mail Compose View Controller to send email or SMS
  • Handled Memory management using NSZombieEnabled flag for crash detection and using Instrument’s tool for identifying memory leaks.
  • Integrating PayPal SDK payment gateway .
  • Used CoreLocation Framework to get the user current location accurately using CLLocation Manager.
  • Implementing Adobe analytics to track the user actions and events throughout application.
  • Integrated Fabric service to distribute application internally for testing and migrating to Firebase from Fabric.
  • Integrated Sonar-Qube to check continuous code inspection like Code Reliability, security, maintainability.
  • Implemented Jenkins configuration within app side and create and test builds.

Confidential, Parsipanny, NJ



  • Led implementation of new architecture on iOS app to support server-driven app flows by creating common classes to parse, create, and handle user actions using Swift 5 and Codable protocol.
  • Invoked RESTful Webservices using NSURLSession and parsed JSON responses using NSJSONSerialization.
  • Consume RESTweb service asynchronously and populate data on UI.
  • Implemented Reverse GeoCoder to find the rider current location.
  • Used URL Session to communicate Web server to collect property related information in JSON.
  • Worked extensively with google API's creating route map.
  • Constructed a modular component library using UIKit by leveraging Nibs and Auto Layout.
  • Collaborated with backend developers to create a common JSON structure used to generate client UI and abstract business logic away from clients across all platforms.
  • Refactored app styling by implementing a theme manager to enhance app’s flexibility for UI customizations.
  • Administered git release branches, performed code-reviews, and inspected crash logs to find and resolve issues to increase crash-free user experience.
  • Utilized POST/GET method on RESTful API web service calls
  • Worked on cocoa touch layer and core OS layer for handling network storage
  • Incorporated the Push Notification feature using APNS, in order to notify the user when any file operations were done.
  • Created a module that captures the image and location details using the Core Location and AV Foundation framework respectively.
  • Expertise in MVC design architecture, Cocoa design patterns and concepts like delegation, protocols and categories.
  • Implemented SQLite 3 embedded database to capture user data.
  • Experience working with fabric kit framework for IOS App distribution.
  • Used lldb in Xcode for debugging.




  • Participating and contributes to all phases in building Video product, including programming, defect correction, unit testing, code review, and deployment planning.
  • Developed TVOS and IOS applications using MVC Architecture with Swift 4.
  • Involved in core development along with requirement gathering, project plan and effort estimations leading to successful product delivery.
  • Implemented multiple UI screens as demonstrated in the UI specification document using UICollectionViews, UITableviews , custom views displaying UITabBarController with logics to display large amounts of data in the product catalog for the user.
  • Worked in distributing alpha and beta builds through TestFlight and also to App Store.
  • Worked on custom filtering and search views for several screens showing list of Videos assets data.
  • Worked with various frameworks like AppleClientFoundation, AppleClientPlayer, CocoaLumberjack, Fabric Crashlytics.
  • Integrated with STB Automation Testing framework to test the Spectrum TV app functionalities like video frame, buttons, selections/highlights and similar outlines that have Dynamic Content, non-rectangular shapes using Python Scripting.

Environment: Swift 4, XCODE 10, IOS SDK’s, TVOS SDK’s, IOS12, IOS 11, TVOS 12, AppleClientFoundationAppleClientPlayer, CocoaLumberjack, Fabric Crashlytics, UIKit, Cocoa Touch, RESTful, MVC Architecture, Unit Testing, UI Testing, STB Testing, Key Chain Access.

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