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Director Of Product Engineering, Senior Software Engineer Resume

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Conshohocken, PA


Confidential, CONSHOHOCKEN, PA



  • Lead teh research, development, and implementation of a cloud - based data warehouse and business intelligence solution successful in discovering and analyzing trends in historical clickstream data.
  • Personally, designed, engineered, and delivered a data insight infrastructure that directly enabled teh onboarding of Confidential customers with teh most sizable and complex data analysis needs to date.
  • EMR, S3, and Hive based warehouse and architecture currently serves as teh underlying intelligence for several Confidential products, and is continuing to make possible new product development initiatives.
  • Identified multiple opportunities for new products that leverage teh business intelligence architecture. Brought forward prior experience in search architectures and concepts
  • Solr, and Lucene to personally code and deliver a product discovery engine that combines lexigraphic analysis with customer usage patterns
  • Lead development of an agile engineering team that delivered a minimum viable recommendation product for use in A/B/n and multivariate testing in six weeks, and evolved teh resulting competitive Merchandiser product to market in three months.
  • Continue to provide seamless engineering delivery, business strategy, and company vision as teh Merchandiser product matures.

Confidential, HOLLYWOOD, CA



  • TEMPPrincipal engineer and lead architect for teh initiative to migrate teh Confidential .com search platform to Lucene, resulting in dramatically improved ticket discovery and increased sales.
  • Responsible for teh research, architecture, and design of all technical aspects of teh project, in addition to coding teh final search infrastructure.
  • Designed and implemented new systems and architectures for both teh ETL process and teh forward-facing search application interface, resulting in an unparalleled back-end performance increase, more engaging user experience, and overall reduction in maintenance requirements.
  • Scaled teh Solr platform to power teh user search experience for 12 web domains under teh Confidential and Live Nation brands. Teh enhanced platform enabled development of new product initiatives, serving as an authoritative data source capable of scaling to meet teh needs of future projects.

Confidential, PHILADELPHIA, PA



  • Owner of and lead developer for a software development company that focuses on forward-thinking applications that push teh envelope of teh mobile experience. is a widely used healthcare iPhone application for discovering clinical trials around teh world.
  • Immersive work of fiction that incorporates real-time content delivery, push technology, and geolocation-based content manipulation. THE CARRIER: COMPLETE GRAPHIC NOVEL was teh first and only graphic novel available for teh April 2010 launch of teh iPad. On teh basis of innovation in teh space, invited to speak at teh progressive O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference in 2010. THE CARRIER will be featured in teh curated Electronic Literature Showcase at teh Library of Congress in April 2013.

Confidential, MEDIA, PA



  • Responsible for teh design and implementation of teh provisioning interface for Covad’s Layer 4 services, including teh mass virtual Web hosting, custom Email, DNS, and Radius products.
  • Solely responsible for coding, documenting, and maintaining teh API between Layer 4 services and disparate Application layers.
  • Designed and implemented a scalable, template driven end-user self-care web application. Responsible for designing teh Apache application architecture, as well as writing an interface between teh web application layer with teh Covad back-end customer tracking and billing systems.

Confidential, WILMINGTON, DE



  • Part of a team tasked to implement and continuously refine supply chain management software for DuPont's Demand Planning and Distribution Requirements Planning systems.
  • Created custom scripts and Oracle stored procedures for Manugistics client/server batch processes. Upgraded and supported programs Distribution Requirements Planning, Inventory Planning, and Forecasting modules.
  • Regularly interacted with DuPont IT representatives in order to manage business expectations, understand systems requirements, and document network design.




  • Organized company project efforts where analytical support was needed for teh international marketplace. Developed new and novel analytical test methods, stability protocols, and other documentation in compliance with global regulatory standards.
  • Served as teh main liaison between other departments and teh Worldwide Analytical Sciences group. Routine pharmaceutical testing of both finished drug products and raw materials were also ongoing .

Confidential, HAMMONTON, NJ



  • Laboratory chemist focused on finished product analytical release testing in a GMP compliant pharmaceutical environment.

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