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Ui Developer Resume

Dallas, TexaS


  • Over 7+ years of professional experience on high responsive and compatible front - end applications that are balanced with innovation and user-friendly features with an eye on business strategies
  • Excellent knowledge on the DOM (Document Object Model) and BOM (Browser Object Model) elements and structure.
  • Knowledge on Software Engineering concepts that includes Requirements Specification, Analysis, Design, Development and Testing.
  • Profound Knowledge on Requirements Engineering concepts which includes Requirements Elicitation, Analysis, Communication Techniques, Requirements Validation and Testing, Request for Proposal (RFP) and Construx methods.
  • Strong foundations in using HTML/HTML5 elements along with Cascading style sheets (CSS).
  • Experience in using frameworks such as Backbone JS, Ember JS, Express JS, Require JS, Socket IO and many ExtJS-MVC.
  • Dealt with different development processes following AGILE/SCRUM Methodology.
  • Experience in developing User Interfaces for games with HTML5/CSS.
  • Excellence in understanding and using MVC (Model View Controller) with Angular JS, Ext JS.
  • Immense experience on languages on scripting such as HTML/HTML5, XHTML, CSS/CSS3, SASS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Angular.Js, Node.Js, React JS, JQuery, Grunt, REST, AJAX, XML, JSON.
  • Worked with REST-compliant web services, SOAP.
  • Skilled in working with applets of Java/J2EE framework.
  • Experience with Modular, Paired, Open source, Spine, HAML, Ruby and Ruby on Rails.
  • Worked with the latest GUI frameworks such as WPF/WIN for labels, textboxes and many more.
  • Hands on experience in using various JS Libraries mainly MooTools, Prototype and JQuery.
  • Experienced in designing, developing, delivering and implementing data-driven desktop and Web applications for clients and assisting in the development and maintenance of company Web applications (Internet and Intranet).


Web Technologies: HTML5, XHTML, CSS3, SASS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Require JS, Backbone JS, JQuery, Node JS, Angular JS, Angular 2/4, React JS, REDUX, Typescript, EmberJS, NPM, AJAX, XML, JSON, Google analytics, Tomcat, Oracle virtual Box VM, REST, Web Sphere.

Programming languages: Java, C, C++, C#


Operating systems: Unix, Linux, Windows, MS-DOS.

Tools: Firebug, DOM Inspector, Google chrome developer tools, GitHub, Bamboo, Team Foundation Server, Postman, Protractor

IDE: Sublime text, Adobe Dreamweaver, Notepad++, Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio

Methodologies: Waterfall model, SCRUM/Agile


Confidential, Dallas, Texas

UI Developer


  • Development of the Web front end user interfaces with HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, SASS, JQuery, JavaScript, Angular JS, Node JS, Bootstrap, DOM, XHTML, XML and JSON.
  • Developed one-page websites using Bootstrap and Angular JS.
  • Developed User interface for the customer-facing mobile and desktop web applications using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, ReactJS.
  • Implemented Presentation layer using CSS Framework, backbone, Angular 4, Wire-framing, HTML5.
  • Designed and developed feature updates for Keeper Web Vault application using React and Redux. Creating Front-end Applications using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, XML and JSON.
  • Implemented Router Module of Angular 5 to make the whole project a Single Page Application and add routers according to the requirements.
  • Worked on Front end by usingAngular JS,React JSandJavaScript Frameworks.
  • Worked onAngular JS directives, Controllers, Filters, Services, Templets, Events and Injectors.
  • Worked with Angular 2 and typescript as part of migration from Angularand vanilla java script to Angular2 and React.
  • Used CSS (SASS) to develop UI Components such as Accordions and Model Windows using pure HTML 5 and CSS3.
  • Various form Validations through JS plugins and Mobile responsive features through the Bootstrap.
  • Creating cross-browser compatible and standards-compliant CSS-based page layouts.
  • Developing semantic mark-ups and Wireframe development. Web application prototyping and development using Dreamweaver and Fireworks.
  • Integrated the Angular JS application with the RESTFUL Web Services.
  • Involved in Enhancement of existing application utilizing Angular JS, created HTML navigation menu that is role based wherein menu items changes dynamically based on the values derived from the database in the form of XML.
  • Developed various UI (User Interface) components using Struts (MVC), JSP, and HTML.
  • Created Directives, Controllers and Services by using AngularJS.
  • Worked with Bootstrap Twitter Framework and Angular JS to Design single page application

Environment: HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, SASS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, Angular JS, Node JS, XML, XHTML, Angular JS 2.0, DOM, SQL, MVC Architecture, MooTools, Prototype.

Confidential - Richfield, Minnesota

UI Developer


  • Developed theUIlayout and front-end programming (HTML5) for web application that matched requirements.
  • Working in the Agile/Scrum development environment with frequently changing requirements and actively participated in scrum meetings and reviews.
  • Bootstrap used along with Angular JS in creating the Application.
  • Development of Client-Side Validation techniques using Web RTC and jQuery and Angular Java Script.
  • Created Typescript reusable components and services to consume REST API's using Component based architecture provided by angular 2.
  • Created single Page Application with loading multiple views using route services and adding more user experience to make dynamic by usingAngular Js 2.0 framework and Node JS.
  • Designed the front-end applications, user interactive (UI) web pages using web technologies.
  • REST - the standard HTTP request and response mechanism, simplifying implementation and providing for a looser coupling of the client and server.
  • Responsible for creating efficient design and developing User Interaction screens using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX and JSON.
  • Responsible to manipulate HTML5, CSS in jQuery as well as making the pages dynamic using AJAX, JSON and XML.
  • Created Angular 2 components, implemented Input variables, Bootstrapping, Router Outlet, binding the click event, Component decorator, binding to the hidden property.
  • Implemented Angular 2 component and services to connect the web application.
  • Developed html views with HTML5, CSS, bootstrap and AngularJS.
  • Worked on React JSVirtual Dom and Reactviews, rendering using components which contains additional components called custom HTML tags.
  • Experience in developing single page applications using Angular 2, using variousangular modules like UI-router.
  • Worked in usingReact JScomponents, Forms, Events, Keys, Router, Animations and Flux concept.
  • UsedCSS Spritesto decrease the number of HTTP requests and load time of web pages. Web application development for backend system using Angular 2 and TypeScript with cutting edge HTML5 and CSS3 techniques.
  • Used Grunt task runner on the client side along withangular JSto perform unit testing, minification and compiling whenever a change in a file is made.
  • Implemented faster mobile-friendly applications using Twitter Bootstrap framework.
  • Leveraged Rally and flow doc to maintain the agile story points and burn downs.
  • StructuredJScode usingAngularJS and UnderScore.JSincluding objects, module patterns and functions that encapsulate business logic, handle form validation, DOM manipulation.

Environment: Web storm,AngularJS, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, React.JS REST Web Services, Angular 2, Sass, RWD, AJAX, JSON, XML, SQL, Grunt, Gulp and Jasmine.


Web Developer


  • Developed complex modules in the application.
  • Used HTML, CSS, and jQuery to design User Interface Screens.
  • Involved in the requirement analysis.
  • Involved in the build, testing, and documentation.
  • Provided inputs to the low level design and the test plan/test cases creation.
  • Involved in activities like design, development, review, testing etc.
  • Developed front - end UI pages and necessary backend classes to support data access and user authorization.
  • Daily SCRUM stand-up meeting and provided demo to the business every Tuesday.
  • Extensively worked on designing web pages using HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript and Ajax.

Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery


UI/UX Web Developer


  • Developed designs in securing the application using form-based authentication using HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, JQuery and CSS.
  • Worked on Content Management System (CMS).
  • Designed UI patterns, UX patterns, illustrations, page layouts, templates and banners by using AdobeWeb Premium tools like Adobe Flash, Action Script 2.0, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
  • Prepared the project technical documentation in .EXE format with the help of Macromedia Flash C3 and Action Script 2.0
  • Familiar with Mobile Web Development using jQuery Mobile and Twitter BootStrap
  • Developed front end web applications and user interactive web applications with the help of HTML, DHTML, HTML DOM, XHTML and CSS.
  • Designed the project architecture and data model by using MS Visio.
  • Cooperated in development and finalization of initial design of the application and worked with content managers, copywriters and designers to resolve the issues.
  • Designed and edited existing web applications, Rich Internet Applications (RIA’s) with the help of Adobe DreamweaverCS3, AJAX and Adobe Contribute CS3.
  • Developed business applications using web technologies like HTML, DHTML, Java Script and CSS based on the W3C standards.
  • Prepared the project content, managed the existing content, analyzed the content with the help of Content Management System (CMS).
  • Developed data formatted web applications and deploy the script using HTML, XHTML, CSS and Client side scripting using JavaScript.
  • Developed web applications based on Search Engine Optmization (SEO) techniques.
  • Worked on browser compatablity and tested each and every application on popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Chrome.
  • Designed graphic objects, GUI designs, animated icons, templates, illustrations, banners and vector images with the help of Macromedia Flash, Action Script 2.0 and Adobe Fireworks.
  • Responsible for the entire web application / system / database design, deploy and maintenance.

Environment: HTML, DHTML, XHTML, DOM, XML, XSL, XSLT, CSS, CMS, JavaScript, ASP.NET, Adobe Flash CS3, Action Script 2.0, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, Adobe Illustrator CS3, Visio, SEO, CMS, and Microsoft Office Suite.


Web Developer


  • Design the color theme based on client requirement.
  • Design Company Website.
  • Design Portals and other graphical essential elements.
  • Creating Branding, Layout, Master Pages, Template and Themes design portals.
  • Designing product based detailed demo presentation using Flash and MS PowerPoint.
  • Creating Wireframes as per user requirements
  • Based on Approval of initial prototype/concept, convert them into Visual Design Comps
  • Design and Develop High Fidelity Conceptual Prototypes using HTML, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript.
  • Developing Rich Internet application Design for Document management design optimization.
  • Design Brochures, Banners, and business cards
  • Design Presentations for Client Meetings and Marketing
  • Coordinated with vendors for Domain name and Web space registration

Environment: PHP (Windows and Web Applications), Jamal, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, In Design.

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