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Vice President/manager Resume

New York, NY


  • 17+ years of experiences in financial industry (specialty in Prime Brokerage business) and IT consulting, specialized in system analysis and design, implementation and production support of large complex systems (customized and package implementation)
  • Proficient development and technical skills on on Java/J2EE, Database, Web Application Development, Multithreading, Transactions, Security, Messaging technologies, EJB, Spring, FLEX, C/C++/C#, VB, ASP/JSP/Struts, XML, Hibernate/iBatis, JMS/MQ, Perl, Unix Shell, SOA, SVN, Git, Qlikview
  • Extensive knowledge of application servers: BEA Weblogic, IBM Websphere, JBoss, Apache/Tomcat
  • IDE: Eclipse, Websphere Application Developer, Adobe Flash Builder, Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Database: Sybase, Oracle, DB2/UDB, SQL Server
  • OS: Linux, Unix, Windows
  • Others Technologies: Oracle Coherence, Pentaho ETL, Informatica, UML, Autosys/Control - M, Design Pattern Software Architect, Subversion, GENEVA(global investment portfolio management application)
  • Project planning and management skills with strong organizational abilities and attention to details
  • Experience of managing and working with application development team


Confidential, New York, NY

Vice President/Manager


  • Design and develop a consolidated global security lending database, and a flexible reporting platform which can quickly deliver the requests to management, front-office users and to the clients. The SecLending database is capable to accumulate and store large amounts of data which can be analyzed and reported on both ad-hoc and formal basis by both collateral management and Security Lending groups. And the web-based platform built to have capability to deliver any ad-hoc reports or periodic reports to business users through email or secure transfer channel (such as ftp/sftp). The technologies used but not limited to are Java/J2EE, BIRT, JXLS, Pentaho, Control-M, Oracle, Tomcat/Apache etc.
  • Help business control group to re-engineering numerous pre-existing excel/access applications into Java/J2EE applications. One of the key processes - CD distribution process for team leads and account managers to identify/retain the list of the clients who would want to receive monthly account statement through CDs monthly of hardcopy print. It was originally built using Access and run locally on each TL/AM’s pc through ODBC connection to DB2 database. We turned it into a J2EE client/server based application so that server side runs on linux server connecting to DB2 through JDBC, and client side is light-weight Java Swing GUI which would be downloaded and run locally on user’s pc. Another key process to be re-engineered into J2EE web-based platform with an Oracle database as backbone is vetting process, which was originally developed in Excel/Access to track the vetting status of all third parties in grouping to ensure that due diligence has been performed. The technologies used but not limited to are Java/J2EE, Apache Struts, Oracle, Informatica, Tomcat/Apache etc.
  • Involved in the design and development of a new strategic MIS platform for investor services, which covers Prime Brokerage, Custody and Fund services and execution services. The new platform is to address some key issues within the existing platform such as several sources of conflicting reference data, incoming feeds at different granularity with different deliver times, and data mapping issues etc. The solution is to come up with a STAR schema on the reporting layer which will improve the load performance and query performance, enhance the referential integrity and provide efficient data navigation and reduce the data redundancy. Based on the new data model, it reduces the development time for building any new reports for the front-office and clients.
  • Coached and trained staffs of 3 to be more proactive and effective in their day-to-day work

Confidential, Jersey City,NJ

Vice President


  • Fixed Income Static Data Re-engineering Project - Issuesof incomplete and inaccurate static data around FixedIncome security has caused cash and accrual breaks at daily basis.The project is to leverageBloomberg On Demand by securitylicense through an external vendor's application to retrievemissing data elements. My roleis to managedevelopmentteamto enhancethegatewaysystembetween trade processing system andGenevaportfolio account system to integratewiththird party vendor application, as well as providea security control panel tousers to control/monitor/validate/reconcilenew security data intoGeneva.The technologies used but not limited to are Java, JSP, XML, JMS, EJB, Hibernate, Oracle Coherence for Java 3.6.1, Weblogic application server 10.3.3, Perl, Unix Shell, Ant, SVN, Sybase 15.0.2
  • Re-Engineering on the gateway system between Geneva and Trade processing system - Existing gateway system has some issue onperformance, reliability,maintainabilityand scalability, which each new developer will take longer time to understand system architecture and hard to makechangesforcorrection of faults, adaptation of system to meetnew requirement, addition of new functionality,or evendecommissionofanexisting functionality. My responsibility is to address these issues by re-engineering the system with a new design pattern “chain of responsibility”. This has dramatically reducedcode complexity of the application and improved productivity. The technologies used but not limited to are Java, JMS, EJB, XML, Hibernate, Design Pattern, Ant, Sybase 15.0.2
  • Global Support On US Broker Dealer Project - PBclients have requestedglobal prime brokerage coverage especially assetprotection through DBUS Broker Dealer, includingSEC15c3 regulations, SIPC insurance coverage and bankruptcy proceedings within US.My role isto managedevelopmentteamto analyzeandenhanceexisting position and cash reconciliation processes between portfoliomanagementsystem andADPAccrual & Dividend payment system whilst US Global PB accounts have position/cash in both USD and Non-US currency so thatwhat is being reported to clients matched what is in books and records.The technologies used but not limited to are Java, EJB, JMS, Hibernate, Weblogic application server 10.3.1, Perl, Ant, Sybase 12.5

Confidential, Jersey City,NJ

Senior Developer


  • CFD from Mucury to SecDB– PB custody has to re-analysis, re-design and re-implement one of main applications which processes CFD data due to upstream switches Confidential of CFD from Mucury to SecDB. This project involved using UML to design new data flow diagram and sequence diagram, the key technologies to be used are Java/JMS, Sybase/DB2, Autosys (in-house), Hawk/Keep-alive (in-house), perl, and UNIX shell script.
  • Support PB custody report re-runnability/real-time report– Existing PB custody main applications are not designed to support real-time process, and require lots of manual work if the client requests to re-run previous day’s report or month-end reports.tounderstand the impact to PB upstream/downstream, and re-designing some key components of PB custody applications to facilitate these two features. The fundamental design idea to switch existing autosys process to daemon process.
  • Web-based Licensing System for a Mechanical Licensing and distribution Agency- involved in redesigning and redeveloping web-based licensing system to improve several deficiencies in area of usability and financial control, as well as adding new functionalities to support some additional business requirements. The technologies include but not limited to Struts, Java, EJB, Hibernate,IBMWebsphere 5.1, andIBMDB2.
  • Web Application Migration For A Investment Firm- involved in defining proposed logical model for existing applications, which originally running on BEA Weblogic environment according to new operating environment –IBMWebsphere 5.1 running on AIX box, and new security environment (IBMTivoli Access Manager –TAM). Other responsibilities included code remediation, Unit test and System Test.

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