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Ios Developer Resume

Norwell, MA


  • 5+ years of IOS development experience in developing iPhone and iPad apps using Swift,Objective C.
  • Have experience in implementation and maintenance of mobile applications on different versions of XCode using Swift,Objective C.
  • Worked on developing high performance Native IOS applications that respond appropriately at every phase of their life cycle while consuming optimal amount of memory using different SDKs and frameworks.
  • Experience in developing rich user interface applications which supports to various devices using XIBs, Storyboard with Auto Layout, Size Classes and Animated techniques.
  • Worked in both ARC and NON - ARC Environments.
  • Thorough understanding of COCOA design patterns,MVC architecture and other concepts like Delegation,Protocols, Singleton,Notification,MVVM.
  • Developed and executed automated test scripts and Unit Testing.
  • Proficient in using Apple Push Notifications.
  • Having Knowledge in AppStore submission of applications and as well as creation of mobile provisions and certificates, Experience with Apple Approval& Distribution Process, Ad Hoc& Enterprise Distribution.
  • Firm understanding and experience of interfacing to web services using XML/JSON, REST, SOAP and parsing their contents.
  • Strong Expertise in working with p-list, User Defaults, SQLite, Core Data.
  • Worked on Location Manager, Touch Events and Solid experience on integrating 3rd party libraries For Adds like Chart Boost, Revmob, Admob.
  • Solid knowledge on integrating 3rd Party libraries like Alamofire, Firebase and 3rd Party frameworks like Google Maps, Google Drive, Drop Box, Box, Facebook, Twitter etc.,
  • Experienced in Concurrent Programming Topics like Operation Queues, GCD.
  • Experience with Agile Methodologies.


IOS Applications: Objective-C, Swift and Cocoa development for iPhone and iPad devices in XCode Interface builder-UIKit, Cocoa touch, core Data

Software: Trained in IOS11 with XCode 9.1 OSX 10.12, JAVA with ECLIPSE and NetBeans, Microsoft office suites, Microsoft Project 2010/2013.

Programming Languages: C, Objective C, Swift, C++, Java, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

Databases: SQL server 2005/2008, SQLite with Core IOS sandbox, database in IOS sandbox

Operating Systems: MAC OS 10.12, Windows XP, Windows 10, LINUX

Tools: XCode 9, Eclipse, Sublime Text, Dreamweaver.


Confidential, Norwell, MA

IOS Developer


  • Working on XCodeversion 11.1 for developing Native IOS Application using Swift 5.1.
  • Working on Agile environment using VersionOne (Latest tool for Agile work environment).
  • DEVELOPER UI Screens using UI Views and other UI elements using .XIB files and storyboards.
  • Retrieved data from Webservices and converted data in to Json format to use data in the application
  • Used UIKit framework, foundation framework, Auto layout constraints.
  • Used Swift lint while writing code to maintain code structure.
  • Designed and developed online Jet booking app from scratch following MVVM architecture.
  • Tested, deployed, maintained, improved the app from customer review. It has 4.6/5 customer satisfaction on the app store.
  • Design and developed several REST APIs to handle customer’s flight data, used Swift’s Codable and CodingKeys to map the web-service response after fetching UberJets’s flight data.
  • Implemented customer pickup and drop off map feature using MapKit to allow our driver to have best service for customers.
  • Integrated Stripe payment system in the app, built payment back-end using Ruby and deployed to cloud (Heroku).
  • We have two weeks of each Sprint which includes Backlogs, Epics, feature, and many more.
  • Involved in Daily Scrum meetings, grooming sessions, daily status report, Sprint planning, Sprint Demo sessions and few Architecture meetings
  • Working closely with UX designers to help them understand designs of IOS UI in pages using apple DEVELOPER guide

Environment: Swift 5.1, Xcode-11.1, Cocoa Touch, Homebrew, swift lint, UI Frameworks, Auto layout, Constraints, URL Session, Core Location, Cocoa Pods, REST, Singleton.

Confidential, Boston, MA

IOS Developer


  • Designed and developed prescription power test and ensure the patient is at correct distance with correct eye opened, and developed multiple letter modes, voice mode (Swift, Objective C, Google Mobile Vision).
  • Cropped the face image from the patient and passed to the library, used OpenCV and algorithms to process the image such as calculating strabismus angle, pupillary diameter and reflection position for each eye, it can also calculate interpupillary distance between two eyes instead of measuring them.
  • Used Core Data and Firebase to store user’s information and test result, user can share his reports to the doctor via encrypted documents for private purpose.
  • Involved in every stage of the Project development life cycle from development to deployment of the application.
  • Implementation of Auto layout and size classes to achieve a universal application.
  • Participated daily stand-up meeting to make steady progress on the development and had a discussion on updated requirements.
  • Implemented the Flurry APIs to track the application and we can also track the active sessions and active number of users for the application.
  • Added App Analytics for tracking product popularity and current trends.
  • Worked on the implementation of push notifications for the application.
  • Involved in the critical bug fixes reduce the network overhead, improve performance of the application.
  • Deployment of the app to AppStore using iTunes Connect.

Environment: XCode 6, Objective-C, Storyboard, Auto layout, Agile, Push Notifications, Facebook SDK, XML, JSON, SOAP Web Services, Push Notifications, Git, GCD.

Confidential, Waltham, MA

IOS Developer


  • Started working on Swift to develop IOS applications.
  • Developed Nimmi App in swift for Hardware company.
  • E-commerce app developed in swift and has Login& Signup integration.
  • Retrieved Data with the help of AF Networking and displayed it on the Table View and Collection View.
  • SD Web Image library is used for downloading web-images and MR Progress framework is used for indicator.
  • Created multiple view controllers to display data in brief about selected item, Try functionality and many more.
  • Followed Lifecycle of Software Engineering to gather information from client, create, build, and dispatch the application to the client
  • Worked Onsite to solve issues in the project using Swift.

Environment: XCode 10, Swift, Storyboard, Auto layout, Singleton, Facebook SDK, JSON, Core Location, GitHub, MVC Architecture, GCD.

Confidential, Omaha, NE

IOS Developer


  • Utilized CoreData for persistence of data and used versioning for data changes.
  • Worked on GCD to build a responsive UI and implemented background threads.
  • Worked with Objective C, Swift and Cocoa frameworks.
  • Used Instruments for profiling and memory management and GDB for debugging and worked with Xcode.
  • Created models in MVVM and development of delegates for updating model.
  • Used UIKit, MapKit and Core location to enhance user to find nearest store locations.
  • Followed the Apple UI guidelines throughout the project with the team using an Agile Scrum development environment.
  • The IOS team followed Test-Driven Development (TDD) and managed merges and commits on private Git servers with Jenkins CI for testing on devices.
  • Implemented XCTest automation testing and XCUI Test cases for complete project, analyzed code coverage and automation testing eventually leads to Continuous Integration and Continues Deployment process (CICD).

Environment: Swift, Objective C, TDD, Jenkins, Cocoa, CI CD, MVVM, Mapkit.

Confidential, Grand Island, NE

Software Engineer


  • Developed a server-side note-taking web application based on Express.js, RESTful API and deployed on AWS.
  • Implemented RESTful APIs in Java to make HTTP requests for CRUD operations of users, notes and attachments.
  • Created and maintained fully automated CI/CD pipelines for code deploy using CicleCI and AWS Code Deploy.
  • Utilized HashiCorp Packer and AWS CloudFormation to create fast, reliable and maintainable AMI and infrastructure.
  • Added / resetPassword end point and Lambda function (triggered by SNS) so that user can receive reset password email.
  • Set up Autoscaling and Application Load Balancer for EC2 instances so that instances number can be scale up and down according to HTTP request load. Performed JMeter Load Testing on server with 4000 concurrent user registers and 4000 concurrent file uploading.

Environement: Express. Js, AWS, Restful API, Java, Lambda, JMeter, Load Balancer.

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