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System Analyst /weblogic Admin Resume

Reston, VA


  • Dedicated and hardworking professional having Seven Plus years of IT industry experience in teh field of Middleware Server Administration.
  • Knowledge of all phases of Software Development Life Cycle with good designing, coding, testing, debugging, and troubleshooting skills.
  • Exposed with Joint Application Development (JAD), Rapid Application Development( RAD) and Agile Methods to deliver best possible information systems.
  • Expertise in Weblogic and JBoss Application Server Administration including installing, configuring, migrating, load balancing, deploying applications, performance tuning, upgrading, and maintenance.
  • Experience in configuring and administration of clustering, connection pools for JDBC, JMS connections, security.
  • Configured and maintained multipleWebLogic domains including machines, manage servers, node managerswith and withoutclustered environments.
  • Extensively worked on deployment/auto deployment and troubleshooting of components and applications in WAR,JAR and EAR files in domain and clustered environments of BEA Weblogic server.
  • Expertise in migrating and upgrading of Weblogic Server and updating JDK versions and installing service packs for Weblogic server.
  • Knowledge in writing WLST and UNIX Shell Scripts and automating administration tasks
  • Configured SSL and created Digital Certificates for secured communication between applications.
  • Installed and configured Apache and used SVN.
  • Experience in configuring, performance monitoring and load testing using Wily Introscope, Splunk.
  • Strong knowledge of Web Security tools - LDAP Server, SSL Certificates.
  • Vast Experience in performance monitoring and performance tuning of WebLogic server by tuning JVM Heap Size and Garbage Collector parameters.
  • Experienced in analysis of thread dumps, core dumps, server hang and high CPU utilization conditions.
  • Exposure with AWS and EC2.
  • Experience working with databases like DB2, SQL Server, Oracle and Sybase.
  • Experienced in creating and running Cron Jobs for scheduled tasks.
  • Good knowledge of Siteminder, Firewalland integrating to WebLogic Applications.
  • Good Knowledge on SQL and SQL Developer to monitor various DB objects.
  • Provided 24/7 support for production environment.
  • Excellent problem solving skills with a strong technical background and good communication and interpersonal skills. Self motivated and a good team player.


System Analyst /WebLogic Admin

Confidential, Reston VA


  • Installation and configuration of Weblogic 10.x/12.x on various OS platform like Sun Solaris and Red Hat Linux.
  • Installed and configuredJBoss 7.x/6.xon Redhat Linux Environment.
  • Maintained and Configured stand alone instances and application server clusters
  • Worked on standing up new UAT environments with teh snapshot and dumps of existing environments.
  • Configuration of various subsystems including JDBC, JMS and Security required for teh applications running on WLS.
  • Deployed various J2EE and enterprise applications (WAR, JAR, EAR) on managed servers andCluster environment and maintained Load Balancing, High Availability and Failover.
  • Extensively worked on integrating critical Sprint Applications using DB links, Web Sphere MQ and web services.
  • Involved in creating Engineering Requirement Document (ERDs) to stand up teh servers.
  • Exposed with closely working with Network teams to open a firewall for critical applications to interface with each other.
  • Working closely with DBA and Sys-Administrators to set up Database environments for each and every application servers.
  • Configured SSL and created Digital Certificates for secured communication between applications using keytool.
  • Developed and maintained UNIX Shell Scripts that monitors and zip teh log files for BEA Weblogic 10.x/12.x.
  • Configured and administeredJMS, and JNDI in WebLogic Server 10.x/12.x
  • Strong expertise in handling issues related to troubleshooting,performance and load balancing and fail-over support.
  • Dealt withdebugging and troubleshooting issues like Server hang, Application Deadlock, Out of Memory, High CPU usage
  • Involved in monitoring error logs, tuned parameters in WebLogic environment.
  • Worked extensively with ticketing tools like HP Service Manager, ALM and various internal ticketing tools.
  • Worked closely with Sprint’s vendor companies like IBM, NetCracker, Confidential supporting critical applications.
  • Prepared documents for production implementation for all projects releases.
  • Provided 24/7 rotational support.

Environment: Weblogic Server 9.2/10.3.x/12.x, RHEL 5/6, F-5 Load Balancer, WLST, Sun One 6.09/6.1, Apache, J2EE, Web Services, LDAP, EJB, JDBC, Linux,Solaris,AIX, Oracle 10/11g.

Confidential, Reston, VA

Systems Integrator


  • BEA WebLogic 10 software installation and patch maintenance on UNIX platform.
  • Deployed teh applications (WAR, JAR, and EAR) on multiple clustered WebLogic Servers.
  • Installed and configured SUN ONE Web Server (iPlanet) with Bea WebLogic Server 9.2.
  • Provided support for teams indebugging,load testing, troubleshooting, and performance tuning.
  • Performed root cause analysis and remediation of issues not requiring software changes
  • Managing and monitoring teh performance of JVM by adjusting Weblogic heap size and garbage collection parameters.
  • Extensively used F5 load balancer and worked with Load balancing team.
  • Involved in code migration from development to production environment.
  • Developed Startup, Shutdown and Bounce teh Weblogic server using shell scripting.
  • Involved in configuring SSL and creating Digital certificates.
  • Deployed applications from scratch on WebSphere Application Server v8.5.5/7.0, Tomcat v7/6, WebSphere Liberty profile v8.5.5 with fix pack 6, Pega v7.1.9 andWildflyv8.2
  • Coordinated with teh Application Support team to identify and correct issues and bugs relating to WebLogic.
  • Installed and configured Apache Tomcat.
  • Created BASH and KORN shell scripts to monitor domains, recycle clusters, monitor disk space, send data files everyday to vendors and ran them as Cronjobs.
  • Used Wily for monitoring of parameters like JVM heap, CPU usage, thread usage, JDBC connection usage etc.
  • Involved in giving access and configure privileges for teh user community of various project teams.
  • Extensively used Oracle utilities like sqlplus and UI tools like SQL Developer to fetch reports and monitor DB objects.
  • Participated in Disaster Recovery planning and exercises
  • Creating and Documenting MOPs (Method Of Procedures) for critical Deployment plans
  • Worked with teh production support team to define deployment process.
  • Provided 24/7 on call support for development and production mode.

Environment: Bea Weblogic Server 9.2, Red hat Linux, Sun One Webserver, and Oracle 10g.

Confidential, Atlanta, Georgia


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Installed, configured, and monitored Weblogic 8.1/9.2/10.3 server in various environments
  • Deployed WAR, JAR and EAR applications in clustered Weblogic 9.2.
  • BEA App/Cluster dev/staging/production domain setup, configuration, and administration on Windows Environment.
  • Installation and configuration of Sun One (iPlanet) Web server.
  • Configured node manager for administration of Managed Servers and administered Connection Pools for JDBC connections.
  • Administered JDBC connection pools and Data Sources for Weblogic server with SQL Server.
  • Used F5 Load Balancer, Big IP and other monitoring tools like Wily Introscope.
  • Deployed applications on multiple Weblogic Server instances and maintained Load balancing, High availability and Fail over for teh servers.
  • Maintained and Configured stand alone instances and application server clusters.
  • Installed and Configured Sun One Web Server to proxy with WebLogic Server.
  • Dealt with troubleshooting issues like bottlenecks, Application Deadlock, Out of Memory, High CPU usage.
  • Provided Support for Development and Staging environments.
  • Log files analysis for troubleshooting to resolve issues using scripts.
  • Developed & implemented Cron Jobs to schedule tasks on teh server.
  • Provided 24/7 rotational On-call support for production and non-production environments

Environment: Weblogic Server 8.x/ 9.x/10.x, Tomcat 5.5.30, windows 2000, Solaris 10, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2, IIS 2.0, JDBC, JDK1.5, Oracle 10g, SQL

Confidential, Birmingham, AL



  • Installed, configured and maintained Weblogic server 8.1 and 9.2 in domain and clustered environment.
  • Configured and administered JDBC Connection Pools/ Multi Pools/ Data Sources on WebLogic Server, Tune, troubleshoot and implement best practices for JDBC and related components within weblogic server.
  • Developed Scripts for deploying applications in different environments using WeblogicDeployer utility.
  • Installed and configured Apache HTTP Server 2.0,SVNandi-Planet in various environments to proxy teh request for Web logic server.
  • Worked with development, offshore and onsite teams to support build and release cycles
  • Performed Siteminder configuration for web servers.
  • Used Keytool to Create SSL and Digital Certificates for secured communication between applications.
  • Installed and configured JBoss application server.
  • Involved in Load Balancing with Systems Integration Team.
  • Log files analysis such as WebLogic server logs, node manager logs, Plug-in logs, thread dumps, for troubleshooting and Problem determination to resolve issues.
  • Worked with Customized WLST and Shell Scriptstoautomate system-admin jobs.
  • Designed an entire messaging interface and Message Topics using WebLogic JMS.
  • Involved in Heap and Thread Dump Analysis for detecting blocking and locked threads.
  • Created Server Execute Queues and Tuned teh parameters for better Performance of critical applications deployed in WebLogic Server 9.2.
  • Worked on call 24/7 for production environment.

Environment: Weblogic Server 8.1/9.2/10.1/10.3,Solaris 8/9/10, ALSB, RHEL 5.0,F-5 Load Balancer, WLST, Jython, Wily Introscope, Apache, IIS, Oracle IDM, J2EE, Web Services, LDAP, EJB, JDBC, XML, Linux, Windows NT, Oracle 9i.

Java Developer



  • Involved in requirement gathering.
  • Developed java codes to store, update and read data from database using hibernate.
  • Developed data model with Tables, Views, and Indexes.
  • Used JMS for communicating between teh different EJB components.
  • Used JDBC and involved in writing stored procedure and PL/SQL for back end.
  • Applied different java design patterns to solve teh problem.
  • Designed front-end using JSP, DHTML, HTML, and Java Script.
  • Performed java unit testing and integration testing and debugging.
  • Prepared functional test plans and involved in testing.

Environment: JDK 1.4, J2EE, XML, Log4J, Ant, Hibernate 2.0, UNIX, Apache, Sun Solaris, Oracle 8g

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