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Lead Developer Resume

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Sunnyvale, CA


  • More than 10 years of professional experience in software development, worked on large scale software implementation for top healthcare organization, financial institutions and education system.
  • Good understanding of software system and architecture design, familiar with software development process and methodologies such as Agile, SDLC, RUP, ITIL; Experience with data modelling, process modelling, messaging middleware; developed application using various languages such as C, JAVA, Python, Sacal,Ruby etc.
  • Good experience with modern front end development technology, experience with nodejs, express, AngularJS, React, Redux, npm, bower, gulp; experience with open source tools, cloud computing, Amazon EC2, ECS,beanstalk, AWS CloudFormation,big data application development and machine learning.
  • Self - starter and quick learner can work in different environment and solve problems.
  • Believe technology should have no border.


Languages and tools: JAVA, Jquery, Python, wxPython, Scala,Groovy, C, C#, PL/SQL, Perl, UNIX Shell Script, PHP, XML, JavaScript, HTML5, UML, D3.js, ReactJS, AngularJS, Springboot, Docker,GradleApplication Server/Networking/NoSQL DB: Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Solr,Logstash, Kibana, CouchBase,Mongondb, Cloudera, Apache Spark, MapR, Apache Drill, Apache Hive/Impala/Shark, Fuse ESB, JBossFuse, Jetty,Tomcat, Nodejs, Fidller,IBM Web Sphere, Weblogic, Jboss, LDAP server, Websphere MQ, Active MQ, Apache web server, Autosys,TIBICO5.x, Spring Integration

IT Infrastructure, Security: OAuth, SAML, Openssl, Netegrity SiteMinder, Netegrity Identity Minder, RSA ClearTrust5.5, Netscape Certificate Server, Sun Java Identity manager.

SCM Tools: Subversion, ClearCase, MKS, PVCS, CVS, Perforce

Development Tools: Eclipse, STS, FuseIDE,WSAD, XMLSpy, XDE, MS Visual studio. Visio Professional.Rational Rose, MS Project

Monitor/Performance Test Tools: JBoss Operation Network,Wily,Jmeter, Jconsole,JProbe, BigBrother, Topaz, Splunk, SiteScope,Fiddler,Wireshark

RDBMS: Oracle, DB2, MySql, H2, Intersystem cache, Postgress,Informix, SQL Server, SYBASE


Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

Lead developer


  • Design and create Cassandra tables, design partition key, clustering key and materialized views.
  • Develop persistence layer and services using Cassandra datastax driver and spring data.
  • Publish data to message queue, consume queued data and create Solr index using queued message.
  • Consumer Solr index data using REST API.
  • Use Spark, scala to query data from Solr, join dataset from different source, find mismatched data set, and insert dataset into Cassandra.
  • Develop configure builder portal using AngularJS and Springframework.
  • Upload document attachment to S3.

Environment: JDK8, Springframework, Cassandra, Apache Spark, Solr, AnguarJS. Scala, S3, AWS EC2, S3, AWS CloudFormation.

Confidential lead IT specialist


  • Integrate HL7 data using ensemble integration engine
  • ETL. Implemented various HL7 message and CDA message transformation schema. Streaming large volume of medical data into integrated data repository.
  • Implement XDS (cross domain document sharing) service using Java, apache CFX, SOAP, Springboot REST. JPA, hibernate
  • Develop AngularJS based application for a portal to manage CCD document and lab results.
  • Create medical alerts based on data integration engine. Send alert to fax, printer and email.
  • Research on patient similarity algorithm using ML library. Prototyping using R, Scikit-Learn and Weka.
  • Data visualization using D3.js
  • Collect log data using logstash and send to Elasticsearch., create index and mappings, Write matching rules using Grok. Create dashboard using Kibana
  • Send data to Kafka, Consumed various clinical data from Kafka topics.
  • Develop micro service and API platform using nodejs, express, bootstrap, REST API, Docker. The service allows to create medical form based applications.
  • Design Cassandra table schema, persistent medical data into Cassandra, Wrote data persistent layer.
  • Technology evaluation on AKKA/SCALA, evaluated synchronization application for data exchange platform. Side project and research on Semantic search, Sparql and graphDB.
  • Hands on prototyping on application based on semantic search, NLP, Apache Spark and machine learning libraries.

Environment: JDK8, Java, Sprintboot, nodejs, React,Redux, express, Docker, Gradle,Junit, REST, Jekins, Jmeter, Elasticsearch, logstash, Kibana, Kafka,Docker, Intersystem ensemble, Intersystem healthshare, Allscripts touchwork, Meditech EMR, IBM Initiate (MPI), MirthMail,IHE profiles,HL7,CCD,CDA,XDSb,object script, shell script, xslt, xpath, xml, xsd,SOAP web service,scala,, Cassandra, weka, scikit-learn,R




  • Design enterprise service management platform using Java 8, Apache camel, FUSE ESB, Springframe work.JPA, JDBC, ActiveMQ
  • Develop routing, security, load balancing, failover, auditing etc. services using JbossFuse, Apache Camel, Apache CXF and Active MQ.
  • Develop various endpoint including FTP, Message Queue, CXF, HTTP, HDFS,event driven batch process, ETL process using Apache Camel.
  • Implemented various security schemas, including one way ssl, mutual authentication, message level encryption, STS, SAML etc using Apache Camel, Apache CXF webservice.
  • Implemented authorization module
  • Develop various alerts for Jboss Operation network to monitor fuse container status, web service status and host platform status like CPU, memory etc.
  • Develop performance tests using Openload.
  • Write Test case to achieve more than 90% code test coverage.
  • Work with redhat support team to solve application issues.
  • Use S3 API for storing document on AWS cloud
  • Big data platform installation and configuration, including Hadoop, Cassandra, Impala, Cloudera, Spark.
  • Big data implementation research.

Environment: Java, JDK8, FuseESB, JbossFuse, Spring, Apache Camel, Active MQ,CXF, HDFS,Jetty, SSL, SOAP,JSON, Keytool, Hadoop, Cassandra, Impala, Cloudera,Spark, hibernate, SOAPUI

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