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Front End (ui) Web Developer Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Having 7 Years of experience in Software Design, Development and Testing. Expertise in Designing and Developing Web applications.
  • Experience in designing User Interface (UI) applications and professional web applications using AngularJS, AJAX, JSF, JSP, JSON, Bootstrap, Backbone, Responsive designing
  • Strong working noledge of HTML 5, CSS 3, Webpack, ES6.
  • Experienced in designing Using Web Standards and developing table - less layouts.
  • Extensive experience in web design using CSS3, D3js, Bootstrap, Adobe Illustrator, AEM (Adobe Experience Manager 6.2).
  • AJAX driven web service calls using JavaScript and jQuery framework.
  • Extensive experience in writing JUnit test cases using selenium web driver and experience in implementing data driven and keyword driven frameworks.
  • Experience with various MVC Java frameworks like Angular.JS, EXT.JS, Backbone.JS, D3.js, Node.JS, bootstrap.JS, require .JS, D3.JS, etc.
  • Experience in Developing Applications Using CSS 3 Media Queries, SASS, LESS and Responsive Web Design making the Web Pages Fluid across Multiple Devices. (Grid, Fluid layouts and Break Point Approaches).
  • Advanced level skills in using Web Services technologies like UDDI, WSDL, and SOAP.
  • Extensive noledge-based in JavaScript, especially using jQuery in AJAX-driven web applications.
  • Developed several SPA (Single Page Applications) in JavaScript library like Angular.js.
  • Good Understanding of Document Object Model (DOM) and DOM Functions.
  • Expertise in Client Side designing and validations using HTML5, CSS and Java Script.
  • Designed and developed HTML Wrappers using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3.
  • Skilled in working with software tools like Dreamweaver and Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Sound Understanding and good Experience with Object Oriented JavaScript and Implementation.
  • Good Experience working with High Traffic Websites.
  • Knowledge of complete SDLC of the project involving Design, Development, Testing and Implementation of the Project.
  • Extensively worked on agile methodology.
  • Possess excellent communication and Problem-Solving skills and the ability to work as a team member, as well as independently.
  • Experience working with a wide range of applications in all phases.
  • Excellent working noledge and thorough exposure on compatibility issues with different versions of browsers like IE, Mozilla FF, and Chrome.
  • Worked on IDE's like Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Visual Studio to build HTML pages.
  • Worked in various version control systems - SVN, GIT & TFS.


Operating Systems: Windows 8,7,xp, Linux, IOS

Programming Languages: JQuery, Angular JS, Java, SQL

Web (UI) Technologies: HTML, XHTML, DHTML, XML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, Angular JS and jQuery

XML Technologies: SAX and DOM (parsers)

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, Mongo dB, MSSQL Server

Application Servers: WebLogic, Apache, Tomcat

Browsers: IE, Mozilla and Chrome, Safari

Development Tools: Eclipse, Dreamweaver, Web Matrix, Web storm, TextPad, Notepad++, Firebug, MS Visual Studio for web.

Open Source: Tomcat, log4J,JUnit,Ant,Putty,WinScp,Tortoise,vspehereclient

Configuration Control: CVS, SVN, GIT

Methodology: Object Orient Analysis, Design and Development using UML

Project Management Tools: Jira, Rally, Scrum works, Team track


Confidential, Atlanta GA

Front End (UI) Web Developer


  • Designed and developed various Web forms using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap4, Angular 6 and JavaScript.
  • Created the single page application using Angular 6, JavaScript, Type Script and the state of the application is kept in store and is accessed using selectors where ever needed.
  • Used Angular-material in the application for responsive layouts, grid, and to reuse the UI Components.
  • Created various angular components, services, dependency Injection, forms and used angular life cycle hooks to tune the behavior of the components.
  • Used Angular 6 for templating for faster compilation and developing reusable components.
  • Created forms using Angular-material and used property and event binding to bind data to the form and performed patch update from the form inputs.
  • Created Typescript reusable components and services to consume REST API's using Component-based architecture provided by Angular 6.
  • Implemented HTTP requests using Rxjs Observable library to handle multiple values over time.
  • Used NGRX/store to maintain the state of the application.
  • Good noledge on creating services with Angular 6 @injectable property, as to make the service available for dependency injection when creating components.
  • Maintaining Parent and child elements by using State and Props in React JS
  • React and Functional Driven JavaScript expert in SPAs, UI Components, Mobile web and Performance optimization
  • Involved in developing presentational and container components using React and JSX
  • Efficiency in management skills, communication and ability to work under strict deadlines
  • Highly motivated team player with strong communication, analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Proven ability to manage multiple projects and concurrent responsibilities in a highly dynamic environment.
  • Written the test cases using the testing framework JASMINE and run those tests in the KARMA test runner.
  • Working noledge on SVN, GIT, Bit Bucket, Perforce version control systems.
  • Designed applications that execute on various browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera using various debugging tools like Firebugs/IE Developer Tools.
  • Used Responsive Web Design so that the website is compatible with different devices like desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.
  • Experience using continuous integration and continuous deployment using Jenkins and GIT
  • Implemented Agile methodology & Involved in daily SCRUM meetings to keep track of the ongoing project status and issues for faster development

Environment: HTML4/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JQuery, AJAX, AEM, Agile, Oracle, JIRA, Karma, Jasmine, SASS, SCSS, ES6, UI design, Web pack, Gulp, JavaScript (ES6/7), Typescript, Angular 6, Angular CLI, NGRX, GIT, Git Lab, Agile and SCRUM methodology.

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

Front End (UI) Web Developer


  • Developed single page applications using Angular 2/4/5, Typescript, HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap.
  • Experience building presentational and functional components aptly to increase performance.
  • Involved in design and development phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Worked with the back-end Developers to gather requirements and enhance the application functionality and add new features.
  • Used agile methodology for the Software development and participated in Scrums and Sprints for developing the infrastructure.
  • Experience working with Reactive Forms and its validations.
  • Good noledge on creating services with Angular 2/4 @injectable property, as to make the service available for dependency injection when creating components.
  • Good noledge on using Angular APIs like @angular/http For making HTTP requests, @angular/common Common core things including form validation, @angular/router Routing for our entire app .
  • Designed the page using Bootstrap and some custom CSS.
  • Experience with many data fetch libraries like RxJS Observables.
  • Implemented dashboards that monitor incoming aggregated data with Pie, Bar and Sparkline charts.
  • Experience writing unit tests for components using Karma in Angular2/4/5.
  • Involved in UI/UX conversations and implemented components appropriately with huge performance hits in mind.
  • Contributed in building custom responsive UI toolkit library.
  • Designed and documented REST/HTTP APIs, including JSON data formats and API versioning strategy.
  • Created various Angular 2/4 directives, components, DOM, expressions, templates, data binding, etc.
  • Implemented User Interface and integrated with backend code whenever the backend is ready.
  • Used Rational Clear Case for version control across common source code used by developers.
  • Designed highly responsive Web UI by using JQuery Libraries (JQuery AJAX) and Angular (Single Page Application).
  • Involved in bug fixing and assisted QA team in navigating through the pages.

Environment: Web Strom IDE, Angular 2/4/5, Bootstrap, Node.js, Chart.js, AJAX, Notepad++, JQuery, Typescript, JSON, Dreamweaver, SourceTree, JIRA, BitBucket, Confluence, Visual Studio Code, Git, Gulp, JSTL, Illustrator, Gulp, Bower, NPM (Node Package Manager), Yarn, Karma, Jasmine, Protactor, Firebug, HTML4/5, CSS3, moment.js, Underscore.js, SASS


Front End (UI) Web Developer


  • Implemented the front end using JSP, XHTML, DHTML, XML, CSS, React JS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript and used AJAX for dynamic web content.
  • Experience in developing react components for the partner homepages using React JS.
  • Involved in developing front end (UI) of the application using Angular JS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, and CSS3.
  • Angular JS tinplating uses a combination of customizable HTML tags and expressions.
  • Designed various routing mechanisms and implemented http functionality in AngularJS in order to retrieve data from web servers.
  • Implemented Angular controllers to maintain each view data and customized data tables and high charts into Angular JS directives.
  • Used Node JS to run Web pack tasks and build properly the project.
  • Implemented modules into Node JS to integrate with designs and requirements
  • Experience with AWS accessed over http using REST architectural style.
  • Customized the Node.js server to pick the local Package, JSON and run the applications without changing the local paths and variables
  • Implemented UI components and validations using JQuery and DOJO libraries
  • Used Node JS to run Grunt tasks and build properly the project (compile, minify, concat etc.)
  • Developed non-functional HTML, CSS pages from the mock ups and involved in UI review with UI architect and Business Units.
  • Using AWS for providing online services to other websites and client-side applications.
  • Created JSP's, Conversations, POJOs, Services and DAO.
  • Involved in implementing the UI to support all the major browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome
  • Developed the client interface for back office bolster and worked cooperatively in Agile scrum group on the outline and improvement of use based MVC system utilizing AngularJS 2.0, HTML 5.0 and CSS3
  • Involved in the development of Functions, Triggers for PL/SQL backend implementation and involved in Performance tuning.
  • Used for development of Java related classes and components using Eclipse 3.5 as IDE for developing the application.
  • Developed Unit Tests and Test Suites using Junit and used Log4j for traces and logs.

Environment: HTML 5.0, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, React JS, Node JS, Angular JS, SASS, Webpack, ES6, Gulp.

Confidential, Boston, MA

UI Developer


  • Worked on Cross-Browser compatibility and fixed the bugs for several browsers.
  • Developed and designed the various screens and its architecture in accordance to UI Specs following client branding standards.
  • Involved in complete Agile/SDLC - Requirement Analysis, Development, System and Integration Testing.
  • Used jQuery core library functions for the logical implementation part at client side for all the application.
  • Create and maintain web pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Java, J2EE and also responsible for Designing of Web pages including Ajax controls and XML.
  • Developed cross-browser/platform HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to match design specs for complex page layouts while adhering to code standards.
  • Involved to create different cross browser compatible user interactive web pages, using web technologies like HTML, XHTML, and CSS.
  • Worked on cross browser compatibility issues and fix the bugs pertaining to various browsers.
  • Worked with HTML, CSS background, CSS Layouts, CSS positioning, CSS text, CSS border, CSS margin, CSS padding, Pseudo elements and CSS behaviors.
  • Create cross-browser compatible and standards-compliant CSS-based page layout.
  • Followed MVC Structure to develop Application.
  • Design & Development using Java/J2EE, Web Services, Struts, XML, schemas, AJAX and Deployed on Web Sphere 6.1 Application Server running on Unix.
  • Worked with Bootstrap for compiling CSS, JavaScript and building the System with the convenient methods.
  • Extensively worked in defect maintenance of Front-End issues.
  • Implemented Sling servlets to provide Ajax handling.
  • Organized the internal site for managing environments, and project details using HTML, CSS.
  • Writing and Optimizing MySQL Queries and connect queries to PHP. JavaScript and jQuery easing the scrolling pages to tabbed template structure.
  • Application Data was accessed from MYSQL server using the JDBC Driver.
  • Implemented Joins, Mapping, Triggers, and Procedure functions on the Application Data using MySQL.
  • Edited web pages for achieving design goals with CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Created and maintained the framework and layout of each portal with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
  • Created cross-browser compatible and standards-compliant CSS-based page layouts.
  • Played a vital role in defining, implementing and enforcing quality practices in the team organization to ensure internal controls, quality and compliance policies and standards.
  • Maintained 24/7 high volume availability demands using open source tools such as Linux, Apache, PHP, and MySQL.

Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, XML, PHP, APACHE, MAC OS, ECLIPSE, SASS.


Web developer


  • Wrote JavaScript and jQuery to make sites interactive.
  • Used jQuery extensively to implement the AJAX driven application used internally.
  • Fixed Cross Browser issues in Internet Explorer 7+ (including IE9), Safari, Chrome, and Firefox and contributed Bug Fixes.
  • Rendered HTML from XML stream using XSLT as per the business logic for different widgets.
  • Wrote code to consume the JSON data as a part of jQuery, Ajax calls and update the DOM.
  • Done validation of HTML submission page with DHTML.
  • Involved in the design and development of presentation and web layers based on MVC Architecture.
  • Developed client-side validation scripts using JavaScript
  • Developed UI Components using Swing, Google Window Builder pro with eclipse RCP integration.
  • Designed UI Modules interfaces using AJAX controls like paginations, Date Picker modules using Data Picker Widget.
  • Developed the front-end using HTML, JavaScript, Java Swing (AWT) and JSP.
  • Developed the validations by using Java Script.
  • Developed the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which gives the entire site a dynamic look.
  • Developed screen functionality using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Developed the front end with JSP, HTML, Servlets, JavaScript and CSS.

Environment: Java, JSP, HTML, Servlets, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, DHTML, JSON, XML, XSLT, JDBC, SQL, Swing, MVC, Ajax, XML, XSLT, MS SQL, SASS.


Web UI Developer


  • Performed the requirement analysis by interacting with key stakeholders to get the better understanding of the scope and deliverables of the project.
  • Developed Ajax framework for the project using jQuery, Servlet, JSP (for JavaScript event handling).
  • Used Ajax with jQuery controls for Listing all scripts in a grid and can edit it in the grid which will reflect in the database table as well (like margins).
  • Implemented JSP, JSF, Rich Faces, and Custom Tag Libraries, which are Ajax compatible.
  • Debugging websites, testing and updating them on daily basis.
  • Designed and Developed code for the XML driven UI using JSP, XML, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Designed and developed the user interface with various interactive forms using HTML, CSS.
  • JavaScript and programmed XML files to provided data access.
  • Performed the client-side data control and validation with the use of JavaScript.
  • Check for the usability standards in the pages designed according to the www standards
  • Used W3C validator to testing XHTML that dramatically halps improve and ensure quality in XHTML.
  • Used Fire fox XHTML validator and made XHTML files error free.
  • Used Subversion for source control.

Environment: JQuery, JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS, XHTML, AJAX.

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