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Sr. Software Engineer Resume

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Dallas, TX


  • Nearly 15 years of IT experiences in SDLC design, development, release cycle; excels in multi - tiered web based application design and development, using Core Java, J2EE, Spring, JDBC, PL/T-SQL, JavaScript and SWING, Shell scripts on Apache Tomcat (on UNIX/Linux) Web App Servers, Sybase/SQL Server RDBMS Servers.
  • Extensive experiences in Core Java, Spring Framework, also have noledge of MVC frameworks, strong understanding of Multithreading, Java Concurrency concepts, and RESTful web service.
  • Always demonstrating strong commitment to quality in Requirements Gathering, Functional Requirement Specifications, Software Environment Evaluation & System Design Specification, Data Analysis, System Analysis, Performance Profiling &Tuning, as well as Standard Operating Procedures for enterprise-wide development.
  • Highly-skilled in database programming, writing stored procedures transforming data with complicated business logics, using views and indexes to improve the performance of reporting system; extensive experience in using JDBC for database CRUD access and data storage, and Hibernate ORM framework provides an alternative Java/DB solution.
  • Unique problem-solving skills, able to quickly identify issues/ opportunities, develop a quick strategic solution to meet business needs.
  • Good noledge of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), OOA, OOD, OOP, UML concepts.
  • Experience working in Agile SCRUM/JIRA /Waterfall development environment, familiar with BDD, TDD process
  • Highly motivated self-starter, allows no detail to fall through the cracks, strategy driven, solution-oriented with a versatile, can-do professional attitude, maintaining strong relationships with colleagues, customers, and vendors


Platforms/OS: UNIX; Linux(ubunru14.04); Windows;

RDBMS: ASE Sybase 12.5/15.7 (XP Server); SQL Server 2008, 2012;

DB Tools: DBArtisan 7.1.0; Rapid SQL 7.3.3;

Languages: Core Java, JEE (v6-7, some 8), JDBC, Hibernate, JavaScript; HTML5/XML, JSON; PL/T-SQL; SWING/AWT, Spring Framework, RESTful Web Service; C;

Development Tools: Maven2 (apache-maven-2.2.1), Eclipse, VBA-Excel (Advanced);

IDE: IntelliJ-IDEA; Eclipse; Tomcat-Apache;

MS Office Apps: Microsoft Project; Visio; Word/Excel/PowerPoint;

Version Control: Git(VCS)/Stash/Jenkins; MKS; VSS; SharePoint; Jira;


Confidential, Dallas, TX

Sr. Software Engineer


  • Performing production support by writing complex stored procs using provided business logic to process data and preparing reports for Sr. Managers decision making; make enhancement for canned reports, and running ad-hoc T-SQL queries accommodating daily requests from customer care departments; creating views and indexes, and revise cursors in optimizing the performance of reporting system.
  • Working alot on legacy Java applications re-writing and packaging business functions/business logic classes into companywide libraries, using Java OO architecture and design, integrating into current major projects.
  • Writing JUnit tests for each every java objects (TDD) to ensure full coverage on our development codes.
  • Writing JBehave Stories for automated UI components functions testing (BDD) by binding the RESTful live service call with GUI components.
  • Implementing SOA namely air-operations client (flight-schedule, flight-status) RESTful service to call AIS(ALTEA Information System), to Get Client/Resource, using AOP for managing final error messages in the returned Response object (JSON file), using JSR hibernate validator annotations for input fields validation, using MounteBank for managing stub data by using Unix/Linux shell scripts to directly populate the imposters (the other approach of implementing individual stub resource builder for each every module is overkilling and expensive as of now).
  • Following Agile/Scrum methodology, involving every sprint planning, requirement reviewing, story complexity evaluating, sub-tasking, and implementing the project within sprints as planned. In most cases, when stories do not have a clear scope or a moving target to achieve, will perform spikes for pre-task evaluation to provide achievable solutions.
  • Performing peer code review for team members before checking code finally to merge to trunk by following the best practice of clean code.

Environment: Apache Tomcat web application server, Linux/Unix OS, SQL-Server & Sybase, Spring (MVC) Framework, Gradle build project, Jenkins and Jira running in a Linux environment; paired-programming, IntelliJ IDEA, Core Java (multi-threading/Concurrency), Maven2, TDD, BDD, JUnit, in an agile environment utilizing Git.

Confidential ’s Corporation, New York, NY

Senior Software Engineer (Consultant-Java)


  • Worked closely with Confidential ’s Clients (Credit officers, Sr. Managing Directors, Global analysts, etc), helping PM team to capture requirement details, verifying and fleshing out business requirements and working out functional specifications, and addressing evolving issues.
  • Reverse-engineering all legacy canned reports’ stored procs and T-SQL queries to complete the new business requirements and functional requirements/Specs, and performing System and Data analysis for new database modeling and design.
  • Engaging major efforts in application backend development, Used Sybase/SQL server as major RDBMS for data storage, writing stored procs, views, triggers, indexes for maintaining data integrity, and binding data with business logic, extracting, filtering and transforming data, and preparing for final data reporting/ data analysis
  • Involving the web development by implementing server side functions to perform CRUD on data manipulation, using JDBC and DAO for database connection, and accessing data, and also working on some client side application function tools, using Java POJO, Spring (MVC).
  • Analyzed and debugged server side issues, monitored UNIX/Linux web server Apache-Tomcat log files, using MS SQL server’s profiler in performing CPU usage analysis, fixing memory leaks of multiple applications via reported production supporting tickets, conducting existing application performance fine-tuning.

Environement: Linux/LDAP, Sybase/XP server; Sybase SQL server; Java 6, JSP, Java Servlets, HTML/XML, CSS, Eclipse, Maven2, JavaScript, and Web Services SOAP (XML/WSDL); Core Java (multi-threading/Concurrency)All application developments have been observing the best practice of OOP, with alignment of SDLC.

Confidential, New York, NY

Senior Software Engineer/Business Analyst


  • Automated all repetitive ad-hoc requests into canned reports by using HTML/JavaScript/CSS/JSP/JavaBeans/ Java Servlets, implemented a website with very user friendly, easily navigated GUI for parameters inputting, data filtering, aggregating, and presenting to clients in HTML/Excel formats, used JDBC executing T-SQL /calling Stored Procedures in backend database for data retrieval and processing, reduced the DBA team 60% support and maintenance efforts at a minimum instead of manually executing scripts and preparing for ad-hoc reports delivery.
  • Using PDI moving bulk data from Sybase to SQL server, creating views and indexes for fast data retrieval and reporting on real-time entered financial data or real-time-processed ratios.
  • Used Java Swing and AWT in Designing and developing a secure, rich-featured web application as Admin Panels, providing top managers an Administration Dashboard with real-time management on the team MDs’ analyst portfolios, analysts’ credit portfolios, reallocating analysts’ workloads, etc.
  • Performing QA testing on every delivery phases, coordinating user to involve every stages’ unit testing, and also get user acceptance sign-off for final release. Providing reliable support whenever clients have questions.

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