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Automation Solutions Architect Resume

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Austin, TX


  • I can help to architect, scope, and specify technical solutions using senior - level working knowledge of hosting architectures, concepts of cloud computing, and automation/orchestration.
  • With over 15 years of Linux server administration experience, I can cross silos to other technology platforms such as automation and storage while maintaining excellent working relationships with vendors to achieve desired goals.


Platforms: Confidential PowerEdge, Cisco UCS, EMC vBlock, AWS/Azure, Linux (CentOS, Red Hat, OpenStack, Debian)

Virtualization: VMWare ESX/ESXi 4.1/5.5/6, vCloud Suite (Director, SRM, Ops) KVM, RHEV 3, DRS/HA

Languages: Bash, Perl, PHP/Python, PowerShell/PowerCLI, Javascript/JQuery, Angule/CSS/Node.JS

Automation/Orchestration: ESRI GIS, Google KML, IHS/DrillingInfo, Git/SVN, Puppet v3/v4 - Chef v10/v12, Docker/Kubernates, SugarCRM/SuiteCRM & SalesForce, NginX/Apache 1.3x/2.x/ ISS 6/7, MySQL 4x/5x/PostgreSQL/MS SQL 2000/2003

Monitoring: NewRelic, Hyperion, Confidential OpenManage, HP OpenView, Whats Up, SNMP, MRTG, Cacti, Nagios, Snort, Cisco UCSD, Nmap, OpsNet, Network Flight Recorder

GIS: ArcGIS / ArcPro, Javascript/Python/ArcPy, ArcGIS Server on PostGres SQL and MS SQL, IHS Enerdeq, LandStudio, DrillingInfo


Confidential, Austin, TX

Automation Solutions Architect


  • Coordinated technical kick-off sessions by providing detailed product architecture overviews and determining the customer’s design, integration, and development plans.
  • Worked with project managers to coordinate review meetings with senior technical resources. These meetings provide customers with status updates on product roadmaps, release schedules, and specific product features that are relevant to their applications.
  • Researches and resolved installation, configuration, deployment and upgrade issues; acted as an advocate for customer and liaison the engineering, product management, and support organization areas.
  • Assisted with architecture, design, development, integration, performance tuning, rollout, support, and optimization of customer’s choice of technologies such as Chef Automate, Puppet Enterprise, Ansible and patch management solutions.
  • Mentor customer’s staff members in the use of given technologies and best practices regarding monitoring, build/relase, agile transformation, and software development life cyces.
  • Coordinate delivery of any onsite consulting / training services that customer has purchased.
  • Develop sample applications demonstrating the use of product advanced functionality and APIs using cloud technologies such as Azure, AWS, vCloud.
  • Identified and developed internally and externally facing best practices.
  • Participated in the onboarding and mentoring of other architects.

Confidential, Austin, TX

DevOps Engineer


  • Helping to implement largest github enterprise to date.
  • Re-factored Chef cookbooks from version 10 to 12 implementing custom libraries for commonly used functions with functional and unit tests performed in chef-kitchen
  • Integrated ServiceNow with Chef Automate and templates to provide self-provisioning development servers.
  • Performed interviews for 3rd party technology companies for a team to rapidly staff migration and sunset projects to AWS.
  • Strategizing with other teams’ version control workflows to foster agile transformation and singularity to github enterprise.
  • Responsible for SSO and SAML authentication and coordination of user migrations.
  • Research the use of Chef, Puppet, Ansible, to deploy codified microservices codified on virtual/physical on premise nodes and AWS cloud nodes in a pipeline orchestrated by Jenkins, GitHub Enterprise and chat bots with manual approval gates between deliveries.
  • Enjoy working with large-scale enterprise apps extended to other configuration items using API Calls XML/JSON/SOAP while fine-tuning multi-hundred server workloads both physical/ and AWS technologies: Possess DevOps AWS Skillset: Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Cloud Formation, Cloud Front, EC2, RDS, S3, Route53, SNS, SQS, Redshift, EBS and Cloud Trail.

Confidential, Norman, OK

Sr. Unix Consultant


  • To increase my expertise and stay abreast of upcoming technologies, I invested time into studying Puppet, chef, and automating my real estate business.
  • Implemented javascript/node.JS methods into one-of-a-kind real estate CRM, active leader in SuiteCRM Real Estate community.
  • Performed physical server migration from KC NAP to AWS, then to OKC with zero-downtime, ultimately setting KC as a recovery POP as critical infrastructure for platforms that support CRM’s for Oil & Gas companies.
  • Puppetized server stand up to migration of Debian/RHEL flavors with apache, nginx, ldap and mysql modules.
  • Provided critical Linux recovery for large insurance company in OKC
  • Part time consultant for IBM client headquartered in OKC. Help to deploy dynamic automation, and provided on-site hardware recovery/migration of redundant datacenters for Hertz via IBM.

Confidential, Wilmington, DE

Primary Focal Architect


  • Directed the design, development and deployment of servers being migrated from client’s datacenter to supplier owned datacenters.
  • Worked directly with executive-level clients as a broker to ensure budget and timelines remained on schedule by ensuring necessary architecture and resources were available and negotiating Service Level Agreements with external vendors. Designed and helped to implement and support complex systems such as: disaster recovery, automation, high-availability database configurations and backup/recovery strategies.

Confidential, Portland, OR

Puppet Consultant


  • Traveled domestic and internationally to help Confidential ’ customers succeed through training, consulting, and custom development engagements.
  • Assisted with pre-sales consulting and support including sales and marketing, developing and publishing Puppet modules and promoting integration and tooling around Puppet.
  • Excelled in the use extensive logic and reasoning as an individual and as part of a team to identify the pros and cons of viable options to professionally as alterative solutions to unique customer configurations and concerns.

Confidential, La Crosse, MI

Senior-Level Linux Engineer / Release Engineer


  • Documented and defined system and infrastructure standards.
  • Instituted git code-repository system using gitorious
  • Assisted with planning deployment of Puppet for configuration management and automation.
  • Worked with other SME’s such as SQL DBA’s and application owners to tune and tweak system services for optimal performance.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Senior-Level Linux Engineer / Migrations


  • Helped to complete migration of physical and virtual servers to new virtual platforms and operating systems using vBlock and Cisco UCS blades.
  • Worked with application owners and developers to understand complex details about how their applications worked to ensure minimal downtime during migrations.
  • Performed, documented, and automated the audit of lower-tier server environments, and helped to ensure consistency of configuration files going forward using Puppet based on many factors.
  • Helped to automate deployment and testing processes using platforms such as Jenkins/Maven

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

VMWare Architect / Linux Engineer


  • Assisted with completion of the largest data center migration in North America with a successful migration of over 3,000 virtual machines to new datacenter in Greensboro, NC.
  • Assisted with architecting and implementing DR strategies using Site Recovery Manager.
  • Helped with the upgrade of physical ESX hosts, conversion, and migration of VM’s according to best practices while adhering to stringent compliance and audit standards.
  • Created custom PowerShell/Wintel (Linux) scripts to perform repetitive tasks such as the adding/removal of data stores to ensure optimum health in vCOps.

Confidential, Oklahoma City, OK

Senior Solutions Architect


  • Consistently led rankings of the Enterprise Solutions Organization in OKC.
  • Spearheaded launch of CloudEdge servers and provided Fortune 500 companies with early-adoption and deployment of supporting Hadoop/OpenStack clusters using crowbar.
  • Remotely setup and configured new VMWare/Linux installations utilizing SAN and local storage from different vendors.
  • Troubleshot client software and hardware of many different platforms to identify problems then replaced or repaired according to documented procedures

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