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Middleware Engineer Resume


  • 12+ of total experience in IT and professional experience in Enterprise Application Integration using Websphere MQ and Websphere Message Broker.
  • 5+ years application development experience with REST API/SOA/java/j2ee frameworks.
  • 3 years of experience working as an EAI team lead on an onsite - offshore model.
  • Involved in designing the WMQ and WMB part of the project from High-Level Design to Detailed design and preparing design docs.
  • Review and analyze existing proprietary integration solutions for replacement with ESB and WMB broker solution.
  • Experience in developing integration mappings to connect systems like Oracle, Flat files, Mainframe(VSAM files)
  • Comprehensive knowledge in working with RDBMS like DB2, ORACLE, MS SQL Server and MySQL.
  • Experienced in working with various version control systems like Star Team, CVS, PVCS and Rational Clear Case
  • Java compute node experience.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills. Willingness and ability to quickly adapt to new environments and learn new technologies


Operating System: Sun Solaris, AIX, Linux, AS/400, OS/390, Windows 2000/03.

Integration Tools: IBM ACE 11, IIB(Integration Bus) v9.0,10.0 Message Broker V 8, 7, 6.1, 6.0, MQ Series

Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, SQL, ESQL.

XML Tools: XML SPY, SoapScope for Web services testing

Version Control tools: CVS, Rational Clear Case, SVN, Git

Monitoring tools: ITCAM SOA, Candle, Qpasa, Omegamon, Tivoli, Nastel AutoPilot suite

Tools: & Utilities: RfhUtil, Putty.

Scripting Languages: XML, XPATH, XSLT



Middleware Engineer

Environment: ACE v11, IBM WebSphere MQ, IIB v9/v10, Message Broker v 8,ODM, Linux, RfhUtil,, App Dynamics


  • Developed Web services in IIB/Message Broker by using SOAP and HTTP nodes. Created XSDs, WSDLs and also implemented Restful web services utilizing XML and JSON message formats.
  • Developed Flow services, Java Services, mapping services, triggers, Notifications for EAI & B2B Applications.
  • Configured onboard Trading partner profiles, Documents, processing rules, TPA’s and develop gateway services and flow services to convert from EDI to XML and XML to EDI format to received & Send and parse EDI X12 850, 810, 970 documents.
  • Created XML Schemas, Flat file Dictionary, Flat File schema to processes Flat files.
  • Worked on error reporting to support team by using email nodes
  • Created common ESQL functions, Reusable sub flows in WMB. Created sub flows for error logs and audit logs by using Log4j.
  • Used the Message broker Java Compute node to perform various tasks and to interact with java MB beans and to support TCPIP calls.
  • Developed Message Definitions for Processing XML, Cobol Copy book, EDI format Messages in IIB/Message Broker v8 using DFDL and MRM
  • Conducted regular meetings to implement agile way of development cycle and to achieve expected deadlines.
  • Took care of performance & tuning issues while doing the detailed design for all Websphere Message Broker Interfaces and also implementing the best practices for product integration between components.
  • Managing the development and technical specifications for new and existing systems.
  • Managing the design and development of codes and tests of programs and sub-systems to deploy.
  • Successfully implemented messages flows to interact with a backend server using the message broker TCPIP nodes and finding various product related bugs in the process.
  • Implemented integration with Databases while calling stored procedures from within the Message flows.
  • Used various tools like SOAPUI, FIDDLER and rfhutil for end to end testing purposes in all environments.
  • Developed shell scripts for automated MQ administration tasks and setup cron jobs for WMQ monitoring.
  • Interfacing with clients to determine requirements, resolve problems and perform testing.
  • Having regular meetings with project reviewers, BA’s and decision makers and make fixes according to that and assigning code to testers for user acceptance testing.


Middleware Developer/ Admin

Environment: IBM MQSeries v7.0, WMB v8, IIB9, webMethods Solaris, DB2, XML, WebSphere, QPASA, AIX, ZLinux


  • Designed, Developed and Deployed Message Flows in Development, QA, Stage and Production environments.
  • Designed message flows/sub flows and mapped the code as per inbound and outbound layouts.
  • Prepared mapping documents for each individual interface.
  • Assigned the Message flows to appropriate Execution Groups in Broker Runtime Environment
  • Deployed message sets and flows on DEV and QA brokers.
  • Developed Migration plans for migration for WMB 6.x flows to WMB 8.
  • Designed and developed Common sub flows for Audit logging, Error Logging, catching Business exceptions.
  • Involved in creating and developing test cases, test messages for Unit, Integration and QA testing.
  • Coordinated with test team in resolving defects/ enhancements throughout testing cycle.
  • Responsible for resolving the problems that came while doing the end-to-end testing.
  • Worked on webMethods flow/Java services and experience in working REST applications using JSON as payload.
  • Experience on scheduled maintenance activities such as monthly maintenance, release related maintenance, housekeeping, webMethods health check activities such as TN console monitoring, MWS and Server log monitoring/analysis and deployment/code migration activities


Middleware Consultant

Environment: Message Broker v 6.1, Datapower Admin, ZLinux, Solaris, Windows, DB2, J2EE, XML, APPWATCH, IR360, AIX


  • Defining and maintaining Queue Managers and MQ Objects on Windows and Linux.
  • Identifying the need for and defining channels and queues and monitoring them.
  • Developing the scripts for creating and maintaining Queue Managers, Queues, channels, processes, and other MQ Objects.
  • Setup JNDI for the JMS applications
  • Setup hardware clustering for MQ servers.
  • Setup remote administration for all the Queue managers.
  • Setup OAM security in MQ
  • Worked with the IBM support in opening the PMR’s and resolving them
  • Provided support for the MQ/Broker issues
  • Worked as a Systems WMB developer to build and support the various WMB interface to integrate the various applications
  • Delivered high quality Data bridge projects for Wachovia/ Confidential merger and branch conversion with extensive use of WTX maps and XSL style sheet configuration.
  • Expert in XML technologies like, XSLT, XSD, WSDL etc.
  • Mentor and support the operations team for DataPower administration, Prepared Design documents and Technical documents for the interfaces.
  • Involved in coding of various processes in Websphere Message Broker Designer environment using various nodes such as MQInput, MQOutput, Compute Node, Error Handling Nodes and Filter Node etc
  • Coded ESQL in Java Compute Node, Compute Node to query the databases and call the stored procedures written some java classes with methods to complement broker functionality and called those java methods from ESQL.
  • Developed message sets in CWF, TDS, EDI, Name-Value pair MRM formats.
  • Message flows designed had the functionality of message transformation from XML to MRM, MRM to XML, and XML to XML and message enrichment by using the Aggregation Nodes and message routing with Route to Label nodes and Destination List.
  • Involved in Production Broker Application Support.


Middleware Engineer

Environment: Message Broker v7, Solaris, SQL, J2EE, XML, QPASA, AIX, IR360


  • Installed and configured WMQ 7.0, WMB6.1 on AIX, Linux, Solaris and windows 2000.
  • Created all the required MQ objects for the communication between the MQ Servers.
  • Administered MQ objects like Queue Managers, Queues, Channels, Process Definition, Clusters, and Name Lists.
  • Wrote scripts for Process definitions to trigger the applications.
  • Involved in requirement analysis, architecture meetings for designing the requirements and architecture of the project.
  • Involved in developing the Technical Design Document.
  • Involved in developing the use cases, sequence diagrams and data mappings.
  • Used WTX for processing large volumes of data efficiently with one pass lookup, validation and transformation.
  • Created and configured the Broker, Configuration Manager and Installed Toolkit on Developer machine.
  • Development to Message Flows using Mapping Node, Compute Node, Trace Node, Flow order, Try Catch, Subflow, MQ Nodes, SOAP Node, Message set etc.
  • Created an interface for the Webservice to make a WMQ (address validation service call) using SOAP Request Node, WSDL, Message set.
  • Designed and Created Message sets and Message flows using ESQL to interface the various systems.
  • Wrote ESQL coding for Compute node for doing the mapping from MRM to XMLNSC domains to build the XML and COBOL messages.
  • Deployment of the bar files in various environments like dev, test, integration etc.

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