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Sr. Ui Developer Resume

Belmont, CA


  • 8 years of Front - end Web Application Development experience.
  • Experience in Software life cycle phases like Requirement Analysis, Implementation and estimating the time-lines for the project.
  • Extensive experience in designing professional UI web applications using front-end technologies like HTML5, DHTML, CSS3, JavaScript, XML, DHTML, XHTML, JQuery, AJAX, JSON, Flash, AngularJS
  • Experience in designing User Interactive (UI) Webpages and visually appealing User Interfaces with the help of HTML 5 and CSS3 and LESS and SASS.
  • Deep understanding of Object Oriented JavaScript programming and JavaScript MVC framework.
  • Expertise working with standard JAVA/J2EE Design Patterns (MVC, Singleton, Session Façade, DAO, DTO, Intercepting Filter, Service Locator, Factory Method Business Delegate & Command Object).
  • Proficient in using AJAX for implementing dynamic Webpages where the content was fetched via API calls and updated the DOM (JSON Parsing).
  • Experience in various IDEs like Eclipse, NetBeans, Notepad++, SublimeText, Microsoft Visual, and Aptana studio.
  • Experience with various MVC Java frameworks like Angular.JS, Backbone.JS, Node.JS, bootstrap.JS, D3.JS, etc.
  • Designed web applications and web content utilizing various Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and Search Engine Strategies (SES) employed.
  • Solid expertise in developing Html pages based on DIV layout, W3C Compliance, Section 508 standards, Web 2.0, RIA, Web Accessibility, Web Usability and Cross browser platform
  • Experience in designing various forms, tooltips, menus, tabs, widgets that support drag-and-drop, animated effects, data and time selector.
  • Experience in monitoring the Production Environments under 24/7 (under on-call rotation) to meet the Service Level Agreements set by the management.
  • Ability to apply W3C web standards with great skills in achieving the best cross-browser user experience for sake of long-term user retention and engagement.
  • Experience in implementing cross-browser style-sheets.
  • Strong knowledge in Document Object Model and DOM functions.
  • Professional understanding of System development life cycle (SDLC) as well as various phases such as Analysis/Design, Development and Testing.
  • Extensive experience in Development, Implementation and testing in various application architectures, including E-Commerce, B2B, Distributed Applications, Internet /Intranet.
  • Participated in a structured software development process that included sprints with daily scrums, implementing feedback from quality assurance team members, and using version control software.
  • Excellent Team player with good Communication and Interpersonal skills.


Web Technologies: HTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3, DHTML, XML, XHTML, XSLT, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, JSON

JavaScript Libraries: Angular.js, Backbone.js, Node.js

IDE's and Tools: Eclipse IDE, NetBeans, Dreamweaver, Firebug, SublimeText, Notepad++

Development Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS5, Google Ad Words, Yahoo Search Marketing(spring tool suite)

Publishing Tools: Adobe PageMaker, MS Office

Wire Frame Tools: Adobe Illustrator CS3(basic idea on wire frame and visual design), Omigraffle.

Debugging Tools: Firebug, BugZilla, (internet explorer)

Database: PL/SQL(oracle), MySQL, MSSQL, Mongodb

Operating System: Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8, MAC OS X

Methodologies: Agile, Waterfall, Scrum

Application/Webservers: IBM Websphere, JBoss, Tomcat, http-server, nginx


Confidential, Belmont, CA

Sr. UI Developer


  • Active development/involvement in multiple projects. Tuning UX designs into mockups and prototypes.
  • Developed applications completely based on AngularJS, Bootstrap and deployed into development, test and production environment.
  • Worked on making AJAX calls to connect the database using RESTful Web services, and integrating the middleware to the front end. worked on roles specific content view to end user.
  • Experience in AngularJS directives that allow the developer to specify custom and reusable HTML-like elements, attributes that define data bindings, the behavior of presentation components and DOM manipulation.
  • Used AngularJS and framework where data from backend is stored in model and populated it to UI.
  • Created AngularJS Controller Which Isolate scopes perform operations at frontend level.
  • Using AngularJS created custom directives for data manipulations and to display data in company standard format in UI.
  • Worked with media queries and development to customize the View.
  • Involved in writing the unit test cases using Protractor.
  • Used and configured NGINX and Node.js servers for the portal to run on and made them work even for CORS.
  • Responsible for checking cross browser compatibility, Responsive Web Design using Bootstrap and hence worked on different browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.
  • Has worked on DRUPAL/PHP as the content management system for developing web application which was part of another project.
  • Used Google Chrome for debugging the application and conducted Code Reviews.
  • Managed source control and version control using GIT and Project status tracking using JIRA.
  • Customized the Node.js server to pick the local package.JSON and run the application without changing the local paths and variables.
  • Worked closely with QA team and fixed UI defects as well as production issues with a quick turn around time.

Environment: AngularJS, Node.Js, GIT, AWS, Jquery, nginx, HTML5, CSS3, Google Maps API, Near Maps API, Bootstrap 3.3.5, Less, Protractor, jasmine, Drupal, KineticJs, PHP, Gulp, bower, Okta, coda 2, Protractor, jasmine.

Confidential, NJ

Sr.UI Developer


  • Involved in Coordination with BA group for a better understanding of functional requirements, analyzed, designed, documented and implemented the business requirements.
  • Worked with designers to create mockups for the client screen according to the provided wireframes.
  • Responsible for development of Non-Functional Web pages using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery.
  • Developed UI on iPad platform using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JavaScript validations and JSON.
  • Developed AJAX based web based UI framework by utilizing jQuery library.
  • Developed web presentation layer using front end technologies according to internal standards and guidelines.
  • Managed the Subversion branching strategy for a few applications by creating Release branches, Development branches thus ensuring the integrity of Trunk.
  • Worked with Firebug to locate the issues through different browsers.
  • Responsible for checking cross-browser compatibility and hence worked on different browsers.
  • Created a standard reference style Guide for future development.
  • The entire application was developed in J2EE using an MVC based architecture.
  • Developed the custom data grids upon jQuery framework to deliver the business data.
  • Worked upon the dashboard for the project which contained a variety of charts and draggable components using jQuery UI Library.
  • Developed different grid systems, Tables and Forms using bootstrap.
  • Fixed defects related to iPad, iOS and touch screens. worked closely with scrum master, product manager, business users and QA team.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, CanJs, jQuery, NodeJs, Github, Bootstrap, Mustache, JSON, Bower, Grunt, Adobe Photoshop, Axure 7.0.

Confidential, Dover, NH

UI Developer


  • Developed Login/Registration/Edit of user profile integration with community sites using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Registration & Edit User Profile for all FTN sites.
  • Developed Project Page module which facilitates editors can select articles displayed in site using Object Oriented Programming.
  • Developed White Paper Display Module which including rate the asset, save for later and email colleague functionalities.
  • Used AJAX and JSON to make asynchronous calls to the project server to fetch data on the fly
  • Used JQuery (JavaScript library) to navigate a document, select DOM elements, create animation effects, handle event and develop Ajax applications.
  • Developed the Whitepaper upload functionality.
  • Used advanced JavaScript to create interfaces and help manage cross browser compatibility.
  • Implemented pagination/date calendar using jQuery.
  • Used JS framework such as AngularJs(for data driven apps) and backbone.js (for heavy DOM manipulation).
  • Written CSS and implementing it in the views / layouts as needed.
  • Worked on optimizing SQL queries to improve the loading times of the web pages.
  • Analyzed and improved application efficiency by optimizing.
  • Used Firebug, Firebug Lite, and IE Developer Toolbar for debugging and browser compatibility.

Environment: Windows, Eclipse, JavaScript, HTML5, DHTML, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, AngularJs, Jasmine.


UI Developer


  • Design and develop an EMR for ambulatory surgical centers.
  • Involved in preparing User Manuals to better understand different functionalities.
  • Dynamic web site design and programming using HTML5, CSS3,JavaScript, jQuery.
  • Developed jQuery based calendar to schedule appointments.
  • Developed interface to display report data using jQuery, AJAX, JavaScript and JSON, XML.
  • Handled all aspects of web application including maintaining, testing, debugging, deploying.
  • Used various jQuery plugins like autocomplete, date picker, color picker, document slider to enhance the usability, functionality and overall experience for website.
  • Improved GUI design and data accessibility for better navigation and retrieval by using jQuery components and plugins.
  • Provided support for customers in the field by providing technical assistance and delivering fixes to ensure a successful deployment.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, AJAX, XML, Adobe Dreamweaver, Eclipse, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, subversion.


Web Developer


  • Responsible for technical planning, scheduling, design, implementation, and post-implementation support.
  • Implemented JavaScript for Form Validation, look and fell and maintaining consistency.
  • Developed the user interface for registration using jQuery, AJAX, CSS and HTML
  • Implemented Client side validations with JavaScript and AJAX to enhance the capability of web site
  • Involved in the meeting with Project Manager in project discussions, assisting Team members in meetings, managed team to finish the task in time.
  • Involved in Debugging, Design and Documentation.
  • Involved in Integration Testing.


Web Developer


  • Enhancing the product with new features as per client requirements.
  • Developed custom web forms a JavaScript.
  • Implemented feedback form.
  • Used simple XML to build/process xml documents.
  • Worked with the design of the templates and skins in CSS.
  • Worked extensively with the FILE upload features and video libraries.
  • Upload the code and do necessary changes and test the application in server, if needed then fix the bugs and test again.

Environment: HTML, XHTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, Windows, JSP, Struts, Servlet.

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