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Soa/weblogic Administrator Resume

Bellevue, WA


  • Extensive experience with Administration of WebLogic Application Servers 8.1, 9.2,10,11g and 12c Clustering (WLS), Iplanet Application Server, Iplanet Directory Server (LDAP), Iplanet Web Servers, Apache web Servers, Microsoft IIS Web Servers5.0/6.0 and Site Minder Administration.
  • Experience on Oracle RAC Databases.
  • Installed WebLogic 12c on various environments like Dev, Qa and Prod.
  • Configured One - way and Two-way SSL certificates for Web servers and Application servers.
  • Solid experience in deploying the applications on clustered and standalone WebLogic Servers and maintaining Load balancing, failover, high availability and session replication.
  • Good troubleshooting skills on issues related to WebLogic, apache, tomcat, JBoss servers, Networking, Database, UNIX and applications and worked with respective engineers to resolve them and provided RCA.
  • Experience in configuring Adapters in SOA.
  • Installed and configured of SOA, BPEL, OSB and OHS server.
  • Configured SSO (Single sign-on) for Deltek users for Cost point and Time and expense in Dev, Qa and Prod.
  • Experience in Installation and configuration of SOA Clusters for 2 Node.
  • Experience in Deploying Oracle SOA Composites and Trouble Shooting Faulted Instances.
  • Involved in Purging of tables from RCU.
  • Deployed Hotfixes to Cost point, Time and Expense and Cognos on Dev, Qa and Prod environments.
  • Experience in Web-service securities through OWSM.
  • Deploying Enterprise Java Beans (EJB’s) and monitoring the Application servers and Web servers, troubleshooting performance issues using the Log messages and Log files.
  • Experience in configuring of Connection Pool with Oracle RAC, MySql, DB2 and SqlServer, etc.
  • Expertise in managing JNDI, Managing Security, Configuring and monitoring JMS.
  • Installed and configured Sun ONE Web server (iPlanet), Apache Web server and IIS Web server and integrated the same with the WebLogic server.
  • Experience in installing SSL certificates on Apache OHS and Oracle WebLogic server 10.3.4.
  • Experience in Ant/Maven for building Java/J2EE Applications.
  • Experience in setting up of Data Sources, Configuring Servlet Engines, Session Managers including planning installation and configuration of WebLogic Application Servers.
  • Involved in setting up cluster environment for WebLogic Server integrated with multiple workflows.
  • Expertise in developing Shell scripts (including sh, ksh, bash), Perl scripts to administrate and automate batch job scheduling including Server Start/Shutdown, backup and recovery processes.
  • Database knowledge using SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle and MS SQL Server.
  • Experience in Third party profiling tools - JProbe, Wily intrascope, performasure, HP open view, Remedy & Optimize IT.
  • Provided 24/7 on call support in production environment.


Middleware: BEA WebLogic Server (7.x/8.x/9.x/10.x), IBM Web Sphere (5.x/6.x), JBoss 4.x/5.x, iPlanet/Sun ONE, Apache, Tomcat, IIS 5.1/6.0, IBM MQ, Sonic MQ

Operating Systems: Solaris 10/9/8, Linux (Red Hat 9-6), Windows XP/2003/2008, AIX 5.x/HP UX

Programming: Java,C, C++,XML, Unix Shell Scripting, JavaScript,VBScript, JSP, HTML, PL/SQL

Network Services: T3, T3S, TCP/IP, SSH, SMTP, FTP, LDAP, HTTP, HTTPS

Scripting: ANT, WLST, Python, Perl, Shell Script (Korn/Bourne)

Monitoring/Tuning/Load Balancing: Wily Introscope, JProbe, Samurai, HP ovo

Database: Oracle 10g/9i/8i, MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access

Security: CA Site Minder, Sun One Directory Server, iPlanet Console/LDAP Browser

Technologies: JSP, Servlets, JMS, EJB, JDBC, Web Services, JMX


Confidential, Bellevue, WA

SOA/WebLogic Administrator


  • Managed/Reported the day to day log listings from the WebLogic Production 9.2/ 10.3/11g domains.
  • Installation and Configuration of WebLogic Application Servers on Linux.
  • Installed and administrated SOA suite and installed, configured, administer and monitor BPEL, ESB.
  • Configured and administrated BPEL service engine and components.
  • Installed WebLogic 12c on various environments like Dev, Qa and Prod.
  • Execute Web based and API based testing.
  • Deployed composites in default partitions using Enterprise Manager and also administrating Mediator, UMS and Oracle Business Activity Monitoring and Human Workflow Service Engine.
  • Preparing final SW bundle and MOP, supporting production regression testing and soak support.
  • Configured OHS and clustered in SOA suite using coherence.
  • Installation and Configuration of Apache Web server.Deploying new code drops and executing complete regression testing in lab and pre-production environment. Helping development team understand the requirements and solving code Issues. Contributing to project critical decisions to meet critical deadlines
  • Cluster Configuration on multiple machines.
  • Configured Connection Pool and Data Source Object for Database Connectivity.
  • Deployment the .war and .ear files in Dev/STG/QA and production mode in Intranet/Internet Environments.
  • Troubleshot application and server side issues using WebLogic Console and WebLogic Command-line
  • Created Domains using WLST Scripts.
  • Configured Message Bridge and JMS Queues and topics, Connection Factories.
  • Configured Proxy Plug-ins Between Apache and WebLogic Server for Load Balancing.
  • Created the Data Source, Connection Pool and test the Connection to connecting the DB or Not.
  • Monitored the servers and application with wily Introscope monitoring tool.
  • Server Performance tuning and Troubleshoot the application and server side issues.
  • Created the WebLogic environment for DR and participating DR testing efforts.
  • Managed and Monitored JVM Performance by adjusting WebLogic heap size and garbage collection parameters.
  • Provided 24/7 on call Production Support.
  • Trouble shooting in WebLogic server issues.
  • SSL Certificate Installation.
  • Migrated existing application deployments to the oracle Exalogic/Exadata environment.
  • Applied Exalogic/Exadata patches in Prod/Non-Prod Env.
  • Configured agents and monitoring the servers and application with OEM monitoring tool.
  • Experience in performance tuning of Oracle SOA suite and involved in maintenance of product SOA instances.
  • Used JBOSS for external monitoring for application functionalities.
  • Analyze WebLogic server log files, thread dumps, logs, configuration files, dump files and core files to identify the possible causes of the problem.
  • Monitored the startup logs for any exceptions or errors. Performed regular health checks for the servers in the UAT and Production environments.
  • Had wrote and documented all the project work done as a project report and sent out weekly reports to the manager.

Environment: Oracle SOA Suite 11g, WebLogic server 9.2/10.3/11g/12c, Oracle SOA Suite 11g, Apache2.2, JBOSS 4.1/6.x, OTD, Java, JMS, JDBC, Oracle10g/11g, Linux, and Windows XP, Exalogic, OEM, Exadata, Tomcat 6.1/7, JBOSS AS, Open AM, Federation.

Confidential, Roseland, NJ

WebLogic/SOA Administrator


  • Experience inperformance tuningofOracle SOA suite.
  • Experience in setting ofHigh Availabilityandclusteringfor Oracle SOA suite.
  • Installed Cognos on various environments like Dev, Qa and Prod.
  • Worked in a diverse team of Integration developers, Architects and DBAs in designing and deploying SOAsolutions for the client.
  • Deployed composites in default partitions using Enterprise Manager and also administrating Mediator, UMS and Oracle Business Activity Monitoring and Human WorkFlow Service Engine.
  • Configured and administrated BPEL service engine and components.
  • Installed Cost point for Deltek on various environments like Dev, Qa and Prod.
  • Worked with application development teams on troubleshooting JBoss administration issues
  • Applied hotfixes to Cost point, Time and Expense and Cognos on Dev, Qa and Prod Environments.
  • Must possess working experience of doingcapacity planningforOracle SOAsuite with other integration technologies.
  • Used Routing rules inESBservices.
  • Deployed Deltek applications and configured Data Sources.
  • Installation, Configuration and troubleshooting of JBOSS application server.
  • Configured SSO (single sign-on) for Deltek users for Cost point and Time and expense in Dev, Qa and Prod.
  • Implemented and integrated the business logic inPLSQLpackages using Database Adapters in differentBPELProcesses.
  • Integrated OracleBPELwithESB, LDAP Interfaces and EDI.
  • Installed, configured, administer and monitorBPEL, ESB, and WSM.
  • Installed and configuredOracle WebLogic Server 10.3/10.0 /8.1in various environments.
  • ConfiguredJDBC, JMS, JNDIin WebLogic Server 10.3/10.0/8.1.
  • Involved inmaintenanceof production SOA instances.
  • Developed and maintained configuration manuals, procedure manuals and standards for Jboss application servers.
  • Configureddata sources, connection poolsfor the application users for Oracle SOA Suite.
  • IntegratedOracle Application Serverwith SOA Suite 10.1.3.x for topology relation management as integrated layer for transactions.
  • Extensively usedJMS adaptorto Produce and consume the messages.
  • CreatedJMS Queues, JMS TopicsandMQ Queues.
  • Configured web server plug-ins for JBOSS application server.
  • Set up theclusterenvironment for Web Logic Server integrated with multiple workflows.
  • Researchedandtroubleshootingof emerging application issues from Web Logic configuration to code issues.
  • Extensive experience onBPEL Service Monitoringand respective actions.
  • Extensively worked on applyingpatchesfor application andoc4jinstances, if any.
  • Configured Performed WLDAPusing Netscape directory Server for user authentication.

Environment: Oracle SOA suite, WebLogic server 9.2/10.3/11g/12c, Apache2.2, Remedy 4.0/7.1, WebLogic Portal Server 9.2, same time 7.5, ALSB 2.6, Java, JMS, JDBC, Oracle10g/11g, Linux, and Windows XP.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

WebLogic Administrator


  • Performed WebLogic server 10.3 tasks such as installation, configuration, monitoring and performance tuning on Linux RHEL 4/5 platforms.
  • Created and managed WebLogic Domains and Node Manager using config wizard and WLST.
  • Involved in WebLogic 8.1.5/9.2 patches and service packs upgrade.
  • Installed and configured Apache HTTP server 2.0 web server and configured proxy plug-ins for WebLogic Server 9.2/10.3.
  • Documented the issues, migration and upgraded patches for Tomcat-WebLogic servers and web servers.
  • Administered EJB Objects, setting up Jrockit IT/JDK, JNDI, JMS connection factories Queues and topics on WebLogic - Jboss Server.
  • Configured JDBC Connection Pools/Multi Pools/Data Sources with backend Oracle 10g/11g RAC DB’s.
  • Strong experience in configuring and administering Connection Pools for JDBC connections and JMS Queues in WebLogic and Jboss EAP.
  • Deployment and troubleshooting of JAR, WAR, and EAR files on both standalone and clustered environment in WebLogic 9.x/10.x and Apache tomcat 6.0.
  • Deployed WAR and EAR files in WebLogic 9.2/10.3.
  • Used WLST to automate deployment procedure.
  • Created bash and korn shell scripts to monitor domains, recycle clusters, monitor disk space, monitor number of Apache connections, and ran them as cronjobs.
  • Configured and setup Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) for data encryption and client authentication.
  • Worked closely with network team and SSO - Single Sign On team while shaking down the upgraded Test and Production environments.
  • ConfiguredWilyIntroscope 6.x/7.x for different domains and established alerts and reports that complete application monitoring dashboard.
  • Worked on Configuring channel secureSite Minderwith Webservers and WebLogic Applications.
  • Involved in doing a performance benchmark of WebLogic server by using Load Runner.
  • Involved with the development team in trouble shooting and fixing day-to-day problems of the applications in production environment.

Environment: WebLogic server 8.1/9.2/10.3/11g,Apache2.2, Remedy 4.0/7.1, Websphere MQ6.0, Lotus Notes 7, web logic Portal Server 9.2, Same time 7.5, ALSB 2.6, VERITAS, Java, JMS, JDBC, Oracle10g, Linux, and Windows XP.


WebLogic Administrator


  • Configuration and administration of Connection pools for JDBC connections.
  • Involved in configuration management, software deployment, change management, Install and Configured Sun One Webserver in Sun Solaris, Linux environments.
  • Involved in capacity planning of various applications.
  • Production, development, up-gradation and testing of servers and databases.
  • Configured Clusters, Server groups and Cloning for improved availability and fail overcapacity.
  • Managed Apache Server and maintained Plug-inn LAN/WAN environments.
  • Created and configured Data Sources for database connectivity and JMS resources.
  • Configured global security in WebLogic using LDAP authentication.
  • Designed and building of automated deployments and trouble shooting.
  • Created Managed servers in Clusters using round-robin algorithm.
  • Worked on Security realms- users and group’s creation, applying roles.
  • Performed Root Cause Analysis and involved in 24/7 support for the WebLogic Application Server support including analyzing the thread dumps of servers, troubleshooting and monitoring the logs.
  • Created domain configuration scripts to configure new domains, modify existing domains.
  • Installed and configured Introscope, JProbe, Foglight, Remedy and Diagnostics for performance/monitoring.
  • Configured SSL for WebLogic Server, and working experience with Site minder configuration.
  • Developed scripts for start, stop, backup and recovery in WebLogic application server administration.

Environment: WebLogic 8.1, IIS, apache 1.3, Java, JMS, JDBC, UML, XML, Oracle, Solaris, Linux, and Windows NT.


WebLogic Administrator


  • Installation and Configuration of WebLogic Application Servers on Linux and Solaris.
  • Installation and Configuration of Apache Web server
  • Generated and installed the SSL Certificate.
  • Deployment the .war and .ear files in Dev/Stage and production mode in Intranet/Internet Environments.
  • Created the Data Source, Connection Pool and test the Connection to connecting the DB or Not.
  • Installed the BEA License File.
  • Created the User, Groups and Provide the Global Roles for that Groups or Users.
  • Deployed the New Sites in development and Production Mode.
  • Created the Connection Pool and Data Source for Connecting the Oracle Database.
  • Created the virtual hosts in Apache Webserver and web logic.

Environment: WAS5.0, WebLogic Server 7.0/8.1,Apache 1.3, HP-Open view, Java, JMS, Oracle, JDBC, UML, XML, Solaris, and Windows NT.

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