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Sr. Web Analyst, Digital Analytics Lead Resume

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New York City, NY


Digital Analytics Tools & Reporting: Webtrends 8, 9, 10 setup and migration, dashboards and custom reporting and design, campaign design and tracking, Funnel and Goal metrics, Heatmaps, Webtrends Explore, Webtrends Stream, Webtrends SmartReports and REST URLs API, Adobe SiteCatalyst, Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics, Tableau Dashboards, Data Segmentation, UX Reporting and Analysis, SQL/ODBC Queries and strings, Social Networks Analytics, Adobe Dynamic Tag Management (DTM), Tealium (Tag Manager), Google Tag Manager, Webtrends Infinity Analytics, Mixpanel, Google Analytics 360, Mobile Web and App Analytics, Campaign Management (tracking & reporting)

SEO/SEM: Search Engines Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) methodologies and techniques, Google AdWords, Google AdSense, Google & Bing Webmaster Tools (Search Consoles)

Digital Advertising Tools & Tracking: Open AdStream (OAS), Travidia, MJX Ads Codes, Google AdWords (Search, Video, Mobile, Shopping & Display Advertising), 3rd Party Ads tagging (Floodlights, DoubleClick, Atlas, VersaTags/Sizmek, Quantcast, RevTrax, Marin Tracking)

Coding: HTML, XML, CSS, CGI, Perl, ASP, PHP, JavaScript, JSP, Server Side Frames (SSF) modules, Windows PowerShell, VisualBasic

Project Management: Initiating, planning, executing, controlling and monitoring, and closing traditional and strategic projects; CPM and CCM schedule planning; project quality and cost management; Scorecards; Earned Value Project Management (EVPM), Customer Voice Tables, Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) tracking and monitoring

Documentations: Project Plans, Scope Statement, Project Charter, RFI/RFQ/RFP, RFP Scorecards, Business Master Plans, Business Case and Narrative, Quality Assurance Policy, Project Lessons Learned, Strategic Roadmaps and Frameworks, Process Configuration Management Plan, User’s Manual and Handbook, Test Plan, Risk Assessment and Management Plan, Implementation Plan, Business Requirement Document (BRD), Technical Specifications Design

Workplace Applications: MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook), MS Project, MS Visio, SPSS, MS FrontPage

Platforms & Content Management Systems: Ektron CMS400.NET, Paperthin CommonSpot CMS, MS SharePoint

Database Applications: MySQL, MS SQL


Confidential, New York City, NY

Sr. Web Analyst, Digital Analytics Lead


  • Responsible for ensuring quality web analytics implementations and providing technical and analytic support for end users
  • Provide technical insight and design solutions for new tracking functionalities
  • Provide critical customer, campaign, and website insights to drive the business forward
  • Leverage quantitative and qualitative data to produce analysis and recommendations that are data - driven, clear, and effective
  • Setup Digital Analytics framework and enforce best practices
  • Manage the Digital Analytics strategy and lead all digital analytics initiatives
  • Build the Digital Analytics Center of Excellence (Strategic Offerings and Framework, Scope, Service Request Process, Reflexive Questioning, Master plan, Implementation plan, Resourcing plan and Risk Assessment) and promote adoption
  • Re-platform Digital Analytics tools and manage their systems
  • Evaluate current Digital Analytics tools (Webtrends Analytics, Webtrends Infinity Analytics) and practice, and explore the feasibility of migrating to new analytics tool (Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics 360 Suite or Mixpanel)
  • Issue and manage RFI/RFP for New Analytics tool and setup scoring guidelines and best practices
  • Introduce new ideas around Analytics Practice, Team Collaboration, and Leadership via Innovation and Gamification monthly plans
  • Utilize SEO and SEM practice and leverage Return of Investment (ROI) by applying best practice and innovative techniques (i.e. optimizing website contents to turn organic search traffic into revenue generator using snippets such as Google Quick Answers)
  • Develop short-term and long-term Digital Analytics Strategies to adopt more Analytics tools (i.e. Tag Management, Hash Tag Analytics, Speech Search Analytics, Tags Validation and Auditing Tool)
  • Validate current tagging code and structure, identify issues and develop fix solutions for all internal and external websites using automated and manual validation methodologies
  • Develop monthly Executive Summary Dashboard and integrated reporting solutions via REST APIs, We Queries into MS Excel and links into Tableau
  • Build stories around monthly dashboard insights, monitor progression and communicate to Senior Leadership team
  • Setup tagging strategies, provide tags implementation guidelines and coaching and help validating and testing tags
  • Lead Mobile App tagging efforts using Webtrends Mobile SDK tags packages

Confidential, Parsippany, NJ

Sr. Digital Analytics Consultant/Analytics Implementation Lead


  • Managing and leading Webtrends, 3rd party tags (Floodlights, Atlas, VersaTags/Sizmek, Quantcast, RevTrax, Marin Tracking) and Adobe DTM (Dynamic Tag Management) tags implementations
  • Designing custom parameters, Java functions, reports and Versa Tags
  • Reports and Dashboards analysis and integrations for Webtrends, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, YouTube Analytics, Google & Bing Webmaster Tools, Adobe SiteCat, Tableau 3rd Party Tags and Sizmek/MediaMind
  • Admin Analytics platforms (Webtrends Analytics 9.2.b/10 and Explore, Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools)
  • Leading Diabetes Care brands (US and Global) Analytics and Implementations
  • Supporting Marketing Campaigns for over 1200 of Bayer Brands/websites, SEO and SEMs
  • Building and implementing Web Analytics best practices and standards
  • Automating Web Analytics processes (On-boarding, Access and Reports setup requests)
  • Building solid relationships with brand teams and agencies, and communicating engagement models
  • Lean Management and Complexity reduction key player
  • Leading Latin America Animal Health brands (Brazil) Analytics and Implementations
  • Cross-functional teaming and communication, and Project Management improvement Workgroups member

Confidential, NYC, NY

Sr. Web Analytics Engineering Lead - Consultant


  • Design and re-engineer a breakthrough http call/Java Tags redirect model to override DMZ zoning issues
  • Script and automate a weekly Web Analytics platform Ready-for-Business (RFB) check
  • Automate several tasks related to Weblogs transfer/archiving, datasources pre-analysis and Webtrends storage repository cleanup using VisualBasic, Perl and Windows PowerShell scripts respectively
  • Lead engineering efforts of Webtrends and in-house/3rd party alerting systems (Scout and Netcool) integration for Level I and II Web Operations support
  • Re-architect and build the MSSB's Webtrends platform, and migrate current Webtrends application settings, configurations and profiles over to the new platform
  • Implement and maintain the Webtrends distributed enterprise-level environments (PROD, BCP and BCP)
  • Design and setup Advanced Reports (Path Analysis, Scenario Analysis, Ad Impressions, URL Parameter Analysis)
  • Manage, maintain and support MySQL database for Webtrends 8.0a and MS SQL for Webtrends 9.2b
  • Build Engineering Document/Runbook and Wiki Site, and document the best practices, processes and research of the latest techniques for the Webtrends system and application measurement and tuning
  • Conduct Webtrends platform load testing, performance analysis and troubleshooting
  • Develop and maintain Webtrends PROD to BCP Fail-over and BCP to PROD Fail-back processes
  • Work closely with MSSB's existing client base to develop custom reports and dashboards to meet their requirements, as well as to on-board new client applications onto the Webtrends platform
  • Coach and help MSSB in building a Web Analytics practice and standards, work with Business and App Dev partners in taking it to the next level, as well as develop and implement Webtrends Engagement Model
  • Lead technical team members on various tasks and elements of Webtrends Analytics
  • Conduct Webtrends Analytics 9 demos to evaluate platform performance and capabilities

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Webtrends Developer - Consultant


  • Review, analyze, and evaluate online business applications and user needs and write detailed description of user metric reports needs, application functions, and tracking JavaScript functions and parameters all in the Technical Specifications Design document
  • Develop and implement Webtrends tagging engagement and communication protocol and processes
  • Develop custom JavaScript tags and parameters and implement them into Confidential ’s Web applications
  • Design and setup Advanced Reports (Path Analysis, Scenario Analysis) for Web Portals
  • Manage, maintain and support Webtrends’ MySQL database for version 8.1 and MS SQL for version 8.5
  • Develop Custom setup request forms and requirements
  • Customize and implement dcsMultiTrack function to track Dynamic Forms, Ajax Interactions and Events launch JS
  • Develop, implement and test Smart View setup approaches to work for WebSphere/Web Logic based Portals
  • Design and implement Webtrends reports into SharePoint Dashboards for Channel Technology Senior Managers
  • Train and coach technical team members on various topics and elements of Webtrends Analytics software
  • Debug and validate JS tracking code and calls errors using Fiddler, Http Watch, IE Watch and Firebug
  • Play key role in evaluating and piloting demos for WT Analytics 9, WT Datamart and WT Mobile Analytics
  • Validate SDC tags and raw data entries, document and communicate findings to appropriate Product and Dev teams
  • Track, monitor and update defects using HP Quality Center and Perforce
  • Support and admin ClearQuest User Accounts

Confidential, Princeton, NJ

Web Analytics Consultant


  • Review, estimate and negotiate new Webtrends PV licensing
  • Analyze and review technical issues and provide Webtrends system troubleshooting and analysis data recovery
  • Develop Web Analytics Workbook and Questionnaire and use it to Setup Web Analytics framework, strategy and business requirements for new launched Confidential Store website and profile
  • Develop custom tags and parameters and implement them into Confidential Store selected pages
  • Develop Marketing Campaign setup processes and setup profiles, templates and custom reportlets in Webtrends
  • Manage, maintain and support Webtrends’ MySQL database
  • Develop and execute Data Retention Plan and storage cleanup for Web Analytics environment
  • Upgrade Webtrends system from 8.0 to 8.5 through 8.1, optimize application components and maintain stability
  • Develop Custom and Advanced Reports Setup request forms and requirements
  • Validate Tomcat log files generated by 3rd party Apache server and modify these files for Webtrends analysis
  • Customize and implement Multisource/Multi Tracking methodologies for mieleusa.com reporting profiles integration

Confidential, Secaucus, NJ

Web Analytics Analysis Consultant


  • Optimized Web Analytics environment for the best performance
  • Assessed Web Analytics needed licensing and server requirements
  • Responsible for technical analysis, implementation of Webtrends application, and development of Webtrends standard query parameters and custom JavaScript tags
  • Reviewed, analyzed, and evaluated business systems and user needs and wrote detailed description of user metric reports needs, application functions, and performed technical analysis of steps required to develop Web Analytics system, application components and related reports
  • Designed and setup Web Analytics (specifically Webtrends) distributed server environment including SmartSource Data Collector (SDC), Analysis and GeoTrends servers and SAN storage, and utilized MySQL database
  • Setup and supported Webtrends v. 8.1 in VM Ware environment
  • Created Project, Implementation, and Test Plans, developed Webtrends functional specifications and application design plan, managed and executed all these plans
  • Developed Custom Reports/Filters/Dimensions/Measures/Lookup tables/Categories using Webtrends
  • Provided technical Risk Assessment of impact of proposed technical solution on the environment
  • Applied technical expertise to deliver high quality technical solutions including storage, network security and coding
  • Conducted relationship and validated Business rules with internal Customer/Business area
  • Developed Web Analytics approaches to handle global size website operations with traffic from up to 165 countries
  • Developed Data retention strategies and recommended report and configuration backup options
  • Setup Web server (IIS) and SDC data sources and custom log fields
  • Developed Web Analytics setup and configuration manual for each system delivered
  • Administrated custom data collection from web applications, report creation, analysis and Data collection server environment
  • Evaluated and advised on demoed Web Analytics solutions such as Omniture SiteCatalyst
  • Setup Knowledge Base that contained UAT test cases, System/User Setup Manuals and FAQs, Project Implementation, test and Change Management plans from several sources on Lotus Notes
  • Developed Perl scripts for Logs parsing in Pre-Analysis, Search and Replace (SnR)

Confidential, Princeton, NJ

Web Analytics Consultant


  • Analyzed business goals and helped selecting the best analytics package and number of licenses
  • Setup Webtrends system in Windows environment and application settings (Profiles/Filters/Reports/Dashboards)
  • Provided FTP, Log processing and archiving, MySQL and IIS solutions to support the E-commerce business model
  • Developed, executed, controlled and managed Project Management and Implementation Action Plans
  • Evaluated client’s internal domain, analyzed current issues and E-commerce process flow in their Web Outlet
  • Tackled dynamic website issues (i.e. URL Parameter definitions and string, MS SQL database Translational Tables)
  • Customized dynamic website query string and parameters to match analyzing requirements (ASP page types)
  • Developed a simplified Webtrends troubleshooting manual guide
  • Setup and executed Test Plans - User Acceptance (UAT) and Operational Acceptance (OAT) Tests
  • Investigated reporting needs and customized those reports to fulfill business needs
  • Provided reports full understanding: Search engines keywords/phrases, referrers, filters, define errors and risks
  • Negotiated Webtrends licensees pricing on their behalf
  • Provided senior managers/prospective users hands-on training on analytics best practices, how to plan campaigns, restructure strategies and align their business goals based on web measurements
  • Helped in measuring and testing the visitors’ online experience, site content and usability, and in increasing user’s engagement and conversion rates
  • Optimized site performance across online initiatives by providing easy access to products and contents
  • Communicated and shared online results and insights across the organization
  • Conducted Servlets sales activity analysis by running Visitors Tracking Session and using cookies classes
  • Established set of KPI standards to accomplish the relationship between numbers and educated stakeholders on it
  • Setup and created Webtrends user accounts and access to reports and dashboards at template and profiles levels
  • Developed Perl script to pull down the latest log file, via FTP connection, for processing and to archive the old log

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Technical Manager of Web Analytics and Advertising


  • Provided Technical Project Management - initiate, plan, execute, test and close technical projects
  • Setup Plans, technical guidelines, frameworks and requirements
  • Evaluated web analyzing and advertising systems, develop strategic goals, recommend new products
  • Demoed Omniture SiteCatalyst capabilities, reviewed technical needs and features, and implemented pilot test
  • Managed Web Analytics (Visual Science) and Advertising (OAS, Trividia) systems
  • Compiled Non Parsed Header (NPH-cachecore) scripts into CGI
  • Developed Search and Replace (SnR) Perl scripts
  • Maintained and Customize SSF modules/pages on Apache servers
  • Implemented Statistics/Advertising codes in SSF, Forums, Movabletypes (blogs, photos, videos), and 3rd party pages
  • Customized Page Tagging JavaScripts and MJX ads codes to match business needs
  • Planned Omnniture SiteCatalyst’s hybrid model (hosted and in-house) implementation and reviewed requirements
  • Evaluated and Tested the “Add Metrics” and Calculated Metrics” features, reporting capabilities and options in Omniture SiteCatalyst
  • Standardized JavaScript Page Tags to match Omniture Site Catalyst enhancement requirements
  • Managed array of File Serving Units (FSU), Data Processing Units (DPU), report and portal servers on daily base
  • Led group of Web Developers and System Administrators
  • Established and maintained a vendor/client relationships
  • Integrated multiple products into 1 package solution
  • Maintained and manage relationships with 14 affiliates (i.e. nj.com, mlive.com, pennlive.com, etc)

Confidential, Hoboken, NJ

Web Manager


  • IT/Web Project Management - initiating, planning, executing, controlling and monitoring, closing projects
  • Developed, managed and analyzed online/digital marketing (eMarketing) campaigns (landing pages, e-mail marketing, affiliates, digital banner ads, paid search engines/search engine marketing (SEM), etc)
  • Created and maintained key reports, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) dashboards and analysis for web traffic utilizing Webtrends and MySQL
  • Setup and customized Webtrends reports and fed senior managers with these reports
  • Established URL strategies to measure ads campaigns, scenario, path and parameter analysis
  • Tracked demographic and geographic data using visitor segmentation and distribution
  • Reported web activities/measurements based on 4 analyses: Monthly, Quarterly, 6 months, year-year
  • Conducted web activities and ROI analysis that helped senior managers to setup goals and align resources
  • Managed email list creation and segmentation using SQL
  • Gauged the value of a certain on-site announcement by analyzing the clickthroughs
  • Determined number of returning visitors the site is attracting, and evaluated the effectiveness of the online branding
  • Integrated Measurable Improvement Cycle (Measure-Report-Analyze-Decide-Act) into business model that helped focusing benchmarks and make incremental improvements to the website and customer experience
  • Conducted and analyzed measures that determined the depth of exploration and the conversion rate at which visitors downloaded files or attended online special events, and then registered in a class
  • Optimized search engine results by examining search phrases, and keywords, and took action on weak keywords
  • Determined which “paid” search engines are most effective by setting up ad campaigns as a referrer, and landing page, and examining how effective that campaign is
  • Used Google AdWord’s keyword traffic and cost estimates that helped in making informed decisions on choosing keywords and maximizing our budget
  • Setup a daily budget of dollars and a maximum cost for each click on our ad for Google AdWords
  • Helped understanding the visit cycle length that influenced how often we change the look of the home page, rotate featured products, and add new products that increased the customer’s retention.
  • Developed strategic roadmap framework to enhance web services/inventories, and increase brand awareness
  • Managed daily operations of Webtrends, MySQL database, content management systems and collaborative channels
  • Optimized websites performance by applying CSS optimization best practices
  • Designed and conducted A/B Tests and Regression Analysis
  • Managed the Process Configuration and supported the Quality Management processes
  • Developed Software Configuration Management guidance and practice for the eSeminars services
  • Planned and managed the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for the eSeminars web services
  • Led developing, updating, and maintaining the web sites’ contents, designs, forms and applications in HTML and Perl formats

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