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Front-end Ui Developer Resume

Philadelphia, PA


  • Around 6 years of experience in developing the web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, PHP, jQuery, JSON, Angular.JS.
  • Skilled IT Professional with proven success in maintaining multiple e - projects & experience in implementing high performance user interfaces and web applications.
  • Specialized in development and implementation of Application, mobile and Web based Technology Solutions.
  • Experience working on scalable environment using Agile/SCRUM, Test driven development (TDD) methodologies.
  • Experience in developing web pages in Responsive Design, JSON, AJAX, Augular.JS, Backbone.JS and Bootstrap.
  • Experience in working with RESTFUL Web Services and implementing RESTFUL API's.
  • Experience of working on CSS Preprocessors like LESS and SASS along with JavaScript task runners like Grunt.JS.
  • Extensive experience in developing web page quickly and effectively using jQuery and also in making web pages cross browser compatible.
  • Insight knowledge of building website, mobile apps and forms using Adobe Experience Manager.
  • Thorough understanding of CSS principles with a clear ideology for managing maintainable, scalable and cross-browser code.
  • Good experience in JavaScript MVC framework like Angular.JS, Backbone.JS.
  • Experience using other JavaScript framework like jQuery.
  • Experience applying the latest development approaches including MVC in the browser, event-driven applications using AJAX, Object Oriented (OO) JavaScript, JSON, JSONP, and XML.
  • Ability to write well-documented, well-commented, clear and maintainable efficient code for web development.
  • Deep understanding in implementing the business rules in different layers like UI, services and backend database.
  • Experience in all stages of testing namely Functional testing, Performance testing, Integration testing, Regression testing and User Acceptance testing.
  • Strong communication skills, with the ability to convey concepts/requirements between technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Proven track record in demonstrating innovative and unique designing skills, ability to work in a stressful environment with projects and interaction with every team member.
  • Excellent interpersonal abilities, communication skills, time management and Team skills with an intention to work hard to meet project deadlines.


Languages: JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Java, JDBC, JSP.

Front End: HTML, DHTML, XHTML, HTML5, XML, JSON, XSL, XPath, XSLT, CSSCSS3, and FlexBuilder2.0/3.0.

Frameworks: Bootstrap, Angular.JS, Backbone.JS, Ext.JS, Node.JS

Web/App Servers: Web Sphere 8.0(beta), Web logic and Tomcat 5.0/6.0/7.0

Version Control System: SVN, CVS, GIT, Clear Case.

Desktop Tools: Acrobat Writer, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access

Operating System: Windows, Mac OS, Unix


Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Front-End UI Developer


  • Worked extensively on jQuery, Angular.JS, Twitter Bootstrap, D3JS, HTML, CSS, JSON, Media queries for various breakpoints in the adaptive web-designing environment.
  • Works across a diverse group of people within the team and across multiple business units and multiple groups within each Business Unit.
  • Develops various ideas in order to enhance UI experience.
  • Works with Adaptive web-designing and developing CSS Media Queries in order to make the application compatible with iPad (Landscape and Portrait) and PC.
  • Works with Code Standardizing team in order to Guide UI team to maintain code standards.
  • Works with Back-end (JSPs mostly) team for integration.
  • Used Web-storm Text editor.
  • Used Type Scripts source code for running and developing in Web-Storm.
  • Works on MVC Frameworks like Bootstrap, Angular.JS, Node.JS.
  • Application backend implemented as node.js express application server.
  • Performs UNIT testing with JASMINE, and develops web services using RESTFUL API.
  • Works with Data Structures, Algorithms, and Complexity Analysis.
  • Extensive usage of JavaScript, jQuery, Angular.js, Bootstrap, jQuery/AJAX, JSON, HTML4/5, CSS2/3.
  • Works with marketing team, in order to improve ROI and sets SEO/Web standards.
  • Develops the Responsive design to make the portal compatible with Mobile/Tablets/PCs/MAC by defining media queries.
  • Developing various design patterns and other functionalities include diagnostic, debugging, troubleshooting, as well as business processes concentrated around E-Commerce applications.
  • Extensively involved design discussions and user experience sessions to provide inputs on the layout.
  • Gained knowledge on various J2EE technologies like JSP, JSF, Servlets, EJB, Hibernate, and MVC Frameworks.

Environment: HTML, CSS, jQuery, Angular.JS, Node.JS, Ajax, web-storm, Twitter Bootstrap, JSON, RAD, Sublime Editor, Apache and Static server access, JavaScript (Debugging), jasmine, karma

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Front-End UI Developer


  • Developed UI pages using HTML, XUL, DHTML, XHTML, DOM, CSS, JSON, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX and Angular.JS.
  • Created XHTML pages with CSS and the Box Model.
  • Integrated the Java code (API) in JSP pages.
  • Used JQUERY core library functions for the logical implementation part at client side for all the applications.
  • Involved in writing jQuery-based Ajax requests using jQuery.get (url, data, callback, type) or jQuery.ajax (options) and jQuery.post (url, data, callback, type).
  • Used jQuery events to manipulate the elements depends on the user interactions (like. on (), hover (), bind (), click (), keypress (), etc).
  • Used jQuery to traverse through a DOM tree and manipulated the nodes in the tree.
  • Implemented the Drag and Drop functionality using jQuery framework.
  • Experience with working in JavaScript frameworks like Angular.JS.
  • Used jQuery plugins for Drag and Drop, Widgets, Menus, User Interface and Forms.
  • Developed Date Time Picker using Object Oriented JavaScript extensively.
  • Designed PDF, excel and print previews for all the reports in the application using HTML, JavaScript and SQL Stored Procedure.
  • Debug the application using Firebug to traverse the documents and manipulated the nodes using DOM and DOM Functions.
  • Involved in developing XML, HTML, and JavaScript for client side presentation and data validation on the client side within the forms.
  • Contacted with different customer for their requirements and modified code as the customer needs.
  • Involved in writing and modifying Procedure, Queries, Views & Triggers and calling them from JavaScript using the Temp .net Framework.
  • Worked in Onsite - Offshore model.
  • Written SQL Queries to interact with Oracle database.
  • Used SVN for version control and Clear quest for defect tracking.
  • Successfully executed all the test cases and fixed any bugs/issues identified during the test cycles.

Environment: HTML, CSS, XML, DOM, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular.JS, JSON, MySQL, GIT, Clear Quest, Harvest and MS Office.

Confidential, Pleasanton, CA

Front-End UI Developer


  • Designed dynamic and browser compatible pages using HTML, DHTML, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript.
  • Responsible for creating the screens with table-less designs meeting W3C standards.
  • Involved in extensive HTML coding.
  • Responsible for developing the pages using jQuery, AJAX, and JSON to parse on data on the frontend on the fly.
  • Designed CSS based page layouts that are cross-browser compatible and standards-compliant.
  • Implemented chained select plugin for JQuery with JSON processing and callback feature, chain multiple selects with ease.
  • Applied industry best practices and standards when project requirements were lagging.
  • Implemented different validation control on the web-pages using JavaScript.
  • Worked with the QA team to fix the bugs, test the load, and performance checking.
  • Responsible to track different versions of files using VSS.

Environment: HTML, DHTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, SVN, Eclipse, Microsoft FrontPage, and Adobe Photoshop CS3.


Web (UI) Developer


  • Coordinated with BA group for better understanding of functional requirements analyzed and designed the business requirements to documented and implemented.
  • Responsible for Design and development of Web pages using HTML 5, CSS 3 including Ajax controls and JSON.
  • Developed UI using JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript validations and XHTML.
  • Implemented applications in JavaScript, and MYSQL.
  • Worked extensively with the File management and image libraries.
  • Performed Client-side validations using JavaScript.
  • Fixed bugs and provided support services for the application.
  • Tested/Debugged web browser using Firebug
  • Managed and implemented all codes changes via SVN. Deploying builds across development, staging and production instances and maintained code integrity.
  • Created an inline-edit and widget-collapse feature for the web page.
  • Added an inline Video Player feature that supported Quick Time, Window's Media, and Real-Player.
  • Performed graphical design and web site contract work for small business and working professionals.
  • Met one-on-one with clients in exploring the best possible options for their web presence.
  • Handled duties ranging from creative design to code implementation

Environment: HTML, DHTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, MYSQL.

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