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Dev Ops Architect Resume

Clarksville, MD


  • Over 17 plus years of experience as Information Technology professional with proficiency in:
  • 1 Year in working with Amazon Web Services
  • Build scripts for AWS cloud formation
  • Administer and manage EC2 instances
  • 16 years in UNIX/Linux administration
  • 5 years in Dev Ops / Agile methodology
  • Create new environments on Linux for CICD
  • Build modules of application in 2 or 3 week sprints
  • Integrate the modules and package them for deployment
  • Deploy the package for testing and validation
  • Rollout to live required environments.
  • Automate Maven builds using Jenkins
  • Automate build jobs and other automation tasks using Jenkins
  • Very good knowledge about using Chef tools
  • Use Cucumber CI for script review
  • (Tuxedo, JBoss, Tomcat, WebSphere) years Middleware administration on UNIX/Linux.
  • 17 years of programming in C/C++/UNIX Shell (csh, sh, bash).
  • 7 years of programming in Python
  • Architecting, Designing, Programming, Infrastructure Management and Technical consultation.
  • Data center and Server Farm management including creating specs for equipment, getting quotes and provide to procurement office, work with facilities team to ensure the infrastructure complies with the requirement.
  • Trained in Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Business processes
  • Project planning/execution, assign technical task/modules to the team members and track their progress, obtain feedback from customers (internal/external), and regularly update senior management.


Operating Systems: Windows Servers, Win XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Mac OSX, Linux (Red Hat, Ubuntu, Cent OS, Network Security Tool (NST), Fedora, SuSE), Sun OS (Solaris 10, 11), HP UX

Cloud: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Web server platforms: Apache, Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), Node JS, NGNIX, Websphere 7.0 and 8.5, JBoss A7, Tomcat7, Sun Glassfish server, IHS (IBM HTTP Server), TIBCO suite of tools.

Programming Languages: Visual C++/C#/.Net on Windows, C/C++/Python/Java/PERL on Unix/Linux, UNIX shell scripting. AWS CLI

Tools: Chef, Jenkins, Docker, Maven, Ant, Vagrant, Python Boto, VMWare, VirtualBox, Visual Studio, Eclipse IDE, IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans, Microsoft collaboration tools, Microsoft Office, Wireshark, NTOP, IPerf, Microsoft Project, Visio, JIRA, Confluence, CMake, CISCO VPN, Junos VPN, IPSec, SNMP, IMAP, NMAP, LDAP, IBM Rational Software Architect (RSA), TIBCO Business Studio, TIBCO RVRD, TIBCO EMS, TIBCO Business works, etc…

Databases: MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, Sqllite, RTA, Mongo DB, PostgreSQL.

Version Control: Rational Clear Case, CVS, Subversion (SVN), GIT

Multimedia tools: VLC, Wowza Media server (well versed in software development on RTSP, RTMP, RTP, UDP multi - media protocols), Gstreamer, MPlayer, OpenGL.

Other Software: Rational Suite of tools, Computer Associates suite of tools, EMC - AVAMAR backup management, VMWare, Oracle Virtual Box, Sockets programming and various GNU and open source multimedia tools. CA Wily monitoring tool, Microstrategy reporting tool.


Confidential, Clarksville, MD

Dev Ops Architect


  • Design Environments on the Amazon Cloud (AWS EC2)
  • Customize environments using Chef (for Dev, Test, Staging, and Deploy)
  • Create scripts to create environments using AWS CLI, validate
  • Create Chef scripts to create runtime environments
  • Develop automated build jobs and other automated tasks using Jenkins
  • Track the build environments and provide reports
  • Automate Maven builds using Jenkins

Confidential, Columbia, MD

Dev Ops Infrastructure lead


  • Interact and work with the development and testing teams to ensure all the required technology (hardware/software/logistics) are available for development, testing and production.
  • At the end of the 2 week sprint works with the development team to integrate and build.
  • Deploy the integrated application to the validation environment (in WebSphere).
  • Upon successful validation deploy the application to pre- production environment for user testing.
  • Upon successful completion of all the scrums rollout application to live production environment.
  • Co-ordinate between the development team and UAT testing with the actual claim process agents to ensure the application is working as expected.
  • Generate custom reports using C/C++, Python and UNIX Shell script by pulling raw data from the database; generate metrics/ statistics to present to CMS and QSSI management.
  • Create watchdog tools using Python/Bash Shell to monitor the esMD application to generate alerts and messages.
  • Automate esMD application deployment in IBM WebSphere using Shell and Python 2.6
  • Manage / troubleshoot UNIX, WebSphere and TIBCO software to ensure smooth daily operation.
  • Install, configure, manage and monitor the infrastructure that was hosting the esMD application for Development, Testing and Production.
  • Install, configure and administer
  • Solaris and Linux operating systems
  • IBM WebSphere 7.0 and 8.5 on Solaris/Linux servers.
  • TIBCO tools (Business server, Business works, EMS, etc…) on Solaris/Linux servers.
  • TIBCO development tools on the Virtual Desktops for the development team.
  • Monitor various infrastructure metrics (Network usage, JVM Heap size, memory usage, and Firewall) to ensure application functions as expected.
  • Provide Daily Operations Dashboard to CMS and QSSI management with various metrics for the previous day (no. of applications processed, size of the total payload submitted, success, in progress and fail count, etc…)
  • Provide technical support and assistance to the Development, Testing and End User teams.
  • Support production deployment/rollout and ensure customers are able transition to the new version seamlessly.

Tools Used: Solaris 10, RedHat Linux, Windows7, Oxygen XML editor, WebSphere, TIBCO Suite of products, UNIX C/C++, C#, Python 2.6, Shell scripting, Web Sphere 7 and 8.5, Java, SoapUI, Web Services, hardware load balancers, DMZ firewalls, etc..

Technology used: Solaris, Red Hat Linux, VMWare, J2EE, JMS, EMS, Oracle, Python, Perl, bash, SVN, GIT, Agile/Scrum (CICD), JIRA, SOAP, XML, WSDL (Web Services), Hardware and software firewalls.

Confidential, Hanover, MD

Dev Ops Technical Lead


  • Skyline provides “Intelligent Transportation Solution” (ITS) and surveillance solutions for various commercial, federal and state government institutions.
  • Install, configure and manage Linux/UNIX servers at the customer site (including physical installation of the equipment).
  • Develop Video Transcoder appliances for converting analog video to digital format using Linux O/S, C, C++, and C #, Java, PostgreSQL and Python.
  • Design various video appliance solutions based on customers’ requirements.
  • Spear headed Research and Development on various open source software tools (VLC, spread, celery, nginx, etc...) to identify the right solutions for customer’s requirement.
  • Create infrared interface for remote usage for the customer to change between different streams
  • Create secure REST API using Node JS, Angular JS, JSON, Mongo DB for external (internet) entities to interact with Skyline ITS to receive meta-data information.
  • Develop REST API using Apache, MySQL, PHP (Code igniter), and XML for intranet entities.
  • Using Agile/Scrum model the individual REST API’s a developed independently with a set of requirements expected by the customer.
  • At the end of the each scrum the individual API’s are integrated as one Web application and published as end point URL’s for validation and testing.
  • When testing is completed the application is deployed to customer’s staging area where the end user will test, verify and approve.
  • For Maryland port authority developed video streaming module using C# to pull the video streams from their Ocularis Surveillance software and relay it to their Network Operations Center.
  • Developed front end module in C++/C# and Java for Annapolis Police Department to monitor their internal surveillance cameras.
  • Develop server side backend applications using C/C++/RTA ( the core daemon process of the application), Python (spread, Twisted for message queuing and caching)
  • Setup and monitor nightly builds for critical software components.

Tools Used: Ubuntu, Red Hat, Cent OS, Windows, Perl, VMWare, Virtual Box, NTop, IPerf, Trace, Wire Shark, Java, Java script (Ext JS, Backbone, Node, Angular, JQuery etc…), PostgreSQL, PHP (Code Igniter), C/C++, Python, Visual C++/C#, JSON, XML

Technology used: CentOS/Red Hat/Ubuntu Linux, VMWare, Python Spread, Java, Java script, PHP (Code igniter framework), Perl, bash, SVN, Agile/Scrum, JIRA, PostgreSQL, SVN, GIT, Hardware and software firewalls

Confidential, Baltimore, MD

Infrastructure Lead


  • Provide support to Confidential Branch IT infrastructure, support branch staff on technical issues and provide engineering analysis and solutions for information technology infrastructure projects.
  • Confidential has over 2400 branch servers across US, CANADA & Puerto Rico that runs proprietary Maestro application. Job role includes the following:
  • Manage the Confidential Desktop/Server/Server farm Infrastructure.
  • Install, configure and manage SCO UnixWare, Red Hat and Solaris operating systems.
  • Monitor desktops and servers for malicious software, unauthorized activities and intrusions.
  • Setup, Manage and monitor Red Hat / JBoss hosting infrastructure for hosting Confidential ’s web site.
  • Research with different software tools and provide engineering analysis.
  • Evaluate different server and desktop hardware platforms for application compatibility and provide feedback to management.
  • Programming using UNIX shell/C/C++ for automation
  • Capture Performance metrics on servers/desktops/Network.

Tools Used: SCO UnixWare, Shell, Red Hat Linux, JBoss, C, eTrust, Perl, CA Unicenter suite, Altiris, HP OVCM, VMWare, EMC - AVAMAR backup software, Point Sec encryption, and Microsoft Office and Project plan.


UNIX/Linux Administrator


  • Install and support UNIX/Linux servers and applications.
  • Develop tools/Utilities for remote management of the UNIX servers across the USA in C/C++/Shell.
  • File system Monitoring, User Shell activity monitoring, key stroke logging for security and intrusion detection purposes.

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