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Sr. Ui Developer Resume

Basking Ridge, NJ


  • Over 8+ years of experience in Developing and Designing Web based Applications and User Interfaces using HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, ES6, Bootstrap, JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, JSON, Ajax, AngularJS, grunt/4/5, ReactJS, Redux, Node.js, Dojo, Flexbox.
  • Experienced in all stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) starting from gathering Business specifications, analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of projects using various methodologies like Waterfall, AGILE and SCRUM.
  • Experience in AngularJS controllers, views, and services for new website features.
  • Created custom directives in AngularJS for re - usable components (multi-field form elements, background file uploads, etc.).
  • Experience in understanding Document Object Model (DOM), DOM Functions.
  • Experience in SPA (Single Page Application) development using AngularJS and Angular2.
  • Strong in using Web Services and Restful API'S.
  • Good understanding and working experience in JavaScript MVC frameworks.
  • Expert in creating styles using SASS and LESS and writing a script for precompiling SASS/LESS to CSS.
  • Hands-on experience using My SQL, Mongo DB, Oracle.
  • Good Experience using Bootstrap for Responsive Web Design (RWD) and CSS Media Queries.
  • Expert in UML, Design Methodologies, and Design Patterns.
  • Experience in XML, JSON Web Services using Restful and Rest API's.
  • Experienced in Application Servers like open source Apache Tomcat, JBOSS, Web Logic.
  • Developed Interactive graphs using D3.js with JSON data.
  • Personal experience integrating Vue applications with external both external design frameworks and back-end servers.
  • Extensive experience using GitHub, Bitbucket, and SVN.
  • Experience in the use of various relational databases like Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Cassandra.
  • Experience in implementing Component life cycle architecture, store actions, using socket.io in React-Redux app to handle real time data, installing React Router, Thunk Redux for API calls in React JS.
  • Good knowledge of latest version of object-oriented JavaScript Libraries like AngularJS, Backbone, Bootstrap, Ext JS 4.0, Require JS, and Dojo toolkit.
  • Extensive experience in development of Multi-Tier distributed Enterprise Applications and implementation of Model-View-Controller using Struts 1.x/2 frameworks and spring 2.x/3 Framework.
  • Involved in using ReactJS components, Forms, Events, Keys, Router and Flux concept.
  • Good knowledge using task runners like Grunt and Gulp.
  • Experience in developing latest version of Object-Oriented JavaScript Libraries like AngularJS.
  • Experience in tools and IDEs for development and design like Eclipse, Sublime, Brackets, Visual Studio, Notepad++, IntelliJ, Net Beans and Web Storm.
  • Hands-on experience working on different browsers like Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.
  • Used JavaScript and PHP to create dynamic applications within websites.
  • Worked on PHP for backend procedures, web services, and database connection.
  • Experience in Unit/Integration Testing frameworks and libraries like Jasmine, Mocha, Chai and Karma for AngularJS and Node.js.
  • Working with JIRA tool to track all the defects and changes released to all environments.
  • Good at Communication skills, able to Multi-task, time management, and problem-solving abilities.


Web Technologies: HTML 4/5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, JSON, XML, Node.js, PHP, Python, Bootstrap, Angular JS/2/4 & 5 and ReactJS.

Languages: JavaScript, Java, C#.

IDE & Editors: Net Beans, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Web Storm, X-Code, Brackets, IntelliJ, Vim, Sublime Text, Atom, Notepad++.

Web/App Servers: HTTP Web Server, WebSphere, WebLogic, Apache Tomcat, Jetty Server, Nginx.

Database: SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle.

Operating System: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix.

Version control: SVN, GIT Hub, Perforce, TFVC, CVS, Apache Subversion.

Build Tools: Ant, Gradle, Jenkins, Dockers and Maven.

Debugging tools: Firebug, Bugzilla, Chrome Developer Tools, TIBCO.

Testing: Jasmine, Protractor, Mocha, Chai and Karma.

Animation: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Firebug, Chrome Development Tools, Browser stack, JS Hint, JS Lint, Windows Movie maker, MS Office.


Confidential - Basking Ridge, NJ

Sr. UI Developer


  • Developed web applications using latest JavaScript features and frameworks such as Redux to build dynamic web pages.
  • Created different Templates, Components, Dialogs, Widgets, Workflows and Layouts to obtain the exact look of the Frontend Screens.
  • Used ReactJS to create Controllers to handle events triggered by clients and send request to server.
  • Experience with React Native framework in developing apps on cross mobile platforms.
  • Set up base ReactJS structure with the Create-React-App package.
  • Participated in development of a well responsive single page application using React JS framework and JavaScript in conjunction with HTML5, CSS3 standards, with front end UI team.
  • Installed React-redux package to bridge between react and passed Redux store as props to react by nesting react components inside of provider component.
  • Developed various screens for the front end using ReactJS and used various predefined components from NPM and Redux libraries.
  • Familiar with the Flux architecture and components involved (Stores, Dispatchers, Actions) thorough knowledge Virtual Dom implementation within React.
  • Implemented page routing with the use of React-Router to create a Single Page Application (SPA) for quick, responsive pages and dynamic navigation through the menu.
  • Coordinated with the Architect and mobile development team in scaffolding for developing the Mobile application with latest technologies like React Native and Redux Frameworks.
  • Experience with React Native framework in developing apps on cross mobile platforms.
  • Used Git for Version control during development and maintenance.
  • Worked on Jenkins For Automation and Dockers For Container Service.
  • Experience in building Native Apps with JavaScript, CSS, and XML using the Native Script Framework.
  • Used Backbone.js and ReactJS to create Controllers to handle events triggered by clients and send request to server.
  • Converted the codebase to use modern ECMA Script (ES5, ES6) using babel, typescript to transpile and web pack as a module loader and used reactive extensions.
  • Used Babel for transpiling code written in ES6 to ES5 supported by most browsers.
  • Worked on Agile Environment to make Updates as per the requirement.
  • Worked with Node.js for developing the Single Page Applications (SPA) and used Node.js as a proxy to interact with REST services and interacting with Database.
  • Created UI templates and functionality to merge with the backend REST/SOAP API for proper communication of front and back end to enable efficient working of application.
  • Worked with Grunt, Gulp for task runner configurations and worked on various IDE editors.
  • Involved in using ReactJS components, Forms, Events, Keys, Router and Flux concept.
  • Debugged the application using Firebug to traverse the documents and manipulated the Nodes using DOM and DOM Functions using Firefox and IE Developer Tool bar for IE.
  • Responsible for changing UI to WCAG 2.0 compliant.
  • Done unit testing of JavaScript applications using Chai, Karma and Jasmine.
  • Used Change sets, Jenkins for deployment, once the Component merge has been done in GIT and the source is ready, in to the other instance.

ENVIRONMENT: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ES5, ES6, AWS, Bootstrap, React Native, backbone, JSON, AJAX, NodeJS, ReactJS, Grunt, Gulp, GIT, REST & SOAP (web services), NPM, SQL, Jenkins, Docker, HAPI, Jasmine, Karma, Chai, Protractor, Apache, Agile.

Confidential - New Britain, CT

Sr. UI Developer


  • Understanding of functional specifications and documenting technical design documents.
  • Involve in AGILE Methodology and participates in SCRUM Meetings.
  • Develop Robust User Interface using HTML, HTML5, CSS3, JSP, JavaScript, Custom Tags and XML.
  • Developed custom directives (elements, Attributes and classes) using Angular.js.
  • Experience with React Native framework in developing apps on cross mobile platforms.
  • Expertise in React JS framework and integrate them to Node JS server-side code
  • Designed dynamic and browser compatible pages using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, and Bootstrap.
  • Involved in developing the Reusable templates using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, handlebars.
  • Developed CSS based page layouts that are cross-browser compatible and standards-compliant.
  • Utilized Angular to build high-quality, scalable and reusable components like multi-field form elements and background file uploads and used Angular-Router for app routing.
  • Implemented UI by adapting Angular 2framework with Typescript, HTML/HTML5, and CSS.
  • Migrating some of the applications from AngularJS to Angular 2 and componentize the code as per the Angular recommendations for better testability.
  • Wrote Angular interceptor for redirections of pages based on redirection keys comes from AJAX success scenarios and make watches on pending AJAX calls to load loader (spinner).
  • Created Angular 5 components, implemented interpolation, input variables, Bootstrapping, NgFor, NgIf, Router Outlet, binding the events, decorators.
  • Experience with React Native framework in developing apps on cross mobile platforms.
  • Used JavaScript, Grunt.js and AngularJS 2.0 for client-side validations.
  • Involved in the development of presentation layer and GUI framework using AngularJS and HTML.
  • Involved in matters relating to Angular 5 to ensure products were released in a timely fashion and that the code remained organized.
  • A brief experience in implementing the AngularJS in creating animations based on CSS classes.
  • Built different modules, controllers, templates, custom filters and directives in AngularJS.
  • Developed web applications using ES6 features such as multi-line strings, restructuring assignments, enhancing object literals and arrow functions.
  • Developed code for Responsive web design in JavaScript using AngularJS.
  • Used CSS pre-processors (SASS).
  • Responsible for making responsive web pages using Twitter Bootstrap and Media Queries.
  • Designed Frontend within object-oriented JavaScript Framework like AngularJS.
  • Used Agile process time-boxed, fixed schedule Sprints of 1-4 weeks, to deliver new feature quickly and frequently.
  • Developed applications implementing Ajax Calls for Dynamic Content Loading.
  • Managed projects with GRUNT task runner.
  • Experience in integrating RESTful APIs and web services with applications
  • Used MongoDB as cross-platform storage for load balancing, indexing and file storage.
  • Used Jasmine to test AngularJS controller by built test cases.
  • Worked closely with QA team performing Unit testing using Jasmine, Karma, Chai to fix bugs and experience on Test Driven Development (TDD), Iterative and Incremental development, and Automate test using tools like Selenium and protractor.
  • Worked on JIRA to maintain and update the task.
  • Created Custom Email Templates as part of sending Alerts to users based on the business requirement.

ENVIRONMENT: HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, Angular 2, TypeScript, Node.js, Ajax, Responsive Web Design XML, Python, Restful API’s, SASS, JIRA, XPath, MongoDB, Protractor, Grunt, Selenium, Jasmine, Git, GitHub, Apache Tomcat Server 7.

Confidential - Wichita, KS

UI/ Web Developer


  • Involvement in all stages of Software development life cycle including Analysis, development, Implementation, testing, and support.
  • Involved in development of User Interface using HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery, Ajax, JSON and AngularJS.
  • Extensively used Angular UI (Angular Bootstrap) for ng-grid and UI components.
  • Worked Closely with Designers to Understand and redesign the Package Customization and Service Locator Modules using HTML 5, CSS3 and jQuery for Lexmark e-commerce application.
  • Extensive experience using Bootstrap for layout.
  • Involved in writing application-level code to interact withAPIs, Web Services using Ajax, JSON, and XML.
  • Debug the application using Firebug to traverse the documents and manipulated the Nodes using DOM and DOM Functions.
  • Created reusable templates and style sheets based on UI standards and guidelines; Performed functional tasks using specifications and wireframes.
  • Extensively used Debugging JavaScript using Chrome developer Toolbar, Firebug.
  • Developed the UI with extensive use of JavaScript, JSON, and Ajax.
  • Extensively used CSS3 and Bootstrap for styling the HTML5 elements.
  • Followed SCRUM methodology.
  • Used jQuery core library functions for the logical implementation part at client side for all the applications. Used D3.js for interactive data visualization.
  • Worked on creating a responsive website for smart devices using Responsive Web Design (RWD) and Media Queries.
  • Produced content pages with CSS3 layout and style markup presentations and used JavaScript methods and properties.
  • Designed Frontend within object-oriented JavaScript Framework like Node.js and Ext JS.
  • Used Ajax extensively to implement front end /user interface features in the application.
  • Developed the pages that are compliant with the W3C standard.
  • Developed different jQuery component in MVC micro-architecture framework, which internally uses various design pattern such as singleton, command, delegate, etc.

ENVIRONMENT: HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, CVS, Ajax, JSON, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Grunt, Bower, NPM, Ext. JS, RWD.

Confidential - Kansas City, MO

UI Developer


  • Involved in all the phases of the Software Development Life Cycle including the Requirement Analysis, Implementation and estimating the time-lines for the project.
  • Developed web pages complying with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and implemented various projects according to W3C Web Standards XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery, XML and XSLT.
  • Worked on Design, UI, wire-framing, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JSP, accessibility, and optimization.
  • Worked on developing the cross-browser compatibility, performance, and robustness by translated designs and style guides into functional user interfaces
  • Utilized various jQuery plugins to build Rich Internet Application (RIA) to make it look more intuitive.
  • Worked with full UI control of HTML/CSS, maintaining code and cleanliness.
  • Created some prototype to implement some of the latest features of HTML and CSS.
  • Successfully implemented AutoComplete/Auto Suggest functionality using Ajax, jQuery, DHTML, Web Service call and JSON.
  • Extensively worked with making calls to APIs to fetch the data from the backend as JSON response and parse it on the UI for DOM/CSS Manipulation.
  • Maximized page load by analyzing content and adjusting the code (by following optimization standards).
  • Worked closely with QA team to understand the reported defects and fix them.
  • Developed Angular JS factories and services to handle REST APIs' and push data to the server.
  • Used GIT version control system.
  • Used Bootstrap for responsiveness and expertise in Grid Control System.
  • Responsible for using PHP for generating Dynamic web page and to send and receive cookies.
  • Responsible for parsing JSON data to & from the server for presentation & storage purposes in the project.
  • Worked with JASMINE unit test framework to write unit tests for JavaScript code.
  • Involved in AGILE Methodology and participates in SCRUM meetings.

ENVIRONMENT: AngularJS, DHTML, GIT, jQuery, PHP, JSON, XML, UML, JSP, JavaScript, HTML 4, CSS 3, Ajax, PL/SQL, Eclipse, ANT, Web Logic Application Server, Jasmine.


Java Developer /Front End Developer


  • Designed custom Node.js module to programmatically generate a path for a RESTful endpoint (CRUD) with MongoDB backend, provided a schema.
  • Worked in an AGILE environment to produce high-quality applications.
  • Involved in developing HTML and JavaScript for client-side presentation and, data validation on the client side with in the forms.
  • Watched project changes with Grunt task runner and installed the latest version of libraries with NPM.
  • Used the Ajax to call the Java functions from the webpage via jQuery without performing a browser refresh.
  • Created and executed the developer test plans for unit testing and executed the QA test plans for effectively testing. Involved in performance testing phase of the application.
  • Actively participated in configuring hibernate to access database and retrieve data from the database.
  • Defined Object Relational Mapping for Hibernate and performed spring integration with Hibernate for data access.
  • Worked on MongoDB along with Mongoose to store the consumer’s data into the database.
  • Developed and deployed web service onto Apache Tomcat server and ensure that application is running and going through different JSP’s and HTML’s in the right order.
  • Created data access layer, Stored Procedures, and Triggers using SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Used Hibernate Template for a various database update, insert, delete operations and for invoking functions, stored procedures, triggers.
  • Involved in Analysis, Design, and Implementation of software applications using core Java, J2EE, XML and XSLT and Web services (SOAP, WSDL).
  • Created template by using AngularJS typescript creating SPA, Components, Routers, and Services to develop the application. Used Express for the data grid and bootstrap for template styling.

ENVIRONMENT: Linux, Windows, Node.js, NPM, MVC, Restful, Mongo DB, Rest, Require JS, RWD, SQL, Pl/SQL, XSLT, SOAP, WSDL, Java 1.5, Struts 1.1, Hibernate, JSP, JSON, Tomcat, My Eclipse, Oracle 10g, jQuery, JUnit, HTML5, CSS, Java Script.


Frontend Web Developer


  • Designed the Web application layout and forms usingHTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Handled all the client-side validations, slide show, hide and show controls, drop-down menus and tab navigation usingjQuery.
  • Wrote code to fetch data from Web services usingjQuery, AJAX via JSONresponse and updating the HTML pages.
  • Involved in designing and developing the JSON, XML Objects with MySQL.
  • Developed SQL Queries to perform insert, update or delete operation on MySQL database.
  • Wrote a script for Ajax implementations in the website.
  • Performed XML Transformations from value objects to XML and from XML to HTML data.
  • Designed and developed views, controller and model components implementing Struts Framework.
  • Implemented Design patterns for recurring problems.
  • Developed GUI related changes using JSP, HTML and client validations using JavaScript.
  • Worked on developing a web application based on Java.
  • Developed Session and Entity Beans to implement business functionality.
  • Used Eclipse as an IDE and Apache Tomcat as an Application Server.
  • Developed Web Services, which are published on to the Web sphere application server.
  • Responsible for the process ofUIdesign for Internet sites and applications.
  • Used Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) in web pages to separate presentation from structure.

ENVIRONMENT: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, JSON, XML, J2EE, Java/JDK, JSP, MySQL, Eclipse, Web Services.

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