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Sr. Ui/web Developer Resume

Austin, TexaS


  • 8+ years of extensive experience in IT industry as Front End UI Developer with web based applications and UI applications in various domains.
  • Experience in Web Technologies using HTML 4.01/5, CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular JS, Node JS, Backbone JS, Express JS, AJAX and JSON.
  • Extensive experience in IT Industry Developing, Testing, Integrating, Implementing the web based applications and UI applications.
  • Expertise in developing front - end of the applications usingJavaScript 1.8.5,CSS2.1, XML 1.1, HTML 5.1, Flex 3.0 andAngularJS 1.2.2
  • Extensive experience in Node.Js, jQuery, jQuery plugins, AJAX, dynamic HTML, JSON, JS with Bootstrap
  • Proficient in Web designing & development, using Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, XML, AngularJS, Node.Js, JSP, JSON, JSF and AJAX.
  • Experience in working with IDE’s like Eclipse, My Eclipse, and Net Beans.
  • Expertise in web-based GUIs development using Applets, Swings, JSP, HTML5, DHTML, CSS.
  • Proficient in building Web User Interface (UI) using HTML5, CSS3, DHTML and JavaScript that follows W3C Web Standards and are browser compatible.
  • Excellent experience in Restful Web services and Big Web service development and consumption using (JAX-RS and JAX-WS).
  • Good Understanding of Document Object Model (DOM) Functions.
  • Experience of responsive web design (RWD) using CSS3 media queries and using Bootstrap framework.
  • Expertise in developing front-end system with JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3 and MVC frameworks such as AngularJS and Backbone.JS.
  • Experience as User Interface/Front End Developer in developing web applications using HTML 4.01/5, CSS2/3, XHTML, XML, Bootstrap, Java Script, and jQuery, AngularJS, Ajax and JSON.
  • Experience in designing and developing interactive User Interfaces, usability, web and client / server applications using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and JQUERY.
  • Experience working in MVC Architecture based frameworks like AngularJS.
  • Expertise in working with the JavaScript, prototype JS and various MVC JavaScript frameworks.
  • Sophisticated experience in UI/UX, Web Design and Professional Web Applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery.
  • Expertise in object oriented JavaScript Libraries including Various Plug-Ins like AngularJS and Ext.js.
  • Experience in designing UI patterns and UI applications with the help of Adobe products like Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator CS3.
  • Experience in using live HTTP address.
  • Proficient with enterprise software, UI component architecture, app APIs and integration.
  • Experience in using Grunt, Gulp and Bower.
  • Responsible for checking cross browser compatibility and hence worked on different browsers like Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome
  • Experience in writingSPA (Single Page Application) usingjQuery.
  • Experience working on E-commerce applications, Internal Web applications.
  • Up to date Knowledge with the latest industry trends in UI design and usability.
  • Experience in MongoDB, Oracle database, SQL, MySQL
  • Used JIRA, Jasmine for bug tracking and issue tracking.
  • Good experience in coding and debugging application using debug tool, such asFirebug, IE TesterandChrome inspector.
  • Used SVN, GIT for version control and clear Quest for bug fixing.
  • Strong problem solving ability and analytical skills and able to integrate quickly into the team and work independently toward team goals.
  • Good Experience working with High Traffic Websites.
  • I am not restricted myself to single technology/tool. I am always open to learn new technologies.


Web Technologies: HTML4/5, DHTML, XHTML, XML, JavaScript, AJAX, JQUERY, JSON, CSS2/3, CSS, FOUNDATION, PHP Media Queries, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, Handlebar JS, Node.js, Ember.js, Modernizer JS, Express JS, JSON and Ajax UI Concept Modeling, Grunt, Gulp, SASS.

XML Technologies: XML, XSD, DTD, JAXP (SAX, DOM), JAXB.

Web/App Servers: Apache Tomcat 5.0.25, HTTP Web Server, WEBSPHERE 7.0.

Database: MySQL, Oracle, MS-Access, SQL 2000/2005, MongoDB.

Operating Systems: Windows server 2003/2008/2008 R2, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP (Prof) and Win 7.

Methodologies: Agile, Waterfall, TDD.

Debugging Tools: Firebug, Firebug Lite, Google Chrome Web Debugger, IE developer Tools.

Domain: Ecommerce, Financial, Insurance, Media and Entertainment.

Languages: C, C++ and Java, ASP.Net

Version Control: SVN, CVS, GIT-HUB, Clear Case, Clear Quest, GIT-BUCCET

IDE/Tools: Eclipse, Maven, WebStrom9, Rational rose, Sublime Text 2, NetBeans, Visual Studio, Komodo Edit, Sublime Text, Dreamweaver, Brackets

Others: MS Access, MS-Excel, MS InfoPath, Visio


Confidential, Austin, Texas

SR. UI/Web Developer


  • Worked closely with system analyst to understand the technical requirements of the projects.
  • Constantly participated in Idealization meetings to share ideas.
  • Development of code using JSP, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript libraries such as JavaScript, JQuery, JQuery, Node.Js, Mobile plus relevant coding standards.
  • Used Bootstrap library to quickly build project UI's and used AngularJS framework to associate HTML elements to models.
  • Used Angular directives, working on attribute level, element level and class level directives.
  • Used $http with AngularJS interceptors to make sure the requests were valid and usedUI-router to handle nested views and avoid page redirection.
  • Used AngularJS as framework to create a Single Page Application (SPA) which can bind data to specific views and synchronize data with server
  • Enhanced an existing Angular JS application to follow strict MVC pattern.
  • Ported and redesigned the Lead management system using AngularJS frameworks implementing modular design.
  • Developing front-end system with JavaScript, Bootstrap, and HTML5, CSS3 and MVC frameworks such as AngularJS.
  • Involved in the creation of interface to manage user menu and Bulk update of Attributes using Angular.JS,Node.JS, EXT.JS, Require.jsand JQuery.
  • Developed single-page web applications and to provide synchronization to various parts of web-apps using JavaScript library.
  • Enhanced user experience designing new web features using MVC framework like Backbone.js and Ext.js.
  • Worked on highly advanceduser interface design and development using AngularJS,Node.JS,HTML5andCSS3.
  • Used JQuery to make the HTML, DHTML and CSS code interact with the JavaScript functions to add dynamism to the web pages at the client side.
  • Built Single Page Applications (SPA), Responsive Web Design (RWD) UI, Rich Restful Service Applications, and HTML Wireframes using HTML5 Grid, Structures/Layouts,CSS3 Media Queries, Ajax, AngularJS, and Bootstrap.
  • Utilized modular structure within the AngularJS application in which different functionalities within the application were divided into different modules.
  • Developed a single page, mobile-first, cross-device/cross-browser web application for real-time location sharing utilizing AngularJS, JavaScript API.
  • Involved in writing application level code to interact with RESTful Web APIs, Web Services using AJAX, JSON, XML and jQuery.
  • Created dynamic web pages usingjQueryandHTML5features such asCanvas, Audio/Video, Local Storage, Article, and Navigation using withAngularJS Framework.
  • Used AJAX & JSON communication for accessing RESTful web services data payload.
  • Used AngularJS framework to bind HTML (views) to JavaScript objects (models).
  • Designed table-less layouts using CSS and appropriate HTML tags as per W3C standards.
  • Created optimized graphic websites and application interfaces using HTML and CSS.
  • DevelopedthePresentation Layer usingJSP Technologies.
  • Used MongoDB as the database.
  • Used JIRA for the bug tracking.
  • Performed adequate unit testing and provide automated unit test cases.
  • Handled all aspects of the web applications including maintaining, testing, debugging and deploying.
  • Used Bamboo for the build tool.
  • Used Gulp, Grunt, Bower, Normalize, SASS.
  • Closures, event handling, event bubbling and cross browser scripting.
  • Involved in Agile methodology approach to UI Development.
  • Used GIT as the version control.
  • Extensively used Firebug/web kit inspector to debug UI code and handle different browser CSS issues.
  • Analyzing, Debugging and Fixing the Front End UI issues assigned through MANTIS bug tracking tools.

Environment: HTML 4/5, CSS 2/3, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, Node.JS, Bootstrap, Backbone.Js, Ext.js, AJAX, JSON, XML, Java technologies, JSP,JSON, JBOSS, SASS, Bamboo, Perforce, Adobe Creative Suite, Dreamweaver, RESTful, MongoDB, Eclipse, Grunt, Gulp, Adobe Fireworks, GIT, JAVA.

Confidential, Chevy Chase, Maryland

SR. UI/Web Developer


  • Gathered and analyzed the requirements and converted them into User Requirement Specifications and Functional Requirement Specifications for the designers and developers to understand them as per their perspective.
  • Designed business applications using web technologies like HTML4/5, XHTML, and CSS2/3 based on the W3C standards.
  • Contributed positively to the overall team dynamic, participated in stand-up meetings, planning and design sessions and other business-development working.
  • UsedNode.JSfor server applications
  • Used Node.JS to implement and deliver customer-facing solutions.
  • Customized the Node.JS server to pick the local Package JSON and run the applications without changing the local paths and variables.
  • UsedNode.JSto execute command parallelism and to use callbacks.
  • Utilized Node.JS Gruntplugin to manage build process for minification, concatenating, sass pre-compiler.
  • Elegant implementation of page designs in standards-compliant HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.
  • Used jQuery plugins for Drag-and-Drop, Widgets, Menus, User Interface and Forms.
  • Used jQuery to handle the client side validations.
  • Used jQuery to traverse through a DOM tree and manipulated the nodes in the tree. Implemented the Drag and Drop functionality using jQuery framework.
  • Developed certain features of the application functionality i.e. CRUD (Create, read, update, delete) features using Backbone.js, Require.js and Responsive Design.
  • Followed MVC Structure to develop Application.
  • Developing front-end system with JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3 and MVC frameworks such as AngularJS and Backbone.JS.
  • Implemented MVC architecture developed custom directives, controllers, views and filters using AngularJS.
  • Used Angular UI (AngularBootstrap) for ng-grid, and UI components.
  • Used Backbone.js, NodeJS, and Bootstrap in effective web design.
  • UsedAngularJsand Handlebars.js framework where data from backend is stored in model and populated it to UI.
  • Developed user-friendly interface to seamlessly combine the new module with existing login system by usingAngularJS.
  • Used AngularJS for data-binding, and Node.JSfor back-end support with APIs.
  • Used AngularJS for unit testing UI code.
  • CreatedAngularJsController which Isolate scopes perform operations in UI.
  • UsingAngularJscreated custom directives for data manipulations and to display data in company standard format in UI.
  • Updated the HTML/HTML5 pages using jQuery and Ajax via JSON response.
  • Responsible for development of Web pages using HTML, CSS including Ajax controls and XML.
  • Developed UI using HTML, CSS, JavaScript validations and XML.
  • Written SQL Queries to interact with Oracle database using JDBC.
  • Widely used optimization techniques in existing code.
  • Improved user experience by designing and creating new web components and features.
  • Involved in complete SDLC - Requirement Analysis, Development, System and Integration Testing.
  • Created cross-browser compatible web pages using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery
  • Successfully performed the RESTful APIs Integration using XML and JSON.
  • Handling cross browser/platform compatibility issues (IE, Firefox, and Safari) on both Windows and Mac.
  • Tested/De-bugged on browser using Firebug.
  • Developed JSP and Servlets to dynamically generate HTML and display the data to the client side. Extensively used JSP tag libraries.
  • Involved in design and development of various modules of the system using Spring Framework.
  • Involved in Oracle Database design.
  • Designed the User Interface using HTML, Java Script and CSS.
  • Responsible for code optimization and testing of the website across different browsers.
  • Testing and deploying the full application on WebLogic application server.
  • Working directly with clients to design and develop elegant solutions.
  • Involved in a Waterfall based approach to UI Development.
  • Used Jasmine for the bug fixing
  • Tested cross-browsers compatibility on a range of projects.
  • Experience Test Driven Development, Iterative and Incremental development.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, AJAX, JavaScript, AngularJS, Node.JS, Bootstrap, Backbone.js, Require.js, Responsive Design, MVC, Adobe Photoshop, Jasmine, CVS, Windows, MV*Framework, YUI Library, XML, J2EE, JSP, JSTL, Apache Tomcat, Eclipse, Oracle, Tortoise SVN, ASP.Net.

Confidential, Buffalo, NY

SR. UI/Web Developer


  • Instantiated Agile/Scrum methods to create a development rigor, and Project management that allowed for the team to prove their success at developing effective software according to documented requirement, and within acceptable turn times.
  • Developed landing page and marketing page using HTML, Java Script, AJAX and CSS.
  • Designed Frontend with in object oriented JavaScript Framework like Bootstrap, Backbone.js.
  • Used Content Management system (CMS) for the dynamic configuration of the header and footer of the web application.
  • Performed client side tooling and testing & development with angular.js, Require.js, Backbone.js, Bootstrap.js, Node.js, HTML5 Modular JavaScript & AMD style development
  • Developer multipleAngularJScontrollers and configured Routes.
  • Developed the administrative UIusing AngularJS.
  • Developed a single page, mobile-first, cross-device/cross-browser web application for real-time location sharing utilizingAngularJS, JavaScript API.
  • Developed Mobile Applications targeted for mobile form factor for Android, iOS devices using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery Mobile and framework component library based onAngularJS.
  • UsedAngularJSto create maintainable and testable single page application and Implemented 2-way data binding and used ng-filters across the applications.
  • Implemented MVC architecture developed custom directives, controllers, views and filters using AngularJS.
  • Designed new classes and functionalities using various OOPs concepts for CRM application for customer service, especially using dynamic polymorphism concept.
  • Involved in the creation of interface to manage user menu and Bulk update of Attributes using JS, ExtJSand JQUERY.
  • Worked on Integrating External plugins withExtJSTree to meet the Client requirements.
  • Worked on Integration with Flex andExtJSwith External Call back methods and had communication back and forth.
  • Designed graphic objects, animated icons, templates, banners and vector images with Adobe Fireworks.
  • Implemented the MVC architecture usingbackbone.js.
  • Developed application using various components of Backbone.js.
  • Mapped real systems to EC2 instance, created VPN's, Security Groups and configured a Load Balancer.
  • Implemented dynamically cycled forward/back between tabs and also created “Next: and “Back” link for users to move between tabs.
  • UsedAngularJSas the development framework to build a single-page application.
  • Developed nested Ajax tabs and also supported multiple Ajax tabs Contents on the same page.
  • Developed a CSS class “selected” and assigned when a tab is clicked on-either on the tab link itself or its parent instead which makes the script adaptable to both CSS Tabs that are styled at the “A” level itself or its parent container.
  • Involved in resolving many critical Production Issues while solving them in time. Also provided Level 1 support for production (online) issues.
  • Worked with key stake holders to meet requirements and drive resultswith extensive usage ofHTML4, CSS2/3, AJAX andjQuery.
  • Used JavaScriptlibraries to create slider and page-turning animations on calendar widgets.
  • Developed Ajax Tabs Content script to display content pulled from external files inside a DIV and organized via CSS tabs.
  • Used Ajax to reduce the network load and update only the certain components of the website.
  • Participated in day-to-day meeting, status meeting, strong reporting and effective communication with project manager and developers.
  • Highly used NancyFx &AngularJSframework in ASP pages to run as Offline Application in browser that avoid IIS dependency installation and configuration
  • Designed web pages and used applications that meet business and user goals through a positive user experience.
  • Responsible for creating the screens with table less design following W3C standards.
  • Used Mongo DB as the database.
  • Used Tortoise SVN to check in code to dev Environment and to avoid merge issues.
  • Used JIRA for Defect tracking.
  • Used Firebug, Firebug Lite, and IE developer toolbar for debugging and Cross Browser Compatibility.
  • Fixed Cross browser compatibility issued for a set of browsers namely IE6, 8, FireFox 3.6, 4, 5 and 6.

Environment: HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, XML, XHTML, Backbone.js, DOM, DHTML, Karma, AJAX, Mongo DB, Dreamweaver, SVN, Firebug. Photoshop, ExtJS, JIRA, Mobile Apps (IOS, Android), Bootstrap, Illustrator, Information Architecture, JAVA.

Confidential, Indianapolis, IN

UI/Web Developer


  • Involved in the Software Development Life Cycle phases like Requirement Analysis, Implementation and estimating the time-lines for the project.
  • Designed dynamic and multi-browser compatible pages using HTML, CSS, JQuery and JavaScript.
  • Responsible for ensuring the pattern consistency across all pages.
  • Wrote application level code to interact with the backend databases JQuery AJAX and JSON.
  • Applied JQuery scripts for basic animation and end user screen customization purposes.
  • Used AJAX & JSON communication for accessing RESTful web services data payload.
  • Used jQuery to traverse through a DOM tree and manipulated the nodes in the tree. Implemented the Drag and Drop functionality using jQuery framework.
  • Used jQuery to make dropdown menus on web pages and display part of a web page upon user request and also used jQuery Events to manipulate the elements depends on the user interactions
  • Worked upon the dashboard for the project which contained a variety of charts and draggable components using jQuery UILibrary.
  • Developed the custom data grids upon jQuery framework to deliver the business data.
  • Used data tables, a table plugin for JQuery, to display the data in tables along with pagination.
  • Created Mock-up designs and developed various functionalities with JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Design website and maintain the website content up to date.
  • Experience in cross browser compatibility check and thoroughly performed unit testing and integration testing.
  • Developed CSS styles to maintain the uniformity of all the screens throughout the application and positioning of screen objects.
  • Developed page layouts, navigation, animation buttons and icons.
  • Utilized Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver and Illustrator for the front-end development such as web pages, graphics and multimedia's.
  • Involved in up gradation and maintenance of website to the new layout using the Grid orientation model Bootstrap framework.
  • Implemented the search functionality for Internal Application.
  • Developed stored procedures, SQL, Triggers, Schemas, Tables, Views.
  • Experience in creating print specific CSS style.
  • Used Agile method for requirements gathering.
  • Further tasks include management of all MySQL database and all the required tables to store different survey information related to the site.

Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap, Usability Testing, Agile methodology, WAMP Stack, Dreamweaver, Eclipse, MySQL, C++.


JAVA Developer


  • Involved in various stages of the project life cycle primarily design, implementation, testing, deployment and enhancement of the application.
  • Involved in designing the system based on UML concepts which include data flow diagrams, class diagrams, sequence diagrams, state diagrams using Rational Rose Enterprise Edition.
  • Designed and developed web pages using JSP, HTML and used JavaScript for client side validation.
  • Involved in design and development of the application in n-tier fashion based on MVC architecture standards and utilized Struts frame work.
  • Developed data model and stored procedures.
  • Used JDBC for communicating with the database
  • Involved in development converting the static HTML mark-ups to JSP’s.
  • Worked in J2EE/java, HTML and web application.
  • Responsible for maintenance and production support of the application documented design and functional aspects of the application.

Environment: Java, J2EE, JSP, Struts framework, HTML, DHTML, XML, JDBC, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, Eclipse, Hibernate, Spring, Junit, Log4j and MS Office.

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