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Senior Ios Developer Resume



  • Over 10 years of total IT experience in development with 7 years of experience developing iOS applications using Swift and Objective - C and Built Rich User Interface applications, integrating with various Databases and Client-Server applications in iPhone/iPad.
  • Hands on iOS Application developer experience with focus on designing, developing, implementing, testing and publishing iOS applications on iTunes Store.
  • Develop native iOS applications using Objective C and Swift, X-Code, iPhone SDK and Cocoa Touch framework.
  • Experience using Firebase, real-time database (JSON format and buckets).
  • User autantication using Firebase for Facebook, Google and Email.
  • Expertise in integrating third-party libraries like Alamofire, SDWebImage using Cocoa Pods or manual.
  • Extensively worked on MVC design architecture, Cocoa design patterns and concepts like delegation, protocol and categories.
  • Experience in working with data parsing forms such as JSON and XML to dynamically display data on iPhone/iPad.
  • Extensive experience in consuming SOAP/RESTful web services.
  • Hands on experience in Apple push and local notifications
  • Understanding of ARC and non-ARC in iOS development for Memory Management.
  • Understanding of Application Life Cycle.
  • Implemented Localization & Globalization techniques to support global languages.
  • Proficient in creating complex user interfaces for a variety of applications.
  • Design applications using Storyboards, XIB files and, programmatic UI building.
  • Experienced in using data storage frameworks like NSUserDefaults, Core Data, firebase.
  • Expertise in designing custom UI using Auto Layouts and Size Classes for iPhone and iPad devices.
  • SCRUM fundamentals certified. Experience in working SCRUM methodologies
  • Experience with GIT code repositories, and Git flow workflow.
  • Passionate and love to work with latest iOS Technologies, and always learning new technologies like python, Django and Amazon web server administration.
  • Professional working experience in PHP, HTML, CSS, PYTHON, DJANGO.
  • Highly experienced working directly with clients, as a programmer and also as a leader of software implementation.
  • Establish and maintain a productive working relationship with management, clients, external teams and team members.
  • Excellent communication, organizational skills, attention to detail and the ability to meet tight deadlines.


Programming Languages: Swift, Objective-C, PHP, HTML, CSS3.

iOS Applications: Swift, Objective-C, XCode, UIKit, Cocoa touch, Core Data, Firebase, Google Analytics, Chrashlytics

iOS Services: NSJSONSerialization, NSXMLSerialization, Apple Push Notification (APNS), NSUserDefaults, NSNotificationCenter, NSOperationQueue .

Frameworks: UIKit, CoreLocation, MapKit, AVFoundation, CoreData, Social, Cocoa Touch, CocoaPods, Firebase, Location Kit, Google Maps API, Facebook API

IDE: XCode, MicrosoftVisualStudio.

Operating Systems: Mac, Windows.

Web Services: Alamofire, REST, JSON, SOAP, XML.

Threading: GCD, NSOperations

Version Control Tools: GITHub, GitLab, Bit Bucket.

Databases: Firebase, CoreData

Methodology: SCRUM.


Confidential, Mexico

Senior iOS Developer


  • Active involvement in software implementation for mobile devices iOS, iPhone, iPad.
  • Use of Firebase for google Analytics, and Crashlytics implementation.
  • Use of Storyboards, table views, collection views, SideMenues, delegation, XML, JSON, Mapkit etc
  • Collaborating with BBVA (located in Spain) and Aermoxico team to analyze the requirements and building the features for their applications.
  • Implemented UINavigationController, UITabBarController and a Side Menu for easier use of the application.
  • Use of PSPDFKit, framework, to read and manipulate PDF files within the application.
  • Reviewed the written code in the sprint and provided feedback, received feedback on the code.
  • Responsible for consuming the RESTful services, getting XML response and parsing them to get the required information.
  • Used Core Location to determine the user location in several areas of the application, including security features.
  • Implement SDK BBVA bank One time passwords in order to access different features in the bank application.
  • Implemented Push Notifications, Analytics, Remote configuration and, Crash reporting features while integrating the mobile app with Firebase.
  • Use of HockeyApp for app distribution, and testing in real devices.
  • Worked with GitLab and GitBucket to check out and update the codebase changes.

Environment: meOS, Swift, Objective-C, XML, REALM, JSON, Firebase, MapKit, PSPDFkit, GitLab, Core Location.


iOS Developer


  • Reactivate and implement an App development project for the Hotel Industry.
  • Use of Firebase Google for real-time data base, push notifications and autantication.
  • Use of Google - Analytics in order to no how many users interact with the app and also how many access to the activities showed in the advertising.
  • Implement Core-Data for persistence within the application.
  • Use of Storyboards, table views, data core, delegation, JSON, Mapkit, etc.
  • Used collectionview controller in order to show a simple way information about the hotels, activities and advertising to the users.
  • Implement social framework to share pictures and tweets in facebook and tweeter.
  • Collaborating with directly with clients in order to implement correctly all the requirements.
  • Reviewed the last commits, in order to make migration from swift 2 - 3 and resolve dependencies issues.
  • Responsible for consuming the RESTful services, getting JSON response and parsing them to get the required information.
  • Used Core Location to determine the user location inside de hotels, and make easier the way to go to nearest restaurants, parks and museums.
  • Used Core Location along with custom MKAnnotations to display nearby location to the user.
  • Added two table view in the same and a side menu to better user experience.
  • Used Notification Center to send information from one view to another when an action was executed.
  • Implemented Push Notifications, Analytics, Remote configuration and, Crash reporting features while integrating the mobile app with Firebase
  • Have taken part also in the web development, adding CS3 and HML5 to the control panel for the app-user interaction and administration.

Environment: iOS, Swift, JSON, Firebase Google, MapKit, GitHub, Core Location, HTML, CC3

Confidential, Atlanta, Georgia

iOS Developer


  • Training in swift 3 to make migration from swift 2-3.
  • Develop medical application using all Firebase tools.
  • Autantication (Facebook, Gmail or corporate Email)
  • Use Firebase real-time database, crashlytics and analytics.
  • Use of Storyboards, table views, data core, delegation, JSON, Mapkit.
  • Use of multithreading process in table views to enable the user to keep using the app meanwhile information is downloading.
  • Created reusable dynamic tableview cells to use across the application.
  • Implemented UITabBarController and manually navigation bar for easier use of the application.
  • Relational database in order to share information between users (doctors and patients)
  • Worked with GitHub to check out and update the codebase changes.
  • Migrating application from objective-c to swift.
  • Integrated SDWebImage framework using Cocoa pods for lazy loading of images.

Environment: iOS, Swift, XML, JSON, Firebase Google, MapKit, GitHub, Core Location.


Software implementation


  • Interact everyday with clients, in order to no the new requirements and delegate it to IT development department.
  • Provided technical leadership and take ownership of the technical development project delivery of component design, development and maintenance.
  • Analysis and Design mobile apps and web apps.
  • Utilized Agile scrum methodology to work with other developers from front end, backend, testers and business users.
  • Active involvement in computer and networks field. (CCNA Cisco)
  • Involved in developing PHP, to implement simple functions for in-house ERP development.
  • Integrated application with MySQL database using myphpadmin.
  • Use multiple templates and bootstrap in order to give to the user the best experience.
  • Written Ajax calls and web services in PHP.
  • Working on security of the user by saving sensitive data like session ids, Passwords using Keychain Services.
  • Working on code review and bug fixing.

Environment: Objective-C, PHP, HTML, CC3, MySQL, Cocoa touch, iPhone, iPad.


Lead Application Developer


  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle of the application like Requirement gathering, Design, Analysis and Code development.
  • Implement large scale enterprise level software Systems, for different 5 cities in Mexico.
  • Developed cross-browser/platform HTML, CSS, Bootstrap,to match design specs for complex page layouts while following code standards.
  • Used PHPMyAdmin to handle the administration of MYSQL over the World Wide Web
  • Developed presentation layer using HTML5, CSS3 in order to fit in blackberries screen.
  • Report of bugs for ERP; Tracked and fixed bugs that were found during various phases of developments
  • Used PHP to display the data fetched from the database.
  • Created Tables, built queries for accessing, modified data on MySQL.
  • Lead and supervise activities for the team of 10 members. Also, train associates on ERP and other applications.
  • Improved the user experience by designing and creating new web components and features
  • Handling cross browser/platform compatibility issues (IE, and Safari).
  • Prepared monthly, quarterly and yearly reports and user manuals.

Environment: PHP, ERP, MYSQL, HTML, CSS, PHPMyAdmin.


Maintenance Supervisor


  • Create and program sequences for Fanuc Robots of 6 axes at the production line.
  • Praming PCL devices for automation process.
  • In charge of a 15 technicians, to maintain all the systems, robots and PLCs in perfect conditions.
  • Make reports, and check up lists for all the automatic systems
  • Maintain records of daily data communication transactions, problems and remedial actions taken, or installation activities.
  • Install and perform minor repairs to tools, machines, engines and robots, following design or installation specifications.
  • Modify and customize commercial programs for internal needs.
  • Oversee the daily performance of computer systems, automatic tools, and robots.
  • Prepare evaluations of software or hardware, and recommend improvements or upgrades.
  • Read technical manuals, confer with users, or conduct robots and PLC computer’s diagnostics to investigate and resolve problems or to provide technical assistance and support.
  • Enter commands and observe system functioning to verify correct operations and detect errors.
  • Create step by step documentation for the installing of software, interfaces, support solutions, and train other staff members in customer support

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