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Software Engineer Resume


  • Over 10 years of professional experience developing Web based ERP/Business/Financial applications using PHP, MySQL, NodeJs, MongoDB, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS and Apache/NGINX in both Linux and Windows environment.
  • Strong knowledge writing code based on S.O.L.I.D principles and Software Design Patterns
  • Experienced working on Docker/Vagrant and deployment in Amazon and Digital Ocean cloud.
  • Experienced managing Amazon ECS.
  • Experienced with Jenkins and Rundeck build tool
  • Practicing Agile Development since 2008 and has professional experience implementing scrum and managing team as a Scrum Master
  • Experienced in Test Driven Development. Writing test cases using PHPUnit since 2013
  • Experienced in Behavior - Driven Development and writing behaviors using Behat framework
  • Experienced working on RDBMS (MySQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB) technologies
  • Developed REST API and SOAP API using PHP and NodeJS
  • Using version control system since 2006 and Git since 2012
  • Worked on different frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP, Kohana, Codeigniter, ExpressJS
  • Worked on different CMS such as Wordpress, Joomla, Expression Engine.
  • Using Object Relational Mapping since 2011 and worked with Doctrine, Eloquent, PhpActiveRecord and Mongoose
  • Strong knowledge of implementing payment methods including Paypal, Authorize.net.
  • Strong knowledge of implementing different API's including facebook, twitter, Amazon, eBay, Magento API.
  • Experienced on Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery using Bamboo, Jenkins
  • Sound knowledge about other technologies includes Android, JAVA, Python, C# etc.
  • Strong troubleshooting skills, ability to manage projects, possess good interpersonal skills and key team player.
  • Motivated and energetic individual to work independently as well as within a team
  • Repeatedly demonstrated an ability to adapt to continuously changing business environment and new technologies
  • Experience in presenting demos to stakeholders and negotiating tasks with the product owners
  • Experience in resource management, task estimation, planning and budgeting.
  • Worked on different domain including Bank, Game, MLM, e-Commerce, Education, Software Firm, Corporate Firm, Government and Private sectors.


Programming Languages: PHP, PHP7, Java, Python, C#, Object Oriented JavaScript, ES6

Web Technologies: AJAX, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, DOM, Bootstrap, jQueryUI

Databases: MySQL, MongoDB

Testing Tools: PHPUnit, Behat, Jest

Framework: Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP, Codeigniter, Kohana, Lumen, Silex, Android, Angular JS, Node JS, Express JS

Paradigms: Agile, Waterfall

Methodology: TDD, BDD, Scrum, Continuous Delivery, Code Refactoring

Development Tools: PHPStorm, IntelliJ, Zend Studio, Eclipse, VI, Eclipse, Netbeans

Version Control System: GIT, Bitbucket, SVN

Operating Systems: Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu), Windows

Web Server: Apache, Nginx

Cloud Platform: Docker, Heroku, Amazon lambda, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, AWS EC2, AWS ECS, Amazon RDS

Platforms: Sonar, Sauce Labs

Management Tools: Phing, JIRA, Bamboo, Jenkins, Rundeck

Queue Job: RabbitMQ



Software Engineer


  • Dockerize existing micro-services and schedule jobs
  • Move existing schedule jobs from Jenkins to Rundeck
  • Remove/Reduce bash code, instead override docker container using AWS
  • Write shell script for build
  • Ensure migration of schedule jobs producing the same results
  • Create Amazon ECS task definition for schedule jobs
  • Modify code to make it compatible for new platform.
  • Add more logs and ensure those are exists in logz.io

Environment: PHP7, MySQL, Bit-Bucket, Amazon ECS, Docker, Amazon RDS, PHP PCNTL, Bash/Shell Programming, Silex Framework, JIRA, Hipchat, Jenkins, Rundeck, Logz.io


System Developer


  • Responsible for adding different features into our back-end system, shop, photographer upload management system, statistics and invoicing system.
  • Developed application using custom MVC Framework.
  • Responsible for designing architecture by developing modules for the system.
  • Implemented different design patterns like singleton pattern, factory pattern, registry pattern and model view controller pattern.
  • Worked on applications and developed them with XML, JSON, PHP7, MySQL,.
  • Experience with implementation of Zend Framework components including Zend Application, Zend Controller (for MVC), Zend DB, Zend Cache, Zend Auth and Zend Form.
  • Involved in Database modeling and Optimized Queries.
  • Integrated different client’s API into our back-end system.
  • Code re-factoring, code review.
  • Created REST API’s for our own products.
  • Fixing bugs and legacy support of old features.
  • Write test cases using PHPUnit and validate business specification.
  • Image processing using Imagick.
  • Actively involved in database upgrade and wrote script to migrate database data in batches.
  • Responsible for optimization of databases, including database structure, stored procedures and server level tuning, reducing load by 55%.
  • Optimized web and application to increase application capacity and reduce response time.
  • Participated in all phases of the software development life-cycle, requirements, design, implementation, testing, documentation, and maintenance.

Environment: Nginx, PHP7, MySQL, JavaScript, Ajax, Bootstrap, Image Processing, iMagick, GitHub, REST API Development, Fresh Service, Zend components, Webpack, Redis, Memcache, PHP PCNTL, RabbitMQ, Custom MVC Framework, Webhook


Senior Software Engineer


  • Developed multi vendor marketplace system for "City Deals Network" website using NodeJS, Laravel, Wordpress
  • Introduced and used JIRA agile board for better project management, writing stories, managing agile board, issues etc,
  • Introduced and used Bit-bucket for "City Deals Network" website project for version controlling.
  • Designed the whole architecture of the marketplace micro-service
  • Implemented Scrum practice and managing scrum meetings
  • Website performance tuning and code cleanup
  • SQL query optimization.
  • CSS/JS load optimization
  • Implemented Memcache caching for faster page load.
  • Partially implemented continuous integration and deployment using Jenkins
  • Used Docker with MEAN stack for the environment and deployment to digital ocean cloud and later to private cloud.
  • MongoDB database used for order records
  • MySQL database used for portal
  • AngularJS framework used for front-end UI
  • ExpressJS framework used for back-end system
  • Developed REST api to communicate through different app.
  • Json Web Token (JWT) used for token authentication
  • Used Mongoose ORM.
  • Paypal payment method implemented
  • Developed order processing micro-service from scratch which initially planned to be a wordpress plug-in that helped to manage the system separately and scaling in mind
  • Implemented load balancing.
  • Contribution to the strategic decision, managing and adding resource, budgeting, estimation.
  • Contribution to increase productivity through reviewing of scrum retrospective.
  • After implementation of scrum, productivity increased to 40% and communication between stake holders become faster which helped us to get $1M more investment.

Environment: JIRA, Memcache, Varnish, Nginx, Agile/Scrum, DigitalOcean Cloud, PHP7, Wordpress, NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, AngularJS, Ajax, Bootstrap, GitHub, REST API Development, Docker, Jenkins, Laravel, Gulp, Grunt, SocketIO

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