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Senior Mobile Application Developer Resume

New, YorK


  • 9 Plus years of extensive mobile (Android &Hybrid) application development experience with strong knowledge of various programming languages including Java, HTML, Java Script and CSS.
  • Specialized in delivering mobile apps and enterprise class software solutions for big systems.
  • Working experience with multiple Agile /Waterfall application development projects. Good at creating artifacts, such as Product Requirement Documents, Technical Design Documents, Quality Assurance Testing, etc.
  • Remarkable experience of using numerous Android Framework.
  • Proficient in providing Web Services, Database Management, Locations Services, Audio, Graphics and Animation capabilities in Applications. Through understanding design patterns, MVC architecture and other concepts like Delegation and Protocols.
  • Experienced in developing hybrid mobile applications using JQuery Mobile, Cordova Plugin, HTML5/CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Experienced in using various Databases, such as SQLite.
  • Experienced in developing Multi - View Applications (including Master-Detail View) that uses Web Services including SOAP and Restful to efficiently establish and maintain connections to server.
  • Experience with Multi factor Authentication.
  • Strong understanding of version control systems, namely GIT Repo and SVN.
  • Expert in converting business requirements into technical solutions.
  • Extensively used XML, JSON parsing.
  • Worked on prevention for SQLITE injection, Side Channel Data Leakage, SSL implementation, Man in the Middle Attack
  • Proficient in Implementing Adobe Analytics for tracking in IOS application.
  • Proficient in Implementing Google Analytics for tracking in IOS application.
  • Experienced in Compression/Decompression, Encryption/Decryption
  • Expertise in Unit, Regression, Performance, Security Testing.
  • Implemented OAuth for Gmail, Facebook, Instagram.


Languages: JAVA/J2EE, Perl, Python, Jython, Shell Script, Windows Script, JavaScript

Operating Systems: VM-Ware X86, Red Hat Enterprise Linux V6, UNIX (AIX 5.3, AIX 6.1), Solaris 9/10, Windows 2003, Windows 2008 R2, Mac OS X 10.8, Windows XP, Windows 7, 10Android SDK, Windows, Linux

IDE: Android Studio, Visual Studio, Eclipse

Frameworks and Architecture: HTTP Server Servlets, MVC, MVVM

Databases: SQLite, MySQL

Web Technology: HTML5, XML, CSS3

Version Control: GIT


Confidential, New York

Senior Mobile Application Developer


  • As a Mobile Expert my role is to analyze the requirement, design and develop the application and enable collaboration and coordination with PSAL Official.
  • Created the Playoff Bracket for all the Sports.
  • Created check-in check-out component for Coach/Trainer/Doctor/Official can go to the Game field and enter Scores and log their in and Out time.
  • Responsible for fixing all the Production defect for PSAL App.
  • Developed Proof of Concept for Calendar synchronization.
  • Developed a Proof of Concept for Finger Print Authentication and OAuth Integration
  • Responsible for PCR development.
  • Responsible for Application Security for the App.
  • Created user interface using Hybrid Framework for PSAL Android App POC.
  • Worked on Cordova and Phone Gap for School Food App.
  • Worked on Side Channel Data Leakage in order to prevent Data sniffing for PSAL and School Food App.
  • Worked with Data Transport Layer Security by using HTTPS protocol.
  • Managed Data parsing using JSON and XML.
  • Implemented Map, Table view and slide show using IONIC Framework.
  • Integrated Google Analytics for tracking various screen and functionality of the PSAL App.
  • Performed Unit, Regression, Performance, Security Testing on the App.
  • Worked on HTML5 and CSS3 for School Food App.
  • Converted the App which is in iOS to Swift
  • Implemented Calendarsubscription for Official, Trainer, Athlete and Coach.
  • Implement Google Analytics for various screen, feature and service and user base tracking
  • Worked on KONY Framework for School Food App.
  • Responsible for Production Defect Fixing for School Food App.


Mobile Application Developer


  • As an application Developer my role is to realize and develop the application for Android Platform.
  • Worked in a team as single Android engineer, on multiple Android frameworks.
  • Actively involved in requirement analysis, designing, implementation and deployment in Agile SCRUM, 2 week sprints.
  • This App is developed using Cordova and JQuery Mobile.
  • Nuance Voice authentication third-party framework has been used for Authentication purpose.
  • Implemented the table view controller with custom table view cell which include buttons, imageview and label.
  • Responsible for integration of Access Control App with the Mobile Refresh App.
  • Responsible in deploying applications on Android device.
  • Responsible for fixing the defects.
  • Worked on the Architecture of Authentication for Access Control App.
  • Worked on continuous integration for deployment.
  • Implemented Google Analytics for both the App.
  • Followed Git workflow for managing the application source code
  • Optimized IOS CODE before deployment
  • Established and maintained productive working relationship with scrum master and team members
  • Created reusable component for all the various apps in Confidential .
  • Worked on Adobe Analytics.
  • Used category and protocols to extend the Objective-C classes to create delegates for notifications.


Mobile Application Developer


  • Developed a Generic Static Library, which can interact with any Android Application (any number).
  • Managed Authentication by using Compression and Encryption Algorithm.
  • Integrated Payment Gateway with PayPal Server.
  • Implemented Dynamic Web service on SAP Database.
  • Worked on User Agent to implement Device Detection in iPhone.
  • Implemented Google Analytics features.
  • Implemented synchronous and Asynchronous HTTP and HTTPS Service Call
  • Worked on Data and File Synchronization, Forgot/Reset Password feature,
  • Logout Feature, Session Handling for iOS app, OAuth Implementation, Error Log
  • Transactions, Push notification.
  • Have deployed application on any Android devices.
  • Involved in User Interface Design, involved in defect fixing, Performance testing
  • Involved in designing the Framework.
  • Managed Data parsing using JSON and XML.
  • Developed a dynamically generated form. Used JSON Parser and XML

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