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Ios Developer Resume

Columbus, OhiO


  • Over 6 years of experience developing mobile applications in iOS using Objective C and Swift.
  • Led and managed junior developers as wells offshore team members throughout the application developmentlife cycle
  • More than Extensive of experience with Swift
  • Versed in SCRUM methodology and Test Driven Development.
  • Use of XCTest and Instruments to perform testing and debugging on the applications
  • Experience working with the iPhone/ iPad SDK, XCode, Cocoa Touch to develop native iOS apps
  • Proficient in using Objective - C and Xcode IDE to develop iOS applications.
  • Worked with six iOS applications of which four are published in the app store.
  • Good experience with different native iOS frameworks including UIKit, CoreBluetooth and CoreMotion.
  • Experience with implementation of custom UITableViews, UIPickerView and UICollectionViews
  • Utilized core data for in-app persistence and SQLite.
  • Good understanding and experience with integrating Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device connectivity withiOS devices for IoT projects.
  • Experience in developing Android mobile applications with Android Studio.
  • Proficiency with RESTful Web Services, JSON and XML parsing.
  • Good working experience with the RESTful APIs to consume web services in both JSON as well as XML.
  • Familiar with various iOS design patterns such as MVC, Singleton, Observer pattern etc.
  • Good experience with GCD, Blocks and NSOperation to handle Multi-Threaded applications.
  • Familiarity with integrating existing Social Media APIs like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Managed complex dependencies with third party frameworks like Blindside.
  • Handled version control by using Git Hub along with Source Tree, JIRA and GitX.
  • Familiarity with Agile methodologies like SCRUM & Extreme Programming (XP).
  • Executed test cases/scenarios across development projects and environments.
  • Strong background in Logic Design, Communication theory, Digital Signal Processing and algorithms.
  • Highly motivated, fast learner with very good analytical and problem solving skills.


Programming Languages: C, C++, Swift, Objective C, JavaScript.

Development Tools: XCode, Instruments, Eclipse, Storyboards.

iOS Frameworks: Cocoa Touch, Core Data, Core Animation, Core Graphics, UIKit, XCTest, Mapkit.

Development Models & Designs: MVC, Agile, Scrum, Singleton, OOP, TDD.

Web Services: Rest (XML & JSON), JSON, SOAP, HTML, CSS.

Databases: SQLite with Core iOS sandbox, SQL Server, Core data.

Management Tools: GIT, SVN.


Confidential, Columbus, Ohio

IOS Developer


  • Worked on the new look for this app with icons across the bottom of the app you can quickly navigatebetween sections you use most using Core Graphics and Core Animations.
  • Application was migrated to Swift based on a previous version written in Objective - C.
  • Recipe finder in the recipe section that allows you to add ingredients to your shopping list.
  • API integration implementing Alamofire, SwiftyJSON and XML.
  • Implementation of Dispatch Queues to perform tasks asynchronously and concurrently.
  • Implemented Authentication process along with "Remember me" option and Touch ID.
  • User Interface: XIBs, Storyboards, Constraints, Auto layout.
  • Core Location to get the list of stores nearby.
  • Implemented weekly ad feature and fixed bugs from previous versions.
  • Added Push Notifications to receive weekly ads information.
  • Experience with RESTful services and using other API s
  • Performed code refactoring to allow extensibility, improve maintainability and facilitate unit testing
  • Developed unit test using XCTest and instrumentation test to automate the testing.
  • Cooperated with UI Designers, QA, Backend and PO. Also, applied pair programming.
  • The project was completed using the agile methodology for software development.
  • Used Git for version control.

Environment: Swift 4.0/3.0, Xcode, Alamofire, SwiftyJSON, Agile, UI, Keychain, Touch ID, RESTful, JSON, XCTest, TDD, Carthage, Google Analytics, OAuth, UserDefaults, NSOperation, Push Notifications, Auto layout, Storyboards UIKIT, Core text, Core Data, Core Animation.

Confidential, Ontario, CA

IOS Developer


  • Responsible for building the Native iOS application for PHC.
  • Experienced in using SWIFT 3.0 code whenever preferred over Objective C.
  • Developed Find a Provider/Facility or Find Urgent Care Module to search for doctors and facilities, by doctorspecialty, by name, and/or by location and get turn - by-turn directions from your current location and directdial telephone numbers for facilities.
  • Used PLIST as database to store the doctors list for the collection view and implemented search functionalitybasing on the predicate statement.
  • Defined custom protocols to transfer data from child view controller to parent view controller.
  • Implemented Google Tags and Voiceover throughout application.
  • Used REST API's to fetch doctor details, claims details and other information for the user.
  • Used NSJSONSerialization and NSURLSession queues to make network calls.
  • Worked with UIKit Framework for development and maintenance.
  • Used NSUserDefaults to store the user action inside the application
  • Added animation between UI Views for smooth transition and better user experience
  • Used Core location, LBS, Mapkit for retrieving the current location of the user.
  • Used HockeyApp to get crash reports and Appium for performance testing.
  • Created POC's (OpenTok Video chat, Payments through Apple pay) for all the new requirements anddemonstrated to the business.
  • Debugging through xcode and building the archive through xcode.
  • Active watcher for Jenkins build activity, if build fails will read console output and let the developer know thefailed reason.
  • Used SOAPUI for getting the request, response, header parameters for rest API.
  • Used Stack views extensively for implementing the hidden functionality with in the scroll view when some ofthe users don't have any benefits plan basing on the visibility rules.
  • Wrote unit tests using XCTest Frameworks and maintained code coverage of 85%.
  • Worked in an Agile Environment.
  • Worked with SVN to checkout and update the codebase changes.

Environment: IOS 10.0, 9.0, 8.0 (iPhone SDK), Swift 3.1, Objective C, XCode 8.X, 7.X, Agile Methodology, RESTFul API, JSON, JIRA, SVN


IOS Developer


  • Developed UI for the application using Objective - C.
  • By using Live View added prototype to the application.
  • Worked extensively with Objective C and Cocoa touch frameworks.
  • JSON based parsing response used for AFNetworking.
  • Utilized classes like UI Views & UI Table View for user interface in the application
  • Implemented the scroll functionality by using UIScrollView on all screens of the app.
  • Worked with GIT to checkout and update the codebase changes.
  • Stored large data on iPads using magical records and core data.
  • Created models in MVC and development of delegates for updating model information
  • Responsible for gathering product integration, product requirements, product implementation and support.
  • Worked with Navigation controllers, Navigation Bars & Tab Bars.
  • Designed and developed context sharing mechanism to support internal modules in project using Objective-C.
  • Involved in the enhancement of Hybrid framework using Eclipse and Java.
  • Implemented REST APIs to support mobile applications.
  • Issues debugged onsite whenever required.
  • Developed application by using agile methodology.
  • Interacted with QA Team on deliverables on every iteration and customer feedback implementation.

Environment: iOS iPhone SDK, Objective-C, XCode, Cocoa Touch, Cocoa Framework, JSON, REST, Interface Builder, Java, iPhone Simulator, jQuery.

Web Developer



  • Worked on various phase of a software life cycle: Design, implementation, verification and maintenance.
  • Developed Web forms using PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.
  • Wrote various methods to manipulate HTML and CSS in JQuery, made web pages dynamic using AJAX,
  • JSON, and XML
  • Developed HTML and CSS codes for front - end deployment.
  • Design with standards compliant code with emphasis on browser compatibility, accessibility, and searchengine optimization.
  • Implemented MySQL and other relational database in various projects.
  • Practiced continuous Integration, unit testing, TDD, and refactoring.
  • Updated the existing Website of client's as per the request.
  • UML and Agile Modeling were used throughout development process.
  • Developed dynamic pages using JavaScript.
  • Utilized Mozilla Firebug to debug applications.
  • Performed Normalization and optimization of database tables.
  • Group Manager in creating System Diagrams, Flow-Chart, and Database Diagrams using VISIO.
  • Validating all the User's Inputs through Java Scripts and Regular Expressions.
  • Wrote MySQL Stored Procedures and Views for fetching of data from multiple tables.

Environments: Eclipse, MySQL, HTML/DHTML/XHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and JQuery Integration, Mozilla

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