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Web Application Developer Resume

San Jos, CaliforniA


  • Software Development Professional with over 15 years of experience in Requirements Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing and Integration in a variety of work environments { from solo to 300 person teams } and languages { Java, C, D, Matlab }.
  • Recent experience Java 8 { streams/lambdas }, hybrid Java/Matlab applications, Tomcat Servlets, Native Android with Android Studio.
  • Extensive experience with Matlab { especially with the Signal Processing and Wavelet Toolboxes } and Bio - acoustics.


Operating Systems: Ubuntu Linux, Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS

Programming Languages: Java 8, C, D

Programs: Adobe Photoshop and Audition, Inkscape.

DBMS: Derby, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite

IDEs: Eclipse, WebStorm, Spring Tool Suite, Android Studio, Matlab

Development Libraries and Tools: Gnu Toolchain, Ant, Atom, Botan, Brackets, Cmake, Caliper, Docker, FastUtil, Git, GitG, Gradle, HttpClient, Jansson C JSON library, Jenkins, Jetty, Jira, JMH, Make, Maven, OkHttp/Okio, OpenSSL, Pencil, Proguard, SquirreL, Subversion, Tomcat, TortoiseSVN, TymeAC, ZeroMQ, avconv, cURL, libLSH, libSVM, Postman and Advanced REST client plugins, Virtual Box.

Functional Areas: Scientific Programming, Image Processing, Digital Sound, Acoustics analysis, Wavelet transforms, Fourier transforms, Machine Learning { Support Vector Machines }, Approximate Hashing { Locality-Sensitive Hashing }.


Confidential, San José, California

Web Application Developer


  • Installed development platform from scratch { Ant, Maven, Gradle, Spring Tool Suite, Java SE, Apache Tomcat, et cetera }.
  • Designed and coded Tomcat Web application to perform telematics unit validation using Servlets with Spring Tool Suite, Postgres with JDBC, OkHttp, BarcodeJ, and GSON libraries. Features included:
  • User authentication using MD5 hash.
  • Successful validation created new bar code, with relevant information written to database.
  • Global alert condition lockout on validation failure.
  • Tomcat use of a privileged port using Apache forwarding.
  • All code documented in JavaDoc and checked in to Git repository.
  • Allows the user to set selected image as wallpaper for their device.
  • Multi-threaded design uses all available cores.
  • Wrote Digest Authentication override for OkHttp to access protected resources.
  • AES-256 encryption of the Google Cloud Messaging registration identifier.
  • Registration server written in D that maintains a database of registered clients via an HTTP POST operation that validates packets received.
  • Java application implements the Google Cloud Messaging 'tickle' that reads this database to notify installed applications when new thumbnails are available.
  • Backend to support the buttons on the 'detail screen' is written in D.
  • Created a custom 'rainbow' spinner for a progress bar built using Hue-Saturation-Value colormap with a Gamma curve in Matlab.


Web Application Developer


  • Designing and developing code to analyze data and recommend algorithms involving the application of wavelets to detection and classification of the acoustics of Ziphiidae.
  • Designing and developing code to analyze data and recommend algorithms for processing ambient noise in the ocean { id est ‘acoustic daylight’ }.
  • Code was written in Matlab using the Signal Processing and Wavelet toolboxes, with functions written in Java, C, and D for post-processing, collation and presentation.
  • Supporting tasks included segmentation of input waveforms, plotting and graphing of input data, edge-effect removal, hue-saturation-value colormap calculations based on various parameters of output data, coordinate transformations from cartesian to polar, assembly of time-series images for animations, and scaling of soundtracks to match the animations.
  • Presenting publishable results in conference.
  • Wrote a custom 48-bit imaging library to present results of the analysis.
  • System administration and configuration of a 35TB data archive.

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