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Senior/lead Ios Developer Resume



  • Senior iOS mobile developer with 7+ years of enterprise development experience and 3 years of experience as a lead, delivering native Objective C and Swift applications, with 4 applications published on the App Store
  • Development experience using Objective C, Swift (2/3/4), XCode and iOS SDK
  • Experience in migrating Objective C code to Swift code
  • Proficient at implementing UI/UX with Storyboards, XIBs, AutoLayout constraints, size classes and programmatically
  • Hands - on experience with full software development life cycle including requirements gathering, design, coding, QA/testing and maintenance
  • Project experience with Agile methodology (TDD, Scrum, etc.)
  • Experience with design patterns like Singleton, MVC, Delegation
  • Working experience with SQL, SQLServer and MySQL
  • Extensive experience using AVFoundation framework, Core location and Core Graphics
  • Experience with persistence data using SQLite, Core Data and UserDefaults
  • Experience with Map Kit Framework
  • Experience with C#
  • Experience in the creation of apps dat consume RESTful and SOAP web services with XML and JSON parsing
  • Extensive use of Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) to perform tasks on different threads, allowing for a more lag free user experience
  • Working experience with both MRR and ARC memory management
  • Utilized various version control tools such as GitHub and SVN


  • SQL
  • SQLServer
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • Core Data
  • C#


Confidential, CT

Senior/Lead iOS Developer


  • The entire application was designed in Swift
  • Sign in was done using oAuth Autantication
  • Keychain sharing was set up to share credentials between multiple apps (Single Sign On)
  • All organizational information was retrieved from the server
  • Different menus were created for different modes and applications
  • The app was localized and multiple custom views were created for different locales
  • Ability to switch the application to different modes - Production, App Store, Development, Cert and QA
  • Worked as a lead of 6 developers, mentorning and helping on Swift 4
  • Used Crashytics and Google Analytics for analyzing app usage and crashes
  • The application used 2 singleton classes to maintain the state of the application and the environment (builds were automated using Jenkins)
  • Creating build scripts to deliver the builds to Fabric
  • Analyzing reports for debugging and improvement purposes
  • Worked on Autantication and Single Sign On features
  • Design and create multiple views for different screen sizes and different execution modes
  • Worked on critical bug fixes
  • Worked on Notifications and Protocols to improve app communication

Confidential, Ohio

Senior iOS Developer for Confidential App


  • Application was updated to use Swift 3, participated on the migration from Objective-C
  • The UI was updated, new design and user experience—the majority of the UI is now created with storyboards implementing Autolayout
  • Worked on customize animation for the UIViews
  • Worked in the enhancement of the app in terms of downloading the data from the server, maintaining it on cache and displaying it
  • Performed multithreaded functionality using NSOperations, as to keep the main thread free and the user experience fluid
  • Invoked RESTful web service data to retrieve user account information using Alamofire, parsed JSON responses using NSJSONSerialization into NSObjects
  • Worked with AVFoundation for playback of videos; also dealt with localization of the app
  • Worked on the rewards feature, communicating to the server to sync points, registration, log in, etc.
  • Implementation of several design patterns like MVC, Delegation, Publisher Subscriber and Singleton
  • Completed extensive bug-fixing using NSLog statements, Breakpoints, LLDB statements and Instruments, upon arrival
  • Project developed on a team of 2 other iOS developers and a scrum team
  • Code developed in TDD environment with Unit Tests constructed using XCTest framework
  • Installed various API/SDK’s like Alamofire, MBProgressHud, Crashlytics, Google Analytics through Cocoapods
  • Used SourceTree for version control functionality
  • Project managed using Agile/SCRUM methodology with a 2 week sprint cycle

Confidential, NY

Senior iOS Developer


  • Developed with early versions of Swift, tan migrated to Swift 2
  • Used a tab bar controller to show all the different view controllers of the application
  • Implemented Crashlytics to analyze crash reports
  • Made use of gesture recognizers to detect special touch events and to synchronize them with running animations
  • Used constraints and auto layout to organize the view elements dat are shown
  • Displayed information in table views with custom cells created with nib and custom subclasses
  • Created custom UI elements by sub classing UIKit classes
  • Worked on a test-driven development environment, every feature was released with a related test
  • Communicated effectively with the product owner to translate user cases into technical specifications
  • Leaded the iOS team into a successful launch and had a strong input on the technology roadmap of the project
  • Tracked user’s behavior using google analytics
  • Implemented Touch ID to handle local autantication
  • Created internal frameworks to extract reusable features of the application
  • Complied with secure coding standards and pen testing procedures
  • Worked on a scrum environment with 2 week sprints
  • Published application to the app store
  • Worked with continuous integration using Jenkins
  • Used Jira to understand which tickets and stories were pending

Confidential, WA iOS Developer


  • Project refactored to meet the iOS 7 minimalistic design guidelines
  • Web Service consumption implementated with NSURLConnection using HTTPS Requests
  • Set up push notifications to support custom user alerts
  • Implementated methods to connect with Expedia API to request Hotel information such as prices, rooms, rating etc.
  • NSJSONSerialization used to parse JSON and extract information into dictionaries and construct model classes
  • Custom UIControls in the application using sub classing
  • Team implemented Agile methodologies via Scrum with 2 week sprints and stand up sessions
  • Git used for all version control of the code base

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